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									Internet/Web Searching/Security/Types -- Study Questions –
CIL 102 - Spring 2011

1.   The Department of Defense established an experimental network in 1969 called
     a) World Wide Web b) ARPANET c) National Science Foundation

2.   Companies (such as Verizon, AT&T and Comcast) that provide users with access
     to the Internet are called ___________:
     a) Internet companies b) Domain Name Servers c) Internet Service Providers

3.   _____ is responsible for Internet names and port numbers.
     a) World Wide Web Consortium b) ICANN c) ISP

4.   New Top-Level Domain names, such as „.paris‟ or „.nyc‟ are possible, but will cost
     more money.
     a) True b) False

5.   ______, which uses a system of linked documents to display multimedia
     information, is just one of the services deployed on the Internet.
     a) Mosaic b) ICANN c) World Wide Web

6.   A consortium of over 200 universities that develops and deploys advance network
     applications for research and higher education is called:
     a) World Wide Web          b) ABILENE c) Internet2

7.   A ___________ IP address can change each time a computer is used.
     a) Static b) Dynamic

8.   A system of tags (<b>, <title>, <table>) that is used to format Web pages is called:
     a) HTML b) HTTP c) Web Browser

9.   With the use of _________, a browser can handle some processing chores before
     transmitting information to a server.
     a) Networking b) E-mail c) JavaScript

10. _____ systematically follow Web page links to identify additional pages for a
    search engine database.
    a) Meta Tags b) Web Crawlers c) Query String

11. Yahoo uses a system called PageRank to determine the order of relevant sites.
    a) True b) False

12. ____ ranks how long users stay on a selected page.
    a) Stickiness  b) Click Popularity c) PageRank
13. One way to increase your Web site‟s visibility is to purchase ad space on a search
    a) True b) False

14. If a Web site gets moved, a ___________ can get created in a search engine
    a) PageRank b) Web Crawler c) Broken Link

15. ___are used to make a Web site more user-friendly and interactive.
    a) Scripts b) Web Crawlers c) Search Engines

16. A standard for transmitting multimedia information over the Internet is
    a) MOME b) MIME c) MAME

17. You can assume that if you post your e-mail address on a Web site, you will receive
    less spam.
     a) True b) False

18. An example of a public-key system for encryption is:
    a. PAP                          b. PGP
    c. PHP                          d. PCP

19. The term “connects local computers to form a network” best describes
    a. A hub        d. An IP address
    b. A bridge
    c. Ethernet

20. The term “The unique number assigned to a computer on the Internet” best
    a. A hub        d. An IP address
    b. A bridge
    c. Ethernet

21. The term “one set of rules or protocols for communications on a network” best
    a. A hub         d. An IP address
    b. A bridge
    c. TCP/IP

22. The computer used to hold the master copy of a shared document is called ______
    a. client computer       c. personal computer
    b. file server           d. master computer
23. The IP portion of TCP/IP specifies the way of sending packets over the network, but
    each packet ____
     a. must follow the same exact network path
     b. does not need to follow the same exact network path
     c. must be sent and received in exactly the same order
     d. can only be identical frames

24. ________ are used to determine what application a message is directed to.
    a. packets
    b. peripherals
    c. ports
    d. premiers

25. In wireless technology, the repeating of identifying information by an access point is
     a. Association
     b. Beacon
     c. Radio wave
     d. Router

26. To put a message into a form that is not readily understandable is called
     a. encryption
     b. decryption
     c. defragmenting
     d. deciphering

27. Your _______ is routinely transmitted when you use the Web.
     a) user name b) IP Address c) e-mail address

28. Which one of the following is NOT used to protect your computer information?
     a) Firewall b) Antivirus software c) Web beacon

29. _______ encrypts data before it is sent and decrypts it when received.
     a) Cookie    b) HTTPS c) HTML

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