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									                       The Santos Tradition
                                                                                            Volume 5 Issue 9
KICK Around
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Greeting parents and players,    The time you spend during             The Board of Directors and the
                                 the winter breaks should be a       coaching staff have met and are
  I hope you all have enjoyed                                        getting fired up for the season. Prior
your winter vacation and         time to rest, prepare and
                                                                     to break I had an opportunity to
holidays and I wanted to         improve your game.
                                                                     attend an Elite Club Seminar in
start off by wishing you all a                                       Raleigh, NC. It was a great
wonderful and happy new            For a player this means
                                                                     experience and I have brought back
year. The winter months                                              a wealth of knowledge and ideas
                                 allowing your slight injuries to
always seems a little bitter                                         that was passed on by members of
                                 heal, mentally recover and enjoy
sweet. You are excited to get                                        the French Futbol Association,
                                 some time off. After that I hope
                                                                     Tottenham Hotspurs Academy
some time off from the soccer    you all devoted some time to
                                                                     Director, USA National team coaches
field and recover from a long    prepare for the upcoming
                                                                     and Elite Club Directors from all over
hard season and at the same      season. I know that you all used
                                                                     the country. There will be quite a
time after a few weeks goes      your time wisely and worked on
                                                                     few new developments going on in
                                 some skills or techniques that
by you feel the need to get                                          our club and it’s important that
                                 will improve your game. (Please
back out there. Hopefully        do not forget to read this
                                                                     everyone does their part in making
everyone from our coaches,                                           sure we have a smooth and
                                 month’s Tactips.)
parents, players and board                                           successful season. I myself will be
members feel refreshed and                                           out on the fields dedicating a large
                                    For the parents the time off     portion of my time to identifying
excited to go for the
                                 should be spent with family,        talent, setting goals for teams, and
upcoming spring 06 Season.                                           working with our coaching staff.
                                 friends and don’t forget work. I
                                 myself was able to get home for        I am excited and I can’t wait to
  During the time off when       the holidays and visit my friends   begin. If there is anything you want,
                                 and family. That time at home       need or just would like to talk please
you’re not eating, going to
                                 was a great opportunity to just     feel free to call me and I would be
Christmas parties and            soak up the good times and          more then happy to help in any way
indulging in delicious deserts   then take a deep breath and say     I can. Well, the time has come, the
I hope you all devoted some      ―here we go again‖. I really do     vacation is over. Remember the ball
time to think about and          appreciate all that you do during   is at YOUR feet .
prepare yourself for the new     the year. I don’t think the kids
season. Some people say          know how much effort, energy
                                 and time you spend providing        Vincent Marcotrigiano
that the most important
season of the year is the off-   them with all they need to          Director of Coaching
season. I happen to agree.
                                                                                         SANTOS      TRADITION

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                                                                                          VOLUME 5 ISSUE 8
         JANUARY TACTIPS— Preparation for a New Season
Introduction- Soccer players should be aware and understand the term preparation. The dictionary defines
preparation as the work or planning involved in making something or
somebody ready or in putting something together in advance. For a
soccer player this means taking steps to prepare one’s self mentally and
physically for a successful, injury free season with your team and coach.
During the off-season players should have taken some time off to rest
which can allow for slight injuries to heal. Intervals betweens seasons
(winter break) also allows players to recharge mentally by thinking of
other things than soccer. Finally it is also a good time to begin the
preparation for an upcoming season, i.e. work on foot skills or improve
power, speed and agility.
The purpose of preparation- After breaks, there usually is a relatively short period of time to get back to a
level of technical, tactical and physical fitness that is necessary to compete effectively. Normally a coach has
four to eight weeks to prepare kids to play, but with the way soccer seasons now begin pre-season
tournaments and team scrimmages, that time is even shorter. The fact that a coach has a team together
twice a week also will certainly play a role in preparing for the new season. The more prepared a
player/team is the less time a coach needs to spend on fitness or technique.
Building-up match fitness- After periods of inactivity, players are not physically prepared to start playing
immediately. Their muscles, motor skills with and without the ball, and general fitness have deteriorated to
some extent. Some players however, who have used their break wisely, have built up certain aspects of their
game, fitness level or technical work which can save time during a preparation stage.
                      Preparing players to play at match fitness after a break is gradual. Players in this period
                      of development should not be working harder then they would in a game situation. To
                      a player this period can be strenuous but that is because of the deterioration that took
                      place during break. Coaches must not make a mistake of pushing players too hard
                      during this time.
                       Saving Time- After a long season the players have earned a right to relax and enjoy a
                       vacation away from soccer. It is important however to monitor their fitness during this
                       period. Holidays such as Christmas are filled with temptations to eat and drink
                       haphazardly, and must not be taken lightly to avoid slight increases in weight. A
                       combination of eating and the lack of exercise can cause any athlete to balloon. In an
                       effort to save time it is important for soccer players to keep a certain level of fitness by
playing sports that are similar in movement to soccer. Sports such as basketball, racquetball, tennis or
volleyball are suitable for soccer players in many ways.
         There are many typical soccer actions in these types of sports such as starting, stopping,
accelerating, turning, jumping and lateral movement. Some players like to go for long runs during their
breaks. This is not a bad choice as a player can maintain their weight, improve endurance and can also just
make him/her feel fit. Riding a bike is also a recommended activity for soccer players.
          There are some warnings to running long distance for soccer players however. Running long
distances close to a start of a season can put a lot of fatigue on their muscles. A disadvantage can be that
they will not have time to recover completely from intensive runs. Another thing to look out for is the kind
of surface a player is running on. In soccer we play on grass which can be very forgiving. If a player is
training and not wearing the proper footwear it can be harmful to their feet and their joints.
What is the end result?- Bottom line is that if a player comes in with a general level of soccer fitness, time will
be saved in practice for more important aspects of the game such as technical and tactical work. For
younger players the time that they spent on the ball working solely on their technical skills will not only save
time, but lift up their level of play. The coach will be able to see a significant change in their level of play,
which can gain them more playing time. Not only will this save the coach time it will also allow him/her to
set new challenges for the individual as well as the team prior to the start of the season.
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                                                                                     VOLUME 5 ISSUE 8

                               January Board Notes
Best wishes to all Roswell Soccer Club families for a happy & healthy new year. The Board is gearing up for
the spring season and beyond. In our January meeting, we identified communications as one of the most
critical areas of improvement required for our program.

The most readily available communication tool available to RSC families is our website;, which is updated on an ongoing basis – everyone needs to bookmark this site
and review it at least once a week. On the site, you will find key information such as;
   Skills and Goalkeeper Clinic schedules – when they begin, where and what time they are being held this
   Strength Training & Conditioning Program details – RSC players and teams have access to a certified
   At-home Training Program – this basic skills training program was created by Vinny Marcotrigiano, RSC
    Director of Coaching, for players to continue to develop their ball skills outside of organized practices.
   Coaches Bio – you’ll find the background and experience of our coaching/training staff

In addition to the website information, each team in the club via their Coach and/or Team Manager will be
receiving ongoing communication from a Board Representative responsible for your team. These individuals
will be providing important information to you to keep you abreast of new programs and events this season.
Your Representatives are:
   Representative - Girls Recreation - Dave Wagner
   Representative - Boys Recreation - Jeff Cheripka
   Representative - Girls Select - Dennis Lagasse
   Representative - Boys Select - Carl Jackson

Please provide your Representative with updated information on your team’s progress during the season;
tournament success, individual player accomplishments

Please be on the lookout for the complete list of player development programs planned for the spring
season from your Coach and/or Team Manager. There are a number of exciting new initiatives scheduled to
enrich the soccer lives of your children.

As always, we are interested in your comments, thoughts and ideas. Please feel free to address to either
Lynne or myself.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.

         Larry Simons                        Lynne Graziano
         President                           Vice President
         678-352-0505                        770-642-0374  
                                                                             SANTOS     TRADITION

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                                                                                VOLUME 5 ISSUE

                                   THE RSC Board
President                         Larry Simons         6) 352-0505 hm
                                                       4) 885-8736 wk
Vice President                    Lynne Graziano       7) 642-0374 hm
                                                       4) 226-4742 cell
Secretary /Uniform Chair

Treasurer                         Bruce Moore          6/642-0139 cell
At-Large Member                   Bob Geiger           7) 998-7169 hm
                                                       7) 730-3592 wk
At-Large Member/Public Relations Jim Keel              7) 998-0449 hm
                                                       4) 966-3046 cell
At-Large Member (volunteer chair) Jeff Kenvin          7) 664-6319 hm
Boys Select Representative        Phil Teeling         7) 650-9273 hm
                                                       6) 665-1528 wk
Girls Select Representative       Ed Armfield          7) 740-0028 hm

Boys Rec. Representative          Jeff Cheripka        7) 379-1290 hm
                                                       4) 557-4334 wk
Girls Rec. Representative         Rich Green           7) 594-1289 hm

Fundraising Committee

Director of Coaching              Vinny Marcotrigiano 4) 909-5726 cell
Communications Committee          Ali Ibarguen         7) 518-6709 hm
                                  Jason Walker         6) 438-9311 cell
Tournament Chairman               Jason Walker         6) 438-9311 cell
Nominating Committee Chair

RRPD Program Coordinator          Aly Wade             7) 641-3706 wk
RRPD Girls Supervisor             Taylor Eubank        7) 641-3706 wk
RRPD Boys Supervisor              Joel St. Vrain       7) 641-3706 wk
                                        THE SANTOS TRADITION
                                              VOLUME 5 ISSUE 8
                                                       PAGE 5

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