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					Company Overview
Right Service is a Direct Digital Marketing company (DDM) that operates through the latest
digital marketing solutions mainly in Email, Mobile and Online.

To be the Direct Digital Marketing Leader in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa)
To prove that you can still TRUST people
Integrity – Commitment – Respect –Teamwork


Right Mail
A     Complete        Self  Service       E-marketing  Software      especially    made     for
the Middle East with the potential reach of 100 to 100.000 recipients - with just one click; all
to fit the client’s needs whether it’s for:
                    -   Creating personalized emails
                    -   Creating newsletters
Right Mail is an optimal web-software for businesses of all fields, thanks to its multiple friendly
user functions and additional bonuses, such as:
                         o   100 easy-to-edit newsletter templates and 2MB file library for images
                         o   Friendly user system for optimal email personalization & targeting
                         o   Leads generating Feature
                         o   Statistics generator
                         o   Free RSS Feeds generator
                         o   Free website (micro-site)
                         o   Free Trigger auto responder
                         o   Free tracking system
                         o   Free Survey capacities
                         o   Free pre-send testing system to determine spam score

   E-mail Marketing
   With email becoming on the go (taken wherever we go) thanks to the mobile internet, and
   the increased importance of the digital world for private and business use, emails became
   the optimal solution to raise awareness about products, launch promotions, and reach the
   local and middle-eastern community. To cater all clients e-needs Right Service offers
   different types of lists ranging from Targeted to Bulk emails.

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Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing “is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and
engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile
device or network”. Right Service offers two types of mobile marketing campaign:
   o The Do It Yourself (private SMS platform for own customer use)
   o And Targeted Sms (Sms Coupons, Woman Power…etc.).

Right Web
 Right Service generates optimized mobile websites with fashionable design and smart
 content; all perfected for mobile web-surfers.
 “Right Web” can be used for:
    o Creating the company’s main mobile website,
    o Creating mobile websites for company’s main events
    o Creating mobile website for company’s environmental/Green initiative
    o Creating mobile website for company’s teenagers audience.
    o Creating mobile websites for company’s promotions/support for Sms campaign

Online Marketing
Right Service’s advertising solutions can help organizations connect with their consumers
as they access different sites (local or international Websites): Right Sources, Circuit
Empire, Grand Cinemas, Beiruting, Beirut, Facebook, Google...etc. With Prices and
Packages for small and big budgets Right Service has the solution for all your needs.

Facebook Ad
Facebook constitutes the ideal medium to advertise because of its naturally viral
environment which is constituted of collegiate and high-school students as well as
company employees; This is why Right Service offers organizations cost efficient packages
to optimize your campaign on the leading online social directory: Facebook.

Google Ad
Right Service offers organizations the possibility of connecting to customers when they
search on web-engines.

Social Network Management
Because Social Networks are on a high speed rise it became a must have for all
businesses wanting to mark their presence in the new century, Right Service offers
organizations cost efficient packages to perfect their social network presence in a
professional and well managed way.

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   Data Provider
   To cater all clients data needs Right Service offers different types of data

     (For more information; our Sales Team will supply you with detailed offers)

Below are some of our high esteemed clientele:
HSBC Bank, Lebanese Canadian Bank, Banque Audi, Byblos Bank, LAU, Empire Cinema, Grand
Cinema, ABC, Diet Center, OMT western union agent, Nakhal, Mercedes-Benz T. Gargoor & Fils S.A.L.,
A. N. Boukather Mazda, Autostars, Nadia travel, Samsung, Beirut Arab University, Bank Of Beirut And
ArabCountries, Bou Khalil Supermarkets, Chamber Of Commerce, Chtaura Park Hotel, TBWA/Rizk,
Dunkin Donuts, Lebanese International University, Lebanese Canadian University, Middle East
University Lebanese, Libanlait sal, Mission Culturelle Francaise, Notre Dame University, USEK,
University of Balamand, CIT (Institute), Byblos (Institute).

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