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									                                       SERVING THE HEART OF LOUISIANA

                                                 EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTER                                         NOVEMBER 2008

                                              Gone Fishin’
                                                                                               There were tears, cheers
                                                                                               and well wishes flowing
                                                                                               freely at the retirement
                                                                                               party for long time em-
                                                                                               ployee Jerry Cheveallier.
                                                                                               Jerry was not only cele-
                                                                                               brating 30 years of service,
                                                                                               but we also saluted him and
                                                                                               his family for an ending to
                                                                                               a great era. The Cheveallier family has
                                                                                               a great history with Volunteers of
                                                                                               America, beginning with his father J.C.
                                                                                               (deceased) who served as Executive
                                                                                               Director of the organization, and then
  Clint Cheveallier, Candi Faust, Ray and Eula Mae Jackson, Jerry, Cheri Cheveallier,
                                                                                               his mom - Eula Mae and soon after, his
  Corky (Jerry’s wife) and David Cheveallier.
                                                                                               two brothers - Clint and David who

                                                      served as well.

                                                 Jerry served as Direc-
                                                 tor of Enterprise and
                                                 Maintenance for Vol-
                                                 unteers of America
                                                 with pride and great
                                                 leadership. He has
                                                 one of the kindest
                                                 hearts you’ll ever
                                                 come across...and one                        A few co-workers dropped off well wishes.
of the most fun-loving too! He always lent a helping hand. Most of
the time you didn’t even have to ask...he just knew
you needed it. He was a cornerstone of our or-
ganization - one of the “lifers”.

Special friends, family and co-workers were on
hand to pay tribute to Jerry through poems and
the sharing of memorable moments. The after-
noon ended with an appropriate countdown (as
most of you know, Jerry counted down the last
months of his retirement) with noise makers.
Jerry gave so much of himself to Volunteers of
America, it’s only fitting now that he deservingly
takes time for himself and go fishing.                           The program ended with an appropriate countdown, complete with noise makers!
                                                             Jerry Cheveallier
                                    Thank you Jerry for serving the mission of Volunteers of America.

                                                                                                                  Photos (top left to
                                                                                                                  right): Jerry with Presi-
                                                                                                                  dent and CEO Jane F.

                                                                                                                  Recreating a photo they
                                                                                                                  took in the eighties are:
                                                                                                                  Bud Snowden, Rosanne
                                                                                                                  Acampora, Brenda Chen-
                                                                                                                  evert, Patti Fugler and
                                                                                                                  Jerry Cheveallier.

                                                                                                                  (Bottom left to right):
                                                                                                                  Jerry with his Mainte-
                                                                                                                  nance crew, Randy Ro-
                                                                                                                  mero, Mike Robin and
                                                                                                                  Johnny Horton.

                                                                                                                  Jerry with Greta Patter-
                                                                                                                  son, our new Enterprise

                                              THE EMPLOYEE CORNER
                  Please keep Jeremy Fugler, son of Patti Fugler, Corporate Office, in your prayers. He has returned to Iraq for his
                  second tour of duty.

                  We are praying for Denise Morvant, Accounting, and her family. She lost her brother Ronny Lafitte to brain cancer
                  this month.

I believe that there are many attributes that are used to describe us externally. However, these attributes don’t necessarily define who we
are internally, because we are not truly defined by what we do, but by the character in which we do them. Who are we really? It has been
said that “reputation is what man thinks you are” and “character is who God knows you are.” There was a time in my life that if some-
one had asked me to define who I was, I would have responded by giving them my job
title, parental and marital status, my leadership roles in the church, and the list goes on.
The fact remains that there is only one that is righteous in God’s sight, and his name is
Jesus. As we pursue him by faith, his righteousness is accounted toward us. Thank

I’m reminded of the story of the Prodigal Son, where the son leaves his father’s paradise
to pursue a riotous lifestyle, just to end up in a pig’s pen. After he comes to his senses he
realizes “whose he is” and because of the great love of the Father, his welcome was rein-
stated, in spite of the shame of who he once was. What a great picture of love, mercy,
and forgiveness. So remember who you are, but most of all whose you are.

                                               Mike Robin,
                                         Maintenance Department
                                     Honoring Our Veterans
                                                                This Veterans Day proved to be very special for a group of Gar-
                                                                field House residents. They visited the USS KIDD. Garfield
                                                                House, a transitional housing program for veterans is home to 9
                                                                men who served our country proudly. Those feelings of pride
                                                                resurfaced during their tour, which the Volunteers of America’s
                                                                Women’s Auxiliary made possible. The USS KIDD is a veterans
                                                                memorial, which serves to honor the men and women of our
                                                                             armed forces.

                                                                             “Even though they’d never been here before, they
                                                                             basically gave me a tour,” said Mona Whitted, the

program’s manager. “That was such a highlight of the
day, just seeing them happy as they showed me
around the ship.” The men stopped for lunch at Applebee’s and for
dinner headed straight over to Logan’s Roadhouse. The ladies of the
auxiliary just wanted to make sure that they had a full Veterans Day
of activities and for them to know how much we appreciate them.

                 Trick or Treat Give me Something Good To eat!
                                                           It’s proven to not only be fun for the kids, but for
                                                           the adults as well. Families Helping Families once
                                                           again hosted “Treats at the Village” in which chil-
                                                           dren and adults with disabilities and their families are able to trick-or-
                                                           treat around Acadiana Village. Volunteers of America sponsored a
                                                           house at the village and handed out treats to the trick or treaters.

                                                           In addition, there was a Hal-
                                                           loween costume contest and
                                                           food available under the pavil-
                                                           ion. Admission was easy! All
                                                           trick or treaters had to do was
                                                           bring one canned good per
                                                           family, with the donations go-
                                                           ing to a local Lafayette food

(Top from Left) Jami Hall, Tasha Girard, Kellie Davis,
(Bottom left) Debra Williams and Andrea Gammon

Some employees even got daring! Bridget
Clark was Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz,
Ericka Ledezma was Pocahontas and
Amanda Parrish was a flamingo.
                                                             The 7 P’s
                                                       Who says training can’t be fun? Nicole Driebe, from our national office recently
                                                       led a training at the Baton Rouge Area Foundation for Volunteers of America
                                                       Greater Baton Rouge’s Management Leadership Team. Trainings are held
                                                       quarterly and focus on different topics. This session focused on the 7 P’s of
                                                       Leadership: Purpose, People, Persistence, Perspective, Positive thinking, Power
                                                       for good or evil and

                                                      Shown in the photos
                                                      is the opening exer-
                                                      cise where each
                                                      program updated
                                                      the group on what’s
                                                      going on within
their program with an illustration. Nicole makes sure that each of her
trainings are full of energy and are fun, all the while sending us away
with great motivation.

The next training for the Management Leadership team is December

               Save The Date                                                   Board Member’s Hard Work Pays Off

                Volunteers of America’s Ministers are host-                 Congratulations are in order for our Board
                ing a Christmas Spiritual Celebration for the               member, Cheri Ausberry who has been
                Baton Rouge area on December 12th at 10:00                  receiving great career accolades and reach-
                a.m. The celebration will be held downtown                  ing milestones. She received the 2nd Quar-
                at St. James Episcopal Church, 205 North 4th                ter Circle of Excellence Award from Capital
Street. The Lafayette area has scheduled their celebration for              One Bank, one of the highest awards an
December 23rd and the Lake Charles area for December 19th.                  employee can receive from the bank. Cheri
                                                                            also had the opportunity to be a part of a
If you are a singer or musician in the Baton Rouge area and
                                                                            cross functional team that developed the
would like to join the Volunteers of America choir, the first
                                                                            Volunteer of the Year Program Core Team.
practice will be held on Monday, November 24th from 11:30 –
                                                                            She was honored at a luncheon and recep-
1:00 p.m. at the Corporate office, 3949 North Blvd. Lunch will
                                                                            tion in McClean, Virginia where Rich Fair-
be provided. Future rehearsals are scheduled for the following
                                                                            bank, Capital One CEO spoke.
consecutive Mondays during that same time. For more
information, contact Nina Jack at (225) 925-2372.                           To top off her trailblazing efforts, Cheri
                                                                            received a promotion to Vice President,
                                                                            Community Development Banking. Wow!
        Don’t forget to let me know about all of your                       Volunteers of America is truly grateful to
        upcoming holiday events. Connections would like                     have her as a member of our board.
        to be a part of it! Email

                                               EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES
             In Baton Rouge: Clinical Therapist, Director of Residential Services for The Reilly Center for Children and Families, Direct Care
             Worker, Direct Support Professional, Medical Case Manager

             In Lafayette: Bus Driver, Certified Teacher, Direct Care Worker, Direct Support Worker

  In Lake Charles: Case Manager I, Trainer

  Please visit our website at for descriptions and application details on these career opportunities.
  Click Get Involved or go to Career Opportunities, located under the About Us navigation button.

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