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									Continuing Education Short-Term Certificate Programs
Short-Term Certificate programs provide community members with an opportunity to acquire,
maintain and enhance their skills, stay abreast of technology and prepare for advancement in
their careers. Click on the Certificate program of interest for further information.

       •    Advanced Computer Technology Certification
       •    Cascading Styling Sheets Certificate
       •    Case Management Certificate
       •    Computerized Accounting Certificate
       •    Customer Service Specialist Certificate
       •    Entrepreneurship Certificate
       •    Grant Management Certificate
       •    Grant Writing Certificate
       •    Human Resources Specialist Certificate
       •    Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3)
       •    Java Script Certificate
       •    Landscape Design Certificate
       •    Macromedia Dreamweaver Certificate
       •    Macromedia Flash Certificate
       •    Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certificate
       •    Ministerial Leadership Academy Certificate
       •    Office Support Specialist Certificate
       •    Web Design Certificate
       •    XML Certificate


Network +

Career Outlook: Entry-level professionals may be eligible for positions such as Help Desk
Specialist and Hardware Installation Technicians.

   •       Network I
   •       Network II
   •       Network + Certification Testing
   •       PC Hardware
Comptia A+

Career Outlook: Entry-level professionals may be eligible for positions such as Help Desk
Specialist and Hardware Installation Technicians.

   •   Troubleshooting PC Hardware
   •   PC Operating Systems
   •   Windows XP Professional
   •   Comptia A+ Certification Testing

Cyber Security

Career Outlook: Entry-level professionals hold positions such as Security Specialist,
Information Assurance Specialist, Information Systems Security Specialist, Network Security
Specialist, Applications Security Specialist and Operating System Security Specialist.

   •   Introduction to Network Security
   •   Principles of Security
   •   Managing Windows Server 2003
   •   Cyber Security Certification Testing

Microsoft Certified Systems Administration (MCSA)

Career Outlook: A Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator certification will advance your
career by ensuring you have the skills to successfully manage and troubleshoot system
environments running on a Microsoft platform. Some potential careers are Systems
Administrator, Systems Developer and Help Desk/Tech Support Specialist.

   • Windows XP Professional
   • Managing Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MSCE)

Career Outlook: MCSE certification will advance your career by ensuring that you have the
skills to design and implement a Network infrastructure for business solutions based on the
Microsoft Windows platform. Some potential careers: Systems Engineer, Network Designer,
Infrastructure Support Analyst and Systems Architect.

   • Windows XP Professional
Cisco CCNA

Career Outlook: Cisco CCNA certification will advance your career by ensuring you have the
skills to successfully maintain and troubleshoot LANs and WANs. Some potential careers are:
Network Administration, Network Designer and LAN analyst.

   • Cisco CCNA Certification Testing


Career Outlook: Cascading Style Sheets is a vital tool in the web professional’s toolkit.
Cascading Style Sheets allows you to control the rendering; e.g., fonts, colors, leading, margins,
typefaces, and other aspects of style of a web document without compromising its structure.
This skill is a must have for any web developer.

   • Basic HTML Primer
   • Cascading Style Sheets Level I
   • Cascading Style Sheets Level II


Career Outlook: Case management is an area which encompasses a variety of areas such as
medicine, social work, community support services, mental health, substance abuse and
counseling. Completion of this certificate program will enable individuals to improve their
methods of assessment and evaluation, follow-up as well as information management.

   •   Introduction to Case Management
   •   Document Efficiency
   •   Ethical Issues and Dilemmas
   •   Cultural Competence


Career Outlook: This division of accounting is inclusive of various occupations such as
bookkeepers, accountants, auditors, payroll personnel, tax preparers as well as multiple
divisions within the government and private sector. The certificate program will enhance the
skills and marketability of individuals in any of noted professions.

   • Principles of Computerized Accounting
   • Quickbooks
   • Advanced Computerized Accounting

Career Outlook: Career opportunities in the Customer Service field range from clerks,
representatives to management in a variety of industries such as banking, insurance, personnel,
retail, telecommunications and wholesale trade.

   •   Customer Service I – Quality Customer Service
   •   Customer Service II – Effective Communication Techniques
   •   Customer Service III – Problem Solving and Negotiation Skills
   •   Customer Service IV – Turn That Frown Upside Down
   •   Customer Service V – Blending Sales and Service


Career Outlook: For most of the 20th century, Entrepreneurs created most of the world’s more
productive companies in areas such as Automotive, Communications, Entertainment, Financial
Services, Manufacturing and many more industries.

   •   Entrepreneurship! (Is It For You?)
   •   Small Business Management
   •   Visionary Leadership
   •   Fundamentals of International Small Business
   •   Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship Finance


Career Outlook: Grant Writers, Development Directors, Directors of Planned Giving and Large
Gift Directors would benefit from the Grant Management Certificate program. Writing a grant
is one thing but successfully managing and sustaining a grant requires another skill set.

   • Review of Grant Applications
   • Grant Implementation
   • Sustaining Your Grant


Career Outlook: There are many career possibilities within the charitable fundraising industry
ranging from independent and contract, to entry-level and senior level positions, some of which
include, Grant Writer, Development Director, Director of Planned Giving, and Large Gift

   • Identify the Funds That Count
   • Grant Writing I
   • Grant Writing II
   • Research/Write State and Federal Grants


Career Outlook: Career opportunities in the Human Resources field range from Human
Resources Specialist to the Vice President of Human Resources in every area of business

   •   Fundamentals of Human Resources
   •   Employment and Staffing
   •   Employment Law
   •   Compensation and Benefits
   •   Human Resources Development


Career Outlook: Obtaining the Internet and Computing Core Certifications demonstrates
computer and Internet literacy that accurately validates skills and potential productivity in the
workplace. The program gives individuals sufficient Internet and computing literacy skills to
enter current job markets or begin higher education programs.

   •   Computing Fundamentals: IC3 Part I
   •   Key Applications: IC3 Part II
   •   Living Online: IC3 Part III
   •   Internet and Computing Core Certification Testing


Career Outlook: Upon completion of the Java Script Certificate Program, participants will be
qualified to work as an Application Developer or consultant in a corporate setting performing
contract work.

   • Java Script – Beginner
   • Java Script – Intermediate
   • Java Script – Advanced

The opportunity for self-employment can be obtained by acquiring skills in landscaping.
Individuals that complete this certificate are able to provide attractive designs to the landscape
of residential, commercial, parks, playgrounds and roadway sites. Concepts in planning the
arrangement of flowers, shrubs and trees while incorporating compatibility with nature will be

   •   Principles of Landscape Design
   •   Evergreen and Deciduous Trees
   •   Perennial/Annual Flowers
   •   Planting Design
   •   Residential Landscaping
   •   Planting Design Intermediate
   •   Landscape Construction Methods
   •   CAD Basics in Landscape Design
   •   Landscape Irrigation
   •   Internship


Career Outlook: Upon completion of the Macromedia DreamWeaver Certificate Program,
participants will be qualified to work as Web Developer/Administrator or consultant in a
corporate setting as an entrepreneur performing contract work.

   • DreamWeaver Level I
   • DreamWeaver Level II
   • DreamWeaver Level III


Career Outlook: Whether you’re looking for the ideal job, trying to advance in your present
career or pursing academic goals, Microsoft Office Specialist gives you the tools to achieve
more, distinguish yourself and advance in today’s competitive academic and professional

   ● MOS Excel XP – Core
   ● MOS PowerPoint XP – Core
   ● MOS Word XP – Core
   ● Microsoft Office Specialist – TESTING ONLY

Career Outlook: Upon completion of the Macromedia Flash Certificate Program, participants
will be qualified to work as Flash (animation) Developer or consultant in a corporate setting
performing contract work. You must have experience working with computers.

   • Flash Introduction
   • Flash Intermediate
   • Flash Advanced


Career Outlook: Career opportunities in the Ministerial Leadership Academy Certificate
Program include: preparation for seminary, enhancement of existing ministerial work,
foundation building for a ministry, and increasing Biblical understanding for lay persons.

   •   Personal Relationships & the Word
   •   How to Develop an Effective Church Ministry
   •   Team Building
   •   Biblical Models
   •   Beyond Praise and Worship
   •   Women in Pastoral and Ministry Leadership
   •   Approaches to Community Development: The Role of the Church
   •   World Religion and Modern Man
   •   Youth in Kingdom Building
   •   Intro to Christian Education
   •   Preaching Styles & Application


Career Outlook: Office administrators assume many roles in business and industry. Some
potential careers include: Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Administrative
Analyst and Liaison Officer.

   •   Office Support I – PC Basics
   •   Office Support II – Introduction to Software: Word and Excel
   •   Office Support III – Advanced Software: Access and PowerPoint
   •   Office Support IV – Office Procedures

Career Outlook: Upon completion of the Web Design Certificate Program, participants will be
qualified to work as a web designer or consultant in a corporate setting performing contract

   •   Introduction to Web Design
   •   Level II Web Design (HTML Design)
   •   Level III Web Design (HTML Design)
   •   Macromedia DreamWeaver – Basic
   •   Macromedia Flash – Basic


Career Outlook: The XML Web Developer Certificate is designed to provide students with the
skills needed to succeed in the field of web site design and development. XML web developers
are responsible for producing Extensible Markup Language (XML) for websites. Web
development careers include job titles such as Webmaster, Web Programmer, Web Content
Developer, Web Site Artist, Web Engineer, and Web Database Administrator. Whatever titles
are applied to the positions, the skills required seem to fall into the categories of design,
programming, database integration, and system administration.

   • Basic HTML Primer
   • XML Level I
   • XML Level II

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