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									                            Performance Consulting Division

                            Employee Engagement

                            PRACTICE AREA OVERVIEW

“When an                    Engaged Employees
 organization builds a
 reputation as a great      Solve Business Challenges
 place to work—one
 that satisfies the needs   Prospering in the increasingly complex world of business means
 of its employees—the       continually addressing new challenges — accelerating growth through
 best people will come,     mergers and acquisitions, pursuing new markets or production
 they’ll stay, and
 the organization           capabilities through global expansion, improving operational effectiveness
 will profit.”              through restructuring and process improvement, and attracting and
Gallup/Carlson study        retaining top talent.

                            Are your employees committed to meet these challenges?
TRACOM quickly
builds employee             TRACOM’s Performance Consulting Division provides fast, efficient, practical solutions for
engagement solutions,       improving employee engagement that enable your company to meet significant business
customized for              challenges. We are able to deploy our senior level experts to effectively implement employee
specific needs of the       engagement solutions with minimal burden to clients while achieving the greatest possible
client’s organization       impact.
using proven
methods and tools.

                              TRACOM’s Employee Engagement Solutions yield tangible results for your
                              organization, including:

                              •	 Developing a complete understanding of employee engagement for your

                              •	 Creating action plans that will improve employee engagement

                              •	 Improving retention, productivity and morale
                                               Performance Consulting Division

  Improving                                       Creating Engaged Employees
  Employee                                        TRACOM’s process takes into account the most current research on employee engagement.
  Engagement                                      The LEAP Model for Employee Engagement helps senior leaders clearly understand the drivers
                                                  of engagement in their organizations and articulate plans for improving it. Engaged employees
                                                  are passionate, energetic and driven employees who will deliver better service to customers and
                                                  therefore, better results to the company’s bottom line.


        Workshops                                                                  L      Leadership
                                               Organizational Strategies & Goals

        Being Resilient: Adapting to                                               • Clear Direction
        the Changing Work World                                                    • Compelling Vision
                                                                                   • Open Communication
        Effective Leadership                                                       • Confidence in Leaders

        Coaching with Versatility
        Supervising on the                                                               E      Equity

        Ground Floor

                                                                                        • Fair Pay and Benefits
                                                                                        • Recognition for Performance
        The Leadership Challenge                                                        • Fair Management Processes
        Organizational Assessments
                                                                                    A     Atmosphere of
        Exit-Check Survey
        LEAP Engagement Survey                                                     • Shared Goals
                                                                                   • Teamwork
                                                                                   • Collaboration
                                                                                   • Pride

                                                                                         P     Personal

                                                                                        • Meaningful Work
“According to the Hewitt                                                                • Resources
                                                                                        • Growth Opportunities
 study, engagement is
 highly correlated to
 key business measures,
                                                  TRACOM employs an adaptable, straightforward process for improving engagement.
 including productivity
 and retention, customer
 satisfaction, total
 shareholder return,                              Why Choose TRACOM?
 and sales growth.
 Organizations that                               1. We offer tailored employee engagement solutions, quickly built to meet your
 have improved their                                                  business needs and the challenges your company faces.
 engagement levels have
                                                  2. We provide comprehensive back-end support, making it easy to deploy your
 realized corresponding
 improvements in their                                                surveys with minimal involvement from your team.
 business measures.”                              3. We involve senior experts throughout the engagement, providing superior
John McVeigh, HP Reporter                                             quality and shorter duration times.

                                                  4. We are able to transfer our knowledge and expertise to allow you to manage
                                                                      your future employee engagement programs internally.

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