Case Study Ocean Partners by pengtt


									Case Study: Ocean Partners
Global reach 24x7x 365
Ocean Partners UK Limited
(worldwide locations)
Ocean Partners buys and sells
copper, lead and zinc raw
materials around the world.
Based in Maidenhead, they also
have offices in Connecticut and
                                            “Pro Drive iT made some very
                                          proactive suggestions,” says Smith,
                                          “and the great thing is that they
                                          were on the same mental page as
                                          the people in the US.They had no
                                                                                     “        The support
                                                                                         and customer
                                                                                         service provided
                                                                                         by Pro Drive iT
                                                                                         is first class

Hong Kong, plus a number of               difficulty at all working together.”
small satellite offices.
                                          A plan for the future
Pro Drive iT started working with         As the migration continues from
                                                                                         Paul Smith,
Ocean Partners in 2005, shortly           central to distributed servers, Pro            Finance Director,
after a management buyout. Our            Drive iT constantly monitors                   Ocean Partners
first task was to source hardware         performance to make sure
and connect the UK office to a            everything runs smoothly. And we
central server in California.             provide onsite and remote support
   “It all went very well indeed,” says   to handle any technology issues.
Paul Smith, Finance Director at             Other successes have included an
Ocean Partners. “Pro Drive iT came        office move along with the adoption
in over the weekend and got               of our 24x7 support service to
everything up and running.”               cover Ocean Partners IT
                                          infrastructure worldwide. “The
Worldwide                                 office move was a great success,”
co-operation                              says Smith, “And the support and
The next stage was to plan Ocean’s        customer service provided by Pro
long-term IT strategy, moving to a        Drive iT is first class”
worldwide distributed network. Pro

                                                                                        PRO DRIVE iT
Drive iT helped plan the structure,
and worked closely with the
company’s US technology partner.

 Ocean Partners
 • Workstations world-wide                • Exchange Server 2003 e-mail          • Terminal Services solution for
 • Windows Server 2003 platform             infrastructure                         mission critical systems
 • Wide-area network using VPN            • Remote and on-site support           • Comprehensive 24x7 Support
   technology                                                                      Contract

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