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ILT Objectives by mikeholy


									Year 3 Scheduling
          Clinical Skills Week
   June 21-23, 2010
    – Task trainers
    – SIM Man
    – On-line quizzes
   June 24-25
    – Galveston students - EPIC
    – Houston students - EPIC & St. Joseph
    – Austin students – Austin orientation
 Voluntary
 Meets once per month
 Free food
 Regular mentoring
 Important topics
        Year 3 Clerkships
Internal Medicine       12 weeks
Pediatrics              8 weeks
Surgery                 8 weeks
Ob/Gynecology           6 weeks
Psychiatry              6 weeks
Family Medicine         4 weeks
Elective period         4 weeks

December break          4 weeks
       Year 3 OB/GYN Clerkship
           General Features

   Clerkship Length: 6 weeks
   General Objectives
    – Evaluate and manage common gynecologic and
      obstetric problems
    – Develop motor skills needed for the diagnosis and
      treatment of common gynecologic and obstetric
    – Learn effective methods of data collection and record
      keeping in a time-limited setting
      Year 3 OB/GYN Clerkship
          General Features
   Grading Components/Weights
    – NBME Shelf Exam 40%
    – Clinical evaluation 35%
    – Team learning 25%
           Year 3 OB/Gyn Clerkship
            Distinguishing Features
                           Galveston                   Austin

Number of students 24                                     6

Mix of rotations   OB inpatient (L&D,           OB inpatient (L&D,
                   antepartum, triage),         antepartum, triage),
                   outpatient (clinics), Gyn,   outpatient (clinics),
                   Nights                       Gyn, Gyn Onc, Nights

Rotation size/     2 week blocks                1 week blocks
        What you can expect
 60 hour work week
 Some night call
 Self directed learning
 Distance learning
 Delivering a baby
 Attain competency in a well woman exam
     Educational Components
 Self directed learning
 National question bank
 Team learning
 Problem based learning
 Faculty lectures
             Year 3 Psychiatry Clerkship
                  General Features
6 weeks

     General Objectives
    –    To develop rapport with patients,
    –    To conduct patient interviews, develop history-taking skills, develop
         physical examination skills, and confirm findings on patient
         examination and
    –    To explain the rationale used in making a psychiatric diagnosis and
         developing a comprehensive treatment plan.

     Grading Components/Weights
    –    Clinical Evaluation 35%
    –    NBME Shelf Exam 35%
    –    Team Based Learning/Quiz 15%
    –    Logbook 10%
    –    Write-up 5%
                    Year 3 Psychiatry Clerkship
                      Distinguishing Features
                                         Galveston Area
                St. Joe’s   UTMB
                                     Mainland                   Webster/UTMB
                                                 Jester IV       Outpatient

# of students   9           2-3      2              1-2               2-3
                            C & L,
                            Outpt,   Geriatric
                            Adult    Inpatient
Mix of          Adult,      and      and C &     Forensic    Child, Adult, Forensics
rotations       Inpatient   Child    L           Inpatient
               2 rotations of
               3 weeks each. All students will go to St. Joe’s.
Rotation size/ Houston students spend 3 weeks at St. Joe’s and 3 weeks at Jester IV
 Year 3 Psychiatry Clerkship
   Distinguishing Features
                       Brack     ASH
Features                                   Creek

# of students      4           3-4       3-4

Mix of rotations
                               Adult & Adult
                   C&L         Geriatric Inpatient
                               Inpatient & Child
                            6 wk-    4wk/1wk
Rotation size/     5 wk/1wk
                            combo of Brack &
                   at Seton
                            services 1wk child
       Year 3 Psychiatry Clerkship Distinguishing Features
 Feature         Galveston                                        Austin
                                                               Austin State
                                            Brack               Hospital             Shoal Creek
                                                                                    M-F 8-5
                                     7:30-5:00 M,W, &F         M-F 8-5
                                                                                    Child rounds on
Typical       M-F 7-5                8:00-5:00 T, Th           Child rounds on
work hours    Variable by rotation   Child rounds on Wed       Wed                  Wed
                                     50-70 consults/month
Number of
                                     Medical students see                           Variable—Students
patients      Variable with          all consults during the   Variable             work as part of the
seen          rotation               week                                           treatment team.
Special       Psychiatric            Suicide attempts;         Mood disorders,      Mood disorders,
              emergencies,           substance abuse;          personality          personality
              substance abuse,       delirium, dementia,       disorders, thought   disorders, thought
              severe mental          traumatic brain injury,   disorders,           disorders, substance
              illness, trauma        mood d/os, psychosis,     substance abuse,     abuse, child and
              related illness,       PTSD, personality         PTSD,                adolescent
              mood disorders,        disorders, factitious     malingering,         disorders, suicide
              personality            disorders,                suicide attempts,    attempts &
              disorders,             malingering,              psychiatric          psychiatric
              med/psych              psychiatric               emergencies          emergencies
           Year 3 Psychiatry Clerkship
             Distinguishing Features
Feature Galveston                                    Austin
                               Brack                  State                     Shoal
                                                     Hospital                   Creek
                         -Attendings give 1                               -Students attend weekly
           TBL 9
                         formal lecture daily.                               child psych lecture
           sessions      -Students present to        -Students attend               -ECT
                         Pedi department every     weekly child psych      -Attend Grand Rounds
                         Wed                           lecture series
Teaching                                                                          -Receive
           Midterm       -Students present                 -ECT                comprehensive
           review        psychiatry topics to            -Receive            psychiatry syllabus
                         treatment team at least      comprehensive           -Formulation and
           6 Design-a-   once/6weeks.              psychiatry syllabus      Triage interviewing
           Cases         -Students taught           -Formulation and      Work with resident and
                         psychological testing     Triage interviewing      attending physicians
                         -Receive comprehensive    -Work one-on-one         who give immediate
                         psychiatry syllabus        with an attending       feedback & teach in
                         -Quiz                     physician in a fast-           real-time
                                                   paced environment                -Quiz
                                                           - Quiz
   Evaluate patients in the FM setting using the bio-
    psychosocial model
   Evaluate patients across the age span on common problems
    seen in the FM setting
   Demonstrate an understanding of health risk assessment,
    health promotion, and patient education in the FM setting
   Demonstrate the skills and strategies necessary to acquire
    information to care for patients in a family practice setting
   Demonstrate the ability to integrate basic science and
    clinical knowledge in the care of patients in the FM setting
             YEAR 3 FM CLERKSHIP
                General Features
   Clerkship Length: 4 weeks
   Decentralized Community-based Rotation
   Online Clerkship:
   Email is our primary mode of communication with students.
    Check your email daily.
   Clinical Encounter Logbook: All patient experiences should be
   Design A Case web based cases, 12 cases assigned
   Grading: Faculty Evaluation 65%; NBME Shelf Exam 35%
    (Current AY 09-10 Policy) (AY 10-11 Policy will be updated.)
   YEAR 3 FM CLERKSHIP: Distinguishing Features
FEATURE             GALVESTON                 AUSTIN              COMMUNITY
NUMBER OF        Max: 3                 Max: 4                 8-13
MIX OF           Outpatient             Outpatient             Outpatient
ROTATION SIZE/   1:1 with Faculty       1:1 with Faculty       1:1 with Faculty

TYPICAL WORK     8 AM – 5 PM            8 AM – 12 Noon         8 AM – 5 PM
HOURS                                   1:30 – 5 PM
NUMBER OF        10 – 14 patients per   10 – 14 patients per   10 – 14 patients per
PATIENTS SEEN    day                    day                    day
SPECIAL          Faculty Interests      HIV+, Hepatitis C      Dependent on Site
TEACHING         Dependent on Faculty   12:30 – 1:30 PM        Dependent on Site
SESSIONS         Advisor                Daily
OTHER            12 Web Cases           12 Web Cases           12 Web Cases
Family Medicine Words of Wisdom

 Sites are available throughout the state
 Provide lots of info when you fill out the
  online site preference – your geographic
  location, personal interests, languages
  spoken, etc.
 This is an online clerkship, so if you aren’t
  online you’re left behind.
MS-3 Surgical Clerkship
      What to Expect
    Galveston and Austin

     Course Directors:
    William J. Mileski, MD
     John D. Bauer, MD
          MS-3 Surgical Clerkship
   8 Weeks
   Locations
    – Galveston
    – Austin
    – St. Joseph Medical
          MS-3 Surgical Clerkship
   Housing
    – At home
   Hospital
    – UTMB
    – Off-island
   Evaluation
    – Shelf Examination
    – Clinical
MS-3 Surgical Clerkship
 Galveston - Rotations
       General Surgery
       Trauma
       TDC
       Vascular
       Cardiothoracic
       Neurosurgery
       Orthopedic
       Plastic
       Burn
       Urology
            MS-3 Surgical Clerkship
           Galveston – Core activities
   Core
    –   Rounds
    –   OR
    –   Clinic
    –   Trauma Call
    –   Grand Rounds
    –   M&M
    –   Surgical Lectures
   Anesthesia Group Session
   Autopsy Observation
   Basic Airways
   Portfolio
   Splint & Cast Workshop
          MS-3 Surgical Clerkship
   Housing
    – Provided
   Hospital
    – Seton-Brackenridge
   Evaluation
    – Shelf Examination
    – Clinical
MS-3 Surgical Clerkship
  Austin - Rotations

    General Surgery (8 wks)
            MS-3 Surgical Clerkship
            Austin – Core activities
   Core
    –   Rounds
    –   OR
    –   Clinic
    –   Trauma Call
    –   Grand Rounds
    –   M&M
    –   Surgical Lectures
   Autopsy
   Portfolio
      Year 3 Pediatrics Clerkship
          General Features
   8 weeks

   Objectives are available on the web – especially
    learn H&P for different age groups, development,
    immunizations, fluids

   60% clinical (7.5% each week), shelf exam 20%,
    Design-A-Case Quizzes 5%, observed H&P 5%,
    Newborn Physical Exam 5%, Morning Report 5%
               Year 3 Pediatrics Clerkship
                Distinguishing Features
      Location                            # of Students   Mix of Rotations

                                     Up to 28             2 wk inpatient
(some students will do SS and/or                          1 wk newborn
NBN at St. Joes in Houston; some
students will do IP at Driscoll in
                                                          3 wk ambulatory
Corpus Christi)                                           2 wks subspecialty

                                     12                   4 wks inpatient
                                                          1 wk newborn nursery
                                                          3 wks ambulatory

                                     1                    Based in an office
                                                          Subspecialty with UTMB
                                                          faculty, NICU
                                                          Hospitalist work
     Year 3 Pediatrics Clerkship
      Distinguishing Features
   Feature            Galveston                           Austin

                Morning report 3xweek,            Morning and noon
Teaching        didactic session that include     conferences; Daily teaching
sessions        lectures 1xweek, Grand            rounds; Weekly lectures &
                                                  Call; One student
                Rounds weekly, teaching
                                                  presentation while on
                rounds daily                      inpatient
                Inpatient on 10A or Driscoll      Dell Children’s Medical
Other details   Children’s in Corpus, NBN         Center of Central Texas
                in JSH 3A/B or St. Joe’s in
                Houston, Subspecialty in
                UTMB clinics (here on
                campus, Clear Lake, Alvin,
                or Texas City), or at St. Joe’s
                in Houston
Pediatrics Preference Form
       Internal Medicine Clerkship
            General Features
Clerkship Length – 12 weeks
         4 weeks GM inpatient
         4 weeks inpatient OR ambulatory internal medicine service
         4 weeks consult service
( NOTE: rotations are subject to change as new opportunities become available)

General Objectives
   Gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes to assess a patient with an acute or
   chronic problem; to develop a rational differential diagnosis; to develop a
   basic diagnostic and management plan; and be able to provide this information
   to the healthcare team and the patient.
              IM Clerkship
Grading Components/Weights

 40% Clinical Performance Score

 30% Shelf Exam

 10% H&P and Logbook completion

 10% SP Exercise (not an OSCE !!!!)

 10% Challenges in Medicine essay
                    IM Clerkship
               Distinguishing Features
 Feature          Galveston           Houston              Austin
Number of     40 to 50 / term    5 to 10 / term      10 to 15 / term
Mix of        4 inpatient wks    4 inpatient wks     8 inpatient wks
rotations     4 consult wks      4 consult wks       4 ambulatory wks
              4 outpatient or    4 AHEC clinic wks
              inpatient wks
Patient mix   Hosp – indigent,   Hosp – indigent,    Hosp – indigent,
              private and TDCJ   private             private
              Amb - private      Amb - private       Amb - private
        Internal Medicine Clerkship
          Distinguishing Features
 Feature         Galveston             Houston              Austin

Typical      50-60 hrs/wk          50-60 hrs/wk      50-60 hrs/wk
work hours   4 days off / 4 wks    4 days off /4 wks 4 days off /4 wks

Number of    Avg 5-8 new pts per   Avg 5-8 new pts    Avg 5-8 new pts
patients     wk inpatient          per wk inpatient   per wk inpatient
seen         Amb / consult         Amb / consult      Amb / consult
             variable              variable           variable
Call         Every 4th day until   Variable for St.   Every 4th day on
             10pm inpatient        Luke’s and St.     inpatient. None on
             None on amb /         Joseph’s.          ambulatory.
                 IM Clerkship
            Distinguishing Features
 Feature       Houston             Galveston           Austin

Teaching   Variable           Daily lectures     Small group
sessions                      Case-based         discussion format

Special    Morning report     Morning report     Ethics case-based
sessions                      Palliative Care    sessions

Skills     Private practice   ECG, CXR, Harvey   ECG, CXR,
sessions   exposure                              Physical Exam
                                                 rounds with CMR
Internal Medicine Preference
        A Word About OSCE’s
 The SP center is not ready to host OSCE’s
 Previously held in FM, IM, Pedi
 You should be prepared for a mid-year
    – First week of Period 13
   ICEE will be comprehensive
    – Happens summer of 4th year
       A Word About Holidays and
          Schedules in General
   Clerkships are an exposure to clinical medicine
   Clinical medicine is a full-time occupation, stuff
    happens 24/7
   All clerkships agree to the same policy:
    – You work one day per weekend on average
    – This includes holiday weekends, except Thanksgiving
    – The clerkship decides whether you can pick and choose
      the day or whether it will be assigned
    Year 3 Track Preference
 12 different sequence options
 Submit preferences via E-Connect
 Deadline Friday, March 19 at 5PM

 Schedules released on Monday April 12
 Track trade deadline Friday April 16
    Year 3 Clerkship Preferences
   Austin Year-Round
    – Deadline was February 12
   Austin Individual clerkships, Houston
    – Deadline Friday April 16
   Pediatrics
    – Deadline Friday April 2
   Internal Medicine
    – Deadline Friday April 2
   Family Medicine
    – Web –based, deadline Friday May 7
       What the Heck is AHEC?
   Links communities
    with health science
    schools to improve the
    health workforce
   Provide real-life
    experiences for
         A Word from Pediatrics
   Commutable = less than one hour drive
   Needing to feed your cat doesn’t guarantee a
    commutable site
   We know life changes, but not usually last minute
   This is a Pediatrics rotation, so the practitioner
    must be a pediatrician. And not your father, your
    uncle, etc.
   Texas is big, there’s sure to be someone suitable in
    this state.
Family Medicine Words of Wisdom

 Sites all over the state
 Provide lots of info when you fill out the
  online site preference – geography, personal
  interests, languages spoken
 This is an online clerkship, so if you aren’t
  online you’re left behind.
    Internal Medicine Weighs In
 Be specific about your reasons for staying
  in Galveston
 Rank all of the options
 There ain’t no guarantees
 If you pick Austin for General Medicine,
  you’re picking Austin for the whole 3
                 Year 4 Courses
   Electives (5 blocks needed to graduate)
   Courses you may take as a third year student:
    –   Senior Neurology (selective)
    –   Senior Surgery
    –   Senior Emergency Medicine (selective)
    –   Acting Internship selective
   Courses you may not take as a third year student:
    – Basic Science/Humanities selective
    – Ambulatory Community Selective
  Step 1: Receive VSAS Authorizations
Request authorizations from your visiting student coordinator or student affairs office.
You will then receive a “VSAS: New User Instructions” e-mail with login information.
     Adding/Dropping Courses
   Begins Thursday, April 29
    – UTMB Courses
    – Austin and non-UTMB Courses
    – Research electives
 Add/drop deadlines
 Electronic and paper-based options
Remember, C is for Complete

 Without a properly completed, signed
   C form, your registration is not
R is for Research Readiness

  We gotta know that you have a plan, the
permission to do the research, the resources
 to do it and appropriate oversight of your
B Form is for Before You Go

   We gotta know they’ll take you = B2
        (Austin doesn’t need this)
 They might wanna know stuff about you=
          Registration Errors
   Participating in a course you have not added
    – No credit
   Failing to participate in a course you have
    not dropped
    – Failure
    – Withdrawal
          Additional Items
 Must take USMLE Step 1 prior to
  beginning 3rd year coursework
 Must take a course during your elective
  period, the December month, or both
Where do I Find  3rd
Scheduling Information?
   It’s all on the web:

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