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					     Job Description

Job Title               Maritime Practice Leader

Department              Crisis and Security Consulting

Role Reports to         Global Head of Control Risks Maritime

Full/Part time          Full Time

Job purpose             To manage and develop the Maritime Practice

Main Accountabilities   Operations
                            Put in place management controls to ensure all maritime training
                               and operations are carried out safely, ethically, our contract
                               compliant and in accordance with Control Risks Standard
                               Operating Procedures and Policies
                            Ensure Maritime teams and equipment are utilised optimally to
                               ensure the minimum number off task days and transfer costs
                            Ensure mitigation measures are commensurate with the current
                               threat and prepare improved mitigation capabilities
                               commensurate with threat trends

                        Business development
                            Contribute to marketing and profile raising events
                            Participate in client meetings
                            Begin to develop longer-term client relationships
                            Seek opportunities to develop projects and business
                            Seek opportunities to be involved in product development with

                        Finance and Contractual
                             Ensure no tasks are undertaken without signed contracts in place
                             Check weekly that all tasks have been invoiced within 4 days of
                             Conduct a weekly check of debtor status with the finance team and
                               review debt recovery plan for significant debtors
                             Review monthly expenditure on the maritime operations against budget
                               and make corrections where required
                             Contribute to Global Head of Maritime’s MMR on maritime operations
                             Ensure Control Risks agreements with the respective government
                               police/port authorities remain in date and valid

                            Ensure all procurement is managed to ensure equipment is fit for
                                purpose, quality controlled, best value and regulatory compliant.
    Job Description

                                             Implement effective inventory systems to track all maritime
                                              assets and consumables especially weapons
                                             Manage contracts with shipping agencies and vessel charter

Skills/Competencies                    Relationship/Personal Impact
                                           Interpersonal skills
                                           Influencing skills

                                           Client Management skills
                                           Personal results focus – meeting deadlines
                                           Strong commercial focus

                                           Presentation skills
                                           Communication – written & oral/ability to communicate complex
                                            ideas concisely
                                           Active listening

                                       Problem Solving/Decision Making
                                           Project Management
                                           Decision making & judgment
                                           Problem Solving

Knowledge and Expertise (relating to   Essential
specialist knowledge and expertise          Security and Risk Management
required to undertake the role).            Project Management
                                            Maritime Security
                                            Arabic Speaker
                                            French Speaker

Experience, qualifications and other   Essential
requirements specific to the role          Experience in Managing the delivery of Security Services in high
                                              Risk Environments
                                           Experience of operating within a commercial environment.
                                           Experience of operating in a client facing role
                                           Experience of Operating in complex regulatory Environments

                                            Experience of delivery of commercial anti piracy security
                                               services in the Indian Ocean or Gulf of Aden
                                            Experience of operating with diverse cultures
                                            Management of Third Country National Security Personnel
                                            Former Navy or Marine Commissioned Officer
Job Description