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									Some Thoughts on issues in the News and Our troubled political venue.

By: Paul Hoiland

I come from a Democratic family. My Dad and Mom where democrats, my Dad’s Mom and Dad where
the same. My Grand Father worked with the Union as a Steel Worker. I am the only one in the family
ever to be a Republican, even if I am a moderate one. My Dad and I never saw eye to eye on Politics,
religion, or jobs. My Dad was deceased Governor Connelly’s campaign manager back in college at the
University of Texas. He knew John Kennedy and Johnson. He was friends with the one time Democratic
District Attorney Henry Wade. Sure we are talking about old school Democrats back when a lot of the
party was moderate, not liberal. Sure I share a lot of moderate idealism with them. But perhaps it is
because during my life I have managed to see all sides of the picture. I have been rich and I have been
poor. I have worked jobs in my life where even though the company offered insurance I could not afford
it. I have had an education to both sides of life enough to see there is a place for social programs like
Medicaid, for a lot of the other programs we have in America. I also agree we cannot keep spending at
the current levels without dire results. I have watched the economy decay at a fast rate. I have also
watched these so-called social conservatives want to destroy programs that have aided my own children
when they needed help simply because they do not agree with some of their policy.

I have heard them bemoan over the years support of public broadcasting, while giving plenty of praise to
Fox which in my opinion is not actually fair, except that it promotes a news bent toward Republican
Policies, which republicans see in their own rose glasses as an balanced viewpoint. To my point of view I
enjoy PBS and the programs it offers even if they at times do have a liberal leaning. News is what it is.
To report the news no matter who does the reporting there will always be the personal views of the
reporter coming out. Give 10 people a passage of the Bible and you get 10 different views on what it says.
The same goes for news. That’s just one of those facts of life that in my opinion the Conservatives are just
as guilty of as the Liberals. Back under Clinton a vast majority in this country did not give a damn who
the President had sexual relations with. But the so-called moral majority based Republican leadership
sure acted as if they had the mandate of the majority of American’s when they went after him. Hell, Bush
and his want to be dictators gave us all sorts of things like the Patriot Act that trampled on the
Constitution and no one ever went after him, not even the Democrats. Bush and a Republican consensus
where the first to voice the whole bail out idea. Sure the Democrats voted for it. But you never hear the
Republican’s being honest enough to admit their own people supported something almost every American
was against.

Before anyone can say I am being unfair lets turn the page on the Liberals like Barney Frank. It was a lot
of his own connections that drove the Housing Market into the state it is in today. I do not dislike the man
because of his sexual orientation. I really do not care what sex he is attracted to. That is his business. But
his general ideas and policies he pursues I do care about. They are both part of what is wrong with
America today. Government leaders being influenced by big business has got to stop for both sides. That
goes for the Oil Industry, for Insurance, for the Banks, for the Car Industry, etc.

 I would also add in religion buying its way into the voting process. Yes, Religion is a Business like it or
not. They may do so tax free, but they do manage to earn a lot of money, at least the more vocal ones out
there. Render unto Caesar what is his, Christ said. But most of them seem to forget Christ never took on
the Political part of the Roman Empire because His Kingdom was not of this earth. He had a lot to say to
the religious leaders who where involved in the Roman Government of his day. But he sure kept for the
most part silent around the Political Leaders. If He led by example as so many say then why does the
Church so often want to take over politics as if the Kingdom of God was of this earth. Re-read the
passage on the Salt of the Earth. He was talking about Christians having a life and a verbal testimony that
effects others, not control of the politics. He was talking about Church people helping their neighbors and
leading them by example to Him, not how the voting goes on ever moral issue of society. You never read
of Christ rioting about anything except how the Jewish equal to a Church had turned the temple into a
place of sales of goods. He never picketed anything ever during his Life. Do not think He couldn’t. That
was not what he considered worthy service of God. But, listen to the Evangelical minister’s today and
they sure think that is the way to please God.

Turn to any of the major religious radio stations and listen for a bit. Sure some speak the truth. But a
majority only care about what is going on in the world, about preaching hate against their neighbors who
do not happen to believe exactly the way they do and every last one of those wants you to pledge money to
their ministry. They may or may not sell goods in the Church today. But they have turned the Church as
a whole into a place of money exchange. The whole God wants you to prosper Gospel is based upon that.
Funny how Christ told the Rich man to go sell everything. The prosperity he wanted was prosperity of
soul, not the pocket book you blind leaders of men. They are Blind even though they have eyes to see and
read all this for themselves. These fools who call themselves men of God really only worship the God of
money. Yes, folks they have a false God that if you took that same God away from them they would go
find some other snake oil gospel to peddle. They have a form of Godliness and yet, they deny the real
power within. No I do not hate real Christians. I hate what organized religion has become in this
country. Its Pagan idolatry roots have begun to show through the white wash and it is about time Christ
went through with a whip in the Temple again. Actually it is time real people of God read the Bible for
themselves instead of letting their Pastors and Priests shove a reinterpreted version of the message of God
down them. Study to show thy selves approved unto God the good book says. It does not say let the
pastor study for you and tell you what you should believe. It does not say you need the Pope to rule on
everything. It tells you to study!

The whole social system in this country and the tax fund money could all be done away with if those who
claim to be followers of Christ actually put into practice the example of Him and the early Church and the
words He and the Apostles taught. In many places He spoke of feeding the poor and showed such by
example. The Apostles echoed these words and deeds during the first century. Today’s Church as a
whole shows up at big disasters like the twister in Joplin, but for the most part the fruit of Christ in them
tends to be lacking. I am not saying that the social system in this country has not gotten out of hand.
There are a lot of people on welfare that could be off the system. But the primary reason it exists is to
provide a support network for those in need, those who find themselves in a cash poor state, and those
who cannot work due to illness or birth defects. I do not see the Church as a whole reaching out into the
community to provide those services. Sure there are individuals and even groups that perform such
works. But the more outspoken members of the Church who tend to voice the loudest against the social
programs in this country hardly ever bother to either do such ministry or to care. To me their actions
speak volumes over their words. These same so-called ministers of God and their followers when you
actually listen to their words of complaint really do not show the fruits of the Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, etc.
Unless you count the love of their real God Mammon. Visit any of the bigger Radio and TV ministries
and you see the leader of their group driving around in some fancy car, living in a large house. You never
see them going hungry, they manage to afford the best Medical care, and for the most part their message
is simple: Give to God through this Ministry and you will prosper. The implication of their message is
those who are not prospering must somehow not be right with God. Seems to me several of the disciples
where poor when they met Christ and remained poor the rest of the lives. Seems to me Christ told the
rich man to go sell everything he had and follow Him. No wonder these same people equate the majority
who voted Obama into office as unsaved, as Socialists, etc. It would be below them to admit they preach
another gospel in words and example from the one Christ preached.

I heard one asking why does everyone hate the Christians? I wish I could say it was because they actually
served Christ. I cannot speak for the American Civil Liberties Union, but I can speak for a lot of the rest
of us who are tired of you acting like someone voted you God, Judge, and Jury on everyone’s life. What
ever happened to judge not that you be not judged? What ever happened to not worrying about the
splinter in your brothers eye over the board in your own eye? What ever happened to Christ in all the
garbage you tend to peddle? I will tell you what happened. Instead of you being unleavened bread you
became the leaven of those in the counsel who hung Christ on the cross in the first place. That’s right you
white washed seplecurs of outward godliness with no power there in. Some of your own will post bill
boards proclaiming Christ is here, you will tell everyone to give so they can prosper, you sit back caring
little about the poor sick neighbor across town in the slums and walk on by the guy dying on the sidewalk
every day of your life and you dare to call yourself a follower of Christ. You are no follower of Christ
because if you where you life would be more than words, it would be works and action. So take that and
stick it in your pipe as an answer to why a lot of people have contempt for the so-called moral majority
Evangelical Fundamentalists Christianity. It is not because of your words. It is because of your actions
that underline those words. Those actions show us all who your true God is and He is not the God I see
in Christ Jesus.

If the Christian’s in this country and other fellow American’s are not capable or willing to help those in
need then due to their neglect it falls into the hands of the Government to do such work. Sure the
Government tends to do a poor substitution and far over spends in the process. But the point is at least
someone even if it is the godless secular Government is doing the work that should be done. Basically,
God has turned to other avenues since those who claim to follow Him will not do his work. He did it
before in History and He will continue to provide such an outreach as long as God’s so-called people
continue the way the majority of them do. Sure there is a small minority just like in ancient Israel that
are his real people in both actions and words. You do not see them driving fancy cars and holding service
in Million Dollar temples. You find them out on the streets feeding the hungry, caring for the sick,
helping the jobless find jobs, finding safe homes for the homeless and what they cannot do they don’t
mind if the government of the One Nation under God attempts to do. Put simply, their God is the real
living God instead of a paper god of money. Like Peter they do not have Silver and Gold. But what they
do have they give unto them in need. It is not your money and the fact you have money that we hate. It
is the fact you serve a false god and claim to represent the real one.

What does this country need in the way of Health Care reform? Not a nightmare for some lawyer to sort
out and explain, not another government pit of red tape. It needs affordable Health care that even a
minimum wage earner could afford. It does not need a mandated system. It needs a system in place that
offers the regular programs already out there along with a low cost program for the poorer in society. It
needs some simple regulations on the Insurance Industry that not only allows people coverage for pre-
existing conditions, but allows them to manage their own care where they feel comfortable. That does not
require everybody coming under one giant government system of Insurance. A few simple rules for the
Insurance Industry as a whole, perhaps a Employer supplemented and State supplemented low cost
alternative to Medicaid should cover the majority out there and Medicaid picking up the small left over if
entitlements can keep their hands out of its pool.

I think if a poll where taken a large majority of the People in this country would say the first cuts in the
Government Budget should be the pay of those who represent us. Ever notice they decide their own pay
levels and that while the average American keeps getting poorer they always manage to get a raise? If
their pay was merit based most of them would be the one’s working for minimum wage instead of a whole
lot of those they represent. Hell will freeze over before the fat Elephants and Donkeys ever give up one
cent of their pay. If every elected member of the US Government and State and local Governments cut
their pay in half I wonder how much of the Debit would be covered. Sure would be a lot less of the Money
hungry and Power hungry types running for office even if that debit was barely touched.

I may not see eye to eye with old Newt on a lot of issues, but he cared enough about his wife to forgo for a
bit election issues and spend time with her on a vacation and deserves recognition on that not the
condemnation I hear out of most of the media and his fellow Republicans. Considering a lot of them
come from religious backgrounds that are supposed to support the American Family and its values I’d say
he may side step his own words a lot, but he does represent those values at least far better than a certain
over followed female politician out there that cannot recite basic history 101 events right and has her own
share of family issues along with a news reported during Obama’s run(by one member of Fox and CNN)
husband with connections to a political group who’s founding members advocated over throw of the
government. Sure she has that Right Wing Fundamentalists appeal. But do we really need a lot more of
those types running everything? God only knows what wars that women would get us involved in.
With all the sex scandals these last few years amongst elected officials it is no wonder these guys cannot
listen to the American People. They are too busy getting their rocks off literally and what is worse they
do most of this on the tax money we provide that supplies their pay. The most recent one to surface
perhaps takes the cake over all the rest. I do believe that unsolicited exposure of oneself is a crime in most
of this country. If he was anyone but a politician he’d be up on charges for lewd behavior and if one story
in the media is correct he’d be convicted in most courts of being a pervert and sexual offender of the worst
type for exposure to a minor. But then again we have whole Courts that always love to let those types off
easy like those in Vermont a few years ago. Hell give the courts in this country time and they will have
the rapists and murders out in California out on the streets. Wasn’t it the Republicans that gave us that
three strikes out law in the first place that caused the whole over crowding problem to begin with?
Perhaps that Law could work a bit better and protect society more if we found alternatives on more minor
charges like drug usage. Seems like the party that claims they want less government intrusion into our
lives tends to fosterer a lot of its own version of the same.

Double talk and double standard is more the slogan of the Republican Party these days. Just blame
everything wrong on the Liberals and you will win elections. Both sides could write a best seller on how
to run a campaign built on lies, part truth, and deception. But hardly a damn one of either party can tell
you how to get along, listen to the American People, and do the job we elected them to do and find a
solution to the problems that face this country. Oh yea, that’s right. That would be against the 10
Commandments of Politicians. Really there is only one: Win at all cost and get reelected the next time
around would be the second. Promise them anything it takes to get elected and then blame the reason you
cannot do that on either the economy or the other Party would be the third. If you are a Republican stir
up the emotions of the religious right and if you are a Democrat make sure the poor see the others as a
threat to your freedom and liberties, not to mention your free government handouts. If all else fails play
the race or gender card. Start a War somewhere or enter one so people will be busy watching that instead
of everything going on here. Just to name a few. If that sounds a lot like the way our political system
seems to work I have one question for you: Why are the same bums getting elected in the first place and
managing to stay in office term after term? Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

Have we become a Nation of Deaf and DUMB with the last capitalized to put an accent on the stupid
aspect? America’s greatness did not come from its leaders, but from We the People who elected those
leaders. If We the People are blinded by ignorance, self morality, hatred of anyone different from us and
allow these same Bums to win election over and over again we get what we deserve. There is a saying in
the computer programming world: Garbage in and Garbage out. If you put no more than garbage into
your decision of who you vote for you get the garbage full of Bums up on Capital Hill you deserve. If you
are as tired as I am of the same Dual Party Political Garbage running this Great Nation then send a
message this election to both parties that they will be forced to hear. Vote the damn Bums out till we get
elected officials who will listen to We the People for once and work together to fix the problems we face as
a Nation. That does not mean vote the Party line for the Republicans, or the Democrats, or even the Tea
Party. Take for once in your life an Independent Stand that someone else did not tell you to do like Rush
or any of the other so-called talents on loan from God out there. Study the issues and make it clear where
you stand as an individual member of We the People. Find the actual Independents out there willing to
cross party lines and find solutions. Let the real majority views of Americans be heard for once this
election year.

I when you boil it all down am a Moderate Conservative when it comes to fiscal issues. But I am a
moderate when it comes to social issues. I support Women’s right to choice. However, I see plenty of
room to limit abortion and I think the debate about when life actually starts needs to be heard by all
Americans. While I define in my own belief Marriage as the Union of a Man and a Women, I do believe
those in the gay community deserve the recognition of civil union with their life partners. Like Barry
Goldwater long ago I have no real problem with Gays wanting to serve in the Military. I know for a fact I
served years ago with some who where Gay. I think Gay American’s have every right the rest of us are
guaranteed in the Bill of Rights including protection from discrimination. I believe in the Separation of
Church and State and in freedom of religion. I agree it is too often seen as more separation from religion.
I believe in the right to bear arms. But I think there is a rightful place to Gun laws also at least when it
comes to felons, nut cases, and what type of arms can be sold to the general public. A few years at one
point in security work told me first hand most of the guns used in crime where stolen, not bought from a
store. I support the Free Market. However, the Constitution does give Congress the power to regulate
commerce which it has a bad habit of either over doing or not doing enough with. I have never voted in
my life a straight party line. I have always voted for who I thought could best do the job. I think America
will have to accept a tax increase and cuts in government spending at all levels to get out of this situation.
I believe we do need more alternatives to oil like Natural Gas, Solar, Wind, Atomic, etc to solve our
energy problems. I also believe we should drill in the mean time to get at what we have as a Nation and
rely less on foreign avenues. I also support the idea of an honest flat tax the same percentage for all
workers. I think a business no matter how big if it is failing should be allowed to fail and do not believe
bail outs are a real solution. I believe generally less regulation does promote the free market system and
increases the job market. But I also believe some regulations need to be in place to prevent corruption. I
think America is part of a global economy and yet, there is plenty of room to promote American business
over foreign ones. I think NAFTA can be made to work as long as proper oversight of it is in place. I
think we need to get tougher on the Immigration laws we already have in place. But at the same time we
need to promote a better version of a guest worker program for those filling jobs most American’s will not
take. I do not believe our tax dollars should be spent to support anyone who is not a citizen of this
country. However, children natural born in this country should be allowed access to public schools and
social support. I support both public and private modes of education and believe both should exist. I
think America should be less intrusive in foreign affairs at some points and yet, take a more active role in
economic and social reforms at the same time.

No I am not running for office. But these are the views of one fellow American.

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