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					                             <h2>New Consumer Protection Laws -
Lemon Laws That Offers Protection for Buyers of Used Cars</h2>March
7-13 is National Consumer Protection Week 2010. It's a week the
government will devote to providing free resources and information to
better inform consumers how and where to spend their money.Gov. Chris
Gregoire, Olympia, WA has signed two new consumer protection bills into
law, and it just happens to come on National Consumer Protection Week.
One deals with the lemon law rights of used car buyers. <h2>New
Lemon law for Used Cars </h2>Under the old law, the lemon law
applies only to new cars. The new consumer protection bills on lemon law
offers added protection for buyers of used cars.The used car price has
actually gone up because of their demand. People are not allowed the
information they ought to have when they want to buy used cars. If you
buy a lemon car without the knowledge and find out it's a lemon later the
resale value of this used car plummets.You can make an informed decision
for buying if you are allowed the information by the used car dealer
about the defects of the lemon buy back in the market on
sale.<h3>Lemon law rights for Used Car Buyers</h3>At used car
lots the used cars may look relatively new. The right to information
renders a buyer to make an informed decision about his buy, despite its
looks.In the case of a lemon, the dealer should inform the consumer if
The car has specific problems These are the cars that had been the buy
backs by the manufacturer from the erstwhile owners These lemon cars were
wholesaled by the manufacturers and are on saleYou might be willing to
buy a car that's been returned as a lemon if You have a right to
information on the defect that had turned the vehicle a lemon The price
is appropriate even if the car has a problemThe new law is especially
timely The new law necessitates the dealer to inform you about the car's
specific issue or problem if it's a lemon The slumping economy has
boosted the popularity of used cars A used car dealer is required to
disclose to a prospective buyer if a car has been returned as a lemon,
just as any new car dealer wouldPresident Obama's "Presidential
Proclamation" in a March 5 White House press release explains that
National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) gives all Americans an
opportunity to become better-informed consumers.The second law the
governor Chris Gregoire, Olympia, WA signed deals with scammers targeting
homeowners headed into foreclosure to take advantage of them.

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