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									>   Industry News                                                 Cruise lines add fuel surcharges
                                                                     Three cruise companies, Oceania, Carnival Corp. and
British Airways sees profits rise                                 Regent Seven Seas Cruises, will be adding fuel surcharges
                                                                  to their pricing. Oceania Cruises will tack on $7 per guest,
    One of Europe’s biggest carriers, British Airways PLC
                                                                  per day, for all reservations not paid in full by Dec. 1, and
(BA), posted a 52 percent increase on its profits for the
                                                                  all reservations made thereafter for published sailings
first half on Nov. 2, but lowered its full year forecast
                                                                  through April 2009.
because of continuing weakness in the U.S. dollar.
                                                                     Carnival Corp. will begin charging an extra $5 per
    The airline company cited cost-cutting measures and
                                                                  person, per day, on all bookings of cruises departing on
demand for premium tickets for the profits increase.
                                                                  or after Feb. 1, 2008, on Carnival Cruise Lines, Costa
    BA reported net income of $996 million in the six
                                                                  Cruises, Cunard Line, Holland America Line, Princess
months ended Sept. 30, compared with $656 million last
                                                                  Cruises and Yachts of Seabourn. The charge will only
year. Interestingly, overall revenues were down to $9.29
                                                                  apply to the first and second passengers of each
billion from $9.35 billion a year earlier.
                                                                  stateroom and will not exceed $70 per voyage.
    “Profits are up and costs are down, building on the steps
                                                                     Regent Seven Seas Cruises will charge $7.50 per passenger,
we took last year,” chief executive officer Willie Walsh said.
                                                                  per day, for all 2008 cruises not paid in full by Dec. 1.
    BA makes a large portion of its profits from business
and first-class customers traveling to and from the United
                                                                  In other cruise news...
States. Overcrowding caused by tighter security restric-
                                                                     Celebrity Cruises rolled out a new kit Tuesday to help
tions at Heathrow, limiting passengers to one carry-on
                                                                  planners book their next meeting or incentive cruise. The
bag, has affected its business. Walsh said the airline
                                                                  kit includes a guide to Celebrity’s fleet, with specs on
expected those restrictions to be lifted soon.
                                                                  meeting space, dining choices, accommodations and spa
    In related news, BA is bracing for the Open Skies
                                                                  options, as well as an overview of corporate amenities and
Treaty to open up the airport to other airlines in April,
                                                                  charter programs.
2008. Air France-KLM and Delta Air Lines Inc. recently
                                                                     Contact Ron Gulaskey at for more info.
announced a joint venture to offer flights from Heathrow.
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November 07                                              THE
                                                               PLANNER                                                       3
                                                                                                       THE INTERNATIONAL EDITION
>   Ed. Note
                                                                                                       In this Issue
                            We crave to be                                                           6 Greener pastures
                                                                                                     > Lots of planners pay lip service to greening
                            appreciated…                                                               their business. Sandra Wood provides ample
                                                                                                       advice and direction on how to produce a
                                                                                                       green event as a planner and then measure
                         onstant Craving, the memorable song by
                         Canadian singer k.d. lang, might not have
been about being appreciated, but craving to be accepted and
                                                                                                       your success properly.

appreciated is a constant human principal. That’s why this month                                    10 Luggage
we have tried to cover a bit of ground with our incentive articles.                                  > There is a vast selection of luggage out
Each employee adds or subtracts from the team’s work and worth.                                        there, but choosing what works for you is
What gives employees incentive to give their best? Recognition of                                      dependent on a few key factors. This
course. This innate need for appreciation is not selfish, it is an                                     informative article examines the best way to
authentic desire to be deemed worthy when giving one’s best.                                           shop for luggage and laptop bags to make
Not just praise, but being valued and appreciated.                                                     you a first-class traveler.
   From a simple compliment to elaborate recognition saying
thank you, it is one of the most common ways of acknowledging                                       12 Making bloopers
cultural values. What we choose to recognize and reward is an                                        > Stacey Hanke coaches individuals how to
expression of a company’s culture. What is done for one person                                         change and improve their communication
is elevated for appreciation by the masses. In recognition,                                            behavior, but observes that most people
ceremonies or incentive travel or even with the Christmas parties,                                     don’t realize how unaware they are.
we express first hand an organization’s values.                                                        We don’t know what we don’t know!
   We hope you will enjoy and get ideas from these articles, and
as usual please share your experiences with us. And as we are                                       14 Show managers
quickly approaching that time of the year remember to share in                                       > Knowing the ins and outs of working with
your good fortune by giving to those less fortunate. It’s a way of                                     show managers can be invaluable. Barry
saying “Thank you for everything I have” by sharing your good                                          Siskind provides some insight on what to
fortune with those of lesser means. As the next edition of The                                         expect and ask for when dealing with these
Planner will be mailed during the holidays, I would like to take this                                  important suppliers, and how to get what
opportunity to wish you and your family health and prosperity in the                                   you need for your show.
coming New Year.
                                                    —Leo Gervais                                    15 Pandemic influenza
                                                                                                     > In this third installment, Dr. Pierre Geoffroy
                                                                                                       examines how knowledge is power for the
                                                                                                       traveler in the quest to being prepared for the
            E DITOR   AND   P UBLISHER
                                            Leo Gervais
                                            Nathalie Caron
                                                                                                       worst case scenarios. Asking lots of questions
                                                                                                       will help you understand your options.

                                                                                                    21 Why training fails
                                            Jyl Ashton Cunningham
                                            Camille Lay                           > Jim Clemmer is an expert when it comes to
            G RAPHIC A RTIST                Matt Riopel                                                training people. He provides ample evi-
            S ALES                          James Paulson
                                                                                                       dence why “spray and pray” lectures do
            C IRCULATION                    Tania Joanis, Patricia Lemus
            C ONTRIBUTORS                   Mike Auctor, Anne Biarritz, Jim Clemmer, John Felice,      not usually meet expectations and tells us
                                            Savika Fowsar, Assunta Gazzerro, Pierre Geoffroy,          how to train people better.
                                            Stacey Hanke, Barry Siskind, Sandra Wood,
                                            Sharon Worsley
                       2105 de la Montagne, suite 100
                         Montreal, Quebec H3G 1Z8
                                                                                                    30 Nothing but The Best
            Telephone: (514) 849-6841 ext. 333 Fax: (514) 284-2282                                   > Jyl Ashton Cunningham has worked on
               We welcome your comments:                                            many incentive programs and with dozens
                                  The Planner is a monthly publication distributed to                  of companies. Our savvy associate editor
                             professional meeting and event planners across Canada.
                                                                                                       explains what the real key is to making
                              The Planner uses 30% recycled post-consumer paper.
                                         Poste-publication No. 40934013                                incentive programs work.
4                                                                                   THE
                                                                                          PLANNER                                       November 07
It’s time to move to greener pastures
BY SANDRA WOOD, CMP                                               The GMIC can direct you to credible sources and save
                                                                  you a lot of time. This will give you greater confidence
     ou’ve just been given the “thumbs up” to green up            when putting forth your ideas.
Y    your event, so where do you start?
   First of all, I apologize for my use of the word
                                                                     Be flexible in implementing your guidelines, there
                                                                  are compromises to be made! For example, choosing
“green.” There are many more politically correct buzz-            menu items for your banquet that are locally grown ver-
words like “ecological footprint,” “zero waste,” “carbon          sus organic produce flown in from out of province or
neutral” and “environmentally responsible.” Don’t let             country is something you’ll need to ponder. Rest
these terms confuse you, they all have specific meaning.          assured that every step you take, no matter how small
When in doubt—Google them! “Green” is a friendly                  it might seem, is a step in the right direction.
way of saying many things, so for the purposes of this               Set your budget to account for areas where you will
article I’m sticking with “green” and I hope you will             save money such as less water bottles, less printing due
bear with me.                                                     to electronic media, reduced amounts of shipping. You
   To get started, take a look at the current goals and objec-    also need to account for areas that will cost more like sup-
tives for your event and prepare additional ones to reflect       porting a carbon offset program, using 30 percent more
what you’re trying to accom-                                                                   expensive      post-consumer
plish by going green. This is                                                                  content paper and bio-diesel
important and ensures that
you and your employer/client
                                     Only speak when you                                       buses that can cost double.
                                                                                                  Communicate your efforts
are on the same page. Set                                                                      to your attendees! This is so
short- and long-term goals to         connect with your                                        important and they want to
keep you focused.                                                                              see your sincere efforts.
   Build a strong relation-
ship with your venue
                                        listener’s eyes.                                       Project a list of what you
                                                                                               have achieved on screen in
because you need their sup-                                                                    your plenary and on your
port. Send them your “green                                                                    conference web page. Have
wish list” of what you’d like to do and go through it             your speaker announce some of the things you achieve
with them. Find out what’s doable because venues are              each day. Your employer/client needs to pat itself on the
at various levels of being green due to existing infra-           back for the efforts it’s making and needs to thank the
structure, potential costs in making changes, city bylaws         attendees for their support. This way, everyone feels
and provincial laws that govern. For example, some                good, everyone is engaged.
venues still cannot donate leftover food due to city
bylaws. So talk to your venue.                                    KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING
                                                                     Finally, measurable! Do a post-conference green
USE CREDIBLE SOURCES                                              report. Did you meet your goals and objectives? Maybe
   Prepare guidelines that align with your goals and              you even exceeded them. How much did you consume
objectives. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You             (your carbon footprint)? How much did it cost, where
probably will write some guidelines yourself, but there           did you save money? Can you do better next year and
are great sample guidelines already available. Take a             what steps will you take? Keep the momentum going.
look at Chapter 30 of the PCMA Professional Meeting                  The move to greener pastures is filled with exciting
Management Book on Comprehensive Strategies for                   challenges. As “green” becomes the norm it gets easi-
Meetings, Conventions and Events, Fifth Edition, the              er. For more information, register for the PCMA Canada
CIC Green Meeting Report and Environment Canada’s                 East Workshop on “Green Your Meetings – From
Green Meeting Guide. Ask your colleagues to share any             Theory to Reality,” November 30, 2007 at the Chateau
they may have developed as well.                                  Laurier in Ottawa. I look forward to seeing you there
   Use credible sources to substantiate the guidelines you        and wish you great success with greening your event!
prepare. Remember, there are few standards or regula-                On the Web:
tions in existence for much of this so it’s up to you to pres-       Sandra Wood is the Annual Meeting Manager for the Canadian
ent your findings and substantiate them. That’s why I rec-        Medical Association in Ottawa, Ontario. She can be reached at: san-
ommend you join the Green Meetings Industry Council.    

6                                                        THE
                                                               PLANNER                                               November 07
November 07   THE
                    PLANNER   7
On a cruise, attendees bond through shared experiences
                 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1                           You can now choose to cruise from more North
                                                               American departure ports then ever, including New
   Guests especially appreciate being free from most of        York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Vancouver and more.
the added expenses of a hotel. Lobster anyone?                 The date and length of your event will help narrow your
   During the planning stages, the cruise line will assign     choices. From there, it’s a matter of determining your
a dedicated specialist to work with the meeting planner        group’s requirements and finding the cruise line and
and their travel agent to coordinate all of the require-       ship that will best suit your needs.
ments of the group. During the event, the ship’s                   John Felice is Vice President, Marketing for Expedia
onboard coordinator acts as liaison for the client and         CruiseShipCenters. He has taken over 35 cruises and been part of

                                                                               Did you know...
the ship’s hotel staff to ensure every need is taken care      more than a dozen conferences at sea. He can be contacted at:
of, from audiovisual to refreshments.                
   In terms of networking, teambuilding and fun, a
cruise is uniquely positioned to make it happen seam-
lessly. Guests naturally mingle during social events such
as dining or cocktail parties and connect with each
other in a variety of other places. Whether it is at the
disco, casino, and poolside or at an organized group              54% of people in small companies* like their jobs
event during a stop in port, attendees bond through                 a lot, vs. 44% of people in big** companies.
shared experiences.
   Out to sea does not mean out of touch either.                             * Fewer than 50 employees
Internet access is available at the onboard Internet Café                    ** 1,000 or more employees
or wirelessly in various “hot spots.” Many ships have
introduced cellular service as well, but you will want to                        Source: Businessweek
check on roaming charges with your provider before
deciding to flip open your phone.

8                                                     THE
                                                            PLANNER                                             November 07
 Industry News                                                                      Did you know...

GST/HST rebate continues for foreign conventions,                                that people with large numbers of
HAC praises Tory government for its initiatives                                  moles on their body may age more
   Foreign conventions continue to be exempt from the GST/HST as                 slowly than expected, researchers
prescribed in the recent federal budget. Tour packages are also eligible            at King’s College London said
for a GST/HST rebate. This segment of the travel and tourism business            recently. A study of 1,800 twins
generates more than $1.28 billion annually, a significant factor in Canada’s     found that very moley skin was
economy.                                                                         linked to an indicator of slower
   Last year, hotels had revenues of $17.9 billion, generated value-added                 biological ageing.
of $16.2 billion in all sectors and employed 378,000 people with wages
and benefits totalling $8.6 billion.
   The Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) congratulated Conservative
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty on his recognition of the importance of hotels
in the budget and applauded other industry-related initiatives, including:
• $50.5 million over two years to improve the Temporary Foreign Workers
• $30 million a year to support local arts and heritage festivals
• $17.6 billion in gas tax and funds for municipalities
• $8.8 billion for the national highway system and infrastructure
• $1.5 billion for projects cutting air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
• $2.1 billion for borders/gateways including funding for Windsor –
   The HAC is a federation of provincial and territorial hotel associations,
hotel chains, and suppliers with a mandate to represent members nation-
ally and internationally and to provide cost effective services which stim-
ulate and encourage a free market accommodation industry.
   On the Web:

November 07                                            THE
                                                             PLANNER                                                 9
Carrying the load has never
been easier for business travelers
Today’s luggage
choices vary in size,
style and material
   Ed. Note: We wanted to provide
our readers with practical informa-
tion about luggage. Who better to
inform planners than The Bay, one
of Canada’s largest and most trusted
retailers? We hope the following
article is useful to you.

           ith the vast selection and

W          variety of luggage available
           these days, it is hard to
know where to start when setting out
to make a purchase. A good place to
start is to ask yourself, “What am I
using this luggage for?” and “How
much am I willing to spend?”
   “As a luggage expert, I tend to
look for the materials that the lug-
gage is made of and then at its
design or look,” says Krista Haigh,
The Bay’s luggage buyer. “If you
focus on what materials you want
your bag to be made of, you can
start to narrow down your search.”
   As one of Canada’s leading lug-
gage retailers, The Bay carries a
broad selection of luggage. From a
hard-sided case, to a semi-soft or soft
case, Haigh explains that each offers
unique benefits and durability.
   “I am finding that smaller, hard-      Usage and price are two major factors when deciding what type of luggage to buy.
sided cases are increasing in popu-
larity,” says Haigh, “especially as       durable, or vinyl, a moderately priced   extendable tops and bottoms, can
more light-weight models come out         plastic material that comes in a vari-   be constructed out of a variety of
like the newest models from Heys.”        ety of colours. While these cases tend   materials. Most common are nylon
   When looking at hard-sided             to be more cumbersome, they pro-         and vinyl. Nylon can be coated, so
cases, which give maximum protec-         vide peace of mind when it comes to      the bag maintains its appearance,
tion to the contents, they are either     safeguarding your belongings.            and consumers should check for a
made of molten plastic, (usually             Semi-soft and soft cases, which       durable product with a denier of 400
polypropylene) which is extremely         generally expand with the help of        or more.

10                                                      THE
                                                              PLANNER                                       November 07
Laptop bags have become a necessity, in either fabric or leather
   For those willing to spend a little more, ballistic             Being informed about these key luggage areas should
nylon is a durable tear-resistant fabric used in more           give you a leg up when faced with the big bag decision.
expensive luggage such as Delsey Helium Breeze.                 With this information under your belt, purchasing qual-
   “Our customers have told us they love this product           ity luggage should be a breeze. Now the only question
for its strength, but also because it’s a bit more flexible     is “What to pack?”
than a hard case,” says Haigh.                                     If you’re considering luggage or travel related acces-
   The other choice is leather, which comes in two              sories for corporate gifting this holiday season, or lap-
forms: genuine and split. Genuine leather is the outer-         top carrying cases for your mobile employees, contact
most layer of skin, desirable because of its durability,        the Hbc Business Development team at 1-866-461-2323.
strength and ability to take finish. Split leather consists        This article was submitted by The Bay.
of the under layers of the skin, which is cheaper, and             On the Web:
can be processed to look like any type of leather.
   Finally, Haigh points out that the hardware used in
the construction of the bag can be very important. Some
of the most notable features are the zipper, the handle
and wheels. The two most durable zippers are polyester
coil, and continuous molded zippers. These two are
both very durable and polyester zippers can be rezoned
and “healed” should they pop open. The handle is very
important to look at when purchasing luggage. The
most durable handle—mounted using metal or metal-
reinforced bases with a number of rivets, screws, or
prongs attached to the frame of the case itself—increas-
es the load-bearing area, allowing for easier maneuver-
ing. It is best to look at two and four wheeled pieces that
will have improved handling and stability.
   For the business traveler, laptop bags have become a
necessity. One of the first choices to make is fabric or
leather. Leather is durable and formal but fabric comes
in a variety of styles and colours for a more personal-
ized feel. Another key consideration is how the laptop
should be carried. A tote style with two handles keeps
the laptop right under the arm for good control but can
feel awkward if something else is carried on the shoul-
der. Across-the-body styles make it easier for travel.
Backpacks are too casual for some but provide both
control and ease of carrying.

November 07                                            THE
                                                             PLANNER                                                  11
Communication bloopers happen!
                  BY STACEY HANKE                                  This is exactly what was happening to my client.
                                                                Standing tall with his arms relaxed at his sides, he said
                                                                to me with confidence, “I can do this. I promise not to
                        sound like my mother when I say,

                  I     “Where has the year gone?”
                        Thank you for being with me in
                   2007. I was trying to figure out what
                                                                rock anymore.” As he started to talk, he found the side
                                                                seams on his pant legs. He continued to pull both pant
                                                                legs up as he delivered his message to me. I finally
                                                                stopped him when he had his pant legs pulled up to his
                   I should share with you for one last
                                                                knees and I said, “Take a look down.” He glanced
time this year. And then it hit me: Why not share the
                                                                down, then slowly looked up at me and burst into
communication bloopers I’ve seen and heard from my
                                                                laughter. When we finally wiped the last tear from our
clients throughout the year?
                                                                face after buckling over with laughter, he asked me, “I
   Every year as I travel across the U.S. coaching indi-
                                                                don’t understand, how can I do an action and not real-
viduals how to change and improve their communica-
                                                                ize I’m doing it?” Until you become aware of your
tion behavior, I realize how unaware we are. We don’t
                                                                behaviors, you will continue to use them and walk
know what we don’t know. We have a mystery about
                                                                around not knowing what you don’t know.
how we look and sound
when we communicate.
                                                                                             2. I have shared numerous
Until we see and hear for
ourselves what others see
                                   Only speak when you                                       articles with you on the topic
                                                                                             of “How to Interact with
and hear, we create a lot of
misinterpretations. Yet per-        connect with your                                        Visual Aids.” This topic con-
                                                                                             tinues to be a challenge for
ceptions are reality.      I’ve
                                                                                             many individuals. One indi-
realized that what individu-
als feel when they communi-
                                      listener’s eyes.                                       vidual in particular was
                                                                                             attending my two-day work-
cate, nine out of ten times, is
                                                                                             shop. His assignment on day
different than what their lis-
                                                                two was to deliver a five-minute presentation using a
teners see.
                                                                visual aid. In this situation, his visual aid was a presen-
   I’ve had many laughs with individuals when they
                                                                tation board explaining a new marketing campaign. As
finally realize what their behaviors communicate. Now
                                                                he began his presentation, within seconds he held up the
when I say laughs, it is the type of laughter that both I
                                                                presentation board in front of his face. He suddenly dis-
and my clients learn from. Since we learn the most
                                                                appeared and all you could see was the board with a
valuable lessons in life from each other, I wanted to
                                                                muffled voice coming out from behind it. When he
share the top four bloopers of 2007.
                                                                decided to set the board off to the side, he turned to the
                                                                board and started talking to it. It was the oddest sight to
Top Four Bloopers                                               see him having a relationship with his board. As a result,
1. I was working with a CEO of a Fortune 500                    he disconnected with everyone and the energy in the
Company, helping him to improve his communication               room died as listeners either stared at the board or drift-
when presenting to large audiences. He had more ener-           ed into space. I stopped his presentation and asked:
gy than a two-year-old child. He distributed this ener-         “Who are you talking to?” He smiled, began to laugh and
gy by rocking back and forth. At the end of our six-            said, “I’m having a relationship with my board, aren’t I?”
hour coaching session I asked him to try one more time             The lesson learned: Stop talking to objects. Only
to deliver his message standing still for at least two min-     speak when you connect with your listeners’ eyes. When
utes. (Remember, when you are trying to change a                you refer to your visual aid (notes, PowerPoint, market-
behavior you want to train to the extreme. In this case         ing pieces, etc.) pause, gather your thoughts and give
I knew if I could get the CEO to stand for a longer peri-       your listeners time to read and understand the visual.
od of time than he really would in front of an audience,
he would be more likely to create a new habit of not            3. Do you know anyone who talks with their hands?
rocking back and forth). If you are rocking back and            You would be surprised by the number of individuals I
forth, pacing or shifting your weight from side –to side,       work with who never stop moving their hands and arms
thinking on your feet is going to be very difficult.            when they speak.

12                                                     THE
                                                             PLANNER                                         November 07
Is your energy a distraction?
   I was working with a Vice President of Marketing. Her goal
was to improve her face-to-face conversations with peers and
clients. She agreed to be videotaped during the coaching ses-
sion. The power of videotaping is the best investment you will
ever have in your development, because the video camera does
not lie; it allows you to see and hear what others see and hear.
   During her first videotaped exercise, she gave me an update
on her monthly meetings that she has with her team. At first I
wasn’t sure what she was trying to do with her hands. All of
her gestures looked the same; her elbows were velcroed to her
sides and her arms and hands would not stop moving. I want-
ed to duck and take a step back to make sure she didn’t hit me
in the face. At the end of every gesture she would let her hands
drop down from her wrist like a dog begging for food.
   I knew she needed to see what her hands were doing. As
we began to watch the tape she immediately stopped the tape
and asked, “Why didn’t anyone tell me I look like a dog?”
   Gestures lose their impact – to create emphasis around your
words – when you talk with your hands. It is all about bal-
ance and variety. Bring your arms up from your sides when
you want to make a point or add emphasis. When the gesture
is complete, relax your arms back at your sides. To add vari-
ety, use one arm to make a small gesture and add a bigger ges-
ture when you need to give your message more impact.

4. We all have energy when we communicate. The key is to
channel the energy to make sure it does not become a distrac-
tion rather than an enhancement to your message. I was work-
ing with medical sales representatives whose clients were doc-
tors. To better understand their job responsibilities, I spent a
day observing their sales calls. One particular sales represen-
tative loved to grip her pen when she talked to doctors. She
had high energy, which came through in the fidgeting of her
pen. One day I was observing her conversation with a doctor
and watching her rapid gestures while gripping the pen. As
she leaned into the doctor to make her point, her pen started
to look like a weapon in her right hand. Just as the doctor start-
ed to lean away from her, the pen slipped out of her hand and
hit the doctor smack-dab in the middle of his forehead. You
can imagine the look on his face. He grabbed his clipboard
without saying a word and walked away. After consoling the
sales representative we began to work on the how-to’s of
addressing a doctor and using a pen only when necessary.
   Pay attention to how you are using your energy during con-
versations. Is it a distraction or are you able to channel your
energy to enhance your message? When in doubt, less is more.
   I hope these stories have brought some laughter into your
day and I wish you continued success!
  Stacey Hanke is an executive consultant, author, coach and speaker with 1st
Impression Consulting, Inc. in Chicago, Ill. Contact her at: or (773) 209-5970.

November 07                                                     THE
                                                                      PLANNER   13
Improving your relationship with
show management is invaluable
                  BY BARRY SISKIND                            2) Honest advice on the appropriateness of invest-
                                                              ing in the show
                  Show managers are                              Not all shows offer equal opportunities. Some are
                                                              more appropriate for your objectives than others. Prior
                  more professional now                       to sending a deposit you should have a conversation
                                                              with the show manager to discuss your objectives. You
                        ne vehicle to achieve outstanding     should expect honest feedback on whether the show is
                  O     success is found in your working
relationship with the show manager.
                                                              the right one for you.

   Stephen Hacker, president of the International             3) A road map for the myriad rules and regulations
Association of Exhibits and Events (IAEE) states “The            Although show managers make this information
show manager should be a facilitator, not a realtor.” But     available, rarely will an exhibitor take the time to thor-
making the transition for many has been slow and              oughly understand the rules and restrictions of a show
painful.                                                      and the facility. Throwing up their hands, show man-
   All companies whether they sell products or services       agers may say, “Exhibitors don’t read all the stuff I
know that customer loyalty is earned. It comes with           send,” and leave it at that. Be proactive and work with
time, energy and resources. As an exhibitor you are the       your show manager or volunteer for a show committee
show manager’s customer and through your relationship         to develop ways of disseminating information that will
you can glean many ideas.                                     be read and understood by all exhibitors.
   Yet, traditionally exhibitors have shied away from
revealing too much to their show manager. Perhaps it is       4) Feedback on your performance
a lack of understanding of the show management’s role            Ask the show manager to visit your booth during the
or a general mistrust.                                        show to give you feedback on your performance such
   During the past decade, show mangers have devel-           as how you compare to the competition, what you
oped a new level of professionalism. Such professional        could do to improve and how effective were your booth
accreditation as CEM (Certified in Exhibition                 staff. Ask the show manager to report back to you after
Management) which is offered by the IAEE as well as           the show so you can incorporate their comments into
dedicated programs offered by many colleges and uni-          your future plans.
versities are responsible for this new breed of show
managers.                                                     5) Networking opportunities with other exhibitors,
   What does this mean to exhibitors? When you have a         association representatives, delegates and the media
show manager who understands the long-term implica-              There is more to a show than what can be accomplished
tions of running their shows and fairs and having solid       at your booth. Your show manager should help facilitate
relationships with their exhibitors then the opportuni-       your need to meet as many people at the show as possible.
ties for you are immense. j13                                    Ask if the show manager is using any networking
                                                              software to match delegates and exhibitors. Work close-
  As an exhibitor, here are some of the things you            ly with your show manager to find ways of extending
should expect from your show manager:                         your reach throughout the show.
                                                                 It’s no longer a we and them scenario at trade shows.
1) Exhibit tools and technologies                             In order for everyone to win both sides need to make
   Your show manager should be prepared to help you           the effort to let each other know what they need and to
get a positive return on your investment with such tools      creatively find solutions so that they both succeed.
as a show lead retrieval system, access to marketing
resources such as media lists, pre-registration names                                      •••
and co-op advertising opportunities and successful               Visit to hear Barry
exhibitor tips.                                               Siskind's program Double Your Trade Show Results Guaranteed

14                                                   THE
                                                           PLANNER                                            November 07
Avian and pandemic influenza:
What the traveler should know, Pt. 3
Knowledge is power, so be
informed about potential risks
                                                                 make. Next, imagine something bad happening while you
                                                                 are traveling: For instance, you are in Bangkok and
                                                                 authorities in Indonesia report the worst cluster of
                                                                 human-to-human spread of pandemic influenza. WHO
BY DR. PIERRE GEOFFROY                                           changes its alert system to Phase 4. You are the principle
                                                                 organizer of a large international meeting. On seeing the
                                                                 headlines in the newspaper, guests at the meeting want to
   t is very unlikely that a pandemic will suddenly arise
I  in the midst of your travels or attending a business
meeting. Thus it is unnecessary to carry an evacuation
                                                                 know if they should leave? Some are perhaps even pan-
                                                                 icky. What do you do?
plan in your pocket at all times – or is it? A pandemic is
                                                                 1.   Ask if they have travel insurance?
one type of emergency. What if you were in New York
                                                                 2.   Ask if they got their flu shot?
City when 9/11 occurred? New Orleans when the hurri-
                                                                 3.   Advise them to wear a mask
cane hit? Or most recently, in Pakistan, when the polit-
                                                                 4.   Explain the significance of Phase 4
ical turmoil broke out? Sure, a plan in case of a pandem-
ic is good to have but perhaps it should be a little more
                                                                    Remember: Knowledge is power. Be informed.
generic – like “What do I do if all hell breaks loose in
                                                                 Explaining clearly the significance of phase 4 and its
or close to where I am traveling?” In fact, have you ever
                                                                 immediate dangers is going to help prevent a panic and
thought of what you’d do if you or someone accompa-
                                                                 allow the meeting participants to continue their meeting
nying you were seriously sick?
                                                                 effectively while, behind the scenes, you are contacting
   In my clinic people commonly ask about getting a
                                                                 local authorities or to find out more. The point
vaccine for hepatitis or yellow fever. That’s it. That’s
                                                                 is this: The most important part of any plan is being
their plan. They haven’t even considered what they
                                                                 informed and knowing where to get more up-to-date
should do to avoid hepatitis in the first place. They
                                                                 information. Before leaving on an international trip you
never have a plan in case they should get sick. By the
                                                                 should know:
way, what is the most common infectious disease peo-
ple get while traveling?
                                                                 1. Contact numbers for your consulate
                                                                 2. Where to get up-to-date information fast
1.   Hepatitis A
                                                                 3. What the risks are (in this instance of a change in the
2.   Influenza (seasonal)
                                                                 alert phase)
3.   Yellow Fever
                                                                 4. Where or how to get emergency funds?
4.   Cholera
                                                                 5. All of the above?
5.   Malaria
                                                                    I hope you get the plan: be informed. There are too
   Influenza! That’s right it is happening somewhere at
                                                                 many possible disasters that can occur to have a plan
sometime in the world. So get your influenza vaccine.
                                                                 for each one. Being informed, knowing where to get
That is a great start to protecting yourself.
                                                                 up-to-date information, having a handle on the risks,
   Getting back to a pandemic, hopefully you wouldn’t set
                                                                 and knowing what you’ll need now is going to put you
out on international travel once the WHO has moved to
                                                                 ahead. Arm yourself with knowledge before you leave.
Phase 4 of its alert system (See part 2 for explanation of
                                                                 That will give you the power to make the difference and
WHO alert system). In fact, I would try to avoid travel
                                                                 save the meeting!
overseas once there is documented sustained human-to-
human transmission. So the first part of an emergency                                              •••
travel plan is to get information prior to leaving – do your
homework – check out CDC as I explained in Part 2.                  Pierre Geoffroy is a family physician practicing near Toronto.
Discover which diseases are endemic to the area you are          In addition to his clinical activities, he is involved in medicines research
going to and what necessary precautions you should               and development. You can contact him at:

November 07                                             THE
                                                              PLANNER                                                                    15
Trendy gifts abound for
the holidays and 2008
BY NATHALIE CARON                                                  Candy bars can show-
                                                                case colorful, unique, hip,
          hile attending The Motivation Show in                 and sophisticated packag-

W         Chicago from September 25 to 27, I inquired
          about hot items to suggest as corporate gifts
for the holidays and what would be trendy for 2008.
                                                                ing with high-end quality
                                                                   If you are thinking
As an event planner, it is often a headache finding the         about clothing, perform-
right corporate gifts for the holidays or for a corporate       ance wear is still popular
event. Here are some suggestions that will accommodate          in 2008.
either a small or large budget:                                    You could also work with a high-end sunglasses com-
                                                                pany during your event: They display their wares and
BAGS, CASES AND MAPS                                            your delegates or guests can make their free selection
   Many designers are proposing notebook bags for               according to the shape of their face and the look they
ladies or cell phone cases in an array of color and mate-       prefer. This saves you time, everyone gets a great gift
rial. Some companies specialize in packaging your               and all the guests leave happy.
special items e.g. a bag in the form of a jewel case. They
are very creative and can help you create a unique pack-        ELECTRONIC GADGETS
age for your gift. Picnics are trendy this season and              If electronic gifts or gadgets tickle your fancy, here
many medium- to high-end outdoor products are                   are some ideas for you: Digital picture books or key
offered to make these gathering a fun experience.               chains that can hold 15 pictures or more depending on
For the holidays, you can find picnic or wine totes, cool-      the resolution you choose. You might also consider a
er bags or martini totes as well as tailgating items or         laptop essential kit with a gooseneck light, four-port
fully-insulated and collapsible coolers.                        USB hub, numeric key pad and connector cable, high-
   You could also have Michelin maps & guides                   speed Internet cable, optical mini mouse and earbuds
customized for your group with the name of your                 with a microphone.
program, company or event on the cover page. Another               For sport fans, a wireless sportcaster will keep you
interesting gift, good for any type of occasion or event,       up to date with the latest scores of your favorite teams.
is a gift card. There is a wide selection for an almost         You could also have customized USB keys with a
unlimited amount of items. You can choose from gas,             unique shape and look. Another item which I found
books or music, clothing, outdoor gear or home renova-          interesting is the new HP digital camera with a touch
tions or decoration, just to name few. Some companies           screen that you can pair with a photosmart printer.
will also give you a discount on the amount you                    André Boutin, the owner of a corporate gift company
purchase.                                                       in Sainte-Adèle, says only your imagination can limit
    Crystal items are interesting items to consider. If you     your gift giving. He suggested an incense and scented
need a trophy or a special item to mark an event, you           candle kit to take an aromatherapy break from the daily
can find smaller customized items like paper weights or         stress, a wine aerator which will maximize the taste of
themed items with the name of your group or event               your favorite wine without having to spend a fortune on
engraved into it.                                               a decanter. For sudoku fans, he mentioned an electronic
   When you think of food as a gift, gift baskets are the       sudoku that you can carry with you. His last suggestion
first thing that comes to mind because everybody seems          was a small toiletry travel kit.
to receive them during the holidays. Have you ever                 Here is my final idea for you: If you have clients in
thought of sending edible arrangements? This could be           Canada, the U.S.A. or in Europe, avoid spending a
a bouquet of flowers made of fruit. You could also look         fortune in customs and shipping fees by using a supplier
into green products like what some ranches are propos-          in the country or area you are shipping to.
ing: Very high quality grass fed beef with no fertilizer or        Happy shopping for the holiday season!
insecticide.                                                       Nathalie Caron is an associate editor at The Planner.

16                                                     THE
                                                             PLANNER                                        November 07
Most training fails so we need
to learn ways to make it succeed
                                                                  performance appraisal system to hold managers
                                                                  accountable for applying the principles that have been
       ost organizations use their training investments           taught to them.
M      about as strategically as they deploy their office sup-
plies spending. And the impact on customer satisfaction,
                                                                     • Build training around organizational objectives and
                                                                  strategies. Trainees should immediately see the connec-
cost containment or quality improvement is just as useless.       tion between their new skills and where the organiza-
   One of the biggest causes of wasted training dollars           tion is going. This makes training more relevant and
is ineffective methods. Too often, companies rely on              gets everyone focused on applying their new skills to
lectures (“spray and pray”), inspirational speeches or            the organization's key priorities and goals.
videos, discussion groups and simulation exercises.                  • Another key principle is practiced by Vancouver-
   While these methods may get high marks from par-               based Finning Ltd., the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer.
ticipants, research (ignored by many training profes-             Chief executive James Shepard and his executives are not
sionals) shows they rarely change behavior on the job.            only first in line for service and quality training, but they
Knowing isn't the same as doing; good intentions are              are also the trainers delivering sessions to their people.
too easily crushed by old habits. Theoretical or inspira-            This trend to “cascade” training down from senior
tional training approaches are where the rubber meets             management snaps everyone to attention. Training
the sky.                                                          attendance problems disappear. Results-oriented execu-
   Another way of wasting dollars is failing to link train-       tives jettison all the nice-to-do, but irrelevant training.
ing with organizational strategies and day-to-day man-            Trainees don’t cross their arms and ask “Is the organi-
agement behavior. What happens in the classroom and               zation really serious about this stuff?”
what happens back on the job are often worlds apart.                 In addition, managers achieve a deeper level of skill
   Trainees learn which hoops to jump through, pledge             development when they teach others and are put on the
alliance to the current management fad, give their                spot to practice what they are now preaching.
enthusiastic “commitment” to building “the new cul-                  Naturalist William Henry Hudson once observed:
ture” get their diploma—and then go back to work.                 “You cannot fly like an eagle with the wings of a wren.”
   Here are a few steps to using training as a key strate-        Most training efforts never get off the ground because
gic tool:                                                         the methods don’t change behavior or the training is
   • Use training technologies that build how-to skills           poorly delivered and integrated by the organization.
that are highly relevant and immediately applicable.                 The waste of money is tragic for such a vital invest-
Research clearly shows far more people act themselves             ment in competitiveness—and ultimately Canada’s—
into a new way of thinking than think themselves into a           standard of living.
new way of acting. Training that produces tangible                                             •••
results starts by changing behavior, which ultimately
changes attitudes. Most executives and many profession-               Jim Clemmer is a bestselling author and internationally acclaimed
al trainers (who should know better) get this backward.           keynote speaker, workshop/retreat leader, and management team devel-
   • Follow-up on training sessions with on-the-job               oper on leadership, change, customer focus, culture, teams, and
coaching and support from managers. A Motorola Inc.               personal growth. For more than 25 years he has delivered over 2.000
study has found that those plants where quality                   customized keynote presentations, workshops, and retreats. Jim’s five
improvement training was reinforced by senior manage-             international bestselling books include The VIP Strategy, Firing on All

                                                                              On the Web:
ment got a $33 return on every dollar invested. Plants            Cylinders, Pathways to Performance, Growing the Distance and The

providing the same training with no top management                Leader's Digest. His website is:
follow-up produced a negative return on investment.
   An earlier Xerox Inc. study showed trainees retained
a paltry 13 percent of skills six months after training if
managers failed to provide coaching and support as the
skills were being applied.
   And Western Gas Marketing Ltd. of Calgary uses its

November 07                                              THE
                                                               PLANNER                                                                21
                                                                 >     F.Y.I.

     Sudoku                                                     How did the Christmas seals begin?
                                                                   Christmas seals were the brainchild of postal clerk
                                                                Einar HolbØll of Denmark, who had become dismayed
                                                                at the number of children dying from tuberculosis.
 Fill each square with a number from 1 to 9 so that every
                                                                Seeing the large volume of mail coming through his
 number appears only once in each row, column and cell.
                                                                place of work each day, he came up with the idea of
                       Have fun!
                                                                selling seals to raise money to help eradicate the
                                                                disease. The postmaster agreed, and the first Christmas

                                                                seals were produced in 1904. Within a few years, the
                                                                idea caught hold in the United States, where its cause
 • •
 • •
                                                                was championed by Emily Bissell.

                                                                Why are notes taken at a business
                                                                meeting called “minutes”?
                                                                   The reason the written records of a meeting are
                                                                called the minutes is because, in order to keep up, the
                                                                minute-taker wrote in a shorthand or abbreviation. The
                                                                word used to describe this condensed writing was minute
                                                                (my-noot), meaning “small,” and because the spelling is
                                                                the same, the minutes (my-noots) became minutes. The
                                                                same circumstances apply to Frederick Chopin’s Minute
                                                                Waltz: It’s really his small or minute (my-noot) waltz.

                                                                Why are dining rooms called
                                                                   Up until 1765, diners were offered only what
                                                                innkeepers chose to serve. But then, a Paris chef named
      LEVEL: EASY                 Solution, page 33.
                                                                Boulanger began offering a choice of nourishing soups
                                                                to passersby and on a board hanging over the door he
                                                                painted the word “Restaurant,” meaning “to restore.”
                                                                Boulanger was so successful that throughout the world
                                                                dining rooms still display his original sign, “Restaurant,”
                                                                a promise to restore energy.

                                                                2008 Olympic Games and carnet use
                                                                   Information on The Customs and Freight Manual for the
                                                                2008 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games is available
                                                                from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce as well as infor-
                                                                mation concerning the acceptance by Chinese Customs of
                                                                the use of ATA Carnets for the 2008 Olympic Games.
                                                                   If you wish to receive a copy and be kept current as
                                                                information is received by the Canadian Chamber of
                                                                Commerce, e-mail your request to
                                                                Your name and coordinates will be included on your
                                                                mailing list. More detailed information will be circulated
                                                                by the International Chamber of Commerce as soon as
      LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE        Solution, page 33              they receive some clarifications from the National
                                                                Guaranteeing Organization of China.

22                                                     THE
                                                             PLANNER                                         November 07
Charlevoix has plenty for planners
     ocated less than 100                                                                                   as genuine gems in the
L    kms from Quebec City,
the Charlevoix region is a
                                                                                                            Parcs Québec network.
                                                                                                            Easy-to-recognize desti-
destination to consider for                                                                                 nation signs mark the
an incentive. The beauty of                                                                                 road, and along these
its landscape, the quality                                                                                  two roads you will dis-
of its attractions, the heart-                                                                              cover local craft work-
warming welcome of the                                                                                      shops,       agro-touristic
hoteliers and innkeepers,                                                                                   farms and outdoor activ-
its regional gastronomy as                                                                                  ity providers.
well as the variety of its                                                                                     There are other routes
outdoor activities will give                                                                                to take to explore this
you plenty to choose from.                                                                                  beautiful region, includ-
    Part of the UNESCO                                                                                      ing the Charlevoix Flavor
World        Network       of                                                                               Trail. Besides having a
                               Outdoor activities are one of the main draws to the region.
Biosphere          Reserves,                                                         Photo Marc Archambault great gastronomical expe-
Charlevoix covers an area                                                                                   rience, you can discover
of 6,000 km2. Its two major urban areas are La Malbaie the secrets of farming and processing and get to sample
and Baie-Saint-Paul. One part of the former has just been regional flavors at the tables of fine restaurants, hotels
designated a National Historic Site of Canada, and the lat- and inns.
ter was nominated Cultural Capital of Canada in 2007 in
the under 50,000 population category. Cirque du Soleil OUTDOOR SPORTS ABOUND IN THE REGION
originated in Baie-Saint-Paul in the early 1980s. Today,             We should also mention that the region is ideal for
art galleries, museums,                                                                                     outdoor activities like bik-
workshop museums, his-                                                                                      ing, hiking, kayaking, fish-
toric sites, workshops                                                                                      ing, whale cruising, sailing
and      craft    boutiques                                                                                 and golfing, just to name a
expanding from Baie-                                                                                        few. In winter, snowshoe-
Saint-Paul throughout the                                                                                   ing, cross-country skiing,
region.                                                                                                     downhill skiing, toboggan-
    From Quebec City,                                                                                       ing, skating, dogsledding,
you access the region via                                                                                   snowmobiling and many
Highway 138. To discov-                                                                                     others will allow you to
er its quaint villages, two                                                                                 discover stunning sites
touristic       roads     are                                                                               while taking in the fresh
suggested. The first one,                                                                                   air. Let’s not forget Le
the Shore Road, links                                                                                       Massif and Mont Grands-
Baie-Saint-Paul to La                                                                                       Fonds, a famous pair of
Malbaie.        This     road Sunrise at Le Massif in Charlevoix: A skiers dream come true.                 favourite destinations for
follows the majestic St.                                                             Photo Marc Archambault
                                                                                                            many skiers.
Lawrence River shoreline, offering endless views of
beautiful Isle-aux-Coudres and the mountains as they ACCOMMODATIONS FOR ALL BUDGETS
cascade down to the sea. Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive, les                For accommodations, you will find bed and break-
Éboulements, Cap-aux-Oies, Saint-Irénée et Pointe-au- fasts to the Fairmont Manoir Richelieu to outfitters and
Pic are some of the charming municipalities you will numerous cottages and more — there really is some-
encounter as you drive along.                                     thing for everyone. And don’t forget the Charlevoix
    In 2007, the Mountain Road was added to enable the Casino, which offers hours of evening fun in an intimate
visitors to discover the mountainous landscape of setting with European flair.
Charlevoix and appreciate its beauty. The major attrac-
tions of this road include two national parks recognized             On the Web:

November 07                                                   THE
                                                                    PLANNER                                                          23
Winter skin care tips Other activities are available
                                                                                CONTINUED FROM PAGE 18
for men and women                                                  A further consideration is travel convenience. By

                                                                making the journey as stress-free as possible, the rest of
                                                                the event will run far more smoothly as a result. The last
                                                                thing any planner wants to hear as delegates arrive is
    ummer is now over and winter is upon us. Your               their tales of a horrendous inbound journey, as the
S   skin needs some basic care in order to get ready
for the harsher weather. Because it is exposed daily to
                                                                experience is almost guaranteed to stay with the trav-
                                                                ellers until they are heading home. If the journey
the elements like dryness, the cold and the sun, it is          involves a long drive or second flight after the flight
important to follow some basic tips to help protect             arrives at a hub point, consider offering an optional
your skin and make you look great. The following                overnight or significant (four-hour minimum) rest stop
steps are good for both men and women (with a few               in a comfortable hotel, for delegates to freshen up, sleep
noted exceptions) and can be done at home, provid-              or have a proper meal. Offering entertainment en route
ing you purchase the right products for your type of            is not always a good idea, as people may be tired or just
skin. You could also make an appointment with your              want to look at the passing scenery. Smaller executive
esthetician, sit back in a chair, relax and enjoy the           style coaches or stretch SUVs are becoming increasingly
experience of being pampered by a professional.                 popular among groups coming in from multiple destina-
                                                                tions, as they can be transferred more efficiently without
THE COMPLETE TREATMENT                                          having to wait for other flights to arrive.
   The steps below are a complete treatment, so it is              Although lack of snow at ski resorts is not as big an
recommended to do it on a weekend or a day off.                 issue in Canada as it has recently been in Europe, it is
I will also mention what should be done daily and               always worth checking on the snow conditions a year
weekly.                                                         ahead by doing the site inspection in the same month
    When fall arrives, you should start thinking about          that the event will be held. Also, check overseas
moisturizing your skin to give it a boost following the         vacation times, as they might be different to Canada
summer months of daily sun exposure and to prepare              (especially school breaks) to avoid any surprises.
it for the cold weather and the dryness of various                 Some exciting new developments for ski destinations
heating systems.                                                are taking place in the airline industry. As Mont
   You should start using cleansing milk daily to clean         Tremblant continues to develop its airport as arguably
your skin as it will remove the impurities, the makeup,         the only direct access ski resort (fixed wing) airport in
the dust and sebum. It is recommended that you exfoli-          the country, Continental Airlines is now offering a daily
ate once a week to remove the dry cells and for a deep-         direct flight between Newark and Mont Tremblant. At
er cleaning of your pores. Then, you can apply a toning         the time of writing, the cost during the Christmas and
lotion (also daily after the cleansing milk if you do not       New Year period was just over $300. Porter Airlines
need to exfoliate) with a small cotton pad to remove the        also operates a flight that leaves Toronto Island on a
leftover milk, exfoliating product and other impurities         Saturday and returns from Mont Tremblant on a
left behind. The lotion will prepare your skin to maxi-         Sunday. The cost was about $350 including taxes for
mize the benefits of other skin care products.                  the same time period. Porter is the rising star in the
   Next step will be the mask, applied once a week for          Canadian airline industry, and we look forward to hear-
regular skin and twice a week for oily skin. You apply          ing more about their future development.
a small layer and keep it on for at least 15 minutes.              On the Web:
You remove it with warm water and then rinse your
skin with cool water to close the pores.                        GOOD MEETING FACILITES ARE AVAILABLE
   If you do your treatment in the morning, it is                  Resorts are regularly customizing existing or building
recommended to apply a serum, which can be done                 new conference and meeting facilities to meet the grow-
daily or when you need it to revitalize your skin and           ing demand for Meet and Recreation-style conferences
give it a boost.                                                and events. Fairmont Lake Louise in Alberta recently
                                                                completed a new 36,000 sq. ft. conference and meeting

                                                                space, The Mount Temple Wing, which will greatly
                                 CONTINUED ON PAGE 34           enhance the services offered at the property.

24                                                    THE
                                                            PLANNER                                         November 07
Check to see if cellular or Blackberry reception is available
   Deerhurst Resort in Ontario was one of the resorts to            insurance for their chosen activity, as having a delegate
spearhead mixing business with pleasure when they com-              sign a waiver may not necessarily release the client or the
pletely revamped their property in 2000. It continues to be         planner from responsibility in case of injury. As medical
one of the most popular Ontario resorts for year-round meet-        insurance varies across Canada, confirm that each delegate
ings, combining ski or golf options with business events.           has medical coverage for at least $10,000, especially if they
   Whistler Blackcomb (CSPEP’s Annual Conference is                 are coming in from the U.S. or overseas. Each delegate
being held there), has a wealth of wonderful properties             should declare pre-existing medical conditions if any dan-
within easy walking distance of the state of the art Telus          gerous or high-altitude activity is being considered.
Whistler Conference Centre including the Hilton, Pan                   Ski Resorts may not always have the best mobile or
Pacific, Four Seasons, Starwood and Fairmont chains, all            Blackberry reception. Check to see whether this is the case,
of which have their own meeting facilities in Whistler              and then let the delegates know ahead of time so they can
for varying sizes of group.                                         plan accordingly. A good idea is to offer calling cards to
   Fitting recreation time effectively around a Meet and            delegates, or negotiate free Internet services with the resort
Ski program can be a challenge in itself, as only a hand-           on their behalf. Check that the business centre has a rea-
ful of ski resorts offer skiing at night, typically when meet-      sonable number of computers for delegate use, or provide
ings are over. Extending the stay would be the obvious              for additional ones in the budget for a customized office.
solution, however for some groups this may not be eco-                 With the Canadian dollar currently being so strong
nomically viable. The following options have been tried             against the U.S. greenback, the urge to head south this
and tested by various planners with good results:                   winter is very tempting. However, by buying into
• Start the meetings after lunch rather than after break-           Canada, you are helping our tourism and the Canadian
fast, at least three times during the conference. Delegates         economy, keeping Canadian people employed and hav-
then have a chance to hit the slopes in the morning.                ing a wonderful “At Home” experience into the bargain.
• Start the meeting very early in the morning, and                     Also, it’s really hard to ski on a hot, sandy beach.
finish by 1 p.m., leaving the rest of the day free.                    Jyl Ashton Cunningham, CMP is an independent meeting and spe-
• Look at options of having one or two ski runs opened              cial event planner based in Oakville, Ontario, and Associate Editor of
prior to the usual time by the resort. Some will do this            The Planner, Ontario. She can be reached at
for a large enough group.
• Save valuable ski time by pre-ordering any lift tickets
or required equipment and have them delivered to each
delegate’s room on arrival. Black Tie Skis, a custom ski
rental and delivery service, has just recently opened
their first franchise in Canada at Whistler.
   On the Web:

• Look for resorts that offer night skiing (Mont Saint-
Anne, Mont Saint-Sauveur, Bromont, Blue Mountain and
Kelowna to name some of the larger ones).
• Provide more time during the day for recreation by contin-
uing meetings into the evening, with a light dinner included.
   While skiing is generally the most popular winter resort
activity, not everyone yearns for the great outdoors, so plan
for other recreational options to be available that are fairly
consistent both in length of time and experience value. “Test
drive” all the activities ahead of time, to avoid any surprises.
   The Planner was told of a recent event experience
where guests had been promised a cooking class with
an expert chef but which ended up being a slicing and
dicing exercise with all the vegetables that the restau-
rant needed for the day – they were even shouted at for
not doing it correctly or fast enough!
   As always, make sure everyone has sufficient liability

November 07                                                THE
                                                                 PLANNER                                                               25
Using incentives to motivate your staff
                   BY SHARON WORSLEY                              for a large Canadian third party meeting planning com-
                                                                  pany, I have had the pleasure to work on a variety of
                     Incentive: The expectation of                incentive trips ranging from 12 to 1,000 participants to
                   reward that induces action or                  destinations such as New York, Scottsdale, London,
                   motivates effort                               Paris, Puerto Rico and the Cook Islands.
                                                                     Some were complex with renting private aircraft and
                        What company has not thought of,          involving many travel suppliers to the simpler programs
or searched for, ways by which to motivate its staff to           bought through tour operators. Each one was designed to
greater performance or motivate its customers to buy              thank the staff or customer for their efforts and loyalty.
more of its products or services?                                    I also recall my father, who was a buyer for a duty
   A growing number of companies are rewarding or moti-           free store in Sydney, Australia being invited on several
vating their staff and customers with travel instead of money.    incentive trips including Singapore and Fiji as a result of
   More and more studies show that monetary incen-                the amount of product purchased for his company,
tives are not the best key to gaining loyalty with staff or       through different suppliers. It was something that he
customers, but instead devising some type of travel               and my mother always looked forward to each year.
reward either as a group or for individual departures is
becoming common practice.                                         BUT WHO TO REWARD?
   Almost every month some report is published citing               The list is almost endless, with a few mentioned below:
how many North American workers do not enjoy their                • Top performers
job and many are working well below their full poten-             • Customer incentives to purchase products/services
tial while customers are proving that loyalty is almost a         • Customer appreciation/recognition
thing of the past.                                                • Sales incentives – to both staff and customers
                                                                  • Part of bonus plans
WHY TRAVEL INSTEAD OF CASH?                                       • Outstanding customer service
   In a 2006 survey by Incentive Magazine, 75 percent
of respondents found travel incentives a successful tool          WHERE TO GO AND FOR HOW LONG?
in motivation, with 53 percent identifying it as very or             Just use your imagination as to the possible destina-
extremely effective. Another study conducted by SITE              tions, and as for length the typical incentives can range
(Society of Incentive & Travel Executives) highlighted in         from as little as three nights to seven days.
their study of Incentives, Motivation & Workplace                    Part of determining the destination will be the budg-
Performance, that incentive programs can boost                    et allotted. Maybe your budget will only extend to a 3-
employee performance from 25 percent to 44 percent.               night package to Las Vegas for 20 top producers but if
   Additionally, the 2005 Incentive Federation Study              the budget is larger then maybe you can consider a

found that travel is remembered much longer than cash.            seven-night trip to London for 150 of your best cus-
   As a former product manager and meeting planner                tomers or staff.

26                                                       THE
                                                               PLANNER                                         November 07
Incentive program can be for customers too
WHAT IS THE ROI (RETURN ON INVESTMENT)?                         • Don’t skimp on the details–if you don’t have a big
   Many companies are pleased to receive a return on the        budget for the extras then consider changing the desti-
investment they make in a travel program with increases         nation or reducing the total number of nights.
in productivity from staff and/or increase in sales vol-        • Make it a lasting experience–remember why you want
ume. A well thought out travel incentive program can be         to run the incentive and the results you wish to obtain.
self funded in that the return in productivity and increase     Ultimately you will want the participants to feel that
in sales contributes to the overall cost outlay.                whatever they did to be part of the trip was totally
   The challenge often becomes getting management to            worthwhile.
see and believe that this is a possibility rather than an
additional expense to their bottom line.                        MANY COMPANIES SPECIALIZE IN INCENTIVES
                                                                   An incentive program is an excellent way for an
HOW TO GET STARTED?                                             employer to demonstrate their appreciation to their staff
Here are some items to consider:                                for going the extra mile, great customer service and
• What is the objective of setting up a travel incentive?       possibly sales achieved.
What do you hope to gain as a result?                              As a reward to customers, a company can show its
• What is the budget available? This will determine the         appreciation for business given in a climate where there
possible destinations and how long the trip will be.            is much competition and little long-term loyalty. This is
• Who will be invited? Again this will depend on your           an excellent way to recognize such loyalty while solidi-
budget to determine how many people will be participants.       fying the relationship for years to come.
• What destination will you choose and when will the               A growing number of companies are now rewarding
program take place?                                             their key customers or staff with exceptional experi-
• Who can help? Remember you don’t have to do this              ences traveling to amazing destinations.
on your own. There are many companies and profes-                  This has increased so much that now, more than ever,
sionals available to assist in whatever area you require.       companies who specialize in putting together the pro-
• What next?                                                    gram for companies—from its inception to invitations
• Program kick off – Have a plan to launch the program          and promotion right down to the intricate travel plans—
so that everyone knows what is involved to qualify.             include having their staff onsite at the destination to
• Promotional material–this will serve to motivate staff        make the whole event seamless.
and customers to participate.
• Advising the winners – Will there be a big announce-                                          •••
ment or discreet letters sent to the individuals?
• The details – You will want to ensure that everyone              Sharon Worsley, CEO of Live With Intent, is a personal leadership
knows what is involved, costs covered and next steps.           coach and motivational speaker. Her signature keynote ‘Live By
• Running the program for maximum effect – Don’t                Choice, Not By Chance’ assists individuals and organizations
rush putting together a program as you want it to be a          to become clear on how they can ensure the quality of their life or
quality experience.                                             organization. Sharon can be reached at

November 07                                            THE
                                                             PLANNER                                                             27
 D AT E B O O K                                                     Websites of                                  interest

                                                                     Cell phone underwater
          Upcoming Events                                  
                                                                        It’s hard not to go wild when your cell phone gets wet.

 November 27-29
                                                                     The best thing to do (aside from remaining calm) is taking

 European Incentive & Business Travel Meetings Exhibition,
                                                                     the battery out and drying the phone. But if you’re the type

 Fira Gran Via, Montjuic 2, Barcelona, Spain. Contact: EIBTM,
                                                                     that usually gets their phone wet, consider buying a water-

 (011) 44-20-8910-7870,
                                                                     resistant one. Makers of the Fujitsu Fe703i claim this phone
                                                                     can last underwater for up to 30 minutes! But it was launched
 November 28-December 2                                              in Japan and isn’t offered in North America. Some models
 National Coalition of Black Meeting Planners, Fall                  sold here that can survive getting wet include Nextel’s i580
 Conference, Hyatt Regency Miami. Contact: (202) 628-3952,           made by Motorola and UTStarcom’s G’zOne offered by                                                      Verizon Wireless.

 December 3-6
                                                                        If you need tips on how to save your cell phone after its

 International Luxury Market, ILTM 2007, Palais des
                                                                     been dropped underwater, you can checkout WikiHow’s

 Festivals et des Congrès, Cannes, France. Contact: (011)
                                                                     seven-step guide at the site.

 44-208-910-7917,                                 Virtual PC

 December 6-9

 Society of Incentive & Travel Executives, International
                                                                         Having problems with your Window’s Vista? Check out

 Conference, Hyatt Regency, Monterey, Calif. Contact:
                                                                     this site where you can get Microsoft Virtual PC. The program
 (312) 673-4713,                                  is free, and with it you can operate and go to and from differ-
                                                                     ent windows as well as files between various Windows pro-
 December 10-12                                                      grams. The application does this by making virtual machines
 International Association of Exhibitions and Events,
 EXPO! EXPO!, Mandalay Bay Convention Centre, Las
                                                                     on your computer. In addition to this, the program allows you

 Vegas, Nev. Contact: (972) 458-8002,
                                                                     to use various operating systems at the same time like Vista
                                                                     and XP. Previous Windows programs like Windows NT, 2000,

 January 6-8, 2008
                                                                     98, and OS/2 can also be used on Virtual PC. If you’re think-

 Financial & Insurance Conference Planners, Northeast
                                                                     ing about changing the Windows program used at your office

 Chapter Winter Meeting, Marriott Downtown, Hartford,
                                                                     and want to be cautious, you can install the version of your

 Conn. Contact: (312) 245-1023, www.iaee.ficpnet.
                                                                     choice and do various trials with it on Virtual PC.

     Have an event? E-mail us at
                                                                       If you have a Website you think planners might find
                                                                     useful, send us a note at:

28                                                        THE
                                                                PLANNER                                               November 07
Quebec’s ice cider making strides
   Ice wine has become a digestif of      maturity. A dark era for cider in          Moreover, ice cider is currently
choice for many discerning wine           Quebec was starting.                    taking its first steps to be marketed
drinkers. But there is another choice                                             abroad and experts predict signifi-
people should consider for their          A True Revival!                         cant opportunities in the near future.
palates—ice cider. The following is          Thanks to the courage, hard work,
some background and facts about           and relentlessness of proud artisans,   Ice Cider
cider, made from apples, and its ice      Quebec ciders came back to life in         This product, invented in Quebec,
cider offshoot.                           1988 when the first artisanal permits   is unique to the region since the cli-
                                          were granted. These products are        mate is the only one favourable to its
According to Historians                   proof of Quebec’s cider producers’      production. This makes Quebec a
   Cider is one of the world’s oldest     know-how, focused on excellence.        pioneer in ice cider production.
alcoholic beverages. Saint Jérôme         Cider from Quebec has reclaimed its        The most significant distinction of
wrote that the Hebrews drank              place in Quebecers’ hearts.             ice cider is the presence of residual
“Shekar” while Diodore of Sicily                                                  sugar which makes it an ample-bod-
talked about the Greeks’ “Sikera”         The Golden Age!                         ied product that tests between 11%
and the Romans’ “Sicera.”                    Cider’s new popularity has grown     and 20% alcohol. It also keeps well.
                                          even more since 2000 with the              Ice cider is a sweet cider produced
Those darned Sulpicians!                  arrival of new, original products       from the concentrated must of apples
   In 1650, the Sulpicians planted the    such as mistelles and ice ciders. The   picked late in the season. The juice is
first apple orchard and built the first   unique taste, roundness, and per-       concentrated through a natural
cider press on the slopes of Mount        sonality of Quebec’s artisanal ciders   process before the product goes into
Royal on the island of Montreal. By       make them irresistible. They            fermentation. Just as with an ice wine,
1705, they produced around 30 bar-        deserve to be our preferred choice      the fruits destined to produce ice cider
rels every year for their personal use    among Quebec products. Recently,        are frozen naturally. No sugar nor
and to be sold to other congregations     Quebec ciders have earned their         additives are added to ice cider.
and individuals. In the 1850s, the        stay on the shelves of the Société         On the Web:
Lemoyne family on Île Ste-Hélène          des Alcools du Québec.           
and Charles Penner in Lasalle were
producing large quantities of cider
that were shipped to Ontario, New-
England and even the Caribbean!

   Around 1921, the provincial gov-
ernment established the liquor com-
mission and forgot to include cider
in its legislation which made it ille-
gal until 1970! Although its produc-
tion was illegal, cider was always
popular among Quebecers who dis-
creetly found ways to get their
hands on the forbidden fruit.

Euphoria and Decline!
   From 1970 to 1974, when cider
was first reborn, it got so popular
that producers, unable to meet the
demand, started marketing industri-
al ciders that were somewhat acidic
because of the product’s lack of

November 07                                            THE
                                                             PLANNER                                                   29
Incentives: Nothing but The Best
                   BY JYL ASHTON CUNNINGHAM, CMP                 (Speaking of tax deductions, check out the new
                                                                 improved rules on GST rebates for overseas visitors
                          few years ago I was pitching on        attending conferences and trade shows in Canada.
                   A      an incentive trip with a large but
                     struggling IT company, designed to
                                                                 or simply Google FCTIP).
                     reward the top sales associates in the         If we are to believe the Marketing Director who
                     company.      The Marketing Director        claims it is impossible to impress anyone anymore, what
was fairly new and anxious to make her mark. Before              can be done to improve the incentive experience? The
we even began our presentation, she gave a stifled yawn          top of any incentive planner’s list would be to expect
and in front of several top executives said, “You realize        absolutely impeccable service from start to finish, and
that this group has seen and done it all, travelled wide-        the next thing would be to know and understand the
ly - experienced real excitement in their lives. They are        client fully, especially any cultural differences between
totally jaded and need something that will truly wow             visitor and country that may need to be addressed, then
them.” Before I could stop myself, I replied, very polite-       make sure that all the event partners are fully educated
ly, “Perhaps it isn’t the events that are jading them, have      on the group demographics. This can be more easily
you considered it might be the products you are giving           said than done, as even the most prestigious venues and
them to sell, or the hours they spend selling them”.             experiences get it wrong sometimes, through no other
   Needless to say, I didn’t get the contract and the com-       fault than lack of knowledge about their guests. I was
pany went under a short while later, however it got me           recently met by a friendly enough greeter at the airport,
thinking about how people are rewarded these days for            whilst on a very high-end trip, whose opening remark
a job well done. It used to be a bonus at the end of             as I approached him was, “I was looking out for a
the year, a discreet envelope with a hand written Thank          man!”. Not the best welcome I have ever had and with
You card from the boss and a nice fat cheque.                    a correctly prepared manifest he would have known
Nowadays high achieving groups are cannon balled                 that he was actually meeting a woman. The mistake
across the globe once or twice a year, to experience             continued throughout the trip, with several hotel recep-
things most people can only dream about, often in five           tionists being most apologetic for assuming I was male
days or less. The only drawback might be that those              because “You spell your name funny”.
same people are potentially so drained from working
crazy hours that they don’t have the energy to fully             MEET ALL OF YOUR SUPPLIERS
appreciate the time and effort spent on making sure                 When carrying out a site inspection, make sure to
they have a fabulous junket designed to refuel their bat-        meet all the suppliers, even if they are highly recom-
teries for the next long series of 80 hour weeks that they       mended and contracted by the DMC, from the Meet and
typically put in. Then another incentive trip as a reward        Greet personnel to the housekeeping staff. Interview
for working so hard, and so it goes on.                          the tour guides and make sure their personalities fit the
                                                                 group demographic – strong accents or strange senses
REWARDS ARE APPRECIATED                                          of humour can frustrate and even offend people. If nec-
   Despite any of the above challenges though, it seems          essary, stay a couple of extra days and do a full run-
that such rewards are greatly appreciated, as one top IT         through of how the event will unfold, experiencing
sales person told me. “An incentive trip whether in              everything that the guests will experience. This might
Canada or abroad is an unmatched opportunity to just             sound like common sense, but how many times have
lose myself with my spouse, to truly let go and relax,           planners booked helicopter rides or guided tours up
whilst experiencing the best the world has to offer me and       volcanos, for example, without test running them for
not have to think about anything except putting my               themselves to see what their group will see? When
clothes on in the morning. For four days I am the King           being shown around the beautiful bedrooms or suites
of my world, and I’ve worked hard to earn that right”.           that your delegates will be using, check that electrical
He continued by explaining that he earns so much                 outlets are located near mirrors – something taken for
money, that a bonus would just be swallowed up by                granted here in North America, however not so com-
taxes, and because some minor business components are            mon in Europe, where electrical outlets are not permit-

included in the trip, it could (at least for him, not his        ted in bathrooms, which is really annoying when run-
spouse) be written off by the company as a tax deduction.        ning round trying to plug in a hair dryer.

30                                                      THE
                                                              PLANNER                                        November 07
Sandals Resorts caters to the incentive market
   It is equally important to educate the delegates them-          The all-inclusive price, although generally very high, holds
selves on the type of places they are going to be visit-        no hidden surprises, which makes budgeting a breeze.
ing. For example, Americans visiting Britain might not             As each part of the globe becomes exhausted by the
realize that jeans and golf shirts are not suitable dress       increasingly discerning traveller, venues become more
for dinner in certain venues, especially golf resorts           incredible. In Dubai for example, a second indoor arti-
(ironically) and private clubs, although it is perfectly        ficial ski slope is being built, even bigger than the 400
acceptable attire in the United States.        One idea to      foot one constructed two years ago - the Dubai Sunny
enhance the Nothing But The Best experience might be            Mountain Ski Dome in Dubailand which is due to open
to bring in a representative from the country to be vis-        in 2008. It will provide a “great attraction, featuring a
ited, or to take the group to a Consulate for an introduc-      revolving ski slope, an artificial mountain range, an ice
tion to the customs and culture (assuming the group is          bridge, a cable lift, a snow maze, an ice slide, polar
all travelling from the same city). The host country rep-       bears, cold water-aquaria and special sound and light
resentative could also be an actor, for example an              effects.”
English butler or valet who could hand deliver the ini-            On the Web:
tial invitation, then give advice “à la Jeeves” on the type
of clothing needed for each part of the incentive expe-         CANADA IS A POPULAR INCENTIVE DESTINATION
rience. Perhaps a teaser gift of a tie for a gentleman and      Bringing incentive groups to Canada used to be some-
an evening bag for a lady, could be presented, to drop          what of an anomaly, however we now rise to the occa-
a gentle hint that dressing for dinner is expected. The         sion with the best of them. Tigh Na Mara, a resort on
important thing is to educate without offending, so             Vancouver Island, British Columbia, for example,
bringing humour into the mix is often the best tactic.          retains the log cabin appeal of how the world might
   On knowing what to include in a Nothing But The              envisage life in Canada to be, whilst offering luxury and
Best incentive, the list is endless. Exquisite food and         pampering in fabulous surroundings. An incredibly
wines are a given, however the way they are served can          authentic looking grotto, which is actually man-made,
always be enhanced by the surprise factor. I was once           houses a huge spa area, and a restaurant built on stilts
told of an Australian venue, The Open Werribee Zoo,             gives the effect of eating in the treetops. Combined
where a banking group from London were being enter-             with the ability to do group beach parties, and outstand-
tained with pre-dinner drinks and hors d’oeuvre. After          ing accommodations, an incentive trip here would be
an hour or so, the lights went down and the window              anyone’s idea of heaven.
drapes were drawn back to reveal French doors open-                Canadian cuisine is becoming famous throughout the
ing onto a clearing in what was essentially a jungle, all       world, with Canadian game meat being marketed as a
beautifully lit by torches, with a barbecue meal and            healthy entrée option, buffalo and caribou being consid-
Aboriginal musicians and dancers to complete the stun-          erably lower in cholesterol than beef. West coast can-
ning effect. In Europe, renovated castles and stately           died salmon is a rare treat, and east coast scallops and
homes have become “The” venues to hold incentives,              lobster sought after worldwide. Incentives to Canada
with the old traditions of grand balls and dances, and          inevitably and rightly embrace our cosmopolitan cul-
stately dinners being revived as entertainment.                 ture, although the “True North” is fast becoming a des-
                                                                tination in itself, at a hefty price.
CRUISES ARE ALWAYS POPULAR                                         Canada denotes adventure, the great outdoors and
   Luxury island cruises are still among the most popu-         wildlife, and incentive travel here is only limited by the
lar ways of rewarding an employee for a job well done           imagination of the person designing the experience.
and Caribbean and Central American resorts rise to the          Fortunately we have vivid imaginations here and bring-
occasion beautifully, with customized programs for any          ing groups to our beautiful cities, coasts and country-
respectable budget. A new resort in the Dominican               side should be a regular occurrence. With Arctic cruis-
Republic, The Sivory Punta Cana, is the ultimate in lux-        es operating out of Vancouver, whale watching cruises
ury, with private outdoor plunge pools and idyllic views        and fall colour cruises out of Quebec and Nova Scotia,
from gorgeous suites.                      Canadians have the ability to combine gastronomic
   Many companies like Sandals Resorts have designed            pleasures with some of the most magnificent scenery on
their properties specifically to meet the incentive mar-        the planet.
ket demand, with a self contained experience where tip-
ping is forbidden and close to perfect service.                                                       CONTINUED ON PAGE 34

November 07                                            THE
                                                             PLANNER                                                        31
Hotel News
                                                                        Along with the staff, much of the luxury furniture,
                                                                     including lighting, mirrors and art will also be finding
                                                                     alternative homes when Bonhams holds an auction in
                                                                     December. A number of items will have “no reserve,”
                                                                     meaning they could go for as little as $40.
                         London’s Savoy Hotel has been                  Kiaran added: “The auction will be a chance for us to
                         frequented by many celebrities              share some of our past with collectors, loyal guests and
                         over the years including The                anyone who has strong memories of the Savoy.”
                         Beatles, Marilyn Monroe and                    The three-day sale is expected to raise more than $2
                         painter Claude Monet.                       million, with lots from 215 bedrooms and suites.
                                                                        There will also be selected items from The Savoy
                                Photo courtesy of Fairmont Hotels    Hotel's public areas including The Lobby, The Upper
                                                                     Thames Foyer, The Thames Foyer, The Beaufort Room,
                                                                     The River Restaurant, The Manhattan and Parlour Bars
                         SAVOY HOTEL TO BE                           and The Abraham Lincoln Room.
                         REFURBISHED BY 2009
                          It is the place where the dish
Peach Melba was created. Oscar Wilde entertained his                 HAMPTON HOTELS TURNS UP ITS NOSE AT
gay lover there and sex siren Marlene Dietrich claimed               SCENT TREND
to have a lover on every floor of the hotel.                            The current lodging rage for signature scents hasn’t
   Built on the site of a former palace, the five-star               moved Hampton Hotels to jump aboard the bandwagon.
Savoy Hotel was opened by Richard D’Oyly Carte in                    In fact the company, which includes Hampton Inns and
1889 and was regarded as the most modern hotel in the                Hampton Inn and Suites, has announced a chain-wide
world, the first to boast hot and cold running water and             “Non-Scents” program based on research that guests want
electric lighting throughout.                                        their rooms to smell fresh and clean rather than retain the
   Following the purchase of the world-famous hotel by               odour of cleaning products, perfume or cigarette smoke.
Canadian company Fairmont Hotels in 2005, the West                      A recent Hampton-commissioned survey of 1,000 peo-
End landmark—which can cost between $500 and                         ple who had stayed in hotels found that 76% of respon-
$1,000 for a room - is to undergo a major programme of               dents noticed a distinctive scent during their hotel stay,
refurbishment, including some of the 263 guest rooms,                that cigarettes are the most hated smell and that more than
bars, restaurants and the Savoy court.                               half want their room to be odour free. Two thirds of
   Architect Pierre-Yves Rochon, who is well known for               respondents in a room with a bad smell complained, asked
his work on the Four Seasons Georges V in Paris                      for a discount or refund, or cancelled their reservation.
and the L’Hermitage in La Baule, will complete the                      Hampton housekeepers now use Febreeze Linen & Sky
work in 2009.                                                        fabric refreshers or air fresheners to neutralize odours.
   “It is going to be a new chapter in the Savoy’s grand
history,” says Kiaran Macdonald who has been the
hotel’s manager for just over a year. “It’s not the end of           MAKING A CLEAN THROWAWAY
the book just yet.                                                   Have you ever wondered what hotels do with those sliv-
   “All the plans and drawings for the new look are                  ers of soap that are left over in their room? At the
under wraps but when we do close on December 14 the                  Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal, those slivers of
plan is to hold on to much of the Edwardian and Art                  soap are turned over to a local company called
Deco that has made the Savoy famous. We just want to                 Laboratoire Dermoderm, which mixes them with
spruce it up. We want to keep a consistency in the                   volcanic stone to make a cream that removes substances
theme so when we do reopen people will once again                    such as paint, grease, tar and ink from the hands of
gasp ‘Ah, The Savoy.’”                                               artists, gardeners and mechanics.
   “Of course we are going to lose a lot of money dur-
ing the closure but if it's something worth doing, it is
worth doing it well. We would not want our guests stay-                     AT THE SAVOY HOTEL...
ing and having to put up with noise and workmen                        K ASPAR,    A 3-FOOT HIGH BLACK SCULPTED
everywhere.                                                                 ALABASTER CAT, IS USED AS AN EXTRA
   “It is behind the scenes that needs the work. The                            GUEST WHEN THIRTEEN DINE,
building is 118 years old and things like infrastructure
                                                                                  TO STAVE OFF BAD LUCK.
and plumbing need work. We don't have the best at the
moment and this is what we want,” concluded Kiaran.                          HE IS GIVEN A FULL PLACE SETTING.

32                                                          THE
                                                                  PLANNER                                         November 07
Hotel News
                                                                PIERRE NEW YORK CLOSING ITS DOORS
                                                                The 200-room Pierre New York, operated by Taj Hotels
                                                                Resorts and Palaces, will close its guest rooms on Jan. 1
                                                                to begin the second phase of renovations. All guest
                                                                rooms, corridors, public spaces, the hotel bar and Cafe
IT’S A BIRD, IT’S A PLANE IT’S…                                 Pierre will be upgraded, at an estimated cost of $100
SUPERFOODS!                                                     million. January 2007 saw completion of the first phase,
   As part of Westin’s ongoing commitment to personal           which included a revamp to the Grand Ballroom, the
renewal they are teaming up with SuperFoods Partners            Cotillion Room and foyer. All banquet facilities, which
LLC, owners of the SuperFoodsRx brand to become the             total more than 18,000 square feet of space, will remain
first hotel brand to create a SuperFoods focused menu           open during the renovation. The property will begin
for their guests.                                               taking reservations for the newly renovated rooms in
   Superfoods, known for being health-enhancing and             late 2008, and the hotel will reopen in early 2009.
rich in antioxidants and phyto-nutrients, will be the           On the Web:
main ingredient in Westin signature dishes such as
banana oatmeal brulé, green-tea-infused salmon and
molten dark chocolate cake.                                     ACCOR LOOKS TO UPGRADE 120 SOFITEL
   The initiative, which is currently rolling out in 25         PROPERTIES TO LUXURY CATEGORY
Westin hotels in the U.S. and Canada, will go global in         French hotel group Accor will upgrade 120 of its Sofitel
2008 with the introduction of the Westin Signature              properties from upmarket to the luxury category, and
Breakfast, a SuperFoods breakfast selection that will be        seven properties will fall under its new Sofitel Legends
offered at all Westin properties.                               banner. Launching in 2009 will be a boutique-style
   To kick off the launch in Asia Pacific, all the 23           brand called So by Sofitel. In December, 35 Sofitel prop-
Westin hotels in the region will start to introduce             erties will be rebranded under Accor’s new Pullman
SuperFoods items in their in-room dining menus.                 brand (a rebirth of an old name once used by Accor),
   In addition to incorporating the SuperFoodsRx                which is aimed mainly at business travelers.
theme, Westin’s new menu features enhanced design                  On the Web:
including crisp imagery and improved readability.
   The menu is the latest in a string of initiatives rolled          ANSWER EASY                  ANSWER MEDIUM
out recently with a focus on personal renewal, includ-            SUDOKU FROM PAGE 22           SUDOKU FROM PAGE 22
ing the recent formation of the Westin Renewal Council,
a panel of six lifestyle expertswho advise the brand on
wellness initiatives.
   The council provides a full range of advice to help
guests and non-guests alike lead happier, more fulfilling
lives via a newly launched website.
   On the Web:

                                                                               357 guestrooms and suites
                                                                         18 meeting and function rooms that can
                                                                             accommodate up to 350 people
                                                                       Connected to the Montreal Convention Centre
                                                                         Inquire about Meeting Options™ reward
                                                                           program... extras that you deserve.

                                                                               360 St-Antoine Street West
                                                                                   Montreal, Quebec
                                                                                        H2Y 3X4

November 07                                            THE
                                                             PLANNER                                                  33
The Rocky Mountaineer is Nurture your skin
an overland experience   with night cream
                    CONTINUED FROM PAGE 31                                                     CONTINUED FROM PAGE 24

   For something with a little more excitement and if                        You could use it if you have an excess sebum or if
time is not a limiting factor, work with a company like                    your skin is much dryer than usual or if your skin is
Adventure Canada.        The 20 year old Port Credit                       aging. Then, finish with your daily cream.
(Mississauga) based business is among an exciting fleet                      In the evening, using a night cream after removing
of entrepreneurs wooing the traveller that is, quote,                      your makeup is recommended. It will nurture your skin
“eager to set sail for remote, spectacular venues —                        and allow it to regenerate.
places too expensive and/or difficult for most adventure                     Here’s a special treatment for your lips due the cold
seekers to get to on their own.”                                           weather and the dryness of your house: Use a good lip
   On the Web:                                    balm for your lips. Some balms have a SPF and they
   For overland experiences, head for The Rocky                            could also help prevent wrinkles if you start being
Mountaineer, the only passenger train to operate                           concerned with those. You could use it every day if you
through the Rockies during daylight hours, and travel                      want to have luscious lips at all times.
Gold Leaf Service of course.
   On the Web:                                   FOR MEN ONLY
                                                                              You could do all of the above except instead of using
   Nothing but The Best.           It doesn’t get much better              a cleansing milk, you might prefer to look for a foam-
than this.                                                                 ing gel. Your skin is also exposed daily and you should
                                                                           take good care of it.
   Jyl Ashton Cunningham, CMP is an independent meeting and                   Assunta Gazzerro is a seasoned esthetician and the owner of Ciao
special event planner based in Oakville, Ontario, and Associate Editor     Bella and will gladly provide you with advice and recommendations.
of The Planner, Ontario. Jyl welcomes your comments and can be             You can reach her at: or at (514) 335-2007.
reached at or                   For more information visit

                                                                           Wired for conferences
                                                                              At its annual conference, the International Association of
                                                                           Conference Centers revealed the first results of an ongoing
                                                                           survey of its 300 members conducted by Fairfax, Va.-based Bare
                                                                           International. This report found the following characteristics at
                                                                           139 conference centers studied.

                                                                           Centers equipped with T-1 Lines                              88%
                                                                           Have wireless Internet access                                91%
                                                                           Provide high-speed Internet access                           93%
                                                                           Offer in-house audiovisual services                          95%
                                                                           Book meetings for groups of 75 or fewer                      95%
                                                                           Have conference planners on staff                            100%
                                                                                    Source: International Association of Conference Centers

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                                                                       PLANNER                                                      November 07

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