Chapter3 by mudoc123


									  Junior Master Gardener                                                    Level 1 - Chapter Three                          Ecology and Environmental Horticulture

Balance and Interactions                                            Date        Initials                 Recycling                                                     Date       Initials
Group Activities               Nature Class Web                                                          Group Activities            Vermi-composting
                               The Food Chain Gang                                                                                   Supermowing Machine
                               Polluting Your Planet                                                                                 Grow Cards
                               Exploding Cactus                                                                                      Know & Show Recycling Sombrero
                               Garden Weather Station                                                        Individual Activities   Grow Cards
Individual Activities          Your Own World                                                                                        Use It...Don't Lose It
                               Wild Weeds                                                                                            Critter Condo
                               A Bee's Eye View                                                                                      Composting Homework
                               Water Balance                                                                                         Recycle Inventory
                               Become a Spider                                                                                       JMG Web

                               JMG Web                                                                   Eco-Art
Habitats                                                                                                 Group Activities            Plant Pounding
Group Activities               The Tree Community                                                                                    Let's Dye It
                               Gourd Bird House                                                                                      Nature Windows
                               Our Pocket Park                                                                                       Garden Folks
                               Backyard Buddy                                                                                        Nature Masks
                               Visit With A Vet                                                                                      Mother Nature's Children
Individual Activities          Home Sweet Home                                                               Individual Activities   Seed Jewelry
                               Toad Abode                                                                                            Nature Garland
                               Feathered Friend Feeder                                                                               Mystery Boxes
                               Boarding House                                                                                        Seeds Magnet
                               Journal                                                                                               Recycle Sculpture
                               JMG Web                                                                                               Garden Folks

Hand-In-Hand With Nature                                                                                                             JMG Web
Group Activities               On the Move                                                               Leadership/Service Projects
                               Both Sides of the Fence                                                                               Winder Wildlife Tree
                               Weighing Wastes                                                                                       Backyard Habitat Garden
                               Let's Try Organic                                                                                     Recycled Art Show
                               Xeriscape                                                                                             Create Your Own
Individual Activities          More Isn't Better
                               Organic JMG
                               Water, Water, Everywhere
                               Meter Reader
                               JMG Web
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