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					                         BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED
                                                    (A Govt. of India Enterprise)

                   NOTICE INVITING EOI (Expression of Interest) for BSNL Franchisee

                              No. S-2/EOI/Mktg/2009-10/ 04 Dated 20.06.2009
             Sealed EOIs (location wise) are invited on behalf of CMD BSNL by TDM,Jhalawar for selection of
             Franchisees for sale of BSNL services and products at various locations in Jhalawar SSA from
             eligible and willing parties.

                   Cost of         Last date of      Last Date &
                                                                     Date & Time                     Nos of vacant
    EMD            Tender          Sale of EOI       Time for Bid                    Name of SSA
                                                                    of Bid opening                  Locations in SSA
                  Document          Document         submission
                                                                                                   ONE at Jhalawar:
                  Rs.1000/-                         14.07.2009                                     F-49(A)
                                  13.07.2009 up                       14.07.2009
Rs. 2,00,000/-        +                             up to                             Jhalawar     (for Jhalawar Main
                                   to 15.00 Hrs                        15.30Hrs.
                    S.T.                            15.00Hrs.                                      City & Khanpur
                                                                                                   TWO at
                                                                                                   Jhalrapatan: F-50
                  Rs.1000/-                         14.07.2009                                     & F-50(A)
                                  13.07.2009 up                       14.07.2009
Rs. 2,00,000/-        +                             up to                             Jhalawar     (for Jhalawar
                                   to 15.00 Hrs                        15.30Hrs.
                    S.T.                            15.00Hrs.                                      SDCA(except
                                                                                                   Jhalawar main city)
                                                                                                   & Aklera SDCA)
                                                                                                   ONE at
                                                                                                   Bhawanimandi :F-
                                                                                                   51(A) (for
                  Rs.1000/-                         14.07.2009
                                  13.07.2009 up                       14.07.2009                   Bhawanimandi
Rs. 2,00,000/-        +                             up to                             Jhalawar
                                   to 15.00 Hrs                        15.30Hrs.                   SDCA,Raipur
                    S.T.                            15.00Hrs.
                                                                                                   SDCA &

        1.       a. Eligibility

                        i.             Educational Qualification: Graduate.
                       ii. Turn over
                              Rs. 50 Lakhs

                       iii. Turnover: Sales proceed as per audited P&L account, submitted for last
                             financial year i.e. 2008-09
                 b. Experience -Dealing in Telecom or FMCG or Electronic/Electrical goods, for last:

                              i          2 years

                 c. Sspace
                                   i        150 sq. ft.

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      d. Location in commercial area with sufficient parking Space, On Ground 'floor only,
         on main road or clearly visible from main road. Layout and Location to be
         submitted along with EOI.
      e. Space is to be ensured within 7 days of LOI for award of Franchisee ship/
         Franchisees ship.
  2. Requirements for franchisees after approval of EOI :-
      a. EMD Rs. 2 lakhs with EOI
      b. PBG (Performance Bank Guarantee) of Rs. 5 Lakhs for Jaipur SSA and Rs. 3
         Lakhs for other SSA to be submitted before signing of agreement within 15 days
         of LOI.
      c. Manning at least 14 hrs. /day (8:00 AM to 10:00 PM).7 days a week.
         Attending Complaints (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM) 7 days a week.
      d. Staff of franchisee working for BSNL product and services should be in uniform
         specified by BSNL.
      e. BSNL reserves the rights to seek/verify financial information from franchisee's
         Bankers/credit providers & sue another sources as to carry out other verifications.
      f. Franchisee shall deposit the aforesaid EMD/PBG of said amount as BSNL may
         determine from time to time. BSNL reserves the right to forfeit/adjust/apply the
         said EMD/PBG amount in full or part satisfactions of any sums due from the
         franchisee to BSNL at any time, Franchisee shall continue to be liable for balance,
         if any, No interest will be paid on the deposit. BSNL reserves the right to increase
         the amount of PBG at any time in its sole discretion with respect any/some/all

  3. Selection of Franchisees :-
     Selection of Franchisees will be made by the duly constituted selection committee based on
     the marks obtained on the basis of eligibility conditions and presentation/interview of two top
     ranking bidders. The decision of selection committee shall be final and binding to all bidders.
             Selection criteria
                      i. The selection criteria for selection of franchisees having the minimum
                         eligibility conditions fulfilled may be as follows:
              i.         Experience                                            15 marks
              ii.        Carpet area and Location of the showroom              25 marks
              iii.       Turnover                                              15 marks
              iv.        Place                                                 15 marks
              v.         Interview / Presentation                              15 marks

                      ii. Short listing will be done on the basis of point number (i) to (iv) and
                          top two bidders would be called for interview. Based on combined
                          marks final selection will be done.
                     iii. The location of showrooms can only be in predefined places as
                          decided by BSNL. The detailed breakup is given in Annexure - 'L-1'.

  4. Restrictions on location for bidding:
     Bidders will be eligible to apply for franchisee-ship at maximum four franchisee areas
     in the circle/country where it is registered / operating including the existing franchisee
  5. The other details like geographical area of operation for each SSA where franchisees are to
     be appointed, commission / incentive payable and other terms & conditions can be seen in
     the documents in the annexure “K” enclosed.

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  6. Bid document will be available from S.D.E.(Plg) o/o TDM,Jhalawar from 11:00 Hrs. to 15:00
     hrs. on any working day, on payment of above mentioned bid document cost (non-
     refundable) in the form of cash/ crossed bank draft in favor of Accounts Officer (Cash), BSNL
     O/o TDM,Jhalawar payable at …Jhalawar In case of cash payment the original cash receipt
     obtained should be enclosed with application.

  7. Submission of EOI – Separate EOI should be submitted for each vacant location and each
     EOI should be super scribed with “Franchisee-ship for …………………….(Name of location)
     in Jhalawar SSA.” and it should be dropped in concerned drop box kept in the office of
     TDM,Jhalawar..(SSA Head)

  8. Opening of EOI – EOI shall be opened area wise as per schedule attached, in the office of
     the TDM,Jhalawar(SSA Head) in the presence of bidders/ authorized representatives of the
     bidders who wish to be present.

  9. Fee for EOI Document is neither transferable nor refundable.

  10. EOI document will neither be sent nor be accepted by Post / Courier.

  11. Separate tender document is required for each location.

  12. Same person /company should not allow for more than one location in one SSA. Maximum number of
      location a person/company should not be more than four in Circle.

                                                   DIVISIONAL ENGINEER(A&P)

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