Email Marketing in a Mobile World

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Email Marketing in a
Mobile World
Table of Contents                                            About Informz
                                                             Revolutionizing the Way You Do Business
Email Marketing in a Mobile World .........1                 Informz’ professional suite of integrated eMarketing solutions empowers
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Analytics and You .................................. 2       your return on investment.

Mobile Friendly Design Strategies ... 3 - 5                  Email is a Science
                                                             Web-based technologies from Informz enable personalized, highly targeted
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                                                             communications coupled with real-time reporting features designed to reach
                                                             the inbox and drive results. Sending the right message to the right people at the
                                                             right time is achieved through email relevancy and your organization’s ability to
                                                             leverage its database. Your successful marketing and communications depends
                                                             on reaching the inbox and engaging subscribers. Simply stated, targeted email
                                                             communications improve your response rates, and better response rates
                                                             increase your message’s impact.

                                                             The Informz Difference
                                                             In addition to on-demand product support, you deserve one-on-one,
                                                             up-to-date email marketing guidance relevant to your unique need, built upon
                                                             strong relationships and reliable collaboration. In order to maximize your
                                                             success, your exclusive eMarketing Advisor is always ready to assist throughout
                                                             the development, publishing, and measurement of your email campaigns.

                                                             Devoted to your professional success, Informz combines state-of-the-art
                                                             technology with our trusted eMarketing Advisors to bring you products and
                                                             services that fit with your marketing goals. With an established global presence
                                                             in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Informz specializes in a
                                                             variety of industries, including:

                                                                 •   Associations and Not-For-Profits
                                                                 •   Higher Education
                                                                 •   Travel and Tourism
                                                                 •   Publishing and Trade

                                                             Through dynamic targeting, intelligent deliverability, precision reporting, seamless
                                                             integration, and expert Advisors, Informz truly is “the way to know email marketing”.

                                                             “Informz is one of the most reputable email marketing service providers that I
                                                             know. They would be an excellent choice for permission marketers seeking the
                                                             best in service and delivery rates.”

                                                                      ~ Ann Mitchell, Esq. President
                                                                        Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy

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                                                                            1 - Email Marketing in a Mobile World

1Email Marketing in a Mobile World
 In today’s on-the-go world it seems like “mobile” is everywhere. Mobile websites, mobile apps – but have
 you considered the impact mobile has on your email marketing programs? If not, it’s certainly time to
 start. The Nielsen Company reports that 29.7 percent of U.S. mobile phone subscribers are now using
 smartphones, and a recent study of Informz clients found that mobile readership of email has more than
 doubled in the past 12 months.

 Why is mobile such a pain point for email marketers? Email renders quite differently on a mobile device
 than it does on a PC and to add to the challenge, all mobile phones differ in how they render email.
 This leaves marketers without a “one-size-fits all” solution. In order to keep subscribers interested and
 engaged in your emails it is imperative that you understand how your audience is using mobile and
 then create a plan to match. Designing for mobile may seem overwhelming at first, but with a few minor
 changes to your current template, you can master a mobile-friendly design that helps you better connect
 with your readers.
         2      Analytics and You
                Understand your audience first, then create the optimal plan of action.

                Much like the challenges of traditional web-based and desktop email clients, mobile de-
                vices vary in how they render email and therefore vary in the strategy for how to optimize
                email for them. Therefore, it is best to start by understanding how your subscribers are
                reading your emails, because then you can ensure you are designing with the right devices
                in mind. Start by understanding your audience – then create the optimal plan of action.

                Depending on the types of reporting available to you, here are some options for how you
                can use analytics to help you determine the proper course of action:

                Text vs. HTML
                One option is to look into the delivery format of your emails to see how many HTML ver-
                sions versus text versions are sent. The individuals who are receiving a text version of your
                emails are either those who indicated they preferred the text version when subscribing to
                your mailings or those who have a smartphone that only receives the text version of an

                Ask Them
                Plain and simple! Go straight to the source and ask your email subscribers what they pre-
                fer and what their email reading habits are. Include an option for a “mobile-friendly” or text
                version of your regular emails when they first sign up and routinely survey your subscribers
                over time. Someone who is reading your email on their desktop email client today could be
                a die-hard smartphone user tomorrow.

                Email Client Report
                If you have reporting tools available to you that show you what email clients and devices
                your subscribers are viewing your emails on, then this can be the easiest option. From
                here, you will be able to see exactly what your audience is using the most, from desktop,
                web-based or mobile, to what operating system or email program.

Informz analytics can show you what your audience uses to read your
emails. Everything from the specific email client they use to the mobile
device they read your email on. Also, with the click of a button you can
segment out your mobile audience for targeted email campaigns.

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                                                                                 3 - Email Marketing in a Mobile World

3   Mobile-friendly design strategies
    Now that you know how your audience views your emails, it’s time to
    use that insight to optimize them for the best results.
    There are three routes you can take for optimizing your email for a mobile device; create a
    web version, create a mobile-only version or create a combination design that will render
    correctly on both a PC and mobile device. Let’s take a look at the specifics when designing
    each one.

    With this option you will include a link to an online version of your email. It is recommended
    that you include a link to the web version at the top of your email so that readers can im-
    mediately connect to a version that will render properly on their mobile device.
    Creating a web version is ideal for those who:
        1. Have very limited staff.
        2. Do not have a way to find out how their subscribers are reading their emails.
    When creating the web version, you must keep a few items in mind to ensure proper
    Width = 100%
    Many emails are designed to be an average of 600-650 pixels wide. When creating the
    web version, you will want to size the width by percentages as opposed to pixel size. In
    this case, choose 100 percent and avoid placing a height dimension on it. When the web
    page is opened, it will automatically size itself to the width of the screen it is rendering on.
    If you used pixel size, the email would be forced to maintain its size and when appearing
    on a 3x2 screen, the reader would have to scroll left to right, making it difficult to read the

    Image Size <480 pixels
    In all of your email communications you should be aware of how large and how many
    images are included. Reason being, images don’t always render correctly, causing the
    “story” being told through the images useless. In addition, if images are any larger in size,
    it will force the body copy of your email further down on the screen. On a mobile device it
    is acceptable for your email to span below the fold since only about 12-15 lines can fit on
    a screen, but you don’t want to go too far down. Try and keep your number of scrolls to a
    maximum of 5.

    Fonts and Spacing
    Font Size >12 pixels
    Every mobile device’s software does things a little differently when rendering an email on
    the screen. Sometimes it will zoom in for the reader and sometimes it won’t. Keeping your
    font size to 12 pixels, or better yet even larger, will ensure that your copy will be legible on
    all devices.
            Link Spacing
            Make sure there is plenty of white space around your any links included in your email. Your
            PC users have the benefit of using a mouse to pinpoint the link they want to click on, but
            mobile users have their finger and the precision tends to be off sometimes. The key is not
            to make your readers work harder to reach the information they want by mistakenly click-
            ing on the wrong link.

            A mobile-only layout is when a second version of an email is created and designed specifi-
            cally with mobile users in mind. This should be a simpler layout than you typically would
            use for emails read on a PC, but does not need to be text only version. If you follow simple
            spacing and layout guidelines, your email will render nicely on every device. Many devices
            show images and font color, making it easier to deliver your message with eye-appeal.
            Creating a mobile-only version is ideal for those who:
                1. Know which subscribers are viewing their emails on a mobile device.
                2. Have subscribers who have identified that they would like to receive a mobile-
                   friendly version of the email.

            Similar to the web version, when creating a mobile-only version, you must follow these
            styling tips:
            Top Banner <125 pixels high
            Like with the web version, you must design the width of the entire email at 100 percent.
            Additionally, if you choose to include a banner, the width should also be set 100 percent
            with a height on the banner to maintain control of how it renders on the mobile device. The
            height of banner should be no larger than 125 pixels high.

            Use alt tags
            In addition to keeping your images smaller than 480 pixels, make sure your images have
            alt tags associated with them. In doing so, when images are turned off by the user, they
            will still be able to read what the image was supposed to be, lending itself to help keep
            the story going in the email. Without alt tags, your image may come across as “123.jpg,”
            instead of “Conference hotel deals.”

            Keep it brief.
            When looking at what can fit on a mobile device, you need to take a good look at the
            length of your subject line, body copy and links. On average you can fit 12-15 lines on a
            screen. If you try to send an email that is significantly longer than this, add on an image or
            two, the mobile device reader may choose not to download the whole image before receiv-
            ing permission from the reader. Don’t expect your readers to take this extra step. Shorten
            your body copy and get straight to the point.
            Subject lines are limited as well. A maximum of 30 characters will show on many mobile
            devices. Keep your subject line short in order for the reader to see it fully; this will keep
            your open rates at par and result increase your deliverability rate.

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                                                                                             5 - Email Marketing in a Mobile World

                          One column is best
                          Best rule of thumb when designing for a mobile device, keep the email to one column.
                          Sidebars add to the eye-appealing nature of the email, but if you are sending to only those
                          who have requested a mobile-version of the email, don’t do it. When the email renders,
                          the sidebars have a tendency to reformat themselves and can end up above or below your
                          body copy, taking away their effectiveness.

                          COMBINATION DESIGN
                          This is the marriage of two important readers, your PC readers and your mobile readers.
                          Many of us view emails both ways depending on where we are at the moment. Taking this
                          approach can significantly increase your statistics and eventually increase the loyalty of
                          your subscribers.
                          Creating a combination version is ideal for those who:
                             1. Know that there are individuals who are reading the email on a mobile device.
                             2. Do not want to do extra work each time around designing an email.

                          Width = 600 – 650 pixels
                          Unlike the other two options, because you are designing for a PC in addition to a mobile
                          device, you must put some structure around the body copy. If you choose 100%, it will
                          expand to 100% of the screen it is showing on. This will make your email look significantly
                          different on a mobile screen than a 20 inch PC monitor.
                          One column is recommended but if you must include a sidebar, keep the size in mind.
                          Sidebars add to the overall flow and design of the email, but as stated earlier, could cause
                          your body copy to be moved around if it doesn’t render correctly. This is where reviewing
                          your analytics can help you avoid this. Once you figure out how many of your readers are
                          using certain devices, you can test the rendering of your email on each device to ensure
                          the majority of your readers will be able to view it clearly.
The Informz Virtual
                          Set alignment to left
Inbox allows you to       Left is best.
test how your email       Setting everything to align left will help keep everything in the email on the left side of a
will render on 28         mobile device. Doing this will ensure that the copy doesn’t get pushed to the center or
popular email clients     right of the phone, forcing the reader to have to scroll horizontally in order to read your
and mobile devices
allowing you to easily    Images
                          Alt tags and Size
see how your email
                          Like with the web and mobile-only layouts, images need to stay smaller than 480 pixels
will render and uncover   and have relatable alt tags associated with them. Your image may appear great on a PC
any issues before your    monitor but take up half of the mobile screen, or not show up at all. You can’t control how
email is sent.            someone is reading your email but you can design it in a way that will appeal to them.
                          Manage your images for greater results.
            Mobile device usage is growing and there are no sign of slowing down in sight. Even if
            you don’t have many mobile readers now, chances are you will soon. Don’t wait for them
            to jump on the bandwagon; start creating designs that stand the test of digital devices and
            you won’t be left behind.

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