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					                                  MARYFIELD AUDITORIUM
                                        April 2011
                 Tell Gerry what movies you want to see or send your requests to “”
Regular Admission:           Adults          $5.00              Students   $4.00                 Children         $3.00
Showtime:                   8:00 PM                             Doors open at:                   7:30 PM
             Friday, April 8 & Sunday, April 10
                               Rango                                                                                      107 min
             Paramount                                                    Rated PG (violence)
                Starring Johnny Depp & Isla fisher
             Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Animated
             Upon arriving in the dusty desert town, Rango wanders into the local bar and convinces the townspeople that he's a
             gunslinger with a lightning-fast trigger finger. When one of the locals challenges Rango to a showdown on Main Street,
             the hawk that menaced our hero on his way to town shows up looking for a rematch, and ends up beak-down in the dirt.
             Convinced that Rango is the real deal, the Mayor decides to name the brave chameleon their new sheriff.

             Friday, April 15 & Sunday, April 17
                               Unknown                                                                                   113 min
             Warner Bros                                                  Rated PG (violence & coarse language)
               Starring Liam Neeson & Diane Kruger
             Genre(s): Drama, Suspense/Thriller
             Dr. Martin Harris has just arrived in Berlin to deliver an important presentation when he realizes that his briefcase has
             gone missing, and leaves his wife, Elizabeth, at their hotel to try and retrieve it. During his cab ride back to the airport,
             however, a serious car accident lands Dr. Harris in the hospital, where he lies in a coma for four days. Upon awakening,
             Dr. Harris is horrified to discover that every relic of his identity has been completely erased.

            Saturday, April 16                Old Time Social Dance                             $10.00 admission
Dance to the music of Southern Country from 7:30 to 11:00. Everyone welcome. Please bring pot luck finger food for lunch.

             Monday, April 18          Novelty Easter Bingo
                         15 games for novelty prizes!
Raffle – several prizes to be won! Come early and look them over!
Master Card $5.00                 Extra cards $0.25 each
First game starts at 7:30         Doors open at 6:30

             Friday, April 22 & Sunday, April 24
                               Paul                                                                                      104 min
             Universal                                                  Rated 14A (coarse language)
                  Starring Simon Pegg & Nick Frost
             Genre(s): Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
             Graeme and Clive know we're not alone in the universe, but they won't be satisfied until they get a firsthand glimpse of
             the famed Area 51. However, somewhere deep in the Nevada desert, the two UFO enthusiasts narrowly avoid crashing
             into a speeding car when they happen across a most unlikely hitchhiker. Paul is a pint-sized alien who has spent the last
             60 years in Area 51. He's been cooped up in the care of the U.S. Government for far too long.

             Friday, April 29 & Sunday, May 1
                               Mars Needs Moms                                                                           88 min
             Disney                                                    Rated G (violence)
                 Starring Seth Green & Joan Cusask
             Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Animated, Comedy
             His mother abducted by Martians intent on harvesting her maternal instincts to nurture their young, nine-year-old Milo
             stows away in an alien spacecraft bound for Mars in a bid to bring her safely back to Earth. Later, on the Red Planet,
             Milo befriends a subterranean-dwelling earthling named Gribble and a spirited Martian lass named Ki, who agree to
             help him locate his missing mother and confront the head alien in charge.
                                        Upcoming events at the Auditorium: Lorri Solomon in concert May 7
                     Auditorium Committee meeting April 19 at 7:30 in the Theatre lobby. Everyone welcome!

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