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									Organisation/Individual      Project name           Project Description                                          SOA      Amount      Dates
B&D (LC)

                                                    Three targeted groups will be supported and inspired to
                                                    create performance pieces in response to the changing
                                                    physical landscape of the SOA. These will
                                                    then be shared between the targeted groups before being
                                                    presented at the community Celebration day on 24 July.
Arc Theatre                  Changing Spaces                                                                     Heath    £6,501.87   April - July 2010
                                                    „Dancing Heath‟ will improve the health and mental well
                                                    being of local residents through the facilitation of dance
                                                    sessions, the creation of new networks and signposting
                                                    to ongoing physical activities. Fifteen young dancers will
                                                    be given the skills they need to deliver dance taster
                                                    sessions to their community. A community celebration
                                                    event will bring together all those involved and publicise
Green Shoes Arts             Dancing Heath          ongoing local activity                                       Heath    £6,089      May - August 2010

                                                    Gardenforce! will enable and empower a group of
                                                    disengaged and isolated local people in the SOA to bring
                                                    positive change to their own lives and the local
                                                    environment by bringing art and creativity directly to local
Studio 3 Arts (RFO)          Gardenforce!           gardens and green spaces (private/public/communal).          Heath    £18,480     Apr - October 2010
Brent (KT)
                                                    Over 40 sessions, one group of 25 young local residents
                                                    will develop skills in samba drumming, dance and digital
                                                    music mixing. A second group of 20 older locals will
                                                    develop performances for local settings exploring the
                                                    traditions of steel pan music and how it can relate to       Kensal               May to October
Bigga Fish (RFO)                                    modern youth culture.                                        Green        £16,000 2010
                                                    24 x 2 hr Photography workshops, 12 sessions over 6
                                                    weeks, twice weekly each session 2hrs in duration during
                                                    July & August. Ends with exhibition at pocket park           Kensal               June to end of Aug
Sports Clinic & Events                         7000 festival in august                                           Green         £7,000 2010
                                                    20 x 2 hr poetry workshops resulting in booklet and
                                                    performances/readings at the Tubbs Road Pocket Park          Kensal               April to December
Harlesden Hub Poetry Group                          Summer event 2010                                            Green         £2,700 2010

                                                    Creative project to invovle local residents in the           Kensal
Helena Roden                                        transformation of Tubbs Road Pocket Park. Details TBC        Green         £6,000 TBC
                                                    12 x 2 hour music workshops for young people at NW10
Wayout Dreams Community                             and performances at Tubbs Road Pocket Park in                Kensal
Centre                                              Summer 2010                                                  Green         £5,000 April to August 2010
Camden (KT)
                                                       60 x 2 hour workshops. To include music making, dance
                                                       and visual arts. Music - Haverstock School, Crogsland
                                                       Rd, London, NW1. Visual arts - Denton Tenants and
                                                       Residents Association Room, Malden Crescent NW1 8BL
                                                       Dance - Charlie Ratchford Centre, Belmont Street,
                                                       London, NW1 8HF Culminating in weekend of
                                Redreaming             celebrations and showings at 176 (in last weekend of                               May to October
Creative Health Labs            Communities            October 2010)                                         Haverstock           £17,000 2010

                                                       3 x 3 hour creative workshops at the Thanet Cetnre.
                                                       Members of the community are invited to learn music,
                                                       costume and decoration, where recyclable materials
                                                       (plastic bags, cardboard, bottles, cans) and unwanted
                                                       clothes are transformed into new objects of cultural and
                                                       decorative value to the community, such as musical
                                                       instruments, fancy dress costumes, murals and banners.

Aguinaldo Guilherme Tavares -                                                                                                             September to
Creative Arts Brazil            Recy-festa project                                                                Haverstock       £7,000 October
Croydon (KT)
                                                       A series of 16 workshops for elders in the Handcroft SOA
                                                       to reduce isolation and improve mental well being locally.
                                                       Christ Church, Sumner Road ( off Handcroft road), on                               July to February
Age UK Croydon                                         Wednesdays from 1.30 – 3pm                                 Broad Green        6075 2010

                                                       Cross generational workshops: Parent/toddler groups
                                                       take creative workshops; Primary-age children take
                                                       sculpture and percussion; teenagers/young adults take
                                                       computer music and sound engineering; songwriting/
                                                       singing workshops; creative writing for older residents.
                                                       Outcomes are processions and performances, with a
                                                       legacy of equipment and skills including CDs & a book.                              March to 12 June
Eye Music Trust - 13455378                             Culminating in a community celebration on 12 June 2010 Broad Green £25,500.00       2010
Ealing (LC)

                                                       The South Acton Theatre project with input from PPP and
                                                       a series of taster sessions and short courses for and by
                                                       SOA residents of all ages, building on last year‟s
                                South Acton Theatre    successful BCBW activity, existing local activity, and new
                                Project and creative   activity emerging from feedback/consultations, including
Acton Community Forum           workshops              visual arts, crafts, carnival sculpture & costume.         South Acton £22,000.00   Apr 2010 - Mar 2011
                                                            This project aims to work with 30 young people and their
                                                            families experiencing barriers to inclusion. Groups of
                                                            young people, families and community elders will be
                                                            brought together to address issues and explore
                                                            similarities and differences through the medium of cultural
                                                            visits, group sessions, workshops and community-led
                                                            talks, leading to improved intergenerational/intercultural
                                                            relations, community cohesion and a better
                                                            understanding of difference. It will also feed into the
Pupil Parent Partnership            Creative Workshops      South Acton Theatre project.                                South Acton £10,000.00   Apr 2010 - Apr 2011
Enfield (LC)
                                                           Five inter-linked creative ventures - public art, film,
                                                           creative learning, public engagement, and individual
                                                           enrichment. The objective being to support 'well being'
                                                           using a unifying theme and cultivating key ingredients of
                                                           Well Being - developing greater trust, encouraging a
                                                           sense of unified community, understanding between the
                                                           diverse people and generations within the                    Upper
Tiger Monkey                        Angel in Edmonton      neighbourhood.                                               Edmonton   £28,006.00    Apr - Dec 2010
                                                           A community film, where local people can record their
                                                           relationship, interest and experience of dancing. The                   11433.3 +
                                                           project includes works and the staging of a modern tea       Upper      VAT
Tiger Monkey                        None given             dance                                                        Edmonton   payment?         July 09-Feb 2010
                                                           I will work with Enfield Library and Museum Service, St.
                                                           John and St. James Primary School and Raynham
                                                           Primary School to run storytelling workshops at Fore
                                                           Street library. The workshops will encourage
                                                           grandparents, parents and children to exchange stories
Richard Neville and Enfield Library                        passed down through the family, leading to a book, DVD       Upper
Service & Museum                    Storytelling workshops and exhibition.                                              Edmonton   £10,470.00    May - Dec 2010
Greenwich (LC)

                                                            CONNECT: MY SIDE OF THE STORY is a motivational
                                                            and learning tool using Performing and Creative Arts as a
                                                            medium for generating greater awareness on community
                                                            development interest, encouraging participants to be
                                    Connect: My Side of     ambassadors in championing the need for people‟s            Woolwich
New Global Image                    the Story               participation in actions on issues that matter to them.     Common     £20,119       Apr - Oct 2010
                                                            Avant-Gardening will programme a range of activities and
                                                            workshops designed to facilitate communication and
                                                            interaction on the estate. Workshops will be artist and
                                                            participant led and range from green crafts and gardening
                                                            workshops to cooking and sports events.The workshops
                                    Arts and                will lead to the development a multi-media digital
                                    environmental           magazine that will showcase the project and the             Woolwich
Avant Gardening                     programme               residents.                                                  Common     £11,881.00    Mar - Sep 2010
                                                         A community song and music project, which will feature
                                                         community workshops and events to share compositions.
                                                         The final pieces will be recorded on to a CD and       Woolwich
Stream                                                   distributed locally                                    Common             £14,786        Jun 09 - Mar 2010
Hackney (LC)
                                                         In partnership with L‟Est and local arts organisations,
                                                         Immediate Theatre will run a programme aiming to
                                                         develop a creative community in Woodberry Down. The
                                                         programme will use arts activities to encourage creative
                                                         exploration of the local area‟s heritage and enable
                                                         residents to celebrate relationships with different cultures
                                 Creative Workshops      and their environment. This will include a Festival of Light Woodberry
Immediate Theatre                and Festival of Light   in October                                                   Down         £35,500      Apr 10 - Mar 2011
H&F (KT)
                                                         A series of Floristry, Arts/Crafts, Golf workshops and                                 Weekly until July
Phoenix School                                           Capoeira Workshops at Phoenix School                         White City   £14,990      2010
                                                         Tai Kwon Do – for young people Date 20 weeks from
                                                         13 October until end of February – for young people,
Somali Women Support and                                 Venue: Fatima Community Centre, India Way, Time:
Development Group                                        Tuesdays at 6.30pm-8pm                                       White City   £15,000      Dates TBC
                                                         10 x 2 hour cirucs skills workshops for young SOA                                      May to Aug 2010
Albert and Friends                                       residents in half term                                       White City   £5,421       (KT to check)
                                                         Series of 43 workshops (each) on yoga and Salsa
Somali Women Support and                                 Workshops running until end of March 2011. Funded in
Development Group                                        partnership with the YMCA                                    White City   £7,000       June to March 2011
Haringey (LC)

                                                         This is a Brazilian Carnival project, encompassing Samba
                                                         drumming, Latin dance, Capoeira, juggling, song-writing/
                                                         recording, and carnival costume / banner making, all
                                                         building up to the Haringey carnival on 19th June. There
                                                         will be activities during the Easter / Summer holidays,
Salsa Direct                     Team Brazil             mural creation, and a community festival in Noel Park.   Noel Park        £36,818      Apr - Dec 2010
Hounslow (KT)
                                                         Sit and Share provides three generationally focused
                                                         projects using the traditions of storytelling to promote well-
                                     Sit and Share
                                                         being. The projects culminate in an outdoor performance
Bounce Theatre - 13125970                                for the whole community.                                       Cranford   £21,700.00   Jan - June 2010
                                                          A programme of activity which will bring together a
                                                         diverse range of community groups to work together on a
                                                         number of projects that will contribute to greater
                                                         community cohesion, engendering engagement of all
                                                         sections of the community and an improvement of the
                                                         local built environment This will include the design and
                                                         creation of banners and stage curtains for local venues,
                                                         mosaic work, graffiti art and a tranquility garden in a local
Sure Start Hounslow - 13174457                           school.                                                        Cranford   £13,250.00   Jan - October 2010
Islington (KT)
                                                     Jamie Marriot will provide a series of youth music and
                                                     media workshops, promoting mental well being and social
                                                     cohesion through music. The work produced will then be
                                                     showcased at a community event in which local residents                               February 2010 to
Jamie Marriott                                       are invited.                                               Canonbury     £1,610.00    April
                                                     Jamie Marriot will provide a series of youth music and
                                                     media workshops, promoting mental well being and social
                                                     cohesion through music. Workshops to run at Urban
                                                     Hope until 22 July but will continue through the provision
Next Phaze                                           of additional WL funding.                                  Canonbury     £3,200.00    April to July

                                                     Almorah Arts will provide local people with opportunities
                                                     to participate in a varied arts programme with the primary
                                                     aim of promoting healthy community relationships
                                                     (community cohesion). The core activities will be the
                                                     design and painting of a mural on the outside of the
                                                     centre. A summer programme of intergenerational arts
Almorah Road Community Centre                        workshops including a community fun day                      Canonbury   £5,000.00    June to Sept 2010
                                                     24 weekly creative workshops exploring elders‟
                                                     memories, celebrating the skills & knowledge of
                                                     Canonbury‟s elders using mixed and multiple media.
                                                     During the project participants will produce a small zine
                                                     and postcards to send out and reach the wider
                                                     community. During the final weeks the project will
                                                     collaborate with another group in the area to build a
The Bridge                                           bridge together                                              Canonbury   £5,000.00    March to Sept 2010
                                                     “Midsummer Madness” is a partnership project that brings
                                                     people in Canonbury from different generations and
                                                     backgrounds together. Participants will co-create a multi-
                                                     ethnic summer “pantomime” at the Walter Sickert Centre.
                                                     Creative participation will catalyse social cohesion,
                                                     improve health and psychological well being and                                       Mid February to end
Claremont                       Midsummer Madness    engender on-going social development.                        Canonbury   £13,240.00   of July 2010
                                                     St Stephen‟s Community Centre, facilitated by Urban                                   April to October
                                                     Hope will run two activities within this project for the                              2010
                                                     benefit of residents of Canonbury. The first will be a
                                                     creative film project enabling young people to document
                                                     and reflect on their life experiences as well as
                                                     documenting and reflecting on the One Canonbury
                                                     initiative. The second activity will be to set up a „One
Urban Hope                                           Canonbury Gospel choir‟.                                     Canonbury   £5,000.00
K&C (KT)
                                Refurbishment and re- Refurbishment and re-launch of the EMB rooms (planned                                April to 15 May 2010
Lancaster West Management            launch of e EMB 15/5/2010). To include new equipment to increase       Notting
Association Limited                           Rooms community useage of the space                           Barns             £7,000.00
                                                 WAYS OF BEING is a series of 15 film, photography and
                                                 spoken word workshops for residents to explore and
                                                 express aspects of their daily lives and identity creatively.
                                                 Project will culminate in a mini screening festival in a local
                                                 venue or exhibition/installation of the works produce,
                                                 providing the participants with a set of sustainable skills      Notting             May to October
Lisa Nash                                        on which they can build                                          Barns     8500      2010
                                                 Collective Collection; Community Choir; Mosaics &
                                                 Murals. Three projects covering Music and Visual and
                                                 performing Arts. Something for everyone in the
                                                 community, with opportunities to meet new people, learn          Notting             April to December
Brown Baby                                       new skills and improve the local environment.                    Barns     210000    2010
Lambeth (LC)

                                                 Enabling local people to design and deliver a large scale
                                                 community project; building long term relationships,
                                                 through meaningful public consultation and inclusive
                                                 engagement, such as creative and skills based
                                                 workshops (including mosaics, crafts, dance,
                                                 photography and graphic design, baking and food art)
                                                 training, resident steering and action groups, culminating                           Nov 2009 - Dec
Trust Arts Project       The Big Tea             in a community "Big International Tea and Party”.          Larkhall        £34,500   2010
Lewisham (LC)

                                                Children will work with other generations of local people
                                                to document a number of local community projects eg
                                                Farmstead Community Garden development (Well
                                                London programme). Children will be taught to use video
                                                equipment and will script their films in collaboration with
                         Intergenerational      parents and local older people. Screenings, open to all,
Sage Educational Trust   Movie Making           will take place in local community venues.                   Bellingham     £5,270    Apr - Sep 2010
                                                An engaging, fun and accessible dance programme for
                                                children and adults that will promote the positive use of
                                                public spaces in South Bellingham to benefit residents.
                                                Highly focussed on enabling active participation in
                                                physical activity, the project will promote engagement in
                                                dance to boost participants' health and emotional well
                         Dance for children and being.
Trinity Laban (RFO)      adults                                                                              Bellingham     £5,650    May - Dec 2010
                                                This project will contribute to the goals of Well London by
                                                providing Jewellery Making, Fashion & Design and
                                                Drama workshops for Bellingham residents, together with
                                                public exhibitions at which they can display their creations
                                                and celebrate their achievements, thus boosting their self-
Elevating Success        Creative workshops     esteem.                                                      Bellingham     £8,080    Apr - Oct 2010
                                                Magic workshopsfor 8-12s and 12-15s with a
standnotamazed           Magic workshops        performance at bellingham Festival on 26 June                Bellingham     £3,000    Apr - June 2010
                                                    A programme designed to facilitate relationships and
                                                    creative conversations between artists and isolated older
                                                    people. The work will run parallel and connect with
                                                    projects developed by Bellingham SOA arts partnership
                                                    organizations GLYPT, Lewisham Young People‟s Theatre                                           Feb 2010 - Mar
Entelechy Arts Ltd          The Big Chair Dance     and Artefacts Edutainment                                       Bellingham   £4,103                     2010
                                                    Stories in the Street will use storytelling and crafts
                                                    workshops, local residents will produce a pack of
                                                    postcards, which will contain images and stories from in
Richard Neville             Stories in the Street   and around Bellingham                                           Bellingham   £4,500          Sept 09 - June 10
                                                    Young people aged 11-13 will create a drama
                                                    documentary about the past, present and future in
                                                    Bellingham, called My Life: Bellingham. This will be
Lewisham Youth Theatre      None Given              shown at the Be Well event                                      Bellingham   £4,910           April - July 2010
                                                    GLYPT will work with young people in Bellingham on
                            If you're happy and     storytelling, drama and music projects to help combat
GLYPT                       you know it             mental health disabilities                                      Bellingham   £3,830            May 09 - Jul 10
                                                    For a one day celebration of healthy living using the arts
                                                    called Be Well, in Beckenham Palace Park. The event will
                                                    include Bellingham Big Dance, Bellingham Big Song and
Artefacts Edutainment                               Bellingham Big Story                                            Bellingham   £3,830        May 09 - July 2010

                            Making Learning         A storytelling project, called Making Learning Irresistible,
Sage Educational Trust      Irrestible              for young people and adults, based at a local school            Bellingham   £4,500               Apr-Jul 2009
Newham (KT)

                                                    To set up 5 walks, gradually increasing in distance from
                                                    2.5 milles to 10 miles, taking part in different parts of the
                                                    country, commencing with a walk to the Olympic site and
                                                    ending with a walk on the South Downs. To increasr
                                                    fitness and health awareness among people of all ages           Canning
CTR TMO                                             by offering coaching and encouragement.                         Town North   £4,100.00    April - Sep 2010
                                                    To deliver a programme of participatory dance workshops
                                                    and celbratory visual, literary and historical events for and
                                                    with the communities of Canning Town. The starting point
                                                    will be a celebration of Canning Town's historical
                                                    contribution to the birth of modern English folk-dance
East London Dance (RFO) -                           movement and the vitality fo teh ucrrent folk dance             Canning                   June to December
13126026                                            traditions in the areas.                                        Town North   £25,645.00   2010
Southwark (LC)
                                                    The project has four elements that will be delivered
                                                    through resident participation: 1. A filmed documentary
                                                    combining a record of the project and interviews, 2. A
                            Art, documentary and
                                                    soundtrack to the above documentary, 3. Art workshops
                            music workshops,
                                                    that will lead to an exhibition, 4. Ten linked pieces of art
                                                    work across the estate.                                         Cossall &
Arts Express                                                                                                        Brimmington £29,015.00    Apr - Nov 2010
                         Art, documentary and
                                                Additional funding for digital equipment (from Wl budget   Cossall &
                         music workshops,
Arts Express                                    reallocation)                                              Brimmington £926.15        Apr - Nov 2010
Tower Hamlets (LC)

                                                A moveable sculpture which builds during its journey from
                                                Westferry to Hind Grove. Created by the communities it
                                                passes through, it forms a focus for performance and
                                                neighbourhood cohesion, giving onlookers and
                         Zoetrope Super         participants the confidence to look beyond themselves to                              Nov 2009 - Sep
SPLASH Arts - 13129669   Sculpture Project      wider horizons through a mixed media arts project.        Limehouse      £34,000.00   2010
Waltham Forest (KT)
Waltham Forest (KT)

                                                The drawing shed will develop 10 month programme of
                                                arts events alongside the residents of the Attlee
                                                Terrace/Drive and YMCA SOA; we will bring into the
                                                project other artists and creative practitioners across the
                                                arts (including community theatre ) to deliver specific
                                                elements. All activities will happen within the SOA area.
                                                To create and use mobile arts studios, the drawing shed
                                                and PrintBike with the aim of sharing this creative
                                                resource and other activities as part of the socially
                                                engaged BeCreativeBeWell project; the drawing shed
                                                and PrintBike and ClayOven are resources that are open
                                                to all ages and cultures and beliefs and abilities and
                                                participation with the intention of facilitating social and                           April - December
The Drawing Shed                                emotional well being and having fun                         Hoe Street   £31,000      2010
Westminster (LC)
                                                We will work with the Speech and Language team at
                                                Queen‟s Park Childrens Centre. We will collect
                                                Bengali/Sylheti rhymes, songs and stories from parents
                                                and work with them and their children to make a series of
                                                short films of them in Sylhet/Bengali/Chittagong and
                                                English. The resulting DVD and booklet will be part of the
                                                library of talking books at the Children‟s Centre and      Queen's
Stories in the Street                           Nursery                                                    Park          £6,550       July 10- March 11
                                                       The project dovetails the Isolated Vulnerable Peoples‟
                                                       Project (IVP) and aims to encourage 12 potentially
                                                       vulnerable or isolated older people, to be active, engaged
                                                       and involved as valued member of the local community of
                                                       Queen‟s Park. Conducted by skilled Artists, the project of
                                                       8 sessions combines contemporary and traditional
                                                       aspects of textiles and quilt-making culminating in a final
                                                       exhibition / showcase in Queen‟s Park Library in March
                                                       2011 where each participant will be presented with a
                               Queen's Park Life       Creative Citizen Certificate by the Lord Mayor of             Queen's
Westminster Arts               Stories                 Westminster.                                                  Park      £7,000    July 10- March 11
                                                       A programme of dance-theatre workshops for elderly
                                                       people (55 +) and their younger counterparts (16 – 24).
                                                       Eight devising sessions titled Side Effects will explore
                                                       participants‟ relationship to pills. By exploring how we
                                                       relate to pharmacy and whether this has changed over
                                                       the past fifty years we will create a portfolio of            Queen's
Dante or Die                   Side Effects            performance pieces to share locally.                          Park      £10,000   Aug 10 - Mar 11
                                                       A programme of photography workshops designed to
                                                       help the local community learn about their locality and
                                                       about each other. Community produced self-portraits will
                                                       be made into publicly-displayed banners celebrating rich
                                                       culture of the community.                                     Queen's
London Print Studio (RFO)      Step into the Picture                                                                 Park      £10,000   Aug 10 - Mar 11
Pan London
                                                       A series of netowrking and learning events for BCBW
                                                       artists/commissioned projects. Final conference in March                          Ongoing until 31
London Arts and Health Forum                           2011                                                                    12,000    March 2011
                                                       External and independent evaluation of BCBW
                                                       programme. Includes 10 case studies and over-viwe of
                                                       BCBW within WL Report to be published and launched                                Ongoing until March
BCBW evaluation                                        at LAHF Conference                                                      16,000    2011
                                                       ACF will organise and run the dance stage (with
                                                       performances from WL/BCBW groups) as part of the WL
Acton Community Forum                                  World Cup on 19 June 2010                                               2,000               20-Jun-10
Lead contact

Josh Cass

Lauren Crowley

Martin Swan


Carlos Salvador

Ursula Troche

Helena Roden

Rokiah Yamon

Aguinaldo Tavares (Gui)

Sue Orchard

Simon Desorgher

Steve Flynn
Brian de Lord

Emma Ghafur

Emma Ghafur

Richard Neville

Iris Essien

Paul Green
Isabel Lilly

Tony Gouveia

Marcia Clack

Kissu Denton Savage

Amy Lumsden

Kissu Denton Savage

Nina Jaffa

Louise Pendry

Sharon Walsh
Jamie Marriott

Jamie Marriott

Ben Bell, Joy

Herve Nourisson

Paul Tjasink

Ben Bell

Adelola Dairo
Lisa Nash

Toby Laurent Belson

Belinda Sosinowicz

Beverley Thompson, Ros

Anja Schall

Andrew Brown

John van der Put
David Slater

Richard Neville

Helen Stanley

Emily Hunka

Yvonne Phillip

Delena Davison

Robert Churchill

Emma Kerr

Damion Viney
Damion Viney

David Bratby

Sally Labern and Bobby Lloyd

Richard Neville
Beth Cinamon

Terry O‟Donovan

John Phillips

Damian Hebron

Richard Ings

Rachel Pepper

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