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									                                                            ODA BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING MINUTES
                                                                    SEPTEMBER 28, 2006
 Goal      Agenda Topic      Board Member                                                  Outcome/Motion/Discussion
        Introductions       Mary Angela Miller President Mary Angela Miller welcomed the board. All in attendance introduced themselves.

   1    ADA ODA Awards Marti Andrews           M. Andrews reminded all that nominations for ADA and ODA awards are due to the ODA office by Nov 1 or Dec 15,
                                               depending on the award. A list of awards and dates is included in the folder of meeting materials. Full descriptions of
                                               the award criteria are
   1    Professional        Cinda Chima,       C. Chima presented and discussed issues related to the Nutrition Care Process and Model (NCPM). Barriers to
        Issues              Gretchen           implementation and how delegates can help members with implementaion were of prinary focus. See attached
                            Robinson           summary from activity relating to implem
   2    Legislation         Pat McKnight,      P. McKnight presented a brief recap of legislative successes and pending issues. A written summary is in each BOD
                            Larry Stelzer      member's folder.

   2    Smoke Free Ohio     Pat McKnight       MOTION 1: To add ODA to list of organizations supporting Isssue 5 - SmokefreeOhio. (Pat McKnight/Cinda
                                               Chima) Motion passed.
   5    Consent Agenda      Mary Angela Miller Committee Reports

                            Marti Andrews      May 2006 Minutes
                            Julie Jones        Financial Reports
   5    Executive Office    Julie Jones        MOTION 2: Allow ODA Managment Services Committee to approve selection of ODA Executive Office for
                                               2007 and beyond. (Sue Kent/Sharon Zwick-Hamilton) Motion Passed.
          Leadership           Mary Angela Miller Build on Leadership Development from Mark Levin's Spring 06 Workshop; Board Orientation of Policies & Procedures
          Development &        and Denise Hill
          Board Orientation
          Financial            Denise Hill         Mike Hickey, Accountant for ODA, will present financial information Districts need to submit to the IRS
          Responsibilities of
    5     ADJOURN &            Mary Angela Miller MOTION 3: Motion to adjourn meeting at 3:00 pm. (Gretchen Robinson/Cinda Chima) Motion Passed.
Submitted by: Tammy Randall, ODA Secretary
Attendance: M. Andrews, C. Chima, M. Grandon, C. Haar, C. Held, J. Jones, M. Kavanagh, S. Kent, M. Krumdieck, P. McKnight,
    M. Miller, J. Mincher, M. Olson, E. Pearce, T. Randall, G. Robinson, C. Sardo, C. Stegeman, S. Wiilson, S. Zwich-Hamilton
Guests: C. Bradford
Legislative Committee: J. Adamidou, N. Dennison, B. Dykes, B. Jones, S. Kindrick, S. Leffard, T. Madaras, D. Skoka, J. Stang,
   L. Van Twisk, B. Kleve
Staff: D. Hill

Next BOARD meetings:
Friday, January 19, 2007; Marriott North; Columbus; Sunday, April 22, 2007; The Lodge at Sawmill Creek; Huron, OH

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