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GS Science 04 - Seed Dispersal


									                                                                                                                   Mayflower Primary School

Level:          Primary 5                            Duration:        2 periods (1 hour)

Subject:        Science                              Unit / Topic:    Dispersal of Seeds

Objective:      Pupils will learn that seeds are modified to suit the „agents of dispersal‟
           Pupils have learnt that new plants grow from seeds.
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 Learning in Groups                                        
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 Ethical and Legal Use                                                C4 – Respect intellectual property
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Resources (Preparation / Set up needed) Public Board with
headings: Wind-dispersed, Water-dispersed, Animal-dispersed
                                                              Technical Vocabulary: Definition of „Seed Dispersal‟, „Agents of
and Self-explosive.
Samples of seeds dispersed by water, wind, self-explosive and

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2008 ICT Lesson Plan – Key Stage 2 (Primary 4 - 6)                                                    1
                                                                                                                  Mayflower Primary School

Introduction                                                                    Duration              Resources / Remarks
                                                                                           PPt: Picture of a tree with seeds falling
                                                                                           beneath the parent plant.
           Class Discussion: Ask pupils the disadvantages of seeds
           falling beneath the parent plant. (get less light, compete with                 Pupils could post their answer onto the
                                                                                 5 min
           parent plant for water and nutrients, crowded conditions lead to                public board. Pupils to comment on
           poor growth.).

Development                                                                     Duration              Resources / Remarks
           Help pupils to realize that it is more advantageous for seeds to
                                                                                           PPt: Pictures of overcrowding of plants.
           grow away from the parent plant. Introduce the term „seed
1.         dispersal‟ (process by which seeds are spread or scattered over a     5min
           wide area)

           Elicit from pupils ways which seeds can be scattered. Introduce                 Wind - dispersed seeds are usually light ,
                                                                                           with wing-like structures, Self-explosive
           what the „agents of dispersal‟ are. e.g. wind, animals, water                   seeds - have fruits/pods which are hard and
           and self-explosive.                                                             have special mechanism for exploding.
2                                                                                5 min     Water- dispersed seeds have fibrous husk,
           Pupils to predict the modification which is suited for each „agent              can float. Animal-dispersed seeds have
           of dispersal‟.                                                                  delicious fruits or hooks to cling onto the
                                                                                           fur or feathers of the animals.

           Activity 1: Group work                                                          Aim: To draw pupils‟ attention to the
                                                                                           special modifications which the seeds have
           Pupils to draw the seeds which they have brought or other             10 min    to help them to disperse.
3          specimens shown to them. Pupils could also describe the special                 Samples of seeds: Lotus, Pong pong,
                                                                                           Angsana, Shorea, Coconut, African tulip,
           features or label them .                                                        Kapok

2008 ICT Lesson Plan – Key Stage 2 (Primary 4 - 6)                                           2
                                                                                                                 Mayflower Primary School

           Groups to exchange boards and to deduce the „agents of                         Pupils are to state their reasons or draw
                                                                                          diagrams to represent their deduction.
4.         dispersal‟by looking at the drawings and description.                15 min

           After deduction, groups to post their answer on to the public                  Public Board to have 4 different headings
                                                                                          for group leaders to park their postings.
           board according to the headings : “wind-dispersed seeds” “ self-
5.                                                                              5 min
           explosive seeds” animal-dispersed seeds” and “water-dispersed
           Debrief the activity : Groups to explain the modifications of the
                                                                                15 min
6.         seeds to suit the „agents of dispersal‟.
Closure                                                                        Duration              Resources / Remarks
           Pupils to draw a mind map on methods of seed dispersal and seed
           modification for each method .

2008 ICT Lesson Plan – Key Stage 2 (Primary 4 - 6)                                          3

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