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					                                         McGill Music Graduate Symposium,
                                                 March 9-11, 2007

Friday, March 9th - Clara Lichtenstein Recital Hall (C209)

16:00       Welcome and Opening Remarks

Classical Connections – Session Chair: Jean-Philippe Soucy
16:00      Meghan Goodchild, McGill
                   Developing the Development: The Evolution of Formal Functions in J.C. Bach

16:30       Jennifer Roemer and Katie Womack, Southern Methodist University
                    Lecture-Recital: The Clementi Connection

17:30                                             ~Wine and Cheese Reception~

Saturday, March 10th - Clara Lichtenstein Recital Hall (C209)

Processing Music – Chair: Session Chair: Michel Vallières
9:30       Bruno Gingras, McGill
                   Improved Score-performance Matching Using Both Structural and Temporal Information from
                   MIDI Recordings

10:00       Jason Ray, University of Ottawa
                   A Content Analysis of Musical Notation in Ten Contemporary North American Piano Method
                   Book Primers

10:30       Alison Conard, Temple University
                    The Instant We Hear: A Microgenetic Approach to the Study of Music

11:00                                                        ~Break~

Two to Tango – Chair: Session Chair: Dana Gorzelany-Mostak
11:15      Emily J. McManus, Minnesota
                   Embodying Modernity: Intersections of Nostalgia, Tradition and Innovation in the Twin Cities
                   Tango Community

11:45       Jamshed Turel, McGill
                   Stylizing a Tango: Intertextuality and Audio-Visual Relationships in Chaplin’s City Lights

12:15                                                        ~Lunch~

Keynote Presentation – Session Chair: Prof. Jonathan Wild
13:30      Pierre Daniel Rheault, President of SOCAN
                   Multimedia Music:A Genre Asking for Immediate Help

14:30                                                        ~Break~

Religion, Politics, and Music – Session Chair: Jane Hatter
15:00       Patrice Nicolas, Université de Montréal
                     Jacotin (c.1495-c.1556) and the Cult of St. Michael

15:30       Jeremy Leong, University of Wisconsin-Madison
                   A Musical Reflection: Jewish Exiles in Republican China

16:00       Xenia Pestov, McGill
                   Lecture-Recital: Form and Notation: The Piano Miniature of the Russian Avant-garde
Sunday, March 11th – Room C201

Analyzing Off the Canon – Session Chair: Steven Cannon
10:00      Daphne Tan, McGill
                   Symmetry and Tonal Design: Structural Planning in the Finale of Nielsen’s
                   Second Violin Sonata

10:30      Inessa Bazayev, CUNY Graduate Center
                   Voice-leading Symmetries in the Late Works of Alexander Scriabin

11:00      Sebastiano Bisciglia, McGill
                   Interaction of Style, Aesthetic, and Method in Dallapiccola's Tre liriche greche (1942-45)

11:30                                                       ~Break~

Seeing Music, Hearing Art – Session Chair: Michael Ethen
11:45      Stephen Thursby, Florida State University
                   “Lichtmusik” and “Orgies of Darkness”: Balancing the Aural and the Visual in the 1903 Mahler-
                   Roller Tristan

12:15      Alexa Woloshyn, University of Western Ontario
                  Constructs of Emotional Continuity in Björk’s Music: Multiple Analyses of Homogenic and

12:45      Emily Adamowicz, University of Western Ontario
                  Impossible Structures: Self-Reflexivity in the Works of Escher, Rea, and Velasquez