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The following is a list of things students liked about this department:

The Advisors:
    The advisor is very helpful in making decisions to prepare me for the road ahead. He
      helps me keep on track and makes sure that I understand everything he says. I also like
      how it is easy to double an accounting major with a financing major.

The courses:
    I took this course and found that they were pretty enjoyable and straightforward ideas.
    The diversity of the courses taken and the way the classes are laid out.
    Challenging, interesting, flexible.
    They will provide many job opportunities in many areas after graduation.
    The comprehensiveness of the classes in general: exposed to all sides of business to
       gain an appreciation and understanding of the other components of business

The Professors:
    The Accounting professors are awesome, they are dedicated to the success of their
       students, and they provide excellent instruction. I like the accounting professors for the
       most part. The teacher's real world experience
    The professors I've had thus far at UCCS seem to actually have a personality which is
       nice. My experiences at other schools did not have this
    I like that I've been able to apply a lot of what I've learned so far at my company and in
       my life, especially because I'm still in lower level classes and didn't think I'd get into
       anything "good" until I got a little further along.
    Received special comments: Sherri Trumpheller and Scott Butterfield

The following is a list of things students thought needed improvement:

The Advisors:
       It is extremely frustrating and irritating to be one semester away from graduation, needing
        five classes, and wanting to take upper level accounting classes, and to have very few
        upper level classes being offered. If I had known when I enrolled at UCCS that I would
        not be given the opportunity to take upper level classes that were suggested to improve
        my educational experience, I would not have enrolled and found a different school to
        complete my degree.
       Advisors be more aware of what classes available which semesters and emphasize
        suggested prerequisites.

The Classes:
       More major oriented classes
       Have more classes about specific professions an accounting major could start in.
       Making more classes available
       The tax accounting course does not prepare you to prepare taxes.
       The classes were not offered at many times so it was hard to fit everything in your

The Professors:
       Some of the teachers taught their opinions of the material, not what we actually needed
        to know and learn.
       Have some teachers actually teach, not just read slides from a Power Point that they got
        from the teacher’s manual.
       I would like to see more professors’ encouraging students to apply for internships and
        give them contacts that may be able to help them.
       Get more professors
       Better class availability and classes.
       A lunch or dinner to get to know the faculty before you take their class
       Dislike for the group projects

    A club or organization on campus for accounting students would be beneficial
       Make the classes a little easier to schedule. Or inform the students earlier in their path
        when the classes are offered since many of them are only offered one semester of the
       If you get a poor grade in a class you can't repeat it then take the better grade
       Some classes are offered too late, two that I have next fall go until 10pm. It is hard to
        register for all classes. Some fill up too fast and do not have enough spaces for all the
        students that need to take it.
       The Business School needs some sort of learning center for students having problems
       Have more guest speakers to promote interest in accounting.
       An honor program, Dean’s list, to get special recognition for their effort
       Accept more transfer credits

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
    Generally good student to faculty ratio in non-intro courses.
    The small class size and faculty interaction with the students.
    The subject material available through the classes offered at this college and the level of
       knowledge of the professors.
    Diversity and depth of courses
    Opportunities to do independent projects
The Professors:
    The professors are awesome, and I find the entire subject of Anthropology fascinating.
    The professors seem to really enjoy what they do and they are very good at encouraging
       interest in their subjects
    It is a broad program with a lot of caring professors that are willing to help you almost any
       way they can.
    Accessibility of the professors and the ability to pursue areas of interest.
    Faculty very knowledgeable and approachable.
    It is a very interesting field. There are so many things to learn about ourselves and how
       other people live at present and in the past (archeologically speaking). It is slowly
       growing in size---classes offered and staff.
    I like the opportunities it has provided for me.
    Assistance/ cooperation from outside departments.
    The following is a list of things students felt needed improvement:
The Courses:
    More programs and classes offered
    Classes offered more often
    I noticed that next semester, anthropology classes are only offered Tuesday and
      Thursday, so this makes it hard for me to fit all the anthro classes I want to take in two
      days of the week
    I wish there were more classes offered at night and smaller classes. My 3 smallest
      classes were my best classes.
    There needs to be more opportunity for students to narrow topics down to their personal
      interest, or include it somehow.
    A more disciplined curriculum. The basic nuts and bolts of anthropology - kinship, etc -
      are not taught well. The program needs to be structured a little more in the way that
      biology or chemistry are, in that a student should not be able to participate in higher level
      course until they had completed at least a prerequisite of the 100-200 level courses in 3
      of the 4 areas of the discipline.
    More variety of courses. The UCCS Anthropology department has an archaeology focus.
      I would like to see more emphasis on the other disciplines, especially linguistics.

The Professors:
    Independent studies--or assisting faculty in their work. It seems as if none of the
       professors are conducting their own research, if they are...I don't know of it.
    Expand program; ie: additional courses for European Archaeology, Experimental
       archaeology, etc. - courses that will be relevant to graduate school.
    A master’s program

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:

The Advisors:
    I like that it is pretty straight forward what is expected of me, and what I need to do to get
      it accomplished. I like that the teachers are helpful, as well as the counselors, to help

The Courses:
    The history classes offer an exciting perspective on the human record, both antiquity and
      modern events. Biology features information on the physical and evolutionary human
    The class sizes were very reasonable.
    The variety of classes offered
    Good hands on experiences in labs
    It's challenging and I feel topics covered are relevant and necessary to pursue a career in
      the biology profession.
    I enjoyed the labs mostly, because I was able to use specialized instruments to analyze
      different solutions
       There was a great deal of flexibility in which emphases I had to choose from (organismic,
        pre-med, physiological, ...) overall along with a brief exposure to each of the branches of
        Biology. I especially enjoyed Methods in Immunology because many different professors
        collaborated in lectures, exposing me to a variety of lab techniques and equipment.
       I've been very impressed with the undergraduate Bio/Chem program. It is unusual to
        have such extensive opportunities for participation in undergraduate research groups.
        Also the level of support available, both directly from my Professors, and available
        through the SLC, makes it easy to succeed with just a reasonable amount of effort.

The Professors:
    The professors in my major related classes are very knowledgeable of the subject they
       are teaching and are always ready to help out in any way they can.
    I like the professors the most. I already enjoy science but the professors make the
       subjects even more interesting.
    I like that all of my science lectures are taught by professors wit Ph. D's that have a lot of
       experience and they help the students understand the material if they need help. Also,
       the labs can be long, but they help students visualize the concepts that they have learned
       in lecture.
    The interaction between me and the professors and their interest in how I was doing
       throughout the semester.
    I liked the fact that all of the teachers were very experienced in the fields that they were
       teaching. I really liked the teachers who gave me a challenge in the classroom.
    The professors in my area of study (Exercise Science) are excellent and well
       known/highly regarded in their fields
    I like that how, for a small university, there are many world renowned professors
    Professors are always available. Great laboratory options for independent research.
    I think that we have some good instructors. They were very available to me as a student.
       Plus they were very flexible when it came to my military duty that at times pulled me away
       from class. In fact, they were more flexible than instructors in other departments such as
       communication or political science.
    Everything. It is very challenging and engaging.
    A lot of resources and great teachers for the most part.
    A Biology and Chemistry Double Major is not too rigorous
    I like the double major.
    I like that there are the same people in all of my classes.
    I like the core requirements and the elective options (although there should be more
       elective options available.)
    The people in the Biology Dept. are so nice and I love the Profs! The SLC is a great help
       with my hard classes over the year
    All of the instructors in both the biology and chemistry department are easily
       approachable and willing to help any student that is in need. in my opinion this is a great
       opportunity for students that might not have the same situation in a larger university
       setting such as CU Boulder
    The freedom and ability to work on a thesis project of my choosing with few limitations.

The following is a list of things students feel need improvement:

*** The biggest suggestion by far was to add a BS in Biology!!!
 The Courses:
      Instead of separating Biology lecture and Biology lab, which is only 1 credit, I suggest
        combining the two courses into one. Students would attend lecture classes a specific
        number of times each week, and then lab is part of the grade to complete that class.
       Similar to Chem 103/106 lab and lecture combined. With a Biology lab class being one 1
       credit, myself and other students do not take the class as seriously as others even
       though it is an important part in the major.
    More labs, cell bio and biochem don’t have labs
    I would like to see more classes that are specific to certain areas of interest. For
       example, biomedical ethics.
    The laboratories need to be updated with more recent equipment and technologies. More
       emphasis needs to be made to make major more careers oriented and more guidance by
       teachers as far as real world applications.
    Regarding all majors, there is not a good list of electives to choose from. More classes
       involving physical activity would be a nice improvement.
    Allowing for a little more concentration in the preferred area of study and not as many
       core requirements.
    Some classes try to squeeze too much information into one semester, and it is hard to
       absorb some of the information because there is so much. It would help if there was a
       chapter restriction in some classes, such as, no teaching more than 15-20 chapters in
       one semester.
    Take more science classes and less non-science classes.
    A neurobiology class
    make sure there are more classes geared toward conservation and environmental
       biology issues
    Smaller class sizes
The Professors:
    More interaction with professors
    Change the schedule of when some upper division chemistry classes are taught.
    Open discussion and being forced to defend my answers greatly improved my
    The instructors that repeatedly get poor fcq's yet remain core teachers throughout the
    An academic counselor specific for pre-med students
    Reduce the number of non-major requirements.
    A greater range of options for the method of learning each field (media, lecture-based,
       internet, etc.) would provide a more flexible learning environment.
    Have more opportunities to discuss where are major is going and help us decide on the
       classes we need
    I think that more get-togethers for science majors, and to advertise who the pre-med
       advisor is, and have more scheduling options for times to take cell biology, statistics,
       biochemistry, and the other requirements since they always seem to conflict with each
    I would like more cross disciplinary courses. I have taken philosophy of science as well
       as philosophy of biology and it would have been great have had those courses taught by
       both professors of philosophy and a professor of phyisics or biology, respectively.
    Also, I am interested in not only biomedical research but also biomedical law and am
       pursuing both, however to do this, I am a double major for philosophy and biology and
       will also be taking pre-med and pre-law courses. My suggestion here would be to try and
       offer a more unified degree program for that. I am not sure if that would be possible.
    Make the classes offered more than one semester
    Options for PHD programs
    Improved techniques for guiding students to focus on a thesis project and more help
       through the process
    I dont want a BA in Biology I want a BS! I'm going to transfer to Boulder because it's that
      I would suggest that the school should offer both B.A. and B.S. Biology degrees as there
       is the same time and effort that is put into both degrees. I would also suggest that the
       professors for Cell Biology and Genetics be able to work together so that students can
       take both classes at the same time. I think that both classes information does coincide
       and that students would be able to retain more information of the biological sciences.
       Also, it would be nice to offer classes all year round instead of Fall and then Spring as
       there would be more graduates per year.
      I am a senior biology major and I am very disappointed in the lack of laboratory
       experience I have. I have taken all the required biology labs and a few more then
       needed, and still I do not feel as though I was taught the right ones. I think that students
       should be required to take the lab for genetics and others in their upper division courses
       for experience.
      Most of the graduate classes are combined with undergrad classes. The result is that
       the material is "dumbed" down to an undergraduate level and I don't feel as challenged
       by them as I should. Separate the graduate classes from undergrads.
      Not have students take unnecessary classes that may pertain to their degree but will not
       help when attending medical school. For example, hum 399 should not be a course that
       bio majors should have to take since it will not be useful as you attend medical schools.
       Most medical schools are concerned about math and science not a useless topic in
       humanities such as vampires, savages and whores. I personally would prefer that
       anatomy and physiology be a recommended course for bio majors and that microbiology
       be another one that would be mandatory.
      I would suggest hosting more talks or seminars from other people in the Chemistry/
       Biology realm. Let the student know what kinds of options they have.
      Offer DAT preparation
      Perhaps a liaison that is available for new students and transfers that can direct the
       students to how to become more involved in the program. Also, they could help more with
       what to expect in the major.
      I think that the major would be greatly improved by focusing more classes on research
       rather than maintaining a Pre-med focus. If research was presented to students early in
       their career we would have a more diverse pool of researchers
      A supervisor of the Biology dept should sit in the biology classes and actually know what
       is going on in the class room. Some Biology classes, the students are learning nothing. In
       my experience, the organization of the biology classes has been horrible.
      The writing portfolio required by LAS has absolutely nothing to do with the classes that
       we take in a science degree. I had to scrounge for papers that I had written and then I
       had to basically re-write them just to fit. We don't use APA or MLA format for our papers.
       Most of ours are either lab reports or PowerPoint presentations.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:

The Advisors:
    I loved having Glenn Steimling as an advisor. I am sad that he had to change positions
The courses:
    The small class sizes.
    The flexibility to pick which classes I think will benefit me
    The options available for classes and broad scope of subjects
    Times of the classes are convenient
    International Business course has been my favorite. I really wanted more HR courses.
       Evening hours for classes to accommodate a full-time work schedule.

The Professors:
    The availability of instructors.
    I'm challenged and feel like I'm learning a lot.
    I felt I had exceptional instructors that were very well versed in their specialized field of
    I like the instructors that have REAL world experience
    The education is relevant to my current job and should help me advance
    It is preparing me for the corporate world
    I'm learning details of the business world that "connects the dots" with the environment in
       which I have been working for
    The diverse background of my fellow students.
    Special recognition: Knapp, Monique French, Dan Hill, Ken Sylvester, Gordo Smith, Dr.

The following is a list of things students felt needed improvements
The Advisor:
    A new academic advisor
The Courses:
       More variety in classes
       More times to take classes
       Smaller class sizes
    UCCS should get hospitality
    A sport’s marketing emphasis would be nice
    I do feel that the requirements in the courses did not adequately prepare me for the final
        course in the MPA program. The papers I wrote for course requirements throughout the
        semesters were not in the same format as the final, most important...the CAPSTONE.
       Provide the online (extended studies) classes for a similar tuition rate as the on campus
       Add segments that allow graduate students to take HR classes for credit. I understand
        they have to be taught by PhD, but perhaps join graduate students with undergraduates
        and require more/different projects.
       I would like to see more opportunities of job assisting program.
       I would like to see more advice on which classes are most valuable to which types of
        companies in this area of the state. If the course description could have an additional
        click for further information on-line describing how the information learned in the class
        relates to the business world, and how important the skills are to different positions, this
        would be helpful information.
       Stop "dumbing down" the program. The courses are getting too easy. Teachers are
        accomodating lazy students who aren't willing to spend the required time to learn and
        master the subject. Teachers are grading tests on curves, allowing lower grades to
        appear higher than were really earned and they are dropping poor test scores altogether
        to keep the GPA of the class up. There is too much grade inflation.
       For business students.........perhaps the teachers can lighten up on the team
        assignments. Teams, teams, teams.........that is all we encounter in each class.
The following is a list of things students liked about this department:

The courses:
    I love the labs and having hands on experiments.
    It's fun and fast-paced
    The chemistry courses challenge me like no other academic courses that I have ever
    I like the curriculum that is taught.
The Professors:
    The teachers are great and I really understand the material.
    The Professors are great. Everyone seems to be very helpful, and nice. I feel that i have
       learned very much toward my majors
    Every teacher has been very approachable and a great teacher
    The Teachers are down to earth and it’s easy to communicate with them
    More classes with Dr. Anderson. He is a really good teacher.
    The SLC is very helpful, it helps me to succeed!
    The weighted grading system and all the help that is offered
    Research and hands on opportunities
    I really enjoy the opportunities for one on one education with the faculty and the staff.
    I enjoy the ability to double major and thereby make myself more employable post-
    This major provides an exceptional scientific background for a variety of disciplines,
       including graduate education and a broad spectrum of careers.

The following are a list of things students feel need improvement:
***The most listed suggestion was to have more upper division electives available
The courses:
     Smaller classes, improve class sizes!
     Get better instruments for the chem. Department
     Too much of the course work appears to be busy work. In other words the work is not
        presented as important to any future use.
     Offer classes both fall and spring so we can graduate on time!
     Better labs and more consistent instructors

The Professors:
    Get some better instructors who take time to help students
    Sure learning and memorizing new things is important but even more important is placing
       the work is some context of life. Too much of the time it appears that the instructors in
       this major are out of touch with the reality of this field.
    Next semester there is only one option for Chem 106, I feel that there should be at least
       two times. This is my major and forensics is my minor, but I can not take crime scene
       investigation next semester because that is also the only time for Chem 106.
    They need to have a sheet of courses that shows ALL the classes that I will have to take.
       Not just the basics. They need to include all pre reqs on the paper. For exams, brand
       new material that we have just learned about the night before an exam should not be
       covered on that exam!
       Add more relevant classes. Have a program that helps students that are graduating with
        a Forensic Chemistry degree get a job, or realize the jobs that they can get. Change the
        major title so it is a B.S in Forensic Science, not B.S in Health Care Science.
       Too many pointless pre-reqs!
       More opportunities to take certain classes.
       More chemistry electives, especially ones with a broader scope. This would help
        students direct their learning and goals toward one field of chemistry, such as at most
        schools there is a Medicinal Chemistry class, but not here, we also currently do not have
        the option of Forensic Chemistry, which we use to.
       Electives should be classes we take because we want to learn about the subject not
        because it’s the only elective offered.
       Updating the instruments so that we aren't working from something that only works half
        the time and is dated from 1970. How is this going to help us in our career if we are
        working from a 1970 instrument??
       My main suggestion would be to not make BS Chem majors take so many liberal arts
       It would also be great if we could have equipment (such as the HPLC & AA emission)
        that worked so that we could get experience using it.
       More upper division chem electives should be offered. With such a small selection, it
        makes it very difficult to plan a schedule.
       Improve temperature control in the science building; summer temperatures are
        unbearable for a good learning environment.
       There is a need for more undergraduate research in the environmental chemistry field.
       The SLC is almost always too crowded and help is sometimes hard to get, an additional
        room and staff would be helpful, but I understand it may not be possible with budgets and
        other reasons. There is always room to improve the SLC and tutoring services available.
        One possible option is to find UCCS instructors, and not just undergraduate students,
        who are willing to assist in the SLC for a few hours a week.
       There is a need for more undergraduate research in the environmental chemistry field.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:

The courses:
    I like the professors and the content of all of my courses. None of my classes have been
       boring. Always fun.
    I like the flexibility offered within the major. I really like the way I can walk out of my
       classes and apply what I learn in everyday life.
    My media management classes are really fun.
    every Comm class is pretty much the same thing, so I don't have to study too much.
    Classes provide the right amount of challenge without being overwhelming
The Professors:
    I like that the professors are friendly and helpful
    The great people and the hands-on professors really make my major worthwhile.
    I like most of the professors, and the fact that most of them go out of their way to be
       available to help if you're having any problems. I also like that I'm interested in my major.
       It makes learning so much more fun!
        The faculty could not have been better.
        I like the contact with my professors and how available they are to me.
        Great faculty, team-like environment amongst students and instructors.
        Good career opportunities while still having fun. I get to do what I love, and still make
         something of it.
        The variety of classes
        I like that when you chose a major it is kind of like going to a smaller school. Many of the
         same people are in my classes each semester so I have formed many new friendships. I
         also really like the communications professors
        I feel satisfied with my major choice and the program in which I studied at UCCS. I
         believe I am fully educated and qualified to seek a career with a wide variety of options.
        The Organizational Communication degree encompasses a very broad range of business
         functions such as public relations, business communications, etc. This has allowed me to
         take a variety of different business focused classes, and has provided essential skills.
        It's actually interesting stuff. Shooting a project is much more preferable than doing
         some kind of research paper.
        The interesting courses, the versatility of the major in career placement
        I like the fact they offer classes from 4:30pm and after. I also like that they offer internet
         courses and condensed courses into three weekends. That would be Friday night and all
         day Sat. courses and getting full credit in just 3 weeks. I love the professors and
         instructors as well.
        The thing I like the most about this major is that is it is very broad and can be applied
         nearly anywhere and everywhere.
        That I finally figured out who to talk to when it came to my major and it was very helpful.
        Good program, there are a lot of classes that simply don't apply to the program. I feel
         that probably 6-9 credit hours that I have taken I will never use for the rest of my life.
         Micro Economics for example.

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:

The courses:
    There needs to be classes that focus on different areas of Television and Video
       production. Areas that need to be reconstructed are Editing, Pre-Production, Camera and
       Lighting Equipment, and Casting.
    More focus on skills, less on formalities. When classes require stuff I'll never use in my
       chosen field, just for the sake of making sure the class has the same amount of "test
       representatives" as others, it gets tiresome. This is not to say I think we should get rid of
       tests all together, but rather find more ways to test learned skills for a Comm class
       instead of just focusing on who read what obscure page in the book. I guess I mean more
       carry-over testing.
    For them to integrate languages into it more and more languages than just Spanish,
       something like Japanese, Chinese, ect.
    Keep working on being more interactive in class skipping boring lectures.
The Professors:
    My only suggestion would be to not have just one professor teach a course. If a student
       doesn't get along with that professor or just doesn't prefer the professor's style of
       teaching, it can be very limiting.
    Every Comm professor needs to be consistent with course load.
    Good program, there are a lot of classes that simply don't apply to the program. I feel
       that probably 6-9 credit hours that I have taken I will never use for the rest of my life.
       Micro Economics for example.
   Increase the visibility of the Oral Comm lab across campus. The lab needs to be
    reviewed from both an administrative perspective as well as an academic perspective.
   Increase the number of faculty who are able to guide graduate research projects and hold
    seminars in communication fields. The number of graduate faculty who are interested in
    and are able to spend the time with graduate student research is limited, thereby
    graduate students are somewhat discouraged from conducting thesis research.
   Increase focus on research methodology and the teaching of solid social science
    research methods. Currently only one professor is teaching quantitative methods and
    one professor teaches Quantitative methods. While these are good courses, graduate
    students are not exposed to either different teaching styles or different perspectives.
   Well, its growing larger every year with new instructors and courses. But I did not get
    everything out of it I would have liked, which was better training for a career.
   offer better minor options
   I wish there was journalism major instead of media production communication
   Maybe offer a 1 credit course about the different careers you obtain with a
    communications major and how to go about finding jobs when you graduate
   I would say that more application towards the workforce would help this major. It would
    apply many students because that would show a real-world occupation possiblity with this
   I think we need more production classes and more specific courses like just a lighting
    class, a sound engineering class, a production truck class, or an editing class. With the
    current program there are about 4-5 production classes and they all combine all elements
    of production which make it hard to keep a specific focus on one thing and really master it
    or at least have a decent understanding of it before we graduate.
   offer a little more in the summer and winterim
   More required check points with counselors along the way. I transferred into UCCS and I
    do not live on campus so even though I knew there was a counselor I should talk to, I had
    no clue were to start looking.
   Get better equipment for production stuff! We need experience with film, not just video.
    Also, Avid is way behind the professional world these days. Get Final Cut for editing!
   Set the standard for graduation a little higher. Maybe require a passing score on the exit
   I really don't like mandatory group work that is required outside of class. And I don't like
    having to take silly classes instead of all the things I need just so I can be "well rounded".
   More opportunities for students (of other disciplines, not just comm) to embark on an FM
    radio station for the campus.
   Make sure students know what options are available to specialize. I would have loved to
    get into the recording arts but I was not aware of the possibilities available at UCCS.
   My peers complain about Qual Quan research methods, the bread and butter of the
    department. They say they learn nothing and receive poor grades in these classes, this
    does not seem right.
   Some suggestions I would like to see being improved upon this major is having advisors
    who can direct a person in the right direction based on their interest in the major. Making
    requirements clear for this major would help, too.
   I would highly suggest some more technical courses like offering a Photoshop course or
    a Film editing course within the communication department.
   There needs to be more classes offered after 5pm for those students who work a
    standard 8-5, 40-hour work week.
The following is a list of things students liked about this department:

The courses:
    I love the field experience
    the material and resources provided.
The Professors:
    The support and individual attention from professors.
    Dr. Rhonda Williams is AMAZING!
    My degree as a School Counselor also made me eligible to work in the community.
    the self-reflection and supervision
    It was a very thorough and comprehensive program. The faculty was great and I enjoyed
       the people in my cohort very much.
    I like the majority of the faculty and my classmates. The curriculum was interesting and
       helpful for the profession I have entered.
    I was impressed with the level of self-reflection that the program asked of the students. I
       have learned tons - about me and others- because of this.
    The program is incredibly information based and works on each student's counseling
       skill, which makes the program outstanding.
    I like working with adult students in Student Affairs and how I have the opportunity to
       work on a college campus. I also like the recent changes that have been made to the
       Student Affairs program from an exam to a capstone project.

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:

The courses:
    Harder and more in depth classes
    A few of the classes were too focused on presentations, and there was very little direct
       instruction. I didn't feel like I learned very much in those classes that I did not teach
The Professors:
    No more adjunct professors, they were left out of the communication loops.
    Better classroom instruction
    It was tough dealing with the turnaround of professors due to relocating or other issues.
    More communication weeks in advance when specific dates are required of us. A one
       week notice made it difficult to manage work and school.
    better communication about what needs to be done for licensure
    More organization among the faculty in terms of passing along critical information to
       students, especially when it is information about comps.
    Student-friendly support (frontline) staff. The College of Ed has some GRUMPY admin

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:

The courses:
    I like the fact that the engineering classes are hands-on instead of just a lecture. I love
       having hands-on classes because I learn a lot more, a lot better.
    Very broad topics and great professors.
    Small classes and available help.
    Hands on learning material, breadth and depth of material covered.
The Professors:
    I like the professors, they are very helpful and I like that there are places I can go for
    Good faculty in general.
    The challenging work and great satisfaction that comes with the completion of a project.
    Computer Engineering gives a well-rounded education, producing a graduate who is
       capable of both hardware and software design, and also provides plenty of flexibility in
       class scheduling, while still encouraging the student to attend classes, and not simply
       waste money.
    It allows me to really understand how computers work. Computer engineering lets
       teaches me how a computer is really built, software wise. Very interesting to know that.
    Computer Engineering is full of very interesting subject material. I have learned a lot
       since coming to UCCS and studying in this degree program.
    The age and state of the testing equipment is all new and in very good shape.
    Dean has worked with me throughout my program to help out. Available tutor help for
       lower level ece courses. With most of the professors I can't say there is much I disagree

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:
The courses:
    There are some classes that are lecture only. I feel like I do not learn a lot of things that
    More lab time for programming classes and better professors for CS 145
    Different pacing of classes, different grouping of classes, more clear indications of which
       classes are prerequisites and which can count as prerequisites for other classes.
    some courses should be worth more credit hours because of the difficulty or because of
       the time it takes to complete each assignment that is given.
The Professors:
    Most of the faculty is awful, they do not appear to be interested in teaching the students
       key concepts, rather how much information they can put into a powerpoint presentation
       and dump on the students each class period.
    More Hands on applications
    Offer more times to get help.
    Reorganization of the degree class requirements. Some classes which are 100 level
       classes are much harder than classes which come later and require those same 100
       level classes. The concepts which appear in those earlier classes seem like they need
       more time before they are introduced.
    Newer equipment
    The annoying deadlines in coursework should be relaxed. If a student is capable of doing
       the work within a semester then the work should be accepted without the nonsense. Also
       the engineering tech electives are sometimes way more work than a 3 credit class should
       be. ECE3440 is a poorly written lab section too much work for only one credit.
       Better class instruction for the lower level courses. Certain courses should have co
        requisites such as Math 215 would help make CS145 easier if it were taken in
        conjunction with CS145.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:

The courses:
    I like the courses my department offers and the learning experience I go through! I also
       can enjoy teaching and doing research under my PhD program
    Very interesting subject matter
    Good curriculum
    Diverse challenges
The Professors:
    There are some professors that I really enjoy having that seem to really care about the
       success of the students
    There are a number of faculty in the department with real world experience, the major is
       very hands on.
    Excellent faculty, especially Prof. Terry Boult
    I met some very good teachers in the Computer Science department. Prof. Kalita and
       Prof. Budjein were very helpful. I sure learned a lot from them.
    Instructors in computer science are knowledgeable, helpful and are excellent educators.
    I enjoy the application of skills and problem solving techniques in my major.
    Emphasis on programming, good mix of theory and application.
    My major is a never-ceasing challenge, but the professors are always there to support
       me. It takes a lot of time and energy, but I think that I'm getting a good education that will
       be competitive in the real world.
    Having twin majors that are so closely linked together, I get to see things from both the
       software and hardware sides in ways not seen by people with just one of my majors. I
       feel it gives me a more complete understanding of what is actually going on.

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:
The courses:
    Make CS145 easier!
    A class on design patterns should be offered
    More emphasis should be placed on good programming practices in the lower level
    More course offerings
    More night classes. The current scheduling practices make it difficult to work full-time
       and attend school.
The Professors:
    Only teachers with a very good object oriented background should be teaching object
       oriented classes (Data Structures, C++, etc)
    Has some terrible profs, course progression needs some looking at
    Some of the course materials need to be more standardized. One professor could teach
       a course way too easily one semester, while the next semester the same course from
       another professor could be a living nightmare.
       Computer science courses vary so widely from one instructor to the next that it's almost
        impossible to stay a well-rounded, less opinionated and more open-minded programmer.
        Many of the instructors tend to do one step short of preaching their favorite languages
        and practices, which lets us tailor our programs to that instructor for a better grade, but
        following any of one instructor's methods for another instructor is a recipe for disaster.
       Some of the faculty that has started teaching at the grad level are really bad and the
        classes are worthless.
    Computer engineering courses are made much more difficult than should be needed
       simply by the sheer amount of math involved. This math is often not explained at all, or
       explained as if the students already know it all. Last semester I took one class in which I
       was expected to already know how to deal with complex numbers, when, in fact, I had all
       the prerequisite courses taken, and had never dealt with them before in my life.
    When technical electives are required, this should not have to be upper division because
       there are not enough elective hours to get the pre-requisites for the uppder division
       courses. This causes you to take a lot of classes that are necessary, but don't actually
       count for anything.
    Lay out courses to take for the degree a bit more, maybe have "tracks" depending on
       your interest
    Don't use dropped course grades in our GPA if we retake the course.
    more uniformity in way material is disseminated- some instructors use websites, some
       email, should all be centrally located in one area.
    My suggestion is to make the program more attractive by introducing more scope of
       innovative work like research project, specialized workshops, and reduce the course
       workload a bit, which becomes monotonous and expensive over the years of PhD.
    There are very few professors in the department; this limits the topics that can be taught
       and the areas in which to specialize. A larger department would be better able to serve
       the diverse academic requirements of the graduates. In particular, I came from another
       school having specialized in Artificial Intelligence and found few professors that were
       capable of providing sufficient feedback on my work to continue that line of study.
    Make the faculty more approachable/reachable -- half of them can't answer email in a
       timely fashion. Class schedule was a bit awkward because certain classes were only
       offered every year and a half -- since these are required to graduate and have
       prerequisites, they're very difficult to work around (CS592). Consider offering a
       correspondence option for core classes.
    More CS Electives.
    more summer classes offered
    I feel that I was let down with the level of instruction at Pikes Peak Community College.
       Their Computer science prep classes were not up to par with the level of instruction at
       UCCS. I may now have to repeat courses which I have taken just to catch up with the
       other students in my classes.
    To have more time to understand the ideas/concepts and how they work without having
       the topics just glanced at for the sake of the instructor more interested in craming more
       information than can be absorbed by a student who knows little to begin with.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The courses:
    High percentage of classes were challenging
      The science education graduate program addresses current topics and is applicable to
       my classroom.
The Professors:
    The professors are all very knowledgeable and willing to help.
    Dr. Swabym, Hettie Myers and Ann Elrod are great
    I like that many professors teach the way they are teaching us how to teach, and grade
       the way they are telling us to start to grade. They set great examples.
    The faculty is outstanding
    My professors were very good at leading us into reflection. Courses were rigorous

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:
The Advisors:
    I had very little effective advising
The Courses:
    Increase the rigor of the individual courses.
The Professors:
    Hire staff that are better organized!
    Add a class about staff development.
    There sometimes appeared to be confusion or differences between professors as to what
       the criteria were for certain projects, such as taskstrea and our work sample. Greater
       continuity would create less confusion among the students.
    Scheduling, especially for the summer classes required for the graduate students, could
       be much better. The current scheduling options make it very hard for students to get
       summer jobs.

             Distributed studies
The following is a list of things students liked about this department and what
they feel need improvement:

      Dist. Studies allows me to do what I want, which is nice b/c that is the only way I could
       take all of these classes of interest, since I am also in Education, so I have very little

      It would be much better if my transcript listed my areas of focus, instead of only saying
       Distributed Studies. Even if people knew what that meant, they wouldn't know specifically
       what I was doing.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:

The courses:
    The economics classes are very interesting. Also, a lot of my previous classes applied
       towards a degree.
The Professors:
       The instructors are very knowledgeable and deep the subject matter in each course
        relevant to current events.
       My professors are excellent in what they do: Dr. Paul Ballantyne, Dr. John Brock, Dr.
        Larry Eubanks, and Dr. Dale DeBoer. Inspite of my department being a little too small
        (only 4 professors, others are instructors), each one of them has his own area of
        expertise and that allows me to get a better education in economics.
       I like that the Professors are very responsive to any problems that I have encountered in
        my pursuit of graduation this summer.
       The instructors and professors are outstanding
    I don't have to adhere to the ridiculous business school rules to get a degree that is
       completely integrated in business
    I think it teaches a practical approach to viewing the world.
    We have a top notch department for economics.

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:

The Professors:
    Some more continuity between instructors may improve the major/program at this time.
    I would strongly prefer to see a Masters and/or Ph.D. program in economics at UCCS. I
       know of other numerous economics majors that express the same desire. We have great
       faculty and know them very closely. That is why personally I would rather stay here, at
       UCCS, and receive my masters in economics rather than transfer to another institution to
       receive a professional degree there.
    I would like to see the internships available to economics majors through the department
       of economics. I am aware of the fact that communications majors have such option (one
       can register for an internship just like registering for a class) and it would be great if we
       could possibly arrange for something of similar nature.
    Most companies treat an Econ major like a Finance degree. Some more Business
       classes would help graduates in the real world.
    Offer more classes for students in the summer and over any breaks through out the
       school year.
    Offer more well-trained and QUALIFIED (or certified) tutors
    Offer graduate level courses
    More courses around the afternoon and evenings for part-time students.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:

The courses:
    Challenge of material.
    The labs seem to be set up well.
The Professors:
    Qualified professors, good hands-on assignment and labs, assignments reinforce class
       theory well
    The professors want to make sure you succeed in the field of engineering
       I enjoyed the other students, also the opportunity to push myself.
       It is my passion in life
       The theory behind how stuff works. The whole learning process, (well, when I'm not
        academically drowning)

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:

The courses:
    Offer more summer classes
The Professors:
    The professors. I have had a difficult time with professors because of their arrogance
       towards me.
    Some teachers know the material well but are not good at teaching it to people who have
       never even been introduced to the topics and have unrealistic expectations of
       coursework. One class is capable of dragging you down in all areas due to the time
    More interaction with local companies for internships and program suggestions based on
       current and changing market demands.
    introductory course for matlab
    More options for humanities
    More actual uses for information learned. We learn material but barely understand the
       applications for the real world. Would like to see something besides a wave on the
       oscilloscope and have the instructor say that it is one thing or another. Some actual real
       world application and product would be nice to see.
    More use of industry standard SPICE simulators and IC layout tools.
    More research and development course work.
    More design examples to compliment the theory
    The ECE graduate program has been decimated in recent years to the point where key
       graduate-level courses in the communication and signal processing area are no longer
       being offered. Meanwhile, the department is proposing new programs in such flavor-of-
       the-month areas as computer game engineering. If the ECE department budget is under
       attack, all the more reason it should stick to the fundamentals.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:

The Advisors:
    My Academic Advisor has been great in helping me figure out the classes I need to take.
The courses:
    It's a subject that's interesting to me and that I enjoy learning about, and I feel as though
       I'm learning to be a better writer and communicator because of it.
    I like that English studies are very conducive to interaction between students in class. I
       know of few classes where you get to know your fellow students so well in such a brief
       period of time.
    I enjoy the reading of different novels that I normally wouldn’t read on my own.
    It would be nice to have English courses offered at night and during the summer- it is
       difficult for WORKING students to get the required courses needed to complete their
       degree program in a timely manner. The only way for myself was to quit my full-time day
       job to attend courses only offered during the day !!!!!!!!!
The Professors:
    The professors are amazing!
    The wonderful professors and the chances I have to distinguish myself through clubs
       (STD) and through working in the writing center.
    Teachers are always available through either office visits or e-mail
    I love that my professors really care about me. They meet with me and give me extra
       help and I feel like they really want me to succeed
    We have fantastic professors in the English department. *Dr. Napierkowski, Dr. Taylor,
       Dr. Ray, and Dr. Ruben-Dorski were particularly excellent.
    The upper-division classes are writing-intensive, and the faculty members are passionate
       about their specialties.
    I like the professors. They are all excited about the subjects they are teaching, no matter
       how long they have been teaching.
    It is very difficult, but i am learning skills that will be very useful in my profession
    No more waiting lists
    The English department was wonderful! I learned an incredible amount of information in
       EVERY class, despite the different professors. The material that I was required to read
       was excellent, and I have no complains about any of the classes.
    The Quality of my instructors, the small class size and the availability of help.
    It gives me the professional writing option, which is exactly what I'm looking to get into.
    I like the flexibility. Unlike majors like Chemistry, I can take my classes in whatever order
       I want. I like the professors and the crossover to education.
    The English Honor Society is fantastic!
    The Education program is set up well and is helpful for experience and knowledge before
       the professional (4th) year. The English professors I have had have all been wonderful,
       and they are willing and able to help students at all times.
    I love the upper division classes, especially Senior Seminar (most of them)that are
       smaller and more personal interaction with the professors and fellow students. It made
       learning and discussion time a lot more interesting and beneficial.

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:

    The application for the first tier of the teaching program seems a complete waste of time;
       the complications it has brought about (through the confusions of the counselors) caused
       me to drop the education portion of my degree and to pursue my teaching license
       through an alternative method.
    Clear instructions on how to test out of a course, such as English 141.
    More diversity of classes especially in poetry and the such!
    There is not enough room in the required English courses for all of the students that need
       to take them. The allowed enrollment number needs to rise, or more sections of the
       course need to be offered.
    It is difficult to take required courses when they are offered only once per year at a
       certain time.
    More communication between the professors
    Maybe including more grammar/editing classes as well as allowing less restrictions to
       writing. Often times professors ask for students' interpretation of a text/work but then tell
       them they're incorrect. Allowing some freedoms in perspectives I believe is necessary in
       a major as subjective as English Literature.
    Maybe modify the requirements for students with an elementary or secondary education
       options to minimize the workload but still retain all of the vital information
    No required summer classes, $1,000 a class isn't a walk in the park for everyone
    The writing requirements for UCCS were respected, but I felt that I was in a high school
       level writing class. The material was easy, and I felt that I was wasting my time.
    Actually listen to the comments being made and really check into what students are
    I would allow more options for English classes, and not have the students take more
       British literature then American literature.
    The British Literature portion of the major is too heavy. Students should have more
       freedom to choose between British and American Lit depending on what they are
       interested in studying. Reduce the number of required British Literature survey courses;
       expand the offerings of American literature courses; introduce flexibility into the major.
    I think the major is way too literature focused. There should be much more information
       taught on all the other subjects that English can help with (editing, info like in the Prof.
       writing emphasis, etc.) It bothers me that the advanced grammar class is an elective!
       That should be required. I have an English major, not a reading/literature major.
    I am in the professional writing program and we didn't have a very organized program
       this year. I know this is because we didn't have a director, but it was still frustrating since
       it was my senior year. I think that it would help if some of the more computer based
       writing programs had scheduled labs to go with them.
    The TEP program seems very disorganized - it is hard to get a straight answer from
    I think I would change the TED 301 course and not require 3 credit hours of it. I think 2
       would be sufficient for me. Also, Spring semester is a hard time to get all 45 hours in, so
       I would perhaps change the requirement.
    Offer a greater variety of classes. More classes that focus on specific authors or periods
       in literature. Incorporate more variety of literature into current curriculum, and make sure
       that core concepts and influential authors are thoroughly covered.
    I'd like to see more emphasis on connection and less on compartmentalization, a more
       interdisciplinary outlook across the board. Please offer more advanced seminars
       involving literary topics, perhaps in collaboration with other departments.
    More flexibility in course selection for completion of B.A i.e. Women's Studies- Alternative
       Lit topics that are relevant to today's cultural diversity that can be applied to our major.
    Focus all testing in the upper division literature courses to fit the SCE format. Specifically,
       modify the testing to reflect an analysis of the covered material, rather than a
       memorization of lectures.
    I think it's important that the Ed. department communicated with the schools in which we
       are student teaching a bit more. Overall their lack of communication makes it frustrating
       for students.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:

The Advisors:
    Friendly and helpful staff in MBA advising.
The Curses:
    I learn a lot of practical information
    That I could take courses online.
The Professors:
       Knowledgeable teachers
       All of my professors want to help in whatever way they can and they are also very
        knowledgeable on the subject.
       Courses all taught by PhDs. Most professors have practical experience they can share
        with working professionals.
    In the business program there is a lot of variety/space to change
    I get to work on different types of business fields before I actually get to learn about my
       major, making it easier to figure out which field I want to go into.
    I like that there are a better range of class times than before (specifically more day
    Real world knowledge applicable in all areas of life, as well as being an interesting
       subject. It's fun "playing" with money.
    The school makes efforts to schedule classes after work. I also take advantage of
       extended studies and classroom work and the fact that I can use both types of delivery
       for my degree

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement
The Courses:
    More emphasis areas within majors.
    I wish classes were hands on with real world case scenarios.
    Updating courses like 450 and 440 to make them more appropriate for 2007. It seems
       like we are learning stuff from 1980's in those classes.
The Professors:
    I would like to see more of an entrepreneurial standpoint from professors.
    Offer more classes at more diverse time...what about us early people??? I would love to
       have more early classes!
    Not taking classes that are pointless towards my major. I would much rather focus on my
       major than take a class where I'll forget the information right after finals.
    We need to practice how the knowledge will be applied in the working world.
    I would suggest more technology usage.
    Maybe offer more elective options for business majors, & more day time slots
    Some of the required courses for the accounting major (ACCT 421) are only offered one
       semester a year and only at one particular time which is in the evening in this case. This
       is an extremely difficult situation for parents when their spouse works during that time and
       all the daycares are closed by then. A more flexible schedule would be appreciated.
    More diverse classes exploring more finance subjects. Better availability of finance
       electives. More of a real world curriculum similar to what students will be doing after

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
    I love history, and the classes are interesting.
    The program has taught me how to write better and how to read books analytically.
    teachers and wide variety of class subjects
The Professors:
    My teachers are awesome, and the material they cover is not pointless. They also make
       the classes interesting.
    Most of the history teachers are flexible and fair in their grading.
    The professors really care about how well you do and they challenge you to learn more.
    The professors are the most caring and most attentive professors on the campus. They
       are in their classes to help you to succeed, not just for a paycheck
    I like that the history program has wonderful professors, and is an intellectual challenge.
    I like the variety of courses offered and the professors, particularly, Barbara Headle and
       Paul Harvey because of their scholarship, but also because they are very encouraging,
       supportive, and kind people who listen to me and take the time to get to know me and
       work with me when I have problems or am struggling.
    I am very satisfied with the degree of attention, motivation and mentorship with the
       instructors. They make themselves available at many times throughout the semester.
    I enjoyed the Professors and there interest in their field and helping students succeed in
       classes. I especially enjoyed American history classes, Professor Sackett's history and
       film classes, and Professor Brumlich's Holocaust class. The specialized classes in the
       300 level history curriculum are great and a nice option as a history major.
    The faculty are student-centered. Plus, I enjoy the emphasis on writing and research.
    The graduate program in history is quite rigorous, and its emphasis on multiple research
       projects really helps prepare master's candidates for future endeavors in research,
       teaching, and PhD study. Plus, the professors are terrific!
    The program is strict, and expects excellence from its students, thus raising the
       standards for their department.

The following are a list of things students liked about this department:
    There could be a lot more help coming from the counseling department to plan programs,
       I have had to do it all on my own and made a lot of mistakes because of it. The major is
       scattered and I feel like I have a lot of random knowledge from many different classes,
       but not a very solid foundation for having a history major. There could be some benefit in
       having a more direct program for specific types of history, which the students could
       choose from.
The Courses:
    A more broad range of classes offered
    I think there should be more western US history classes. The classes seem to focus
       more on the East Coast.
    Offer classes more than just once a year.
    Class schedules, I unfortunately must work full time to survive this means trying to
       balance work and school schedules are really difficult. There are citrine classes I have
       not taken because they are only offered during the day. I don't know what I am going to
       do after I run out of night classes to take.
    Definitely more choices on classes and a larger range of hours for working students. I
       work 60hrs a week plus 18 credit hours so it would be nice if a larger range of class hours
       was available.
The Professors:
    Get rid of some of the more boring teachers and fill in with new and vibrant ones
    Don't give the students so many books to read with assignments due on them every
       class period because it is hard to retain so much information in one semester.
    I would like to see professors with strengths in more varied disciplines. For example, I
       would like to see more professors in the field of Asian history.
        Some of the part time professors are not to the caliber of the full time professors. The
         style of teaching and expectations are different and at times, I believe that I have not
         learned as much.
        More guidance about how to get teaching certifications or just classes
        I would suggest that the University try to have a more focused major for Elementary
         Eduaction. Specializing in a subject is good for high school teachers, but Elementary
         teachers teach such a wide variety that it would be nice to have a major geared toward
         Elementary Education, for example child development or a general liberal arts major.
        Make the College of Education easier to get classroom hours and make due dates
        I think that the grading is too hard. When I was a student at Pikes Peak Community
         College I had a 3.4 and at UCCS I have struggled to just get C's. No matter how hard I
         try, I still get C's and it has been very discouraging for me
        I would like a little more flexibility in choosing my electives. The worst class I have ever
         taken at UCCS was HUM 399: Victorian Mirrors.
        Allow students to customize their research to fit their interests more
        PLEASE, make a track for older adults to finish their bachelor’s degree. It is almost next
         to impossible for someone who does not have a bachelor’s degree and is a non-
         traditional, full-time employed, family oriented to find time to take courses at UCCS. I am
         getting licensed in special education and the requirements are ridiculous.
        If the department is requiring a certain class they should offer it. I need to take one class
         in history 350,351,352,359,389,398,471,473,474,475,476,477,478,and the department is
         not offering any of these fall semester.
        The current incarnation of the degree program is very general. I would like to see spcific
         degree areas, or, like business, a primary degree with specialty area. The department is
         a bit small, and like some other programs, almost feels like a step child. With all the talk
         about science and research, I fear programs like history will be overlooked

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
    Classes are varied and there are a lot of choices for marketing electives
    The variety of class required gives a well rounded exposure to all aspects of business
The Professors:
    I just like the content of the course. They are very interesting. The professors are
       wonderful as well.
    Professors are extremely knowledgeable, and are excellent professors overall
    The marketing professors are excellent (particularly Tom Gruen and Dr. Czaplewski)
    It is a unique program that not many schools have. The professors are really good.
    I like the options the program offers and the fact that the professors I have also have
       corporate experience so I know that the things I am learning I will actually use in the real
       world after college.
    Student SHRM club is becoming a good complement to the major.
    Program is very well integrated, classes are well designed, overall the program feels very
       organized and ties in everything together
    Good preparation for the PHR certification exam.
The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:

The Courses:
    I would recommend not teaching the same material in pretty much all of the classes for
       this program. I didn't really learn anything new because all of the text books and lectures
       covered the same things in each of the classes.
The Professors:
    Employ more diverse faculty
    Some instructors for electives pale in comparison to tenure professors and students feel
       that they aren't learning anything. This can makes the marketing program look like a joke
       and is not good for the image of the College of Business.
    Although the professors are good, possibly trying to get younger professors in if possible.
       Since it is the HR program, laws and regulations in the workforce are constantly changing
       so if we had some professors that were more familiar with the new laws, that would help
       us going into the working world.
    Working on improving the internship program for my major. It is so hard to get one at this
       point in time.
    I think you should add another actual HR class in place of taking an H.R elective like
       ORMG or BUAD 390. Those will not help me in my future career.
    Maybe give more elective options, program seems strict/without opportunity to specialize,
       some additional electives could be: International HR, Recruiting, etc.
    Currently there are very few opportunities for Internships in HR, and the opportunities that
       are there are never posted on job boards (most are networking). This makes HRMG 496
       practically unused. Maybe have a College of Business representative keeping contacts
       with various companies about internship opportunities. Right now, students are usually
       just directed to the campus job board when they ask for help finding an internship.
    Electives are practically always at night - vary the scheduling a little (of course this will be
       easier once Dwire reopens).

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
    I like how I can talk to an advisor at any time and I can clearly track my progress in the
       program. There are very specific classes that I have to take, and they are clearly
       portrayed to me.
The Courses:
    The diversity of required classes, from biology to chemistry to accounting to marketing to
       all sorts of nutrition!
    I like the classes and the wide variety of options within the major.
    Forensic Science is great, it is all hands on.
    That it has small classes, so you get to know your fellow students closely
    The classes are really good and challenging.
    Flexibility in each class curriculum.
The Professors:
    The level of commitment from the professors is inspiring
    Kim Schenck and Dr. Hutchins (the two nutrition teachers) are great ladies and wonderful
    The teachers were great.
       I like how small the classes are which makes my college experience more personal. I
        also really like my professors because they are very knowledgeable about the topics that
        they teach and are good at what they teach.
    It is a lot of fun and what I have always wanted to do in my life.

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:
The Advisors:
    The Pre Professional course sheet is very confusing. None of the prerequisites match
       those in the Bulletin. This major is also too closely associated with Nursing, while we are
       taking very different and harder classes. It is hard to get the advising we need.
    Making more hours available to talk to the advisors.
    Having an advisor who has more time
The Professors:
    Only professors teaching classes, not undergrads.
The Courses:
    I love it! Except I am going into my junior year and i have only taken one nutrition class. I
       would like to take nutrition classes a bit earlier in the program.
    Changing some of the classes to be offered for a full year not cram the information into
       one semester.
    Some of the classes focus too much on busy work and become off track because of it.
       There needs to be more classes that are focused and have more hands on learning
    Design a general Pathophysiolgy course for non-nursing students. I hated that class and
       it was completely geared towards nursing. Having a Patho class for the health science
       students would be great!!
    Often times although the classes are pretty well designed I don’t think that they are as
       extensive as they could be when compared to other colleges (CSU-Fort Collins, CU
       Boulder.) Meaning they are not immediately applicable to on the job training.
    Better classes that aim less at nursing and more at the scientific part of forensic science.
       Also some better opportunities for interns and jobs, most other areas of study have
       postings for jobs and internships, ours do not.
    more hands on classes
    No a wide variety of classes offered.
    Honestly, at this point, I just want to complete my program and be done. There are no
       redeeming qualities of my program. Frankly, I'm embarrassed by the graduation
       requirements compared to other schools (only 30 credits, many of which can be
       undergraduate courses). This degree is a joke. I'll be happy to have completed the
       program and have the degree, but truly, my education was/is lacking. The curriculum is
       poorly planned, the faculty are not experts in the field, there is no support for students,
       and there is no change in sight.
    I am in the M.S Forensic Science and I believe that the classes required for this degree
       are very sociology inclined. The SCIENCE part of forensic science is only in reference to
       the science in sociology, but to nothing else. I believe that in this way, all the students in
       this degree will not be employed and will lack the skills needed for what forensic scientist
       must use in recent and upcoming new ways to fight crime. Sociology should be part of
       an undergraduate curriculum, not for graduate students. The intro to forensic science
       course as part of a graduate curriculum should be a lesson in another course, but not an
       entire, one semester class.
    I love the classes and the knowledge that you gain from it, but it is worthless in getting a
    Internship possibilities were slim and the university liaison was not interested in helping
       students coordinate with the few available internship sites.
   More information about the fact that we have to do an internship earlier on in the
    progression of the major. It was a huge surprise and I now just feel overwhelmed.
   I feel that some of the required courses were repetitive; we went over the same info in all
    the classes. I would also suggest that when students are thinking about choosing this
    major that they are informed what jobs they will be qualified for when they graduate.
   I wish things were slightly more organized. It felt like towards the end of my degree that
    everything was disorganized and that I was just running around and trying to rush to get
    everything ready to graduate. I also wish that the professors would have told us sooner in
    our education to be more involved in the field that we want to enter into (volunteer or paid
    positions) because we would need it to get into a good internship.
   Get forensic science OUT OF health care sciences!!! The degree should be a BS in
    Forensic Science NOT an BS in health care sciences. Students cant get jobs in forensic
    science with a health care science degree. Forensic science students don’t need health
    care research, health care management classes, etc., we need court and testimony,
    evidence collection, forensic microscopy, etc. Students would be much better off if the
    degree was more concentrated, and a BS in Forensic Science! Get the program
    organized, concentrated, accredited by AAFS, and competitive. Students and the
    University will benefit.
   I think if we had a set-in-stone curriculum it would be best. However, I know that as the
    program matures it will be even more amazing than it already is!
   Maybe making forensic science it's own degree and just a health science degree. Let the
    diploma read forensic science and not health science.
   Why do Forensic Chemistry majors have to take Calc II?
   Not have a waiting list for nursing students! Get more instructors!
   A graduate program should be more than 30 credit hours...further, ONLY graduate level
    courses should be allowed to satisfy the requirements of the degree. The fact that other
    students will graduate with the same degree and have fewer courses and undergraduate
    work instead of graduate work serves to dilute my degree and make the degree less
   Faculty need to be experts in the field. Students need to be the number one priority. It
    needs to be remembered that graduate students typically work full time, and that needs
    to be factored in to WHEN classes are offered. There needs to be places that students
    can go to have issues solved when they are not solved by the faculty in their department.
   Do not make the cap stone course a day time course if all other classes are for working
    professionals. Also, having hand book for students in this program, since it is so new,
    would help them know what is expected throughout the program. The major could also
    be more challenging.
   Increase the demands on the classes. Most classes are review from undergraduate work
    and most are easier then classes taken during undergrad.
   There are not enough internship opportunities locally and no financial support for the
    required internship that Dietetic students must complete. That needs to be developed,
    and it would truly benefit the school and the nutrition students if you added a
    internship/master's program combination to the curriculum here. There needs to be
    better counseling for the nutrition students as well, so that they are aware of what they
    are taking on far in advance of their senior year, which is when I found out about the
    requirements of the field. Having the same academic advisor as the entire college of
    Beth-El is not working out well, he is too overwhelmed and unable to give the type of
    guidance that is necessary for all of the diverse majors within the college of Beth-El.
   The UCCS Forensic Science must be one of a kind; as such, more science, and
    technology courses should replace courses such as HSCI 637 Violence & Human Rights,
    HSCI Psychosocial Aspects, and Sexual Assault. Classes such as forensic Ballistics,
    forensic deontology, forensic toxicology for chemistry inclined individuals, physics,
    engineering, computer forensics (more in depth), forensic psychology for psychology
    inclined individuals, interrogation techniques, facial reconstruction sculpture, forensic
    linguistics, forensic anthropology, forensic entomology, blood stain pattern analysis.
       This entire program needs to be revamped. The graduate classes need to be separated
        from the undergraduate classes. The program is entirely didactic and gives zero practical
        experience. The programs need to work harder to provide internship opportunities to the
        graduate students. Classes should not be crammed into a week, nor should they be
        offered solely online. There is no communication between the heads of the program and
        students unless students initiate it. Basically you are on your own with no support system
        or information. This program seems to function as a money-making afterthought.
       Maybe add a lab class with hands on forensic process experience in addition to the
        academic side of it. (Like they do in the anatomy classes)

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
    The coursework
       The Professors:
    I like the AACSB accreditation and the majority of the professors here at the university
       are pretty good. They also have a certain amount of flexibility allowed for student-
    actual business professionals are teaching the classes
    It involves a lot of traveling and working with people and the current world market.
    I really like that I can work at the international level.
    The opportunities I have to travel abroad!
    The structure of classes and how there is a plan for each year.
    That it will enable me to work in the global market, not just in the United States.
    I liked that the College of Business has the accreditation that the Ivy League schools do.
       I'm every involved in the business fraternity at school.

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:
The Courses:
    Maybe some more foreign language classes.
    Offer more electives each semester
    More core classes available
    Not have classes so late (after 7pm) offer more options for taking classes. not to just
       have one required classes available at only one time
       The Professors:
    Allow students to miss as many classes as they want. We are paying to attend school
       here and if a student can keep up with their studies without attending the class, then they
       should not lose points. Attendance is something that high schools keep track of.
    I wanted to go abroad to Costa Rica and really learn Spanish. Not only did the Spanish
       department make it a HORRIBLE process, but they don't offer anything for students in
       the country for longer than a month!!!! This is not what it is like at other universities.
       Offer a study abroad within the program
      Stop changing the requirements every year; it makes it very confusing when you are
       trying to pick classes for the next semester.
      there are some Upper Division electives that I had the option of taking to fill the
       requirements, but most of the classes were never offered in the 5 semesters that I have
       been at UCCS.
      Statistics courses are becoming relatively obsolete for many entrepreneurs and should
       be built into a comprehensive Management/Entrepreneurial course as they are only one
       of the muli-faceted approaches to doing business.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
    Involved coursework
    Lots of group work with well laid out lesson plans.
The Professors:
    I liked that most of the professors seemed to be very knowledgeable in the area they
    All of the professors seemed to be willing to spend extra time with their students beyond
       normal office hours.
    the professors are the best part of Information Systems
    Very good teachers in the IS department. I have learned a lot and it was fun.
    Professor's have real world experience
    It teaches me some skills that I could possibly use.
    I work in the field that I'm majoring in right now. Side-by-side training and experience.
    Information systems combines the needed skills of management with the computer world.

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:

      The Courses:
       Require more hands on and technical approaches, such as a network hardware class.
      It would be nice to have more in depth courses for IS classes (like a part 2). Some of the
       classes are pretty broad and it would be good to learn more on some topics. Also being
       offered more than once a year. I know its tough not having that many students in that
      Increase the number of INFS class per semester. Some classes are available only once
       a year.
      Less ridiculous prerequisite classes, I have to take tons of ridiculous classes before I can
       take anything even relating to my major. I feel that most of these are just excuses to
       make us take more classes since they really have very little to do with my actual major.
      Lower the class sizes (I had one get cancelled this year simply because too few signed
       up for it, even though it is required for graduation) Lessen the requirements for non-
       business courses (require a certain number of credit hours, but allow us to choose what
       we do)
      Offer classes that enable information systems students to get a certification and do not
       cancel classes due to poor class size. There are not that many Info systems students.
       Include more technical aspects of information systems such as computer science topics
        since these skills are also in demand by employers.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Professors:
Faculty is extremely helpful with all questions and problems
Clear structure of program
The pace of the Pikes Peak Leadership Cohort, the instructors are in the field of education right
now, plus the support of the university (like writing center, computer center, and library)

There were no comments for improvement!

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
    My classes pertain to my interests and they are all applicable.
The Professors:
    Teachers that know what they teach. They have been in the field and can teach from
Very easy to understand coursework.

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:
The Courses:
The Professors:
I've only had three Visual Arts professors so far, and two out of the three have been almost
completely unhelpful - I would prefer to have professors who are sensitive to different students'
learning styles, and that the curriculum be a little better-defined (I'm not sure what I'm supposed
to have learned this semester, but I don't think I've learned it).
More resources for undecided students
I think there should be more Sports and Leisure classes.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
    I think the research projects are very interesting.
    I really like that the program challenges you and forces you to do the best that you can.
    The classes seem to be pretty well set up.
    Classes are relevant; instructors are interested in their topics.
The Professors:
    There are several teachers whom I really like. Gene Abrams, Jim Daly...
    Most math professors are always available and willing to help the students.
    I enjoy the fact that I have several options for instructors for all of my courses
    The Mathematics professors are excellent teachers, who thoroughly understand difficult
       material. There is a good variety of theoretical and applied Mathematics available.
    Grreat professors
    I like that I will be able to complete BA in mathematics and get my teaching credential in
       4 years. I also really like that I am getting the chance to experience the teaching program
       somewhat early in my college career. That way I can decide if it is really for me before it
       is too late.
    I like the professors. They are very understanding. I also like that you get to meet a lot of
       graduate students in your senior level classes.
    In the mathematics department, everything is very straight forward, and there are not a
       lot of questions that have to be asked!
    The availability of specific tracks. (I'm preparing for MS Applied Math, financial track)
    There are many options for completion of the degree. Classes are small.
    Since I am a double major, of two different spectrums, I realized that everything in the
       world is connected.
    flexible opportunities afterwards
    The wide variety of math classes I am required to take give me glimpses into the various
       disciplines within math that a person can go into after graduation. Also, the professors
       are very knowledgeable and take the time to make sure we students really understand
       the concepts.
    The challenge and emphasis on pure math.
    Mathematics is interesting and challenging
    Appropriate curriculum, well designed course material which seems comprehensive for
       each semester. The counseling staff understands my needs and work with me to plan for
       each semester and graduation.
    Rigorous academic standards
The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:

    It would be nice to see a consistency in course offerings as well as a wider variety in what
       we offer. It would also help if we had counselors that are better educated in the math
       degree program.
    In the education department, it seems as though they are not as organized, and you have
       to ask questions about every course you sign up for
The Courses:
    Require Math 341 before taking Math 431. make it a requirement, not just a strong
    Have more "online" opportunities for working adults, allows more times to be available for
       students to take courses that are only offered in the works hours, which conflicts with
The Professors:
       The disappointing part of the major is that I did not feel like the professors were very
       I had some horrible teachers who destroyed my interest in certain parts of Math.
       More emphasis on teaching skills among professors. Some of those folks are horrid
        teachers in just about every way.
       Please hire research AND teaching faculty. A student in a graduate program cannot
        finish a thesis without the proper research faculty in place. The math department is
        currently not going to replace three research faculty with researchers ... they will be
        replaced with lecturers instead. Bad idea from a graduate student's point of view.
    I would like to see some of the upper division classes offered more than once a year.
       There is a lot of pressure to take and pass a class. I have found that if I don't pass a
       certain class next semester that will put my graduating off an entire year.. all for one
    Addition of a PhD program and larger variety of course offerings each semester.
    It would be nice if all the students moved through the same classes together, kind of like
       a cohort. That way we could get to know each other better and use the other students as
    there is a major need to integrate SAS into the statistics classes. Employers are not
       looking for people who can do statistics in excel, but rather SAS.
    Offer more high-level courses taught by competent instructors

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
    All the classes I am required to take are available.
    I like that some of the courses are from PLTW, which is something I've had previous
       experience with.
    The MAE courses are really great and discuss the major topics of engineering.
    All the professors within my major are very good and I like taking classes at UHall
       because it's just ME's so it's great to have everyone collected in one place.
The Professors:
    The challenge! The professors are great.
    The ME program at UCCS has got to be the best! The professors all know what they are
       doing, especially since most of them are retired military. They can teach with experience
       and give their students real world situation and examples.
    The classes specifically for the major are enjoyable and the faculty is really helpful.
    I like all the professors and how they care about the subject that they are teaching.
    I like the professors of the Mechanical Engineering department. They have pushed me to
       do my best and want me to succeed in my major.
    I like the small classes and the ability to talk to professors on a personal level. It is nice
       how flexible professors can be to help students out, and the overall atmosphere for
       students in the field is very close.
    most of the teachers are accessible to get help
    There is a good amount of good teachers in the program, especially Jim Stevens for
    There is great help in the MLC and professors are usually willing to go over any issues
       that you might have.
       He's not in my department, but I have to put in a good word for Dr. Gregory Plett in the
        Electrical Engineering department. I found his course very demanding but he went out of
        his way to facilitate learning.
       The science, math, & engineering programs and instructors have been very encouraging
        and going the extra mile to see me succeed. I feel like the school thru the faculty really
        cares about me and whether I have a successful experience.
       Other:
       The diversity of the subject. You can get a job almost anywhere once you graduate.
       I like the teachers, so far my engineering classes have had good teachers and the
        curriculum is also fun. The building projects are fun and doing a presentation on
        something that is fun and exciting is much better than doing it on something that puts
        people to sleep.
       I like the competitive degree program as well as the challenge. It's very demanding, so it
        is a degree that weeds out it's students so by your senior year, it is very focused with
        smaller class sizes.
       It is very challenging and the staff is very good for the phys department and the mae
       It's a challenge, and I have a great opportunity to find work out of college.
       I like learning hands-on material.
       The universality of the quality of engineering curriculum. The laws of physics don't
        change, the subject matter remains the same, which means the entire education of the
        principles rely on the teacher's abilities, and coming from Mines, I was a little surprised to
        come into such a competitive program.
       I like the hands on interaction to help further drive in physical concepts to supplement
        book learning in order to avoid learning things by wrote and lecture alone. I like
        practicing concepts in a lab environment with my professors and peers. I like
        solving/proving real problems big or small.
       The teachers are great, I can get an internship that pays $15 to $20 an hour while still
        earning my degree, I can apply for a grad program at the UCCS once I get my BSME,
        there is a help center I can go to if I am having trouble in a class, the classes show
        application to real world work I can be doing, I can get a great paying job just with my
        bachelor degree in ME.

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:

The Advisors:
    Have advisors that know all about the major to help students in making decisions about
       their major.
    Not having a different advisor every semester would help.
The Courses:
    More challenging classes
    The technical writing and presentation class is very boring. The major projects should be
       more exciting and group oriented.
    Consolidate engineering classes to one location and provide the MAE help center for
       longer durations.
    Even more applicable classes like GPS, Remote Sensing, and Space Weather. The
       theoretical classes are good, but don't always get into the actual application of the
       theories. New classes or changes to current classes could include Orbit and Attitude
       Determination with an industry standard s/w package like STK.
    The Mechanical and Aerospace department is very focussed on the Aeorspace side. It is
       very difficult to find enough classes to get a masters degree if you don't want an aero or
       space emphasis. I would benefit from additional offerings of graduate level mechanical
       engineering classes and expanded mechanical engineering facilities.
The Professors:
       Some of the professors are really bad at teaching. They extremely knowledgeable in
        their subjects but cannot convey that back to the students.
       If teachers spend more time looking at student's course planning they could help guide
        students to take courses in the most effective sequence.
       In general I find it much easier to learn when professors post notes and assignments on
        the WEB. This is especially true when I travel for work.
    Some engineering classes are only offered either the spring or the fall semester, not both
       and if you did not have the requirement for it when it is offered; you must wait another
       year until it is offered again. I know that those classes aren't very full but with the growing
       engineer population in the school it would be nice to take classes when you need them.
       Especially when it means staying an extra year or semester in college that you don't
       need to.
    More couches in the engineering building!
    Maybe have certain concentrations for people going into specific parts of mech. eng.
    I don't like having to travel between the Engineering Building and University Hall. It is
       inconvenient for me.
    It would be nice if there were more available sections and thus times for some of the
       classes. I understand how difficult it may be to do so due to lack of professors but
       sometimes it is very difficult to hold a job and go to a "one time" only class.
    Have a better way disseminate the info about the different clubs that are out there
    The engineering major program needs to be more adaptable, course-wise. If you transfer
       in, or get deployed, or otherwise have to skip a semester, the schedule of courses ends
       up being very fickle, and on any given semester, you can fall behind almost a year. The
       ideal plan is very good, but if you have to deviate, you end up farther behind than other
       schools in terms of getting your engineering classes done.
    More lab resources
    More hands on work. Mechanical Engineers should be able to work with tools and parts.
       The computer programmers are able to work on programs throughout their degree. I
       have yet to really build something.
    More staff. It seems that the faculty is small. I would like to have a choice when
       registering to pick which professor i want. In this major there is only one professor that
       teaches certain subjects. So if you don't like a certain professors teaching style, tough
       luck. He's the only one that teaches that class.
    We need more lab equipment so we don't have to work in large groups around a small
       device where only one or two people are getting the hands on experience.
    Adding more evening classes for full time working adults. Increasing the speed of some
       programs that are being used via remote access (eg, INVENTOR is very slow when
       trying to use via remote access). Easier access to class help during the evenings (most
       instructor's office hours are during the mid-day).
    I would like to see more hands on and lab activities (which seems to be slowly
       happening) to help give an additional angle on the repetition process thus supplementing
       lecture and book learning. I also like to see more SI or practice sessions in all
       relating/underlying disciplines in engineering. It would be cool if professors could work
       for a while each week in the learning centers too.
    Better teaching of Matlab and a 3-D modeling programs.
The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
    I like the fact that, in most of my classes, the number of students is relatively small. This
       allows for increased contact with the professors and an all around closer connection to
       the class.
    I only have each class once a week, which is nice since I think it helps me learn better
       because I have more time in class than just 50 minutes.
    My Marketing 300 class I like alot. I had a great teacher and it was very informative.
The Professors:
    So far the teachers are very helpful
    The skill level of the professors and the application to business behavior.
    I like the enthusiasm of the professors and their real world experience.
    Professors are good for the most part, seem to really care about the students and the
       subject at hand.
    Most of the teachers that I have had are very knowledgeable within their field of study. I
       also like the hours that my classes are offered.
    I like how well it is organized, and how I can get any kind of assistance I need when ever
       I need it. All the administrators have been really nice and very helpful.
    It meets the requirements to help me get into a decent film school for my masters
    I love being able to work with real world organizations in the context of Marketing classes.
    Its accreditation
    The degree progress is easily tracked and I have flexibility in what classes I can take and
       when. All of my required courses seem to have good business significance and the
       professors are helpful and experienced in the business world.
    The on hands projects in the marketing classes.
    I felt I received a better well rounded understanding of the business and corporate

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:
The Courses:
    A lot of the classes have a lot of busy work or what we learn is just common sense stuff.
       Like: INFS 110, BUAD 300.
    I would make more frequent quizzes to keep the newly read material fresh.
    Offer more of the elective courses and more frequently than just once every couple of
    I really think some foreign language and more cultural stuff should be required for a
       business degree. What good is knowing how to run the business if you can't understand
       and connect with your customers?
    More management classes, better look into the curriculum so that certain things are not
       copied in more than 2 classes.
    Most of the classes are repetitive
    There is to much redundant stuff in the classes such as the def. of a target market. The
       higher up classes are supposed to assume that you know basic marketing. However,
       when taking the classes I find that we are learning basic marketing all over again. The
       tests are horrible because they are like beginning marketing classes test only with
       different names to the processes. The higher up classes should be more hands on and
       actually implementing a marketing plan, or going into depth about certain areas of
The Professors:
       I don't feel some of my teachers are helping me succeed in my overall college
       On a whole, faculty should really be held to a higher standard. Yes, there are some truly
        remarkable professors out there, but more times than not, I've had a prof that I have not
        learned much from, whom didn't seem interested in my success, and was largely just
        indifferent to my performance in the class.
       I wish it was more hands on. The professors don't teach about the projects they assign
        they just lecture from the book.
       Get teachers that know how to teach and not just read off PowerPoint slides. I like that
        you have people that have real world experience, but just because they can do the work
        in the real world doesn't mean they know how to teach it.
       It would be very helpful if more classes were like Marketing 465. Instead of all the busy
        work that professors provide. They are not helping us develop our skills, they are telling
        their stories. The College of business does not accommodate hands on learners it only
        focuses on those who learn by listening.
    Like every college, every professor is so different in their methods and what they require
       of you. It's very frustrating that a lot of my upper-level credit (from another school) doesn't
       apply to my degree.
    Many prerequisites leading up to the major seem irrelevant. Looking back, I don't
       remember much of what I learned and felt that that time could have been better served
       with more application towards my major.
    Maybe focus more on actually advertising and brand management. It's never been
       discussed in any of my classes how to form an ad, how to create a brand image or any of
       that. It would be nice to discuss the art side and maybe learn how to use some computer
       programs that would be helpful to do so.
    Include more specialized courses for specific majors and also there needs to be a class
       that focuses on technology of business, such as powerpoint and excel.
    Professors change the text too often, it makes it difficult to purchase used books, or
       trading books with friends.
    More class selection and smaller classes and don't be so tight on the prerequisites. The
       five year rule for statistics is faulty along with the ethics class. No matter how much proof
       I have given the advisory board, it is never enough and they won't tell me what I would
       need to provide to qualify
    Research companies (and possibly visit during the semester) in class to develop a more
       in-depth understanding of how marketing programs (or another emphasis) are developed
       and completed in an organization.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
    I like that I have a list of classes that I need to take. I also like that most of my classes as
      specifically for nursing students. It makes it nice to find people to study with.
    So far all of the classes completely relate and are geared toward my program.
The Professors:
    The professors are awesome.
    Most of the professors are really willing to help you achieve better grades.
    Beth-El has an excellent program with instructors that care for their students success. I
       love the resources Beth-El has to offer as well. If I need help with any area, there is
       someone there.
    I really like the teachers. They are very caring and are approachable if anyone has a
       concern. It is nice to know that they care about their students. I also like that they make
       an effort to learn everyone’s name. I also like that when in nursing classes some of the
       tests are formed similar to that of the NCLEX test and we will be better prepared for
       taking that exam. I think that the nursing program is well organized and I feel confident
       that when I graduate that I will be a competent nurse.
    I have enjoyed my instructors; they are very informative, interesting, and inspiring
    The way the professors care about our education and do all they can to try and help out
       when in need. Clinical time is great to help reinforce the skills.
    That I finish in 16 months. Most of the instructors have been excellent.
    Although i haven't gotten into clinicals yet, I really am excited to get into the hospital
       environment where I will be able to help people
    I like the fact that Nursing majors are not forced to take any 100-level biology before
       taking A&P
    I will actually use what I am learning in my profession
    I like how Beth-El has created an atmosphere of community and healthy competition.
    I like that there is a definite plan once in the program of courses that need to be
    That it relates so much to real life. I can take what I've learned and apply it to make a real
    I like the subject matter and how challenging the classes are. I feel as though I'm really
       getting a good education here at UCCS and through Beth El.
    The program is amazing...I like how it’s very straight forward, no weird prereqs and how it
       leads to a career when you are done. I also like the hands on opportunity
    I enjoy being in the hospital and having patients.
    I enjoy the interaction I have with my fellow students, and the bonding that has formed
       between us. I enjoy the majority of the teachers, who seem to be very understanding and
       facilite a place of learning.
    That the program is non competitive - everyone is given a chance - even if there is a two
       year wait list! Most professors have been great mentors - they remember what nursing
       school is like!
    I like the demand for excellence this program places in front of me.
    It has prepared me to enter the profession of nursing.
    My classmates, and the textbooks.
    Very organized with the curriculum. and i like how the four years is laid out in advance for
    Very knowledgeable faculty and staff. Fairness of graduate program and allowing me to
       start the program with 2.9 GPA and being able to prove myself worthy to be in the
       program. Thanks for giving me the chance to show you that I am a great nurse and
       worthy of being in the masters' program.
    You get on the waiting list as a freshman as opposed to waiting until you’re done with the
       pre-requisites like most other nursing schools do
    The nursing program is challenging and well-rounded. The professors are very
       personable and care about the success of students.
    The instructors truly care about the students and thus form relationships with them. In
       addition, the courses are relevant and the clinical experiences are wonderful.
       The quality of the education. I appreciate the in-depth knowledge we had with each
        subject. Also, I liked the variety of clinical experiences.
       The holistic view of the patient. The mission statement.
       The professors were of the highest caliber. The clinical rotations offered a variety of
        experiences that enabled the students a multifaceted education.

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:

The Advisors:
    One of the major things that needs work is telling students their number on the wait list. I
       dont know mine, and a lot of my friends do not either. We have had a lot of troubles with
       our advisor helping us and answering messages we have sent. Therefore, I think that
       UCCS needs two or more nursing advisors due to the amount of students enrolled in the
    Skip cultural anthropology-- and keep students aware of their placement on the nursing
       waiting list-- it would be nice not to have to hunt down Mr. King to know where you are.
    I would suggest getting a second nursing advisor. With all the nursing students Robert
       seems overwhelmed and was 30 minutes late to my academic advisory appointment
       towards the end of the semester. I know I'm not the only nursing student frustrated with
       having only one advisor.
    Have the academic advisors be more available.
    Be more honest with kids who are on the waitlist about there actually clinical date and
       perhaps be a little more selective in who you take so the list doesn’t back up so much.
    More contact with academic advisor, can be through email only. Would be nice to have a
       email asking if everything is going ok or if anything is needed prior to the next semester
       starting. I do not hear from my advisor unless I email him.
The Courses:
    Having Anatomy/ Physiology as a second year class. It's really hard for a lot of first year
    I do not believe that anthropology should be a required course for nursing majors.
The Professors:
    I think that if the teachers in nursing were more likely to encourage students as opposed
       to criticize them (in copious amounts), I believe that it would make for a much healthier
       and more productive learning environment. I believe that it would also turn out better
       nurses instead of just graduated students who are "burnt out" before they even begin.
    Ensure that the professors are passionate about teaching and not just anticipating
    Some of the faculty are new and are very difficult to learn from. These professors need to
       be better qualified and monitored to be teaching to make this program worth the money
       we are spending on it.
    I dislike the fact that students are not judged on their merit. The program does not take
       students like me into account when looking at admission or clinical spots. I am 28 years
       old, a disabled veteran married to an active duty soldier. I am being penalized for my
       previous college from 9-10 years ago with admissions and with the waitlist, I will not be
       able to complete the program at UCCS because my husband cannot guarantee that we
       will be here for 2.5 years of waitlist once I am officially accepted to the nursing program
       and then the 2-3 years of clinicals.
    I do not like the crazy waiting list, and the uncertainty of when I will finish my degree.
    Allow WUE students the benefit of their scholarship
    It would be better if the chem labs worked better. They often didn't and therefore didn't
       help us learn.
    The waitlist is very frustrating!
   If someone has already completed chemistry, and wants to be challenged by chem 103
    and 104 then the department should let them instead of being stuck in chem 101.
   More leniencies for "dumber" students who can't get a 3.0 right away.
   I would change the pre-req. cultural anthropology to another class, I understand the logic
    of having nurses take this class but it just doesn't apply to our major. The major groups of
    people studied in this class are very poor people from Africa and Brazil, if different
    cultures of people found in America were taught it would be more useful than it currently
   The College of Nursing could use more open-mindedness to suggestions from its current
    students as well as new ideas from similar other nursing schools. It is important to point
    out that the superiority that the program boasts ought to be a constant work of progress,
    as there is always room for improvement.
   I am very dissatisfied with the Nursing waitlist program. I think it is disorganized
    compared with other Nursing colleges. My start date has fluctuated since I have first
    started at UCCS. I understand the lack of clinical facilities and lack of instructors,
    however, I wish there was a way to accept more students annually into the college. I also
    feel the advising has been unstable since my start to the Beth-El college. It is very hard to
    make decisions with the advising that is given to Nursing students.
   Make summer classes available to students so that we can complete the nursing
    program faster 6 years to receive a BSN is ridiculous.
   Because I am not officially in the nursing program yet, but in the nursing prep program,
    the students on waitlists need to be told the truth. I was told it would be 1 year from my
    application date of August 2005 and it will end up being either 2.5 to 3 years of a literal
    wait. If students had a more reliable prediction of what their start dates would be, it would
    make the decision process of what to do with our education much easier. I think the
    direction of some waitlisted students have been quite poor because students are told one
    thing, and then given another. As long as the truth is not stretched and/or estimated, but
    completely factual, decision making would be easier for a nursing prep student. I just
    wish I would have known this because I probably would have gotten on the PPCC waitlist
    asap back in August of 2005.
   I think it is very different from the other professional majors, because in those majors, you
    get four years to build up to your professional program, and with nursing, you get one
    year of college until you are thrown into a very different kind of educational experience.
    It’s very hard to adapt to, so I think making the transition a little smoother and easier
    would be very helpful.
   In order to improve the Nursing major I would suggest implementing more clinical hours
    for the students. For myself and others this seems to help the most, rather than spending
    countless hours in the classroom. If this is not attainable I would suggest more hands on
    labs and taking what we learn in lecture and performing hands on skills.
   I would like to see more discretionary spots for clinicals given to high GPA students
    rather than ROTC students.
   I would have liked to have been closer to main campus, or have interchangeable parking
    passes, so using the library was an option. The nursing building closes on the weekends
    and isn't open as long as the library on school nights, making it hard to study at school.
    Also, the printer sucks!
   I would also like for the UCCS IT department to have control over our computer lab, so
    when we are paying those fees each year we see the money go to good use. It would be
    nice for us to have a functioning computer lab, printer and help when needed.
   Preparation for the NCLEX test like Pikes Peak Community College does. More
    experienced clinical instructors. Continuity throughout the class. Less needless busy
    work and more concrete skills and knowledge development.
   There needs to be a senior rotation dedicated to ALL seniors, not just the first ten that get
    to sign up. Other nursing programs in the state have this, and it puts those graduate
    nurses at a higher level of competency in their desired area.
       Quit JERKING us around! When I first applied, I was told I would be done with school in
        a timely manner, now I’m going on a year and a half waiting to get into clinicals with
        nothing else to take!!!
       Combine community health (Nurs 440) with health promotions (Hsci 208). They are
        almost the same class and community health does not require the advanced knowledge
        gained as a senior. Instead the last eight weeks of classes should be a NCLEX prep
        class and/or senior practium. There is NURS 459 available, but there are only 10 spots
        for about 45 students. This made it so that students were not able to gain extra
        experience in a specialized area, giving them a huge disadvantage.
       I don't think there has been enough emphasis on diagnosis and treatment of disease in
        my program so far
       Registration is frustrating, I'm a senior and there are juniors registering before me and
        taking my place in classes putting me on the waitlist and I only have two classes left to
       I do not like the technology available to us at University Hall, more than one machine is
        broken almost everyday, and it makes it harder to get the work done.
       Communication among staff and students can be lacking at times. With our rigorous
        course load, it would be helpful to have E-companion activated a week or two before the
        semester starts so that professors who already have completed their syllabi can post
        them early (of course it wouldn't be required to be up until the first day of classes) so that
        nursing students can start reading early.
       Interview students like me and look at the whole picture when offering admission to the
        nursing program, have an accelerated waitlist for active duty spouses so that they can
        finish their education.
       It would really be nice if we had people that understood APA format papers because all
        nursing students are required to write in this format, but none of us have been taught how
        to do it. The people at the writing center don't understand APA format. I feel if I am
        required to do this type of format, then there should be help available for me to do it
       A few of the courses need to be improved, they seemed unorganized and did not provide
        the quality of information as other nursing courses. Most specifically - Nursing 208 and
       More clinical spaces! Especially for the Senior level students that KNOW they want to be
        nurses. I feel a young...freshman has no idea what they want to be in life and therefore
        has a HIGH drop out rate from the program or transfer to a different degree program... It
        is sad that those spaces are going to waste...check the statistics on that.
       I would like to see a learning center at BethEl like the one on main campus, where we
        can go for help/tutoring when needed. I always appreciated having the graduate students
        there to help us with Chemistry or A&P, at BethEl it seems like we are very much on our

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Professors:
    I love the classes...they are fun and interesting. Most of the professors are really nice
       and knowledgeable. The business advisor is REALLY helpful and always answers my
    The teachers have "real world" experiences; they aren't young people fresh out of
       graduate school trying to convince the students of life experiences, when they
         themselves haven’t experienced them. The teachers that I have had have been in several
         jobs, gaining experience with each job.
        It has a broad area for future job opportunities.
        The broad opportunities it presents to me.
        Good all around business education
        I think this degree will provide me with the tools necessary to become part of an upper
         management team or even a CEO of a major company.
        Create a better understanding of what you can do with certain degrees. Maybe hold
         information sessions with the business advisor to sit and talk and make sure that it is
         what you in fact want to do.

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:
The Courses:
    Maybe more sections offered each semester. Several classes I needed were full because
       of high demand for those classes.
    Some classes seem to be a bit of a waste since you don't do anything truly business
       related and others are redundant.
    Focus on more classes for Services Management
    Better use of technology, specifically more computers on campus
    Have more classes and times to choose from. Also, more teachers
    Although classes running together is good, covering the same material is not! Too many
       classes cover the same topics/issues.
    Provide more options for classes during the summer.
    I would suggest more classes offered that cater to small business start up and what the
       risks / rewards of having a small business.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:

The Advisor:
    Our PGM Director, Asst. Director, and Academic Advisor are excellent. They are great
       because you see them in the classroom, on the course, and in other states at various
       events (Merchandise Show, Teaching Seminars, etc.) Very outgoing, and committed to
       the students success.
    The accounting part, I love the fact that I have had the same teacher since my freshman
       year for a total of 4 accounting classes to date.
The Professors:
    The Directors. Ed Kelbel Especially. He is a great asset to the programs future. Along
       with Paul Miller. I couldn't have asked for more.
    I get to learn about what I love to do.
    I love the game of golf so of course the subjects will interest me. For example, club
    Our Family & Friend Tournament location and participation from other faculty members at
       the event. (The dean, the undergraduate director, the chancellor, etc.)
    I like the internship experiences. It's where I've learned the most about the industry.
       It sets me up with everything I need to be successful in my professional career
       I have no suggestions. It is a very well organized program

The following are a list of things students needed improvement:

    More of an attempt of unifying the classes.
    Rework the classes that are required and the times they are available
    More golf course affiliations around the Springs that are included in our PGM fee.
    The lack of financial aid for out-of-state students

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
The Physics Labs are fun and informative.
The Professor:
The professors are very helpful, understanding, and extremely knowledgeable.
The teachers have a passion for what they teach; the courses are fun and challenging.
The professors make a very confusing subject easy to understand. The major is challenging but
Generally there are good professors in the physics department. I'd say there are a lot of good
professors and just a few excellent professors and just a few bad professors. Unfortunately a very
good professor (which I have been generally pleased with) is leaving this semester so that will be
to bad to future physics majors.
I have a large interest in Physics. I would like to become a researcher someday. Inventing is what
I love to do. I love to take concepts I learn about and use them for home application. I used a train
set power system and a copper wire wrapped around a bolt to make an electromagnet. I was able
to retrieve fallen metal objects from vents around the house!

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:

The Advisor:
Offer more advising for physics students.
The Courses:
The Professor:
Present students with more opportunities to apply their physics knowledge and experiment with
concepts of their choice.
Perhaps find a way to get more draw to just the physics program, not just the engineering one.
I would almost suggest some video elements to the classes I've been in so far. Yes there are
physics labs, but I think it would help some to actually see an electromagnet or a circuit in action.
Then the concepts wouldn't seem so abstract to people who are more visual than audio learners.
Why not mention events and meetings related to physics within the physics classrooms more
Motivate freshmen in physics to stick to their major longer. Build their confidence with the
First concern: the physics department needs better lab facilities with up-to-date lab equipment.
Lab skills and knowledge of lab equipment are so important for a physics student (seeing as how
they will probably get a job that requires these skills) so adequate and better training in the
required lab courses should be implemented.
An optional course in advanced Labview should be offered.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
The material.
The Professors:
Fantastic faculty!
Knowledgeable professors, variety of courses offered
I like that I am one of very few in the PHIL major category. Since I don't know what I am gong to
do with myself when I graduate, I know being a PHIL major and learning how to truly think, write,
and organize my thoughts will help me in any area I choose to pursuit.
Ability to complete program in a timely manner, availability of classes, professors are generally
Philosophy is an ever changing field where abstract thought is promoted and rewarded. I thrive
on every opportunity to express myself outside of the current realms of thinking.
Everything I have learned in accordance with my major, I have been able to apply to my personal
love the diversity in the classes. I also like the challenge that the major

The Advisor:
Someone should have counseled me about the specifics for this degree--like the thesis required
The Courses:
I feel that some of the required classes seem a little out of category. I understand that any LAS
major is intended to be well rounded, but when some science classes, for example, are required
with a lab and what not it is difficult to see how this helps my PHIL major directly.
The Professors:
Providing more opportunities for independent research and better informing students about those
I do not think that philosophy is promoted enough. It seems to be a secondary choice for too
many students.
I think every major should come with courses on what careers are possible for the major, as well
as how to get them
Let students know when they choose philosophy that it includes a 35 to 50 page thesis! I would
have chosen Comm or Chem or anything that does not include a sr. thesis.
I wish this department offered a grad program!
Pay better attention to how classes are scheduled. Far too often, required classes are scheduled
at exactly the same time, making it difficult to get into required classes. This is especially
problematic when required classes are offered only once a year.
The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
    Most of my professors are great and the courses are challenging.
The Professors:
    I like the courses and the teachers. I feel like I'm receiving a good education and being
       prepared for my future well.
    Friendly staff
    Good instructors keep the classes interesting.
The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:
The Advisors:
    I wish the advisors knew something about these pre-programs. They haven't been very
       helpful in suggesting classes or a time-frame. I have done my own research and feel
       comfortable with where I am but the advisors should know more about them.
The Courses:
    Some labs seem too long and have way too much homework for only one credit hour.
The Professors:
    Have more varieties of teacher teaching some of the classes
    I would like to see better availability of courses and more flexibility in the schedule. I
       realize this is limited by the amount of staff, but the current sequence in which some of
       the courses that I need are offered makes it difficult to complete my pre-professional
       program in a time that is agreeable with me.
    Not too happy about all of the prerequisites
    more classes available during summer
    So far, for the pre-pharmacy program, the pre-requisites, when finished, only qualify you
       for application into UCHSC. All of the other pharmacy schoools I have researched
       require more and/or different pre-requisites. It would be nice if the pre-pharm "major"
       would cover the pre-req's for more than one school.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
    Interesting classes, reasonably well set up
    I like how you don't have to write papers or anything like that. You do tests and I think
       that's the way to go.
The Professors:
    The classes are small and the teachers are very helpful.
    I enjoy taking classes with Dr. Malueg, she is very creative and makes learning fun.
    Great variety of classes with lots of great professors!
    I like that there is a variety of classes. I also am grateful that there is the science learning
    I like that with my major, I have many options after graduation like medical school and
       conservation biology etc.
       I like the challenges that come with the courses, and am confident that I am learning and
        attaining the knowledge needed for the future
       It really emphasizes what I need for completion of my undergraduate degree
       The pre-medical society is very informative about upcoming application dates, new
        schools, and locating college representatives.
       The options for electives made available by each department to satisfy grad
The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:
The Advisor:
    Have the academic advisors know more about the programs to adequately advise
    Faculty pre-med advisors who are willing to sit down with each student.
The Courses:
    I will suggest that the lecture and the lab for biology be combined like the way chemistry
       is now.
    Have classes more available for completion of graduation requirements.
The Professors:
    More research related projects that would allow the student to apply classroom gained
       information to real world scenarios.
    More instructor questioning (non threatening overhead type questions) of the student in
       class. This would help a student assess what they know and help them improve on
       areas that they are not as knowledgeable on.
    A more involved Pre-Med Society would benefit all who joined. If they set up students as
       interns and did more medically-based volunteer work it would look even better for Med
       school applicants.
    more times and options for the offered classes required for my major. It can get difficult
       when some course are only offered in the spring or only in the fall.
    Clarify the required courses! Dont show the "progress" in every area like humanities,
       credits toward your major, etc... it's confusing to see the same classes on there three
       times and it would be beneficial to have a complete and needed section as a sort of
       compare and contrast section.
    The only class I've been unhappy with is genetics. I think that lectures should be what
       the test covers instead of whatever the teacher thinks of while writing the test.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
    I like all the classes I have to take for my major. I enjoy chemistry and nutrition!
The Professors:
    I have always cared and wanted to help people and have always wanted to become a
       nurse. The major I chose is what I really want to do.
    The program has my classes mapped out for me.
    I like that it has three years of clinicals and will hopefully make me more prepared in my
       future career.
       I love how you are given a plan of everything you need to accomplish for your degree.
        Everything is spelled out at the beginning so you know what to expect, no surprises. I
        also love the teachers.
       I like that there are tutors available for all of my classes in case I need help.

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:
The Courses:
    Offer more classes during the summer that are open to all nursing majors and not just the
       ones that are in the accelerated program
    It seems like there is nothing to do about it, but I think the system used to become
       waitlisted in the nursing program is outrageous and takes forever.
    Since I'm transferring to Washington, there's not much I can say. But if I was staying
       here, my only complaint would be the clinical waiting list. Because of that list, it would've
       taken me 6 or more years to get my degree. And, during that time, I would've had to just
       kind of wait around because there would've been no more classes for me to take.
    More options for waitlisted nursing students to start taking classes with in the major.
       Being honest about the waitlist so students can plan their life accordingly.
    Make nursing a possibility. Making the nursing a two year program and make pre-nursing
       more open classes wise.
    Include clinical grades in with classroom grades, so all of the grading isn't strictly from the
       classroom with just a pass/fail in clinicals
    I would like a shorter wait list for clinicals. I was hoping with the opening of the new
       hospital, the list would shorten. The long length of the wait list makes the degree process
       very lengthy.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
    The variety of classes
    The availability and different classes you can choose from
    I like the classes that I am able to take. So far, I have had great professors.
    The exciting classes with very diverse topics.
    The classes I need have been offered when I need them so far
The Professors:
    The psych professors that I've had so far are serious about the students learning the
       material. There aren't any short cuts and it forces the students to do their best.
    The professors are all very welcoming and seem to really care about students'
    I like the teachers and the information that is taught. I think that this program is well put
       together and stable.
    I like that the professors are willing to dedicate time to your further understanding of the
    The counselors and professors know exactly what you need. There is no guess work for
       graduation criteria for the degree.
    The content is extremely dense and sometimes difficult to grasp in one course. The
       professors are always readily available when needed. If content is difficult to grasp
       professors will make sure students are able to get help.
       There were certain professors who were there only because they loved the subject. It
        truly made a difference in my classes.
       Teachers are very knowledgeable and take a personal interest in our progress.
       The faculty. They truly go above and beyond for their students.
       Many of the professors are absolutely amazing--Kisley, Coolidge, Davis, James, Segal
    It is a very broad subject so there are a lot of choices
    The honors program has been great. It has provided me with research experience that I
       feel was crucial to being accepted into a graduate program.
    Curriculum. I also chose the degree mostly because it seems more "credible" than a
       Sociology degree. It really seems to me like the only real "science" out of the social
    There is a lot of flexibility with a psychology major. There are a lot of class offerings and
       options within the major. I've loved all my professors as well.
    I love the extra credit!
    The ability for undergraduates to participate and be involved in studies and research, as
       well as the professors and their involvement with students.

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:

The Courses:
    A course on working with children
    Offer classes more often and during both Spring and Fall. Train the faculty with
       technology in the classrooms and make sure they actually know the topic well enough to
       teach it. I am very unsatisfied with the faculty in the department, with the exception of a
    I wish there were some more specialized classes. So that you could get into more detail
       with certain areas.
    For Psy. 211 Methods lab, as much time that is spent working on assignments in that
       class, it should be worth more than just 1 credit hour.
The Professors:
    I would like to see professors who care about being in the classroom and less
       preoccupied with their research. You can tell that they do not want to be teaching. It's
       discouraging. It makes me not want to learn because they show absolutely no passion in
       the topic.
    I love the subject matter, but there are too many students in my classes, and the teachers
       are too afraid to challenge the students.
    Coolidge was the best teacher I had at UCCS, and I hate math. The professors in
       sociology are much more engaging. The psychology professors need to sit down with the
       sociology professors to figure out how to engage the students, and the philosophy
       professors need to join in to figure out how to be exciting, and tell psych and soc how to
       do the Socratic method.
    I like the fact that this major can take me in a variety of different career fields. I can
       choose to work with children, adults, criminals, and a variety of other fields.
    Most of the faculty interacts well with students. There are opportunities to work closely
       with individual professors as well.
    I am back at school after twenty years during which I was a severe alcoholic and drug
       addict. This major helps me to understand people and myself. The faculty and staff at
       UCCS are wonderful. There are many opportunities to study the subjects through
       speakers and seminars.
    think that the overall program should be more precise and geared strictly toward
       psychology. An exclusion of some of the other required classes that don't directly relate
        to the major. However, I do know that some of them aid in other areas (ie public
       Add a PsyD to your graduate program.
       More graduate classes for experimental master’s students.
       Hire more social psychologists.
       Require that every psychology major take a class on what they can and can't do with a
        BA in psychology because not a lot of students know what to do after they graduate with
        a BA in psychology.
       Make the required core classes available more than once a semester. If possible, have
        multiple sections of those classes that way they wouldn’t have to be so huge and
       Make the psychology experiments open to anyone on campus, not just people enrolled in
        psychology courses.
       Not changing the catalog of required classes every semester.
       Like I mentioned it is not easy to grasp. Sometimes even the professors are not able to
        explain as well as you'd like. A psychology "help" department might help. Similar to some
        of the communication and writing centers. Extra information available to students...etc.
       Make the faculty more accessible for recommendations
       Fewer students in seminar classes, less time demand on professors so they have
        availability to interact with students.
       Make the standards consistent. There is too large a difference between the commitment
        required for the 300 level lecture courses and the commitment required from the 400
        level seminar.
       Stop using graduate students to teach upper level (300 +) classes. They are not
        adequately trained or experienced.

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Courses:
    There were a multitude of classes that were unique in topic, yet all of the classes were a
       like in some ways. It gave me an appreciation for how sociology can be looked at from
       several perspectives
The Professors:
    I've only taken one course in sociology, but the teacher was amazing and the material is
    The professors are great and the information is just what I wanted to learn.
    Good professors, good learning material
    The teachers are great and the classes are fun and informative
    This is my first semester at UCCS and I find the Sociology Professors to be so helpful
       and truly care about their student's success.
    I love learning about people and about the problems surrounding our society. I think the
       classes I've taken did a good job of covering the issues.
    I do like my college experience so far. Because it's finals week, I really don’t know what
       to say about the sociology program specifically. I can say that I prefer the smaller
       classrooms whenever possible. I have had larger, amphitheater, classes at UCCS
       before, however I feel that I enjoyed the larger classroom format only because of the
        presiding professor. However, with smaller classroom sizes, I feel more accountable to
        myself, the professor, and my fellow students when engaged in discussions. -Much like
        my experience at PPCC.
       It's interesting, thought provoking, and motivating.
       It was great in the beginning because I learned a lot of interesting things.
       Tight-knit community between students and faculty
       Most of the Professors are very reliable and great at teaching. The chair of the
        department is also very easy to get a hold of and talk to when something needs to be

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:
The Courses:
The Professors:
    Having more professors teach. By the end of my senior year I had taken several of my
       professors more than twice
    More career advice
    What I dislike about UCCS is partly the design of the entire educational system. Not to
       be mistaken, because the school is in a period of transition, however I feel as if the
       individual departments, (such as LAS, Science & Engineering, Business, etcetera) are
       isolated from one another and that I do not feel a strong since of communication and
       group collaboration on campus. Please feel free to email me if you want me to expand
       on this topic... Plus, I feel as if parking is inadequate. It would seem as if the buildings
       that are taking away parking spaces should replace parking, simply by having parking
       garages underneath the buildings, which would add more room for topside development.
       However, UCCS is still expanding, and utilizing space effectively doesn’t seem to be
       much of a problem right now...
    A lot of the classes are the same even though they have different titles. I took four
       classes from one professor in statistics, popular culture, power privilege and social
       difference, and gender and society and I felt that all of the classes were the same. I heard
       the same stories and the same concepts over and over again, even though from the titles
       of the class you would think they would be very different. I took three classes from
       another professor and each class was extremely different. I think that the professors in
       the department should be re-evaluated. In a few classes I felt you had to be a certain
       criteria to get a good grade. (black, hispanic, female).
    The classes get very repetitive. I would like the program to be more progressive and
       provide a broader view on issues such as homosexuality and transgender.
    I would like to see a criminal justice major available.
    More special topics offered, better class selection overall, more opportunities for research
       and practicum experience.
    Increase the amount of Sociology Professors in order to give a broader range of upper
       division classes.
    Maybe add a few classes that focus specifically on one or two theorists instead of putting
       all of them in one course.
    Creating a sense of community and belonging within the program
    More internship opportunities
    More coordination in showing you what classes and the different steps you need in order
       to complete the program
    There need to be more class options for required classes since those in charge don't
       seem concerned about students that work during the day and can only take night
       classes. When addressing this with the department head I was told I need to work it out
       with my employer.
    Senior exit examination more applicable to the courses taught at UCCS
    Have more summer school options for required classes... they seem to just be electives.
       I would like to see the department offer more advanced classes in statistics -- also having
        certain classes offered more than one time per year would be beneficial, such as
        research methods and statistics, which are currently only offered one time and will not be
        offered again until Spring 08
       Offering a variety of courses throughout the terms to accommodate all students
        needs...evening classes for the professional student

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Professors:
    The instructors are great and class sizes are small.
    Profesora Steen, Blanca Glisson
    The professors are of exceptional quality. They really demonstrate that they care about
       students by dedicating time in participating with them in university involved events.
    The study Abroad programs
    I like that the department is so close knit.
    Degree of intensity
    I like the class size and the topics of the courses offered.
    Classmates and personal interest in subject

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:

The Courses:
    Help for those who have to start at 101.
    We need more activities, classes, and the like. I realize that there are a small number of
       students with this major, but I feel like there the variety of courses are limited.
    Certain classes need to be offered during both the spring and fall semester because
       there are conflicts with ones schedules. I also think that more upper level classes need to
       be offered during the summer.
    I wish there were more conversation classes and less literature classes.
    More speaking-based classes, or opportunities to speak in existing classes (writing and
       reading rock, though!)
    More intense one on one oral sessions. (Practice) I know the language technology center
       offers this but I guess a little bit of advertisement won't hurt. I guess I can help with this
       over the summer or during fall semester.
    Have more of a focus put on communication rather than literature. I did not develop
       speaking skills as well as I had hoped
    I believe that more emphasis on speaking skills is needed and less emphasis on writing
    More opportunities to apply to daily life - such as workshops on finding job-related
       networks, more outside of class study group opportunities for each class
The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
The Professors:
    It is a great program with some very good teachers. I am enjoying the field experience
       and having Dan Wray as a teacher. He is very knowledgeable and gets students excited
       about the field.
    The teachers are great, and I feel like I am learning a lot.
    The instructors/professors are extremely knowledgeable and offer great resources and
       instruction in EVERY class. I am able to take what I have learned in the classroom back
       to the school that I work in and educate others.
    The caring Instructors
    I like how all of my professors have a wealth of knowledge from personal experience that
       gives their teaching a real-world application.
    Wonderful professors!
    The program is flexible for a student with a full time teaching job. I feel that I have learned
       valuable information that I can apply to my field.
    It has really prepared me for my career!
    I'm learning so much!
    The professors I have had so far have been very supportive and knowledgeable. There is
       a close connection between what is taught and what I need in my classroom.

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:

    The advising between Special Education and English. Also, some of the requirements for
       the program seem extensive.
    Notifying students of their acceptance more than 3 days before the semester begins. I
       would also like to know more about study groups to be able to help take the PLACE and
       PRAXIS tests.
The Courses:
    I feel that we need a class on SPED law and writing IEPs.
    Adding more Math training. The strategies for teaching math has changed greatly these
    The education department needs to be revamped due to inconsistent information given. It
       was extremely stressful when I first began turning in paperwork to be accepted into the
       program, because I would not have phone calls returned and information I was given was
       inconsistent. The people who run the administration portion of the education department
       rarely follow through on what they say they will do. This is very unprofessional and
       causes many people to seek other institutions to attend due to this.
    Better responses from staff
    I would to be able to earn a doctorate degree in special education.
    A bit more flexibility in when classes are offered. It hasn't been possible to take classes
       in order. Things have been in flux, and it has made it more difficult to get my program
       completed quickly and easily. The department might be more aware of the financial
       needs of working students, and the difficulty meeting class requirements while working
      Offer Internet courses for undergraduates as well as graduate students. The classes
       meet together at the college, but currently undergrads cannot take the internet courses.
       This makes it hard for the working student. Also, I believe this is CO law, and not UCCS
       policy, but in case I am wrong, I would suggest that you allow general elementary
       education to be the major for a degree in Special Education instead of Geography,
       English, Biology, etc

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
    I like the variety of classes, I am in Elem. ed, and I like that I can take science, math
    I like the actual classroom experience. I feel that actually having the chance to be in a
       real classroom for an entire school year has prepared me better than any methods class
       ever could.
The Professors:
    Great staff
    They do a great job preparing me for what I am going to be doing. They have some great
    The professors are very helpful and seem to want the best for their students.
    The teachers are real teachers so in many ways they are better and more understanding
       than many teachers in other programs who are just professionals in their fields.
    I get to work with little kids when I am done
    The classes I am taking really fit with my goal. i do not feel like I am taking any
       unnecessary classes.
    That you can start teaching immediately after graduation.
    Less tests more homework :)
    Be in better communication with the students about the three tier program and its
    I think you should be able to get a degree in education instead of picking a major like
    More individual help
    Clarification on the application and testing process
    It seems like I have finally found something of interest to me.
    The Secondary English Education program is extensive and well respected by members
       of the educational community.
    I feel very prepared to enter into my teaching career field.
    The amount of experience we had in the school.
    Very thorough instruction and preparation for the field of teaching. Many opportunities to
       work directly with students and reflect on what has been learned.
    My experience with English has been exceptional; the curriculum has been challenging
       and rewarding, and the professors have been supportive. However, I have been
       dissatisfied with the TEP program.
The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:

The Courses:
    Possibly add some classes that would help with oral fluency, not just reading and writing.
    Right now, the secondary option removes 30 hours of physics and math in order to make
       room for the required education courses. There are also some lower level humanities
       that seemed to be redundant. It seems that I would have been better off if I would have
       had a course in differential equations and linear algebra before attempting the upper
       division physics courses.
    I was also required to take an environmental science course. This course taught me
       about issues related to the environment. It did not teach me anything about biology. The
       Colorado PLACE test, for teacher licensure, required a significant amount of knowledge
       of biology. I think I would have been better served by a semester in biology, than in
       environmental science.
    I do not like how you have to major in a core subject and sub major in education.
    Give more guidelines telling what courses to take, when to take them, as well as what
       other tests, etc. are required. The students in the Education Program seem to be
       guessing what they have to do. Nothing is clearly laid out...Even after attending the
       general advising session.
    More variety for subject concentration. I transferred from another school, where I was
       doing PE and nutrition for elem. ed, and here you can't do that, you can only do hist.
       math. science. Geog
    The communication between staff and students is very poor. Communication definitely
       needs to improve. I only found out at the last minute about information regarding my
       requirements for the program.
    This program was very disorganized and there was a lack of communication between
       me, the student, and the faculty. We were given notices and information on VERY short
       notice and there was little help and support. I had to be on top of everything! For
       example, I will be graduating in 1 and a half weeks. I was just informed that I will not
       receive my actual license to teach, but have apply for it. There is a meeting about how to
       apply for it on May 16, but because this was last minute I have made appointments for
       that day. Had I known about the meeting more in advance, I could have planned
    More organization with paper work in the College of Education.
    The TED program seems very unorganized and unprofessional. I know that the program
       is new but it seems to change from semester to semester. Also, I think that the volunteer
       teachers that facilitate student teaching is extremely bogus. For as much as students
       pay, we should be under experienced educators that will aid and influence us.
    So many things should be improved to make the TED program better. Some methods
       classes were useful; others were just a waste of time. Some students turn in assignments
       when they're due; other students turn in assignments up to a week late. There were no
       consequences given to the students who turned in assignments late. We are taught to be
       harder on our elementary students than our site professor was on us college students. I
       believe that is ridiculous. Also, the Master's TEP students do very little more than the
       Bachelor's TEP students. They do not do the amount of work that a person seeking their
       Master's after being licensed is required to do. I believe they recognized this problem and
       have revamped things. I am not sure. However, to see students do exactly the same
       thing as me, except for being required to take 3 additional classes and find a couple extra
       sources on papers, and see them receive a Master's, makes me
    outraged. It causes me to have very little respect for people with a Master's degree in
    I would suggest much more organization. Furthermore, it is ridiculous that a student
       More detailed layout of the program prior to starting. There were many times when I
        wasn't sure what I was expected to do next. in the professional year is unable to work
        due to the rigorousness of the program. I know a large portion of my peers come from
        wealthy, supportive families, but some of us are actually putting ourselves through
        college. I know of no other program that is as taxing upon its students. I know of quite a
        few students that began their teaching program at UCCS but were forced, because of the
        financial strain, to transfer to other schools with more reasonable, realistic demands. It's a
        possibility I might have to consider myself...
       For the TEP program, I feel that some things need to change administratively: TEP
        applications are littered with mistakes; there is a two tier application process, but the
        information required in each tier is basically the same (and transcripts have to be sent
        twice -- an unnecessary extra cost for transfer students); I have heard of multiple
        instances of students' applications, recommendation letters, etc., being lost; and I think
        the process of acceptance needs to happen one semester earlier so that students who
        are not accepted into the program can proceed with another academic plan. Also, it
        seems that TEP faculty talk a great deal about the rigor of the TEP program and how
        competitive it is. I think it is important to clarify that the "rigor" of the program is a
        tremendous amount of paperwork and time commitment for classroom experience; it is
        not academically rigorous.
       The education department needs to be more organized. Often times there are conflicting
        ideas in areas such as grading and expectations between the department heads. I also
        did not like the fact that a student could get below a "C" on a project and be allowed to
        resubmit it for a higher grade (with some instructors they could receive an "A" for work
        that was redone). I think this "dumbs down the program" and allows students to do the
        minimal amount of work necessary to complete the program. Also, I received fewer points
        for making an A- in a course but did not receive more points for making an A+. If you are
        going to take away points for an A- you need to add points for an A+ (not a very fair

The following is a list of things students liked about this department:
    I love the fact that we have a Music Major. I love the teachers they are amazing. We have
      a diversity of classes and students.
    There are lots of interesting courses to choose from for my electives.

The Professors:
    Rick Sweet is a very knowledgeable instructor in film and video production, he cares his
       students succeed and we have the best resources available.
    The professors are very knowledgeable and always there for the students
    I like that I can have more one on one time with my professors because many of my
       classes are very small. I also like the fact that in the music classes, the professors are
       phenomenal as well as very motivational.
    It has a very focused point and is very involved. The instructors make it easy to enjoy!
       Some of the professors really encourage thinking and hard work- treat students on
        individual basis or on a more personal, yet professional level - willing to help and talk
        about things other than just what the specific class requires - encourages cross
        disciplinary thinking and larger issues that art can be concerned with: Dr. Auther, Sarah
        Jurewicz, Mark Guilbeau, Carolyn Intemann.
       The faculty are amazing and do their best to facilitate a positive learning environment.
       I like the small classroom setting for art classes and the personal dedication and interest
        that the faculty have shown for their students and class material.
       The professors are very professional and provide an excellent learning experience.
       The professors are exceptional, the students network well together and provide a good
        social group, the coursework is transferable to every job/career possible.
    I am passionate about art, and I get to learn about it from passionate teachers.
    My program is very small, giving a lot of individual attention
    VAPA encompasses all my interests in one major. It's a wonderful new major and very
    It seems that it would be a great survey program for a freshman to begin. The
       interdisciplinary aspect is great, although it needs work. Film Studies has GREAT
       instructors (for the most part), with a wealth of knowledge and wonderful teaching
    I loved how helpful the head of the various programs were. Without them, I honestly
       think that UCCS would have screwed me out of a lot of time and a lot of money!
    The availability to continue my program, (GSPA) even though I have moved from
       Colorado to another state. I believe the on-line courses continue to be challenging, but
       also offer flexibility and have allowed me continue with my program.

The following are a list of things students felt needed improvement:

    Offer more music courses so that we have enough experience in our area of work once
       we get out into the real world.
    Have the classes available every semester. I have to wait until spring semester to have
       intermediate drawing available to me, so have it available every semester. Also have
       night/afternoon classes of studio art.
    To include more courses on sound recording and producing, maybe have a recording
The Professors:
    I would say more funding is needed for our Major. Second a building for VAPA students
       would be great with more practice rooms, a concert hall, More keyboards for students so
       we can have a Keyboard class and for practicing. More classes and eventually a MUS
       education program would be awesome! We NEED to recruit more because not many
       people know we have a Music program. Free parking for students when we have
       concerts would be nice along with free parking for the parents of the students’
    Make more classes available and maybe try spending some of the money that is spent
       on flat-screen tvs all over campus on improving the VAPA classrooms and workspace
       like for example the "temp rooms" that have seemed to be more permanent facilities than
       temporary ones since I've been there. The required courses should be available more
    More diversity of classes - for VA, include more studio classes that are usually found at
       community colleges and specialized art schools - That way not only is the degree a four-
       year degree from a University, it's also diverse/encompasses nearly the whole art
       world/all aspects of it...
   The department is small, which does not give a lot of class variety to choose from. Also,
    there is not a lot of funding for the arts program, so a lot of the tools that are needed are
    not available. We need better classroom space and better equipment. The darkroom is
    seriously lacking in quality equipment and our computer labs are not up to date with the
    latest visual software.
   The facilities for VAPA are laughable, some of the basics like print-making are not
    offered, and there needs to be prerequisites for upper level classes. (without
    prerequisites, the classes are a mix of high and VERY low skill students, and invariably
    the class ends up catering to the low skill students) VAPA facilities are still regulated to
    ridiculous temporary steel buildings (which are being torn down and relocated near the
    Heller Center, which is far too far off campus to ever be really useful for classroom or
    studio space.)
   Finally, I signed up for a BA in Fine Arts, but am receiving a "VAPA" degree, even though
    I am completing the Fine Arts course book. Changing my degree on me, without any
    grandfathering, is crazy. In the same vein, UCCS needs to think about offering a BFA.
    (Though many other problems need addressing first.)
   It is difficult to complete a major when the courses required are not yet created, I would
    have rather not had the option than try to deal with the impossible to fulfill requirements.
    Also, there is a lack of access to performance spaces for current students to utilize for
    production and rehearsal. Without a proper space (the Bon vivant is NOT a classroom) it
    is difficult to complete/ learn in the tech classes as well.
   Film Studies students could benefit greatly from having an interdisciplinary choice from
    the Communications department! Every other VaPA program has a way to "perform" in
    their focus program, EXCEPT Film Studies! We have NO writing, NO communications,
    NO technical option to choose from! Also, each VaPA program needs more resources
    from our school! Film desperately needs a film library. Art needs permanent
    classrooms/labs. Music needs a piano and a performance venue. Etc.
   Stop making the visual arts a back seat to the performing arts. also remember that visual
    arts includes more than photography, digital media, painting , and drawing. this school is
    sadly lacking in hands on studio instruction. Things like ceramics, jewelry-metals, glass
    are cornerstones for studio arts.
   GSPA in Colorado Springs needs its own Website
   Increase the visibility of GSPA. It is not even listed as an option on this survey. I would
    like to see the department draw in more faculty that have recent "real-world" experience.
    That seems essential for a program that focuses on the rapidly changing area of public
   Perhaps I'm an unworthy student because my career and lack of direction because of a
    family that fell apart carried me to many different schools, but UCCS is the first school
    that I've encountered that doesn't have a BA in general studies or something comparable.
    By the time I graduate, I will have completed nearly 60 credits at UCCS, when you
    transferred in 90, totaling in my academic career, nearly 190 articulated credits. That's a
    Bachelors degree and a half! Though the academic advising counselors were helpful in
    applying my transferred in credits, they didn't seem to know which degree I'd be closest
    to completing. This has turned out to be very costly for me seeing as I'm out of state
    residency at this time. If there was an option to petition for in-state residency in the city I
    spent 3/4 of my life in, attending district 11 schools K-12 grades, nobody knew where to
    refer me.