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					How To Make Your Own Flower Embellishments For Your Scrapbooking
As you know embellishments for your scrap booking can get expensive. I tend to use lots of flowers as they make scrap booking layouts look bright
and colorful.You can use flowers on so many different types of layouts in so many different ways. Photos of little girls suit this medium well. If I have a
large portrait photograph, I normally put flowers closely together on two opposite corners of the photograph for a very pretty effect.Flowers also work
well for outdoor layouts or garden layouts. By using some of the ideas below, you can add some beautiful dimension to your scrapbooking layouts.
Here are some great scrapbook ideas on how to make your own flower embellishments.1. Dried FlowersWhy not collect some flowers from your next
outing, and press and dry them out. You can even press them in small bouquets or arrangements to decorate your layouts. Be sure that they are
completely dried out before using them in your layouts and cover them with a plastic see through envelope or put them in a shaker box so you can
protect your photographs in the long run.2. Cardboard FlowersUsing scraps of different colored cardstock cut out basic daisy flower designs. You can
then ink the edges of the petals and layer the different colors on top of each other. Place a button or a brad in the middle of the flower. You can make
the cut outs the same size or different sizes that you can layer with the biggest one at the bottom and the smaller one on top.3. Concertina Flowers
This involves cutting thin strips of paper, folding them concertina style and then arranging the strips around a button by loosening the folds. The
smaller the folds the better. as the flowers will look prettier and more delicate. To finish them off nicely, before folding the strips, ink the outside edges.
This is another great example of why we should never throw our scraps away.4. Circular FlowersOnce again, using those precious scraps, you can
cut out small circles in different sizes. I usually trace around coins. Ink around the circumference and then crumple the paper circles. For a more
distressed look you can also ink lightly in the creases. Once your circles are flattened again layer them with the biggest one at the bottom. Use either
brads or buttons in the middle to join and finish off the flower. This method works particularly well using patterned paper.As you can see from the
examples above, with just a bit of extra time and effort, your scrapbooking layouts need not cost your a fortune.

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