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1.0      Introduction
      The Term End Examination is a mandatory requirement to promote students to next
      semester / session. The examination shall be conducted in a peaceful environment
      without any encumbrances to the students.

      The examination superintendents are advised to adopt following procedures for peaceful
      and transparent conduct of examination.

2.0       Preparations

      2.1. Seating Plan: A seating plan shall be prepared and displayed in prominent places in
           the examination center as under:

         2.1.1.      Centrally at the Entrances
         2.1.2.      On the door of each class room / Exam Hall

      2.2. Seating Arrangement: Attempt shall be made to seat students of different disciplines
           /semesters in each row / column. A distance of about 01 meter shall be maintained
           between each student on either sides as well as at the front / rear. The seating plan
           shall as far as possible, be varied once during the course of the examinations for the

      2.3. Displaying of Roll Numbers: The roll numbers shall be affixed on each seat.

      2.4. Admission: Students shall be allowed admission into the examination hall no sooner
           than 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination.

      2.5. Invigilation Schedule: The Examination Superintendent shall prepare the invigilation
           schedule and circulate the same amongst the invigilators. He/She shall ask all the
           invigilators to sign the list in token of their acknowledgement.

      2.6. Water Carrier: Adequate arrangements shall be made to ensure that the water
           carriers are available to serve water to the students inside the Examination Hall. No
           Tea/Coffee or eatables are however, allowed inside the examination Hall.

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3.0 Invigilation

    3.1. The Examination Superintendent shall arrange adequate invigilators well in advance.
         Following guidelines shall be followed;

         3.1.1.  One invigilator per 25 students or part there of
         3.1.2.  Two Invigilators per 50 Students or Part there of and so on.
         3.1.3.  Generally, more than one invigilator shall be present in every room.
                 However, if that is difficult to maintain, the invigilator shall not leave the
                 examination hall till a replacement has physically come to the examination
    3.2. The invigilator shall perform the following checks / functions:

         3.2.1.     Distribute answer books (A Book) 10 minutes before the commencement of
                    the examination.
         3.2.2.     Advise students to fill the cover sheet of the answer book correctly.
         3.2.3.     Carry out physical check of the examination hall to ensure that no undesirable
                    material has been kept hidden anywhere inside the hall.
         3.2.4.     Physically check the entries on the top cover sheet of the answer books (A
                    Book) and thereafter initial / sign the same.
         3.2.5.     Make following announcement to the students before the commencement of
                    the examination:

            students shall ensure that they do not possess any paper / book
                             hidden/ kept inside their pockets / on person which can debar them
                             from continuing with the examination.

            students shall ensure that no undesirable material is found in their
                             neighborhood. Non-checking will not prove them innocent.

            students shall be considered warned that infringement of the
                             foregoing or any attempt to seek undue help/favors from a colleague,
                             use of such like instruments in the toilet /outside/inside the
                             examination hall will make him / her liable to be punished including
                             imprisonment / rustication from the college, etc.

    3.3. The invigilator shall warn the students who fail to maintain the sanctity of the
         examination. He shall apprehend the defaulters if they fail to abide by the instructions.

    3.4. The invigilator shall take the attendance of the students present in the classroom and
         make them sign on the form meant for the purpose

4.0      Collection of Answer Books
    4.1. The examination superintendent shall arrange in advance the bundle of answer
         books (A & B books) as per the requirements of each examination hall.
    4.2. The invigilators shall reach the exam centre at least 30 minutes before the
         commencement of the examination. He / She shall collect the following from the
         examination superintendent.
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         4.2.1.      Answer Books (A & B Books)
         4.2.2.      Thread to tie Book B with Book A
         4.2.3.      Attendance Sheet
         4.2.4.      Nominal Roll of the students for his/her examination hall
         4.2.5.      Attendance Sheet Format
         4.2.6.      Seating Plan

5.0     Opening of Question Papers & Delivery to Examination
    5.1. The Envelopes containing the question papers for the assigned day shall be taken
         out from the strong room / safe deposit 30 minutes before the commencement of
         the examination.

    5.2. The Examination Superintendent & the invigilator shall check the seal and
         integrity of the envelopes. They shall then sign the envelopes with date &
         time specifically mentioned at the place provided on the envelopes. The
         examination superintendent shall open the envelopes and pack the examination
         papers into the envelopes assigned for each examination hall. The examination
         superintendent shall then get the envelopes delivered to each examination hall.

    5.3. Each invigilator shall count the papers received, distribute to the examinees on
         time, and return unused papers half an hour after the commencement of the

6.0 Students Identification

    6.1. The invigilator shall ensure that each student is in possession of the valid Admit

    6.2. He shall compare examinees physically with the photographs available on the
         admit cards

    6.3. The Examination Superintendent may issue duplicate admit cards to genuine
         examinees who have lost it provided he / she has been issued with the original
         admit card

7.0 Materials in Possession of Students / Security of Students Books / Bags

    7.1. Students are allowed to have only the following in their possession:

         7.1.1.      Pen / Pencil                              7.1.2.      Eraser
         7.1.3.      Scale                                     7.1.4.      Log Tables
         7.1.5.      Steam Tables /           T-              7.1.6.      Non-programmable
                     Charts                                                Calculator

    7.2. Students are NOT allowed to have any of the following in their possession:

         7.2.1.      Books / note books / journals, etc.
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         7.2.2.      Papers of any description (except driving licence & I-Card)

    7.3. A NOTICE shall be placed in prominent places that students shall not bring with
         them any of the UNDESIRABLE materials. The college authorities will not be
         responsible for the security of items mentioned above, if they leave them outside
         the rooms.

    7.4. A place will, however, be securely arranged for safe custody of books / bags left
         behind by the students in a central place.

8.0 Use of Unfair Means

    8.1. Students shall be warned by reading out the warning right in the beginning of
         the Examination that they shall not indulge themselves in the use of unfair

    8.2. A student caught indulging in unfair means shall be disposed off as under:

         8.2.1.      An examinee shall be considered to have indulged in the use of unfair
                     means (UFM) if the intent is established. An incidental possession of a
                     unrelated material shall not construe the use of UFM.
         8.2.2.      On being found using 'UFM', the instrument (the piece of paper or any
                     other such material) along with the statement of the student and the
                     invigilator catching the student using UFM shall be attached to the
                     answer book. The invigilator shall mark out the portions in the answer
                     books purported to have been copied.
         8.2.3.      The examinee shall be issued with a fresh copy and allowed to continue.
         8.2.4.      The documents mentioned at (b) and (c) above shall be packed together
                     under the signatures of the invigilator & the examination superintendent
                     and dispatched separately for evaluation to the Controller of
         8.2.5.      All cases shall be decided by a committee deputed by the Vice-

9.0 Emergencies

    9.1. In case of an emergency e.g. fire, bomb blast / threat, burst water pipe, etc. the
         examination superintendent shall make alternate arrangements for shifting the
         students to safer place.

    9.2. If, however, it is not possible to continue with the examination any more, the
         University authorities shall immediately be contacted and instructions as deemed
         necessary shall be issued to the students. The students shall be advised to contact
         the Examination Superintendent within 2-3 working days for the rescheduling of

11.0 Non-Smoking Policy

  11.1 The Superintendent of Examination shall maintain a 'Non-Smoking' policy.
       Students shall not be allowed to take a 'Smoking Break'.
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12.0 Illness / Temporary Absence from Exam Hall

  12.1 Students shall normally not be allowed to leave the examination hall except for
       the use of the washroom or for the reasons of illness.
  12.2 ONLY one student at a time shall be allowed to proceed to the wash room.
  12.3 The washrooms shall be checked immediately prior to and after the start of the
       examination for any incriminating material. These shall also be checked during
       the currency of the examination.
  12.4 All possible help shall be extended to students falling sick. They shall, however,
       not be readmitted to the examination hall after temporary absence unless adequate
       evidence exists that the examinee has not used any unfair means during his / her
       temporary absence.

13.0 Assistance of Writer

  13.1 Assistance of a writer may be extended to those students who are unable to write
       their examination paper for reasons of sickness only. Such an examinee shall
       make a written request and give documentary evidence of the physical disability.
       He / She shall also furnish the following:

         13.1.1 Medical Examination Report
         13.1.2 Name and photograph of the person whom he / she wishes to use as writer
                (the writer shall belong to a different stream and at least one standard
         13.1.3 Letter from the Principal of the writer proving that he / she belongs to the
                standard mentioned there in.

  13.2 Only on being granted the written permission, the writer is allowed to be used.

14.0 Submission of Used / Unused Answer Books

  14.1 All invigilators shall submit the used answer books segregated subject wise and
       arranged serially in ascending order of the roll numbers.
  14.2 All invigilators shall account for all the unused answer books and return to the
       Examination Superintendent.
  14.3 All forms duly completed and authenticated shall be submitted to the Examination

15.0 Sealing of Answer Books

  15.1 The answer books for each subject shall be serially arranged and packed in
       bundles of 100 (hundred) books. Last bundle may be of less than 100 books. Each
       bundle shall contain two copies of the question paper, two copies of attendance
       sheets. The answer books shall be first wrapped in a polythene wrapper (bag),
       then in a cloth cover (bag). The cloth cover shall be properly stitched and sealed
       using sealing wax with details of the examinations clearly mentioned on it.

  15.2 The answer books shall be sealed on the same day and be kept under safe custody
       ready for dispatch to the Office of Controller of Examinations at Delhi.
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