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					                              DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                                U.S. ARMY ROTC INSTRUCTOR GROUP
                                       SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY
                                     308 ARCHBOLD GYMNASIUM
                                 SYRACUSE, NEW YORK 13244-1140
           REPLY TO
           ATTENTION OF:

ATOE-ANY-SU                                                                22 August 2007


SUBJECT: Cadet Promotion System

1. Purpose. To explain the concept of the Cadet Promotion System to all Stalwart
   Battalion Cadre and Cadets.

2. Overview. The leadership program at Syracuse University ROTC is based on a
   merit system. Cadets get promoted by earning points throughout the year. Points
   are directly connected to the Cadet’s individual performance. As a cadet’s rank
   increases, so will their responsibility in the ROTC program.

3. Earning Points. Points are accumulated through the performance of each individual
   cadet. The primary categories that points are earned in are Academics, Physical
   fitness and Leadership. (See attachment A for a breakdown of all possible points)
   Through the cadet’s own determination he/she will earn points and in turn be
   promoted to the next rank. Prior to the last Tuesday of each month, the chain of
   command will collect and verify the points worksheet (attachment B) from each
   cadet and submit to the Battalion XO through the cadet XO. The Cadet Battalion
   XO will compile a promotion list to be reviewed by the promotion board.

4. Promotion Boards. A promotion board will be held on the last Tuesday of the month
   to verify the promotion list and ensure that all cadets on the list are eligible. In order
   to be eligible for promotion, the cadet must meet height weight standards, pass an
   APFT and not be on any type of suspension. Cadets eligible for promotion to Cadet
   Sergeant (E5) must come before the board and prove that they are prepared for the
   responsibilities that accompany the cadet rank of E5. The promotion board will
   consist of at a minimum, one Field Grade MS IV, one additional MS IV and the
   Cadet CSM.

5. Promotion Ceremonies. A Promotion Ceremony will be held on the first Thursday of
   the month prior to the start of lab when needed. The Cadet S-4 will ensure the
   appropriate Cadet rank is present and all promotions will be administered by the
   Cadet Chain of Command.

6. Rank and Loss of Rank. MS Is and new cadets to the program, regardless of MS
   class, will begin at the rank of E1. MS IIs and MS IIIs will wear the rank that they
   ended the previous semester with, if earned under the current points system. MSIV
   rank will be assigned by the PMS and directly related to the staff or leadership
SUBJECT: Cadet Promotion System

   position the cadet holds. The PMS will also assign the rank of the CSM. MS Is can
   earn up to the rank of E4, MS IIs to the rank of E6 and MSIIIs to the rank of E8.
   (See Attachment A for the different promotion levels) Demotions will be used as a
   disciplinary action and are at the discretion of the Cadet Battalion Commander and
   PMS. Rank will be reinstated at a determined time or after the cadet becomes
   eligible for promotion.

7. Point of Contact for this memo is CPT Brian Moore at

                                SUSAN L. HARDWICK
                                LTC, SC

   A- Promotion Points
   B- Points Worksheet

All Stalwart Battalion Cadre
All Stalwart Battalion Cadets
Posted: Cadet Bulletin Board