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					                               Student Government Association
                           SGA Minutes from Sunday, October 31, 2010
I. Meeting called to order at 08:25 pm

II. Attendance
Executive Board: Carleigh Baldwin, President; Jonny Grenier, Vice President for Student Affairs; John
Guinan, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Michael Swanson, Vice President for Financial Affairs; Dexter
Viator, Senate Speaker
Senate: Alyssa Belschner, Jon Bishop, Laura Brannon, Matthew Brennan, Julia Brough, Jacqueline Carlson,
Michael Carpentier, Emily Carr, Jordan Dembishack, Jen DiMilla, Brian Dixon, Megan Evangelista, J. Paul
Gardella, Nicole Graham, Nicolas Guerra, Leslie Higgins, Devon Holmes, Caroline Knowles, Julie
Malinowski, Alex Mascaro, Joe McElroy, Andrea Nault, Allie Orlando, Molly Pietrantonio, Joelle Santiago,
Kristin Schultz, Daisy Sinchi, Dan Thaller, Courtney Trahan, Ethan Ward, Molly Wiley, Jay Williams, Jackie
Absent: Robert Benoit, Patrick Ritter
Guests: Dr. Nancy Crimmin, Dean of Campus Life; Eric Swindle, Director of Student Activities; Stephanie
McCaffrey, Assistant Director Campus Ministry

III. Invocation: Stephanie McCaffrey, Assistant Director of Campus Ministry

IV. Approval of the Minutes
First motion: Matt Brennan Second Motion: Mike Carpentier
Decision: Motion PASSED

V. Campus Update- Brittany Kindberg, Campus Activities Board Liaison

Up 'til Dawn Letter Sending
11/2/2010 6:00 PM Hagan Campus Center Hall

Cynthia Enloe "Post War" Lecture
11/3/2010 4:30 PM Alden trust Auditorium - Kennedy 112

Hunger Banquet
11/3/2010 6:00 PM Hagan Campus Center Hall

First Fridays - Wii Bowling!
11/5/2010 2:00 PM Hagan Campus Center Student Lounge

Ultimate Money Skills Seminar
11/8/2010 7:00 PM Hagan Center Hall

Nude Figure drawing session
11/11/2010 6:30 PM Laska Studio 204

The Emmanuel d'Alzon Lecture
11/11/2010 7:00 PM Salon, La Maison Française

Consortium Has Talent
11/12/2010 7:00 PM Hanover Theater
VI. Reports from Executive Committee

        Vice President for Financial Affairs Report- Michael Swanson ‘11
-The Finance committee met to discuss two groups. The first group was Peers Advocating Wellness for
Students who asked for $1500 for their "Too hot…for the Heat of the Moment" campaign. The campaign
marries the social implications of our current "hook up culture" with the idea that the heat of the moment does
not have to lead to a bad reputation, a regretted sexual encounter or a health risk. The Finance Committee voted
to allocate the funds and SGA approved the allocation
-The committee also voted on Thoreau's Rooster. Thoreau's Rooster is a national publication that is
edited/published on campus allowing students from any major to submit either a piece of writing or a piece of
their photography to be judged and published. The committee voted to allocate $2000 to the Rooster and SGA
approved the allocation.

        Vice President for Academic Affairs- John Guinan ‘11
-I want to thank all those who came to the d’Alzon sculpture dedication.
-I encourage everyone to watch the 13-minute video tutorial on how to register for classes using the new system
that was sent out by Dean Knowlton's office. You will find useful and important information there. I had a
meeting with Dean Morrison wherein she emphasized the main different between the new and old system.
Instead of your advisor enabling you to register in general, he or she will now have to authorize each course in
which you wish to enroll. You will not be able to register for any course that your advisor did not approve. It is
strongly recommended that you get 10 courses authorized by your advisor.
-At the Technology Advisory Committee we were informed that because the new class registration system
cannot handle a whole class at one time each class will be broken up into 3 groups. For example, the first group
will go at 7:00, the next at 7:15 and the last at 7:30. Accommodations will be made by the Registrar's Office for
seniors who need to get into a class that is full in order to complete a major.
-The new system for online course evaluations will be tested the first week in November. Dr. Johnson, Director
of Grant Development and Coordinator of Undergraduate Research, invites the SGA to be beta testers for the
system, to let her know of any errors before the system opens for students to complete evaluations beginning
November 17th. Please let me know if you are interested in participating.
-Academic Affairs is trying to determine a suitable incentive for students to complete course evaluations online.
If anyone has any ideas please contact me.
-The list of departments going online for class evaluations next semester has been released. As of 10/18/10
departments going online are Mathematics, Economics, English, Honors, Human Services, Theology, Sociology
& Anthropology, Modern and Classical Languages, and Art. Departments not going online are Education,
Philosophy, Natural Sciences, History, Psychology, and Political Science. The Business Department has not
made a decision.
-Students have expressed an interest in the College offering an Arabic course. I have asked the Committee on
Academic Affairs to conduct a student survey to determine if there is a demand for such a course. If the data
shows that there is a demand I will bring the request to the Modern and Classical Languages Department.

         Vice President for Student Affairs- Jonny Grenier ‘11
The SGA sponsored newspaper readership program is being extended to Alumni, Desautels, Hanrahan, and
Nault. However, this will only include the New York Times and USA Today. Apparently readership has taken
a fairly steady drop in recent years and we hope to increase participation in the program in order to keep it on
campus I will be meeting with the Food and Auxiliary committee tomorrow to discuss a way to increase
         President’s Report- Carleigh Baldwin ‘11
•      I want to first thank you all for your participation and commend Joelle for her leadership at an incredibly
successful Light the Night Walk. I spoke with Justin Smith and while the numbers are still not official – Our
walk sites projected total is about 20k more than last year. Also, well done to the freshman. Watching you all
come together and work so well as a team at such a large event was very impressive. Keep it up.
•     The electronic harassment education committee met last Thursday to review what has been done in the
past and over the summer and also how we can reach out and educate the campus community about the dangers
and effects of electronic harassment.
•     I would also like to thank everyone who attended for the Father D’Alzon sculpture dedication on Saturday
of Family Weekend. It was well attended and was a very nice ceremony.
•     I will be attending the college’s Budget Planning & Priorities Committee to present the students priorities
as the college moves forward to establish the budget for next fall. Any particular ideas or priorities please
contact me.
•     The executive board finished up our meetings with the College’s Vice Presidents this week. We met with
Father Gallagher and Dr. Lazarus. Any questions on those meetings or any others can be directed to me.
•     Since we haven’t had a meeting in a while, a big thank you for all those who attended the “Words Matter”
Panel. The panel went exceptionally well and has started a great conversation about how the words we choose
can have a serious impact on people around us. Fantastic job to all those who worked so hard to pull this event
•     “Consortium’s got Talent” is coming up at the Hanover Theatre. Each of the consortium schools has had a
talent showcase. The winners of each showcase will compete at the Hanover Theatre in “Consortium’s Got
Talent”. Our representative will be Jules Verbic ’12. She needs 50 fans to support her at the Hanover. Anyone
interested in supporting Assumption and our contestant Jules can sign up for the bus to Hanover in Student
Activities later this week.
•     Any questions or concerns can be emailed to me at

VII. Committee Updates

       Academics – Matthew Brennan ‘12
The Committee on Academic Affairs will offer two presentations. First, our notes from the 18 October 2010
meeting of the Committee on Academic Affairs; as a committee, we:
     Discussed the progress of creating and fostering relationships with the individuals responsible for the
       specific services related to each senator’s academic area of concern.
Secondly, our agenda for the 1 November 2010 meeting of the Committee on Academic Affairs; tomorrow, we
     Be led in a discussion by the Senators Concerned with Academic Opportunities and Academic Programs
       on promotion of their respective academic areas of concern.
Thank you very much for your time and continued commitment to academics here at Assumption College.

       Athletics – Molly Pietrantonio ‘12
Hockey won their game against SUNY Canton 5-2
The swim team won their meet over the weekend
Football lost their game against Bentley on Friday night 35 to 21

        Events – Joelle Santiago ‘13
Thank you to everyone for your participation and help with Light the Night! It was extremely successful, and
there were over 650 walkers. As of now we have raised over $100,000, which is $10,000 more than last year.
We still have money coming in, and once the final number is available I will be sure to notify all of you. If you
did not get to donate but would like to, please e-mail me at Thank you!
     Food and Auxiliary – Jacki Carlson ‘12
At the request of SGA and to keep prices competitive, the Copy Center has agreed to lower its fax prices. The
first page will now be $1.50, and every page after will be $1.00.

It has been brought to my attention that the American flag on top of the LLC is ripped. The flag is being taken
down for the winter months and will be replaced in the spring by Verizon.

The bistro on October 20th was a huge success in Taylor Dining Hall. About 80-100 students, faculty, and
administration attended. If you didn’t go, there will be another chance for you to experience such deliciousness
again in November.

Taylor To-Go is still operational. Pay $2.50 one time for a take-out container and fill it up to go. Bring the
container back, rinsed out, next time you want to use Taylor To-Go and you will receive a clean container to fill
up with food. This is the equivalent of eating in Taylor as it is only one meal swipe.

We had our monthly food services meeting on Wednesday and it was very successful. Thanks to everyone who

The Omelets Bar in Taylor Dining Hall will now stay open to 11:00 AM on weekdays, instead of closing at
10:30 AM.

Sushi Du will be coming in this week to do a testing as our new sushi provider.

Off campus advantage has begun. Freshway Pizza and Kai Sushi Bar and Grill are the only restaurants not
active yet, because they are waited for a new IP terminal to be shipped to them

I am in the process of trying to get in contact with UniversiDVD to get more information about getting a DVD
kiosk here on campus. And by “trying to get in contact”, I mean hounding them with phone calls and e-mails
until they get so annoyed with me that they have to talk to me. Stay tuned.

      Policy Review – Patrick Ritter ‘11
No Report.

         Student Affairs – Dan Thaller ‘12
This past week Vice-President Jonny Grenier and I sat down and drafted up a set of guidelines for LEAD and a
letter that will be sent to club advisors and presidents. Both documents will be available in the SGA office
tomorrow to be reviewed.
In our committee meeting tomorrow night we will discuss LEAD and go over more club constitutions.

VIII. Class President’s Report

       No Class President’s Reports this week.

IX. Open Discussion

       There was no Open Discussion this week.
X. Calendar

       Senate # 13: An act to approve the following clubs and organizations constitutions for the 2010-2011
       Academic year; Assumption College Dance Team, Assumption College Women’s Club Volleyball,
       Latin Dance Club, Assumption Ultimate Frisbee, Cheerleading, Men’s Volleyball, Outdoors Club,
       Equestrian Club
       Reason Behind this Proposal: To be in accordance with the SGA Constitution.
       -Sponsored by: Robert Benoit
       -Cosponsored by: Laura Brannon, Jacquilyn Zaremba, Jordan Dembishack, Dan Thaller, Courtney
Decision: Tabled until Sunday, November 7, 2010

XI. New Business

       Senate # 14: An act to ban the website from the Assumption network.
       Reasoning Behind this Proposal: is a forum similar to juicy campus.
       -Sponsored by: Joe McElroy
       -Cosponsored by: Daniel Thaller
                                     This proposal has been withdrawn.

XII. Announcements
           -Dexter Viator ’11: A message from Justin Smith ’03, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions:
       I wish to express my thanks and appreciation to all of SGA in their continuing support of The Light the
       Night Walk. As you may know the walk was started in 2000 by Kyle Egress ’01 then President of SGA.
       Since that first year the walk has grown to one of the largest and most successful walks in the
       Massachusetts chapter and is one of the top walks in the country for providing in kind donations
       enabling over 90% of funds raised to go directly to researchers and patients who need it most. This
       would not be possible without the continued support of the Student Government Association and the
       student leaders of Assumption as a whole. As a blood cancer survivor myself it gives me great pride to
       see the student leaders of Assumption continue the tradition started a decade ago in support of a cause
       near and dear to my heart

       A special thanks goes out to Sophomore Senator Joelle Santiago in her first year as Student Walk
       Chair. Her personal connection to the mission to find a cure was no doubt a driving force behind her
       superior organization and leadership of this large endeavor. She has proven herself this first year in
       helping to motivate and encourage her fellow students to raise money and participate in the walk once
       again making this a standout year for AC student fundraising.

       Once again thank you to Joelle and all the SGA for such a successful Light The Night Walk.

           -Julie Malinowski ’11: Thank you to those who attended the Seniors Dress for Success
           -Megan Evangelista ’13: The Oxfam Hunger Banquet will be held Wednesday, November 3rd at 6:00
           pm in the Hagan Campus Center Hall. Also, thank you to anyone who signed a postcard for the
           Dear Hilary Campaign. Congratulations to Campus Ministry for putting on a great START Retreat
           this weekend!
           -Caroline Knowles ’13: On Monday, November 8th from 6:00-7:30, there is an informational
           meeting in Kennedy 119 for a summer Study Abroad program in Italy.
           -Carleigh Baldwin ’11: Anyone that has been on the START 1 Retreat, I strongly encourage you to
           sign up for the START 2 Retreat. Registration forms are available in Campus Ministry.
XIII. Adjournment
       Motion: Nic Guerra        Second: Laura Brannon
Decision: Motion PASSED

                              Respectfully submitted by Dexter Viator ‘11
                            Senate Speaker, Student Government Association