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									Staples’ Employee                            Background
                                             •	 76,000	employees	worldwide                    world-class	health	care	benefits.	The	team	
Health Care                                  •	 Serves	more	than	21	countries	with	
                                                                                              was	accustomed	to	the	rigors	of	the	indus-

Benefits Made Easy                           	 over	2,000	superstores                         try	standard:	a	manually	intensive	process	
                                                                                              that	required	a	great	deal	of	administration	
                                             •	 65	health	care	vendors	and	over	
by Using HighRoads                           	 400	documents	                                 and	paperwork	to	get	through	each	stage	
                                                                                              of	the	process.	Spreadsheets,	binders	and	
HR Control
                                             HighRoads	Renewal	                               hours	spent	going	over	tiny	print	to	sort	the	
                                             Service	Benefits                                 real	deliverables	from	the	marketing	prom-
                                             •	 Significantly	reduced	cycle	time	for	         ises	of	benefit	vendors,	are	well-known	to	
                                             	 conducting	RFPs                                any	HR	manager	tasked	with	designing,	
                                             •	 Double-digit	reduction	in	vendor	bid	         sourcing	and	managing	benefits	packages.		
                                             	 price	from	start	to	finish	
                                                                                              In	evaluating	operations,	Staples	found	that	
                                             •	 A	comprehensive	audit	trail	that	complies		
                                                                                              its	approach	to	benefits	supply	chain	man-
Framingham,	MA                               	 with	governmental	regulations                  agement	relied	on	the	typical	model	found                              •	 Consolidation	of	documentation	in	a	          in	thousands	of	organizations:	Each	step	in	
                                             	 centralized	location,	improving	data	          the	process	was	treated	as	a	series	of	inde-
                                             	 management	efficiencies	
                                                                                              pendent	activities.	The	disjointed	process	
                                             •	 Demonstrate	control	and	value	of	             resulted	in	longer	cycle	times,	disparate	
                                             	 programs	to	senior	leadership
                                                                                              data	sources	and	higher	overall	costs.	
															The	HighRoads	[HR	Control		
                                             Overview                                         Prior	to	HighRoads,	“when	asked	to	provide	
	 											Service]	creates	an	online		
                                             Staples,	Inc.	is	committed	to	making	it	easy	    information	on	a	Summary	Plan	Description	
environment	where	consultant,	buyer	
                                             for	our	customers	to	shop	and/or	order	a	        (SPD)	or	a	vendor	contract	by	an	employee	
and	seller	collaborate	more	efficiently	     wide	range	of	office	products,	including	        or	senior	management,	we	would	be	going	
and	effectively,	and	where	all	benefit.”     supplies,	technology,	furniture,	and	busi-       through	file	cabinets	in	storage	rooms	try-
                                             ness	services.		The	team	that	makes	this	all	    ing	to	find	the	information.	With	[Staples]	
                                             possible	is	over	76,000	talented	associates	     rapid	growth	–	it	would	take	significant	time	
Nancy Lazgin
Director of Global Benefits at Staples       worldwide.                                       trying	to	find	the	documentation,”	said	Lisa	
                                                                                              Blasdale,	Benefits	Manager	at	Staples.
                                             With	2007	sales	of	$19.4	billion,	Staples	
                                             serves	consumers	and	businesses	ranging	         To	accomplish	an	ambitious	goal	of	stream-
                                             from	home-based	to	Fortune	500	compa-            lining	the	process,	reduce	overall	costs	
                                             nies	in	22	countries	throughout	North	and	       and	continue	to	provide	competitive	health	
                                             South	America,	Europe	and	Asia.	Head-            care	packages	to	the	company’s	thousands	
                                             quartered	outside	of	Boston,	Staples	oper-       of	associates,	managers	and	executives,	
                                             ates	more	than	2,000	office	superstores	         Staples	adopted	a	more	holistic	approach	
                                             and	also	serves	our	customers	through	mail	      to	managing	the	HR	process	-	ensuring	
                                             order	catalog,	e-commerce	and	contract	          visibility,	value	and	control	over	the	entire	
                                             businesses.	                                     process.	

                                             Business	Challenge                               To	change	this	model,	Staples	identified	
                                                                                              four	key	areas	for	improvement	that	could	
                                             The	HR	team	at	Staples	needed	to	change	
                                                                                              deliver	the	kind	of	efficiency	and	optimi-
                                             the	way	the	company	managed	the	extraor-
                                                                                              zation	needed	to	strike	the	right	balance	
                                             dinarily	complex	process	required	to	secure	
                                                                                              between	costs	and	quality.	

Staples’ Employee    •	 Reduce	administrative	work                   collected	from	vendors	not	performing	to	
                     •	 Improve	data	management	                     contractual	obligations.	
Health Care          •	 Improve	monitoring	vendor	relationships
                                                                     Improve internal control during vendor
Benefits Made Easy   •	 Demonstrate	control	and	value	of	            bidding -	Staples	wanted	to	create	a	trans-
                     	 programs	to	senior	leadership
by Using HighRoads                                                   parent	bidding	system	so	all	vendors	could	
                                                                     be	evaluated	fairly	and	objectively	based	
HR Control           The	HighRoads	HR		                              on	predefined	criteria.	HighRoads	Procure-
                     Control	Solution                                ment	Service	provided:

                     To	gain	control	of	their	health	care	costs,	    -		All	vendors	with	the	same	information	
                     Staples	turned	to	the	HighRoads	HR	Con-         -	 All	vendors	complied	with	Staples	
                     trol	suite	to	automate	labor-intensive	tasks	   	 bidding	process	
                     and	streamline	day-to-day	operations.	          -		Staples	had	auditable	trail	of	bids,		
                     HighRoads	HR	Control	suite	provides	com-        	 terms	and	conditions	and	any	follow-up		
                     plete	benefits	supply	chain	management.	        	 questions.	
Framingham,	MA
                     These	packaged	solutions	are	delivered                                                      Demonstrate control and value of
                     and	supported	by	HighRoads	HR	informa-
                     tion	specialists,	an	experienced	team	with	     programs to senior leadership -	Staples	
                     domain	expertise	in	corporate	benefits	and	     needed	to	be	able	to	generate	reports	
                     technology.	                                    for	management	which	showed	a	regular	
                                                                     review	of	their	plans,	vendor	contracts,	and	
                     HighRoads	HR	Control	suite	provides	            compliance.	With	HighRoads	interactive	
                     Staples	with	one	system	of	record	for	          Web-based	dashboard	which	displays	real-
                     managing	all	of	their	HR	programs	and	          time	performance	metrics	for	all	critical	HR	
                     vendor	content	to	improve	the	employee	         and	benefits	programs	–	Staples	is	able	to	
                     experience	while	dramatically	reducing	         show	value	metrics	on	their	HR	programs.
                     health	care	costs.	Staples	top	issues	were	
                                                                     Integrate easily and efficiently during
                     resolved	with	HighRoads	through:
                                                                     an acquisition –	They	needed	to	be	quick	
                     Improve data management –                       and	provide	reliable,	accurate	information	
                     Collection	of	the	data	was	very		               to	new	associates	being	enrolled	into	the	
                     cumbersome.	HighRoads	My	Document		             Staples	health	care	programs.	HighRoads	
                     Library	stored	the	needed	data	in	a		           ability	to	compare	and	analyze	plans	and	
                     single	location,	in	a	single	format	which		     programs	offered	against	those	of	the	
                     was	clearly	owned	and	controlled	by		           acquirer	in	an	apples-to-apples	format,	al-
                     Staples.	                                       lowed	for	a	quicker	turn	around	time.

                     Reduce oversight time for vendor                “Staples	is	in	the	process	of	going	through	
                     management –	Staples’	HR	staff	had	lim-
                                                                     a	lot	of	acquisitions.	The	work	HighRoads	
                     ited	time	they	could	spend	on	their	vendor	
                                                                     does	-	allows	us	to	integrate	the	newly	
                     relationships.	HighRoads	Vendor	Manage-
                     ment	Service	provided	automated	penalty	        acquired	companies	faster	into	the	benefits	
                     calculations	to	ensure	fees	were	being	         program.”	Lisa	Blasdale,	Benefits	Manager	
                                                                     at	Staples.	

Staples’ Employee    Results
Health Care          HighRoads’	HR	Control	suite	of	services	
                                                                       ous	criteria	including	time	of	year,	plan		
                                                                       type,	industry,	company	size,	geography	
Benefits Made Easy   provided	unprecedented	levels	of	visibility	to	
                     information	across	multiple	plans,	processes	
                                                                       and	funding.	

by Using HighRoads   and	transactions	to	support	informed	deci-        “Given	that	Staples	is	such	a	fast	moving,	
                     sion-making.	This	insight	enabled	Staples	
HR Control           to	engage	in	the	highest	quality	of	employee	
                                                                       data-driven	company,	it	is	imperative	to	
                                                                       have	timely	information	to	make	decisions.		
                     health	care	benefits	at	substantially	lower	      HighRoads	accomplishes	this	and	makes	
                     costs.                                            it	easy	with	its	real-time	data	in	a	standard,	
                                                                       presentation-ready	format,”	Holly	Compro-
                     By	streamlining	procurement	and	plan	
                                                                       ne,	Project	Manager,	HR	Financial	Planning	
                     renewal	process	to	negotiating	and	manag-
                                                                       &	Analysis,	Staples,	Inc.
                     ing	final	contracts	to	monitoring	and	tracking	
                     vendor	performance	–Staples	was	able	to	       Staples	has	gained	better	control	over	its	
Framingham,	MA       achieve	“more	with	less”	and	improve	the	      data,	auto¬mated	many	labor-intensive      employee	experience.	Staples	–	for	the	first	  tasks,	and	improved	audit	controls	which	ul-
                     time	–	was	able	to	see	some	of	the	following	  timately	have	demonstrated	significant	cost	
                     benefits:	                                     savings	both	in	terms	of	money	and	time.	
                                                                    ficient	automated	system.	Now,	ABB	makes	
                     Reduced cost of health care plans -	Sta-
                                                                    faster,	more	strategic	decisions	on	benefits	
                     ples	has	realized	a	year	over	year	savings	in	
                                                                    sourcing	and	renewal,	and	we	spend	less	
                     costs	using	the	HighRoads	HR	Control	suite	
                                                                    money	doing	it.”
                     of	services	by	being	able	to	document	sav-
                     ings	from	competing	bidders	against	prior	
                                                                    About	HighRoads
                     year	rate.
                                                                    The	world’s	largest	employers	–	such	as	
                     Reduced time required for RFPs and/or          General	Dynamics,	Honeywell,	IBM,	Kraft,	
                     renewals -	Using	templates	and	existing		      Staples	and	Boeing	–	choose	HighRoads	
                     documents	as	a	baseline,	Staples	was	able	 to	gain	complete	control	over	their	health	
                     to	significantly	reduce	the	time	for	an	RFP.	  care	vendors	and	costs.		With	HighRoads’	
                     In	the	past	five	years,	Staples	has	success- service,	employers	–	for	the	first	time	–	have	
                     fully	conducted	RFPs	and/or	renewals	for	      online	access	to	benefits	plan	information	
                     medical,	dental,	pharmacy,	stop	loss	and	      and	pricing,	competitive	benefits	bench-
                     other	employee	benefit	plans.	                 marks,	and	complete	health	care	supply	
                                                                    chain	management.	The	privately-held	com-
                     Meet legal and audit controls –	Staples	       pany	is	headquartered	in	Woburn,	Mass.
                     can	now	meet	legal	and	audit	control		
                     requirements	with	an	automatically	created	
                     audit	trail	on	actions	performed	by	the	HR	

                     Better Reporting Capabilities –	Staples	is	
                     able	to	run	reports	in	a	standardized	format		
                     in	real-time	that	can	be	segmented	by	vari-


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