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									                        LIST OF TOPICS/CATEGORIES

Artificial Intelligence Overview       Evolutionary Computation
Knowledge Representation               Fundamentals
Knowledge Adquisition                  Genetic Algorithms
Cognition                              Genetic Programming
                                       Evolutionary Strategies
Theory                                 Artificial Life
Reasoning                              Co evolution
Common Sense                           Evolvable Hardware
Temporal Reasoning                     Other evolutionary techniques
Case Based Reasoning
Probabilistic Reasoning                Agents
Planning                               Architecture
Scheduling                             Intelligent Agents
Combinatorial Optimization             Multi-agent systems
Resource Management
Machine Learning                       Ontologies
Bayesian Models                        Ontology-driven information systems
Mathematical and Theoretical Methods   Automated query and reporting systems
       in Computational Intelligence   Semantic interoperability
Multiobjetive Search                   Data and ontology integration
                                       Semantic annotations
Artificial Neural Networks             Semantic Web
Neuron modelling
Neural Network models                  Fuzzy Logic and systems
Learning Algorithms                    Fuzzy Evolutionary Computation
Pattern Recognition                    Fuzzy Modelling
Soft Computing                         Fuzzy Hardware

Knowledge Engineering                  Ambient Intelligence and Ubiquitous
Expert Systems                         Computing
Symbolic Computation                   Devices
Rule Based Systems                     Distributed software and systems
Logic programming                      Context awareness
Decision Support and Analysis          Natural interaction
Heuristics                             Collective Intelligence
                                       Knowledge Discovery & DataMining
Intelligent Knowledge Management       Classification Rules
Content and document management        Data warehouse
e-learning                             Algorithms
Business Intelligence                  Web and text mining
Knowledge processes, production,       Intelligent Information Retrieval
        validation and diffusion
Natural Language Processing           Artificial Vision
Natural Language Understanding        Virtual and Augmented Reality
Speech Recognition                    Cognitive vision
Automatic Translation                 Real-time Vision
Voice Processing                      Virtual Reality
Character Recognition                 Information and Scientific Visualization
Interface to Computers
                                      Hybrid Systems
Bioinspired Computation               Soft computing
Swarm Computation                     Neuro-Fuzzy-Genetic Algorithms
Particle swarm optimization           Other techniques
Ant Colony Optimization
DNA and membrane computing            Applications in Real-Life
Artificial Immune Systems             Civil Engineering
                                      Engineering Science
Bioinformatics                        Education
Biochips                              Medicine and Biomedicine
Biological Databases                  Business
Knowledge Discovery in Biomedicine    Accounting
Structure prediction for biomedical   Finance
       molecules                      Marketing
Emergent Technologies: NBIC           Financial Markets
Neuroprosthesis                       Law
Micro and Nano Technology             Signal and Image Processing
Smart Material                        Communication
Bio-imaging                           Multimedia
Sensors                               Intelligent Transportation Systems
Sensation and Perception              Smart Homes
Biotechnology and Biomedicine         Biometric Systems and Security
                                      Collaborative Work
Robotics                              Emerging Applications
Intelligence Robots
Robots sensing
Robot Vision
Bio mimetic robotics
Cognitive Robotics
Biologically Inspired Robots

Computer Games
Basic Components and Design
Machine Learning and Behaviour
Game AI Development

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