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									            Car Detailing, Washing, and Polishing using Zaino
(The following is what I used to keep my car shinny and clean. I have tried the synthetic chamois, real
chamois, water blade, driving around the block at 90mph, you name it I have tried it at one time or another.
Plus, over the past 35 years I've tried every wax, cleaner, spray, glass cleaner, super-duper wax, polish,
silicon spray, auto-detailer, and all the 2 steps, 3 steps, and 4 step processes out there. After trying it all
here is what I settled on for all my cars. Some of the following Zaino info came from the Zaino web site. Last
updated June 3, 2005.)

If you have not used Zaino products before you will need the following Zaino products available
at <> or from Bay Area Zaino <> to get started:

If your car has a clear coat on the paint get:
If your car does not have a clear coat on the paint get:

6. Z-18 ClayBar
7. #314 CUSTOM 4x5 POLISH APPLICATOR (get at least 3 or 4 of these)
8. ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator Additive (optional to speed up drying time)


1. Because Zaino Show Car Polish is optically perfect (99.9%) the optimum results are achieved
by using over wax free paint.

2. If you are looking for the ultimate paint surface preparation use Zaino Z-18 ClayBar first or
skip to Step 3 below.

Zaino Z-18 ClayBar was designed to remove airborne contaminants, paint over-spray, water
spots, rail dust, industrial fallout, diesel fuel & catalytic converter residue and any other bonded
surface contaminants from paint. All cars even brand new factory paint has airborne
contaminants! The non-abrasive Z-18 ClayBar will remove any surface contaminants from the
paint finish and not hurt the clear-coat. The ClayBar will get that paint finish smooth as glass.
Now remember water spots, bird droppings and bug guts if left on the paint finish for any length
of time. Will etch into the paint finish. The ClayBar will also remove any store bought wax as

I recommend you use Z-7 car wash as a lubricant for the ClayBar. Just make sure to keep the
surface area lubricated while using the ClayBar. Use 1/2 capful of Z-7 Car Wash to 12 ounces of
water. I use a spray bottle for the mix. Shake it up and spray the area to be Clayed. Just make
sure to keep the surface area well lubricated while using the ClayBar. The Claybar will just glide
over the paint picking up all the embedded contaminates.

Zaino Car Wash & Wax - Al Hall – June 3, 2005
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3. I would definitely recommend you remove the wax buildup on your paint. Just use Liquid
Dawn (dishwashing liquid) as a car wash. It has a high alkaline content that cuts right thru
carnauba wax, paraffin, silicone oils, road scum, etc. This will get your paint finish squeaky
clean and wax free.

I don't advise making a habit of washing your car with Dawn. But for this scenario it's fine. High
alkaline products like Dawn are tough on polishes. It will not, however, harm the paint finish. A
car wash type cleaner is made specifically to clean without removing durable polishes. ALSO,
Make sure you remove any water spots, before you apply Zaino products. Because Zaino has no
abrasives or harsh solvents it will not remove water spots or stains. Z-18 ClayBar is great for
removing any paint surface contaminants. Re-wash the entire vehicle with Z-7 Car Wash
immediately after the ClayBar Cleaning Process.

4. The basic products you will need are Z1 or the optional new ZFX accelerator additive if you
don't want to wait for the Z2 to dry, Z2, Z5, Z6 and Z7.
Note: The New ZFX accelerator additive is the latest innovation and designed as a substitute
and/or replacement for Z-1. If you don’t mind waiting for a few hours between coats you will
not need the expensive ZFX. The Z2 & ZFX you mix must be used in a few hours or discarded
as it will not keep.

5. Start with either Z-1 Polish Lok as per directions OR the new ZFX accelerator additive. If you
are using Z-1 it does not need to dry. Remember do not wipe off the Z-1 Polish Lok. Apply Z-2
or Z-5 directly over the Z-1. Z-5 is the hot ticket for a swirl free, flawless paint finish. Usually
one to three coats will accomplish that.

6. Let Z-2 or Z-5 polish dry at least one hour. Please NOTE: Zaino Show Car Polish works best
at 60 degrees or higher. However, it can be applied down to temperatures of 45 degrees. It just
will take much, much longer to dry. As much as two to three hours drying time is required if the
temperature is 50 degrees or below. Also, If the humidity is high. Longer drying time is
necessary. Humidity is a killer on the drying time of Z-2 or Z-5. The moisture in the air hinders
drying time up to four times longer than normal. When you try to remove Z-2 or Z-5 when it is
still wet all you're accomplishing is moving it around. Kinda like reapplying it. Also you need to
use a LARGE white 100% bath size Zaino towel to remove Z-2 or Z-5. Smaller towels will not
work efficiently. See Zaino cotton towel description below.

To test if Z-2 or Z-5 is dry and ready to be removed. Wipe your finger on a hazed section. It
should immediately come off and leave a crystal clear finish. If it smears, it is still wet. You can
leave Z-2 or Z-5 on for hours or overnight if you desire. When it is not humid Z-2 will take
anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to dry. depending on how heavy you applied it. I have applied
Z-2 in the California sun and it dried in approx. 3 to 5 minutes. I have also applied it in 38 degree
temperature and it took all night to dry. Be patient, it's worth it. Different situations affect drying
times. Also, remember you have Z-1 and Z-2 (or Z5) both on the car. That is two products that
have to dry at one time. Takes longer. Z-2 or Z-5 does not contain any oils and once it's dry will
never ever look smeary or feel greasy. If you remove Z-2 or Z-5 before it is thoroughly dry and
get any smears it is not ready to be removed yet. If the car surface get a little dusty after you

Zaino Car Wash & Wax - Al Hall – June 3, 2005
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remove the excess Z2 (or Z5) just wipe down the car with a lightly damp cotton towel. This will
remove any smears or dust. Don't use Z-6 until you wipe the car down and you have a great
Zaino shine. Note: If you are using the New ZFX accelerator additive drying time is greatly

7. After removal of Zaino Z-2 or Z-5. You should wait 24 hours if the outside temperature is
under 70 degrees and 6 hours if over 70 degrees, before applying the next coat of Z-2 or Z-5.

8. Use Z-6 "Gloss Enhancer" spray as per directions, between each and every coat of Z-2 or Z-5.
It really helps give a three dimensional look. I just adjust the sprayer to produce a fine mist and
mist it on a small section and wipe dry quickly with a clean Zaino cotton towel. I then move on
to the next section and mist and wipe dry and so on.

It's antistatic properties will reduce dust and dirt pickup by 60%. Z-6 can be used immediately
after removing Z-2 or Z-5 or right before applying the next coat of Z-2 or Z-5. One can use Z-6
both, before and after Z-2 or Z-5 for that extra gloss boost.

9. You can switch to Z-2 as soon as you are happy with the way the paint finish looks. Example,
no more swirls, scratches etc. It's up to you. Z-2 has higher optical properties than Z-5. You can
go from Z-2 to Z-5 and then back to Z-2 as often as you want. Z-2 and Z-5 are 100% compatible
and interchangeable. You should always end with Z-2 as the last coat because of its higher

10. The number of coats of Z-2 or Z-5 is up to you. When you reach the level of enhancement
you like, normal maintenance with Z-7 Car Wash and Z-6 "Gloss Enhancer" spray is all that's
necessary. Naturally apply a coat of Z-2 or Z-5 whenever you feel it is required.

NOTE: One application of Zaino Z-2 or Z-5 will outlast anything in the industry and is all you'll
ever need for an average vehicle. However, Multiple coats will achieve an even deeper, wetter-
looking, ultra high gloss. Plus higher paint protection. It's up to you....You be the judge...


ALWAYS use only 100% Cotton towels. They must be Made in USA. Brand name (Cannon or
Fieldcrest) large white bath size towels. Do not use colored towels. These towels are available
at Mervyns or Sears. The cheap Wal-Mart 100% cotton made in Taiwan/China/Mexico/etc. use
polyester thread to sew the end seams and can use polyester in the matting that secure the cotton
loops. The label on these cheap towels say 100% cotton but they are not all cotton.
Additionally, Wal-Mart might sell Cannon but it’s a cheap version of the towels that are sold in
Sears or Mervyns. Additionally, the good towels are also sold in fine department stores like
Gottschalks, Macys, and Nordstroms. Don’t go cheap on the towels, your car will love you and
you will not make swirls in your paint.

While on the subject of towels what works best is to buy new large bath towels then cut them in
half and cut off the decorative trim strips that have no cotton loops. When using these towels

Zaino Car Wash & Wax - Al Hall – June 3, 2005
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fold in half, then half again. Then wipe a small area then turn the towel over and wipe with a
clean surface again then refold to a clean side and with again and so on. You should have eight
clean surfaces to wipe before reusing a towel wipe surface.

One large bath towel cut in half will produce 16 (15” x 15”) wipe surfaces. Do not use these
Zaino towels for anything else. Wash these towels in Tide Liquid soap. Do not use power soap,
as there is a chance of residual material left over on the towels after washing. This material used
as filler in power soap could be abrasive if trapped by the loops on the towel. Wash & Dry the
towels by themselves so other non-cotton threads do not become embedded in the towels.
Lastly, do not use any kind of fabric softener in the washer or dryer. This will significantly
reduce the absorption capability of the towel and contaminate the towel with chemicals that will
not be friendly to your car’s painted surface. Remember, cotton, and nothing but cotton should
ever touch your car’s painted surface.

After a few washings the newly cut ends of the towels will become frayed and at some point the
threads will stop coming off for the most part and the cut ends will stabilize.


Zaino Show Car Polish is designed to be layered. With each layer you apply, your car's paint
looks better and feels smoother. Depth, gloss and clarity all increase with each coat.

Like all other polymer based polish and protection systems, Zaino Show Car Polish must cure
before applying subsequent coats. The curing process allows the polymer chains to cross-link,
building strength and durability. If the polymer strands have not cross-linked (cured), applying a
fresh coat of polish will not achieve the optimum layered result. Consequently, creating a show
car finish can be a long process of applying a layer, waiting, and applying another layer. Be
patient as your efforts will be greatly rewarded.

Zaino Car Wash & Wax - Al Hall – June 3, 2005
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                  After Zaino - Everyday Car Wash Proceedure
1. Use all Zaino products: Z1, Z2, Z6, Z7 + “Zaino” terry cloth covered application sponges.
    Zaino just shines the best, and is easiest to use.
2. The non Zaino stuff needed is: Invisible Glass cleaner spray (by far the best), Megiurs gel
    tire cleaner works pretty good. Zaino also makes a tire gel/cleaner but I don’t think is any
    better. I’m not nuts about using tire gel anyway as it make the tires too shiny and distracts
    from the car’s finish.
3. Tools:
    a. bucket, for washing
    b. sprayer nozzle for hose
    c. two sheep skin wash mitts, one mitt for the top/hood/rear deck and the upper cleaner parts
         of the sides and the other mitt for the rims/lower sides (really dirty parts)/splash panels
    d. 5 large bath 100% USA cotton towels (w/ seams & non-loop parts cut off )
    e. 4 non-lint cotton glass towels (green ones from Pep Boys)
    f. 2 large & 1 small California duster
    g. 1 small spray bottle
    h. 1 small paintbrush (1 in. camel hair works well)
    i. 1 electric/gas leaf blower (really, I laugh at first too, but it works!)
    j. 1 wet/dry shop-vac (the large shop-vac can work as the blower if strong enough)
4. Procedure:
    a. Hose off bugs on nose and start them soaking to soften
    b. Hose off brake dust from rims and sides
    c. Hose off splash panels and start them soaking as well
    d. Get the rest of the car wet
    e. Fill bucket with water and Z7
    f. Put on wash mitt #1 and with lots of water/Z7 wash mix, wash the roof, hood,
         windshield, rear deck, then a first pass over the bugs on front end. Keep soaking/rinsing
         the mitt in bucket. Done with mitt #1, toss it in the washer.
    g. Raise car, and re-spray wheels, lower splash panels and nose
    h. Put on wash mitt #2 and with lots of water/Z7 mix wash the rear end, then front end
         (again), then the lower sides, splash panels, and then the rims. Keep soaking/rinsing the
         mitt in bucket. Make a new batch of water/Z7 if needed. Rinse car completely.
    i. Fire-up leaf blower a blow water off all the flat surfaces and all small nooks & crannies
         while being careful not to bang the leaf blower pipe on the car’s finish (mirrors, door
         handles, body seams, rear lights, etc - leaf blower works really good here).
    j. Grab two cotton towels (#1 & #2), one in each hand, and finish off the drying job, toss
         towels into washer
    k. Grab towel #3, hit the door jams, open trunk/coupe lid and dry seal/channel, open hood,
         dry seal/channel and then dry the rims. Toss towel #3 into washer.
    l. Gel the tires if then need it or just use an old cheap towel that is damp to wipe the tire
    m. Remove/shake mats, completely vacuum all carpet
    n. Next grab the glass lent-free towels #1 & #2 and Invisible Glass and clean all the glass.
         Spray; wipe with towel #1 then touch up with towel #2. Toss glass towels into washer.

Zaino Car Wash & Wax - Al Hall – June 3, 2005
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     o. Take the small paintbrush and brush the dust out of all the dash cracks, and air vents and
        the other hard to get places.
     p. Take a clean glass lent-free towel #3 and dampen with clean water and wipe the dash,
        door panels, center console, all the other dash items, and seats. Toss towel #3 into
     q. Stuff glass lent-free towel #4 under seat for later use to clean finger prints from glass and
        other areas as they occur when driving.
     r. Grab trimmed drying (Zaino) towel #4 & #5 and spray Z6 all painted areas -or- Z2 all
        painted areas + glass then use towel #4 to remove Z2 and towel #5 to buff surface with
        Z6. Toss towels in washer.
     s. Start washer with Tide Liquid. After wash, air-dry mitts, dry everything else.

Z2 the glass as it decrease the surface tension of the glass and works almost as good as Rain-X.
Also the bugs come off easier and the wipers are much smoother in the rain.

If car is not too dusty/dirty from driving/parking etc, use the Calif. duster #1 to dust car hood,
top, rear deck, nose, rear end. Then use Calif. duster #2 to dust sides and splash panels, as they
are always really dusty with dirt and brake dust. Make sure that you mark your dusters so you
can tell them apart and always use #2 duster for the really dirty (brake dust) sides and lower
splash panels. Use the small Calif. duster for the rims.

After the Calif. duster, you can get the bugs off by using the small spray bottle (old Z6 spray
bottles works well for this) with water and a few drops of Z7 and a clean cotton towel. Spray
bugs and let soak for about 5 mins. Then re-spray and wipe with towel refolding/turning often so
as to not grind in any dirt into the paint surface. While the bugs are soaking lightly spray the rest
of the car a small section at a time followed by a quick wipe with a clean Zaino towel. Do the
top, hood, rear deck, upper sides, rear end, and lower sides. Lastly, wipe the soaking bugs off
the front end. Do not use this towel again until it is washed.

Next time you are at Costco/Wal-Mart/etc pickup one of those plastic storage boxes with hinged
folding lids to put all your car care stuff in. That way when it is wash time just get the wash box
out and go to work.

When you travel take two or three Zaino towels with you along with a spray bottle of water with
a few drops of Z7 and a bottle of Z6. Don’t forget your California duster as it will come in
handy for these quick dust off jobs. That way you will be ready to maintain your car’s finish
while on the road.

The other thing that is handy for us old folks is to get one of those little stools with wheels to
sit/roll along on when polishing/cleaning down low. I found one at Orchard Hardware and I
have also seen them at Costco, Pep Boys and Home Base.

At least once a year replace the Calif. dusters, wash mitts & cotton drying towels.

Have fun,
Al Hall

Zaino Car Wash & Wax - Al Hall – June 3, 2005
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                     Zaino Product Description by the numbers
The following list is a compete list of all Zaino products from their web site. The use of some of
these products is not covered above but the product descriptions are included so that this list is


For optimum results Z-1 Polish Lok™ must be used before applying Show Car Polishes Z-2, Z-3
or Z-5. A unique non-abrasive formulation for regular and clear-coated paint finishes. Z-1 Polish
Lok™ is not your typical pre-cleaner, like everyone else sells, but a very special base-coat
foundation for all our Show Car Polishes. It gently cleans, conditions and prepares the paint
finish for Show Car Polish. Z-1 Polish Lok™ creates an optically perfect, flat molecular bond
between paint and polish to increases light refraction and reflectivety.

Z-1 Polish Lok™ interacts chemically when it comes in contact with Show Car Polish to
dramatically heighten the "wet-looking", mirror gloss and lock in the durability of gloss and
protection shield. Apply a thin coat of Z-1 Polish Lok™ using a 100% cotton cloth or applicator
pad, in a circular motion, to the entire vehicle, no rubbing is necessary, DO NOT WIPE OFF.
Follow directions on Show Car Polish, and apply directly over hazed Z-1 Polish Lok™. Z-1
Polish Lok™ is recommended twice a year on everyday vehicles and once a year on show cars.
One eight ounce bottle of Z-1 Polish Lok™ will do approximately eight mid-size cars.


Our customers describe Z-2 Show Car Polish with one word. AWESOME! Lattest synthetic
technology gives Z-2 Show Car Polish the "wettest-looking," deepest, slickest, clearest, richest,
distortion-free and longest-lasting finish protection in the industry. These products were
originally created for some of the finest custom showcars in the world to enhance and protect
their already flawless paintwork. Imagine what it will do for your paint. Z-2 Show Car Polish
contains state-of-the-art optical enhancers and gloss additives to show the true color and clarity
of your paint. It is 99.9% optically perfect. We also added Ultra-Gard™ UV(40) our advanced
technological sunscreen for the ultimate protection against fading and shrinking. A special
additive to keep the paint from losing its elasticity and resilience. This restores the gloss on
rubber and plastic painted parts, which have a tendency to fade and lose gloss faster than the rest
of the vehicle.

Z-2 bonds with the paint pigment and will get "wetter," "deeper and richer" with multiple coats,
it will also help eliminate swirl marks. Z-2 is a hydrophobic-based formula and contains no
abrasives, harmful silicones, or yellowing carnauba wax. Z-2 is the easiest and quickest polish
you will ever use, it will not streak, yellow, smear, film or leave a haze even on black, in any
situation. Leaves no powder or white residue in cracks, is non-greasy, non-oily, anti-static, will
not attract dust or dirt and can be applied to the entire vehicle in the sun or shade. Z-2 polish is a
true paint protectant designed to replace traditional waxes. It will give your paint finish total
environmental protection and is the only protectant you will ever need. It will offer more
protection than any wax in the industry.... You will see!!! Nothing sticks to Zaino Show Car

Zaino Car Wash & Wax - Al Hall – June 3, 2005
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polish. It will outperform, outprotect, outshine and outlast anything on the market today.

The first application of Z-2 Show Car Polish will produce a super high wet-looking, durable
gloss. This is fine for the average vehicle. For the enthusiast, a second coat of Z-2 will simply
amaze you in terms of wetness, slickness and optical clarity. You will really see the effect, Z-2
polish has on making ordinary paint finishes look Show Car quality. The third coat, well, simply
put it's AWESOME! One eight ounce bottle of Z-2 Show Car Polish will yield approximately
eight to ten coats on a mid-size car.


Same synthetic technology as Z-2 Show Car Polish above, but also includes a custom blend of
emulsifiers to gently clean, condition and maintain regular paints, which tend to oxidize, shrink
and lose their resiliency quicker. Special filling agents for fine scratches, buffing and swirl
marks. Optical enhancing additives designed specifically for single stage urethanes, lacquers,
enamels, lucite, imron, acrylics and older paint formulations. One eight ounce bottle of Z-3 Show
Car Polish will yield approximately eight to ten coats on a mid-size car.


FACT. The only way to remove, heavy swirl marks and scratches from a clear coated surface is
to have the car professionally machine buffed with an abrasive compound. This should be the
last resort, as factory clear coat is very thin and you can break thru it very easily. Also, most
polishes and waxes contain abrasives, they remove some swirl marks but create new swirls.
Kinda of catch-22. Z-5 is the first non-abrasive polish that will eliminate swirl marks, fine
scratches and spidering, without hurting the integrity of the clear coat. It does this in stages,
anywhere between 1 to 3 applications. This in itself is a major technological breakthrough. With
each application of Z-5 polish, you will see the swirl marks and fine scratches gradually lessen,
until the marks are no longer visible. Although this procedure may seem time consuming, the
results are well worth it. This is the only way a swirl mark problem should be addressed and

Z-5 is the safest, most cost effective way of repairing the paint, so to speak. After you are
satisfied with the way the paint looks. Switch to Z-2 Show Car Polish to achieve an even higher
wet-looking, optically perfect paint finish. Follow up with Z-6 "Gloss Enhancer" spray. Z-6
"Gloss Enhancer" spray should be used between every coat of Z-5 or Z-2. It is an extremely high,
optical enhancing product and dramatically increases light refraction and reflection. The results
will knock your socks off! All Show Car Polish products are molecular crosslinking and are
100% compatible with each other.

NOTE: For any future swirls or scratches you may get, just reapply Z-5 to the affected area or
the whole car if you prefer. Z-5 can be used right over Z-2. They are completely compatible and
interchangeable. For the highest optical paint enhancement always follow up Z-5 with a coat of

Zaino Car Wash & Wax - Al Hall – June 3, 2005
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Z-2. One eight ounce bottle of Z-5 Polish will yield approximately eight to ten coats on a mid-
size car.


Z-6 "Gloss Enhancer" spray is a very important addition to the Show Car Polish line-up. This
product dramatically boosts and intensifies all Show Car Polishes. Z-6 contains seven optical
clarifiers and our unique wet gloss enhancers to increase the "wet-looking", mile-deep Show Car
Polish shine. We highly recommend it for fast cleaning of dust, water spots and light soil from
painted surfaces, without scratching. Forms a tough molecular bond with Show Car Polish to
increase the depth of gloss, optical clarity, slickness, durability and reinforce the UV(40)
protection. Super anti-static formula reduces dust and dirt pickup by up to 60%. Z-6 will not
streak, smear, haze, dull or leave a film. A must for quick touch-ups and the show winning edge.
Concentrated 16 oz. spray. Less than one ounce does an average car.


A concentrated blend of special cleaners, UV blockers and Show Car Polish that actually
condition and enhance the gloss of painted vehicles each time it is used. Does not contain
detergent, alkalines or acids. Special water-based lubricant, prevents dirt and soil from scratching
the paint finish when washing. Unique foaming agents produce longer-lasting, dirt encapsulating
suds. Rinses completely, leaving a non-spotting, non-filming, streak-free, just polished look. Z-7
Show Car Wash was designed to deep clean and increase the paint gloss every time it is used.


An alkaline-free, special blend of emulsifiers, mink oil and synthetic lanolin to safely clean all
fine leather surfaces. It removes soil and stains without harming the natural oils in leather. Will
not cause leather to crack, shrink or dry out. Z-9 will restore leather surfaces to like new
condition. Perfect for all leather products. Excellent for vinyl too. After cleaning, Z-10 Leather in
a Bottle™ Treatment and Conditioner is recommended to keep the leather supple, soft, protected
and enhance the leather scent.


Two years in the making and already rated number one in the industry. Z-10 Leather in a
Bottle™ Treatment and Conditioner contains a perfectly balanced, solvent-free blend of special
oils and other natural nutritives, which penetrates, softens and preserves the leather. We also
added Ultra-Gard™ our total UV protector (40) and our exclusive real leather oil concentrate.
This feeds and enhances the leather scent, to give your vehicle that great new leather smell. Just
wipe on and let dry, no buffing is necessary. It leaves a non-oily, non-greasy, non-sticky, stain
repelling, natural luster and restores the warm supple, soft feel, and smell of fine leather. Does a
great job on vinyl interiors and dashboards too. One whiff and you will agree its Leather in a
Bottle™. This product has no equal in the world.


Zaino Car Wash & Wax - Al Hall – June 3, 2005
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Finally, a glass cleaner and polish that really works. We have yet to find a stain that it did not
remove. Formulated with modified cleaners and mild abrasives, that deep cleans and polishes all
glass surfaces. Removes acid rain, water spots, road film, stubborn stains, annoying interior glass
film and fine to medium scratches. This product will remove plasticizing (the hazy film that
attaches to the inside of the windshield on all late model vehicles) in one application. Leaves
glass crystal clear and sparkling. You will think the glass disappeared. Will not scratch or distort
glass. Great for restoring old windshields. Can also be used to clean chrome and metal surfaces.
For hand or machine use. Not for use on Coated Glass, painted or plastic surfaces.


Z-14 is designed to clean and protect all types of plastic surfaces without scratching. It can be
used on clear or colored plastics from very thin films to very thick acrylics, lexan, abs,
plexiglass, etc. Z-14 deep cleans as it polishes and restores dull plastic to like new condition. It
penetrates and seals, tiny scratches and pores in plastic to increase surface clarity and reduce
distortion. Z-14 is fast drying and leaves no sticky, oily or greasy residue. It creates an ultra-
slick, anti-static, smudge free surface. Great for restoring old plastic lenses and other hard plastic
parts. Not for use on vinyl surfaces.


For many years I have been dissatisfied with the tire dressings on the market. They are loaded
with silicone oil. They are very greasy, oily and messy. They attract dirt and dust like a magnet,
have no UV protection, can cause tire deterioration, give an unrealistic gloss and wash off as
soon as the tire gets wet. The tire dressing, always slings and gets onto the wheels and
surrounding paint surface and causes discoloration and staining. I have yet to find one benefit to
using this type of product. Z-16 Perfect Tire Gloss is a non-oily, non-greasy, rubber protectant
and finishing treatment. Its unique formula with Ultra-Gard™ UV(40) and antistatic properties
prevent drying, cracking, browning and repels dust and dirt. Z-16 leaves an incredibly durable,
water repellent, perfect looking satin finish, that's only slightly glossy and dry to the touch. Use
on all exterior rubber, tires, moldings, plastic trim, weatherstripping, underhood hoses and more.
Just wet a sponge with Z-16 and apply to the surface to be treated and let dry. It will last thru rain
and multiple washings. Z-16 is very durable and will last an average of 3 to 4 weeks on an
outdoor car. Z-16 is not recommended for interior seats or vinyl tops.

ZFX™ Flash Cure Accelerator Additive

ZFX™, with Flash Cure™ (patent pending), is a revolutionary new polish enhancement additive
that's exclusive to the Zaino Show Car Polish system. There's never been anything quite like
ZFX™, and here's why:

All polish, sealant and wax protection systems must "cure" before they can effectively protect
your paint. Once cured, all paint protection systems begin to deteriorate. The rate of
deterioration depends on many factors, including the chemicals used, bonding qualities, weather,
washing, and use of the car.

Zaino Car Wash & Wax - Al Hall – June 3, 2005
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A very few specialty paint protection systems can be layered to increase protection and paint
appearance. Layer-able systems must cure prior to application of subsequent coats. Depending
on the product, cure time may take a few hours or a few days.

For lasting protection, most synthetic sealants are formulated to be hard. If not properly
designed, synthetic sealants may crack, yellow or distort the optics of the paint surface.
ZFX™ is a Zaino Show Car Polish acceleration and appearance additive. It offers near-instant
cure time, reduced surface distortion, enhanced polish flexibility, and improved bonding to both
paint and additional layers of Show Car Polish. In simple terms, ZFX™ vastly improves paint
surface appearance and increases polish durability.

ZFX™ is the product of more than 30 years experience painting show cars. Professional painters
add chemicals and compounds to their paint mix prior to painting to improve paint flexibility,
reduce paint imperfections, increase hardness, and improve gloss. We applied this same line of
thinking in the development of ZFX™. The result is a stunning professional show car finish
with less effort, no waiting and longer-lasting results.

ZFX™ can be used with any of our Show Car Polish products, including Z-2, Z-3 and Z-5. Plus,
ZFX™ makes using Z-1 PreLok unnecessary on cars that have been clayed and thoroughly
cleaned with Dawn dishwashing liquid.

When we say "acceleration," we mean it! Adding ZFX™ to any one of our Show Car Polishes
prior to use is like kicking an F-14 Tomcat into afterburner. The competition just can't
compete... we'll shoot them down every time. Perfect shine, less time -- guaranteed!

Z-18 ClayBar

Z-18 ClayBar removes imbedded contamination from the paint finish that cannot be removed
using conventional cleaning methods. Z-18 is non-abrasive and works like no cleaner, compound
or chemical can and is safe for use on all paint finishes. The following contaminants are a
general description of some of the contaminants that Z-18 ClayBar removes. *Rail dust- is
actually tiny, sharp bare metal shavings that can adhere and imbed in the paint finish and cause
serious damage when left untreated. Over 70% of new vehicles are transported from the factory
using the rail system, therefore rail dust is present on new vehicles. There are many instances
where a vehicle travels or is parked near a railroad in which case the finish is infected with rail
dust. *Brake dust- similar to rail dust, brake dust is also in the form of tiny, sharp bare metal
shavings. In recent years, asbestos brake pads were replaced with metallic brake pads, which are
actually brake pads made from tiny metal or metallic shavings. Anytime a vehicle is braking;
brake dust is disbursed into the air and onto the paint finish. Since the brake dust is now actually
tiny particles of bare metal, this form of brake dust can seriously damage the paint finish when
left untreated. * Industrial fallout- is the general term used for pollution and can be found in
many forms. Eventually, pollution settles onto the paint finish of all vehicles and can cause
serious damage when left untreated. *Tree sap, Road tar, Bug residue, Paint overspray, acid rain
deposits and other contaminants that adhere and imbed into the paint finish can cause damage
when left untreated. Contaminants that are left on the paint surface can weaken the protective

Zaino Car Wash & Wax - Al Hall – June 3, 2005
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properties and even cause serious damage to the paint finish after a short time. Z-18 ClayBar is
optional, but highly recommended as the ultimate way to truly clean the paint finish and prepare
the surface for Zaino polish.


A specially designed 100% virgin cotton polish applicator. #314 is approximately 4x 5 inches
square, with special reversed stitching to prevent scratching of paint surfaces. The 100% virgin
cotton material features the finest texture and softest nap available. The cotton surface surrounds
a special silicone free, sponge insert. Slightly dampen applicator with some Z-6 spray or a light
mist of water, before applying polish to applicator. This technique will make Show Car Polish
spread further and more evenly. After use, hand wash applicator using Liquid All or Tide and let
air dry.

To order Zaino Products by mail use the form on next page.

Thanks to all for all the tips and tricks and to the many folks on the Corvette Forum for all their
good advice. And thanks to Sal Zaino for his recommendations and for making a great car care

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                 All purchases over $25.00 Include a FREE Custom Polish Applicator.
           No.    Size                                 Products                              Qty     Each    12/Case Total

         Z-1      8oz    Zaino Show Car "Polish Lok" Pre-Cleaner & Gloss Conditioner         .     ..$8.95   ..$95.00   .
         Z-2      8oz    Zaino Bros' Show Car Polish for clear-coated paint                  .     $12.95    $140.00    .
         Z-3      8oz    Zaino Bros' Show Car Polish for regular paint                       .     $12.95    $140.00    .
         Z-5      8oz    Zaino Bros' Z-5 Polish for swirl marks & fine scratches             .     $16.95    $185.00    .
         Z-6             Zaino Bros' Ultra Clean "Gloss Enhancer" Spray                      .     ..$9.95   $110.00 .
         Z-7             Zaino Bros' Show Car Wash (concentrate)                             .     ..$7.95   ..$85.00 .
         Z-9      8oz    Zaino Bros' "Leather Soft" Spray Cleaner                            .     ..$7.95   ..$85.00   .
         Z-10     8oz    Zaino Bros' "Leather In A Bottle" Treatment & Conditioner           .     $10.95    $120.00    .
         Z-12     8oz    Zaino Bros' Clear-View Glass Polish                                 .     $12.95    $140.00    .
         Z-14     8oz    Zaino Bros' Plastic-Magic Cleaner & Polish                          .     $12.95    $140.00    .
         Z-16            Zaino Bros' Perfect Tire Gloss (rubber & trim) Protectant           .     $12.95    $140.00 .
         Z-18     4oz    Zaino ClayBar (removes airborne & paint contaminants)               .     $16.95    $185.00    .
         ZFX      2ml    Zaino Flash Cure Accelerator Additive for Z-2, Z-5, Z-3 NEW         .     $19.95    $215.00    .
         #314     4x5    Zaino Bros' Custom Polish Applicator (100% virgin cotton)           .     ..$2.50   ..$25.00   .
                                                                                                             Sub Tot.   .
                         N.J. RESIDENTS MUST CALL OR EMAIL FOR
                         YOUR LOCAL DEALER
                         Shipping & Handling                                                                 S&H:       ..$6.95
                         Please Make Checks and Money Orders Payable To "Zaino"
                                                                                                             TOTAL .
                         (Canadian orders must Email: info)

                                           Zaino Bros' • 4057 HWY 9 N. #106 • Howell, NJ 07731

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