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                   Club Activity Plan (Sample Only)
                       Creating a Club Activity Plan (CAP)
Use the template provided herein to create your club activity plan. Copy the template in
Microsoft Word onto a new file. Name the file "Agriscience Club Activity Plan" and then
save the file to your computer or to a disk or other media as you like for safe storage
and later reference. Then change the meeting identifiers as desired to comply with how
you want to conduct your club to comply with meeting requirements. The CAP has two
parts. Part 1 is the meeting schedule. Part 2 is the budget.

       Part 1 should take about 6 minutes. First, place the 10 CIM meeting identifiers
       in either the Meeting 1 column or the Meeting 2 column. Only use the 16 rows
       where there is a week number. This should take about 2 minutes. Secondly,
       place the 12 APR meeting identifiers. This should take about 2 minutes. Thirdly,
       place the 5 MCM meeting identifiers. This should take about 1 minute. Finally,
       place the CCP meeting identifiers. This should take about 1 minute.

       Part 2 should take about five minutes and should contain only estimates. There
       is no need to obtain quotes. The items you should list are your "guestimates" of
       what you think you might need.

                         Meeting Requirements
Each club advisor is required to establish an activity plan for the club that consists of 32 one
hour meetings. These meetings may be combined into 16 or more 2-hour weekly career
exploration sessions. Normally, two meetings a week are required to comply with the
meeting requirement. This will vary, of course, based on school requirements, and school
calendar and holidays. A series of meetings is required. The club advisor is free to conduct
other meetings as desired. This series of meetings is organized into 4 types of meetings. For
more details, please refer to the Club Activity Manual available at the
website under Teacher Recourses on the Science Teachers page.

Type 1: Career Information Meetings (CIM) - 10 Required Meetings
The CIM meeting series is designed to deliver career information to club members. These
meetings may use MyCaert Lesson Plans and related materials. MyCaert is a subscription-
based service. Subscriptions are provided free to the club advisor, who will be provided with
a username and login. Only certain lesson plans are approved. In other cases, a CIM may
not use a MyCaert Lesson Plan. To keep the CIM interesting, each CIM These meetings
should use varying formats as follows:
                                          Sample CAP

               Teacher presentation (either the club advisor or another guest teacher)
               A demonstration (either by the club advisor or by a guest)
               Guest presentation (either an industry representative or a college
               Club member role play (an interactive session that requires club members to
                play roles based on their perceptions of various types of people and

Type 2: Agriscience Project Review Meetings (APR) - 12 Required Meetings
The purpose of the APR meeting series is to prepare club members to compete for
scholarships at the Agriscience Career Fair. Details about each of these 12 meetings is
located in the Club Activity Manual (CAM), available at the website under
Teacher Recourses on the Science Teachers page.

Type 3: Monthly Club Meetings (MCM) - 5 Required Meetings
The primary purpose of the MCM meeting series is club member networking, fun,
discussion, refreshments, and updates to club members from club officers. Secondarily, club
officers should develop and practice leadership skills. Also, club members should learn how
to conduct an orderly meeting.

Type 4: College and Career Planning Meetings (CCP) - 5 Required Meetings
The purpose of the CCP meeting series is twofold:

         1.      Enable each club member to develop a college and career plan which they
                 will present and discuss at the Team Summit and at the Agriscience Career

         2.      Challenge each club member to explore industries, careers, and college
                 degree programs. Along with this challenge comes scholarship opportunities
                 and opportunities to be recognized by:

                       Fellow club members
                       Club members from other schools
                       Publicly in the media
                       Parents and family members

These meetings are organized into two parts: Plan Development and Challenge Team

                                          Sample CAP

                   Club Activity Plan Template
                               Part 1: Meeting Schedule

Meeting Identifiers
 Identify each CIM using the CIM number in the series, from Meeting 1 to Meeting 10.
Likewise, identify each APR using the APR number in the series, from Meeting 1 to Meeting
12. Identify each MCM using the MCM number in the series, from Meeting 1 to Meeting 5.
Finally, identify each CCP using the CCP number in the series, from Meeting 1 to Meeting 5.

                                 Club Activity Plan
       Week     Week          Meeting 1           Meeting 2        Holidays and Special
        #         Of                                                      Events
        1       Nov 1     CIM-1                MCM -1
        2       Nov 8     APR-1                CIM-2             Veterans Day
        3       Nov 15    APR-2                CIM-3
                Nov 22    No Activity          No Activity        Thanksgiving
         4      Nov 29    APR-3                CCP-1
         5      Dec 6     APR-4                MCM-2
         6      Dec 13    APR-5                CIM-4
                Dec 20    No Activity          No Activity       Winter Break
                Dec 27    No Activity          No Activity       Winter Break
          7      Jan 3    CCP-2                CIM-5
          8     Jan 10    MCM-3                CIM-6
          9     Jan 17    APR-6                CIM-7              King Day
         10     Jan 24    APR-7                CIM-8
         11     Jan 31    APR-8                CIM-9
         12      Feb 7    APR-9                MCM-4
         13     Feb 14    APR-10               CCP-3
         14     Feb 21    APR-11               CIM-10
         15     Feb 28    CCP-4                CCP-5
         16     Mar 7     APR-12               MCM-5             Team Summit
                Mar 14    No Activity          No Activity       Spring Break
                Mar 21    No Activity          No Activity       Agriscience Career Fair
                Mar 28

                                        Part 2: Budget

The budget may include any expenses which the club advisor deems necessary or desirable
to keep the club meetings interesting and facilitate the duties of the club officers.
Categories of expense may include scrapbook supplies, camera supplies, paper, copies,
refreshments and snacks, club banner, name badges, award ribbons, newsletter expenses,
video supplies, lab demonstration expenses, and guest speaker expenses. Items of
equipment are considered extraordinary expenses.


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