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									          What is CISA?
                                                CISA Exam or are considering whether to
Since 1978, the Certified Information           register for a future examination. These
System Auditor TM (CISA) Certification,         include:
sponsored by the Information Systems Audit       Bankers
and Control Association ® (ISACA ® has           Financial Managers
been the globally accepted standard of           Audit Managers
achievement amongst IS audit, control and        IT Managers
security professionals. In the light of          IT Executives
increased figures of computer-based fraud        Internal review auditors
and computer misuse, the related
                                                 Information systems security personnel
international legislation (e.g. the US
                                                 All individuals who have an interest in
Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, the 8th
                                                     information systems audit, control, and
Directive’, the Data Protection and
Computer Misuse Acts) and the pressure for
compliance, there is a growing market for
professionals possessing IS audit, control,         The CISA designation enables me to
assurance and security skills. Holding the          keep pace with the demands of
CISA designation demonstrates proficiency           today’s workplace. Organizations
and is the basis for measurement in the             are looking for incividuals that are
profession.                                         reliable and up to date with today’s
      Why Become a CISA?                            critical issues. CISA certification is
                                                    imperative to prevail in today’s
   To demonstrate your willingness to              work environment.”
    improve your technical knowledge and                       -Michael Parkinson, CISA
    skills.                                                   Director, KPMG, Australia
   To demonstrate to the management your
    commitment toward organizational
   To obtain credentials that employers                  CISA Exam Details
   To be included with other professionals          Exam Frequency       Twice a Year
    who have gained worldwide recognition            Next Exam Date       Dec 12, 2009
   More than 2,300 serve as chief audit             Exam Center          Lahore
    executives, audit partners or audit heads
                                                     Exam Duration        4 Hours
   More than 2,800 serve as CIOs, security
                                                     Total Questions      200
    directors,   security     managers     or
                                                     Exam Type            Paper based
                                                     Passing Marks        Scaled score of
   More than 4,200 serve as audit
                                                                           450 Out of 600
    directors, managers or consultants
                                                     Result               6-8 Weeks
   Nearly 8,300 are employed in
                                                -     Questions require the candidate to
    managerial or consulting positions in IT
                                                      choose one best answer
    operations Compliance.
                                                -     Every question or statement has four
    Recent CISA Program                               Options
    Recognition-                                              Eligibility
    Top Pay CIO Magazine, SC
    Magazine and Foote Partners                 Anyone can sit for the exam without specific
    research continually cite CISA as a         requirements; however, it is advisable that
    credential that earns top pay among         the candidates have a minimum of 3-year
                                                experience in the field of Audit or IT.
    other credentials.

         Who Should Attend?
This course has been especially designed for
Information Systems Auditors and Control
professionals who intend to take the 2008
                  Why PAC?                          1.  Information Systems Audit Process
                                                    2.  Information Technology Governance
     The Oldest institution of Chartered           3.  Systems and Infrastructure Life cycle
      Accountancy.                                      Management
     Leader in CA, ACCA & CAT education            4. IT Service Delivery and Support
     Pioneer in CISA certification.                5. Protection of Information Assets
     Maximum No. of CISA Qualified                 6. Business Continuity and Disaster
     Co-ordinated by a Practicing CISA.                Recovery
     Preparation of its own Mock Exam.             All aspects are reviewed in depth, practical
                                                    examples and illustrations feature as
     Most well-known and experienced
                                                    required. Special attention is also given to
      faculty in Lahore. (CISAs)
                                                    explaining the exam’s requirements, process
     Once enrolled can take classes up to 3
                                                    and structure as well as template questions
      training, without further tuition fee.
                                                    and answers.
     Weekend classes
                                                    Candidate will have an opportunity to sit a
                                                    mock examination at the end of the course,
             PAC’s Difference                       providing an excellent opportunity for
Our course offers the most exhaustive
                                                    “No enterprise can surpass the abilities
survey of       the    CISA     examination
                                                    and talents of its employees. The world of
information, test taking techniques, and
                                                    technology is ever-changing, and I need to
preparation materials available in the
                                                    know that my employees are prepared to
industry. Our objective is to ensure that the
                                                    face such challenges. The CISA
prospective CISA fully understands the
                                                    designation is an excellent indicator of
objectives of the exam as defined by the
                                                    proficiency in technology controls.”
seven domains. Our approach gives our
students the best chance of success on the
                                                           - Marios Damianides, CISA, CISM
CISA examination.
                                                          Partner, Ernst and Young LLP, USA
               PAC’s Faculty
                                                         Dec 2009 Registration
    PAC has developed a very strong,
    unmatched professional team including           Intensive Course Details
    experienced Chartered Accountants and IT        Course Orientation:      08th Aug, 2009
    Professionals, well versed both in practical    Commencement Date:       15th Aug, 2009
    and educational aspects of the certification.
                                                    Last Date of Registration
    Mr. Jafar Hussain, FCA
    Mr. Salahuddin, CISA, FCA                       PAC:
    Mr. Amanullah Khan,                             Wednesday 13th Aug, 2009
    Mr. Jahanzaib Ismat Malhi, CISA, MBA, MCS       ISACA:
    Mr. M. Ahmed Sharjeel, CISA, MBA
                                                    19 Aug: Early Registration Deadline
    Mr. Jawad Mehmood, CISA, ACA
    Mr. Asim Nazir, CPA, CIA, FCA                   23 Sep: Final Registration Deadline

                                                    Duration: 16 Weeks (Weed Ends)
                                                    PAC Fee          Rs. 20,000/-
    What you will learn (Course                     (Fee Includes Study Material)
    Description ) and How?                                                                  *
                                                    CISA Exam Fee                     US $ 395
This intensive course is especially designed
                                                    (For registrations up to 11-02-2009)
to prepare candidates for the Certified
Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
                                                    (For registration between               *
examination. The course covers in detail all
                                                    12-02-2009 to 08-04-2009)         US $ 445
new content areas for the exam, as set by
ISACA (effective 2008):
                                                    ISACA Membership Fee               US $ 130
                                                    (applicable to all students)
                                                    Local chapter (Lahore) Fee         US $ 30
                                                    * Savings on online registration is US $ 50

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