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									                                   Position Description


The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist shall:

1.     Be responsible for providing a comprehensive obstetrical and gynaecological service to
       a high standard throughout for the Southland region.               The Obstetrician &
       Gynaecologist will take a leading role in maintaining and enhancing the existing
       services and is expected to take an initiative in developing new services.

2.     Be responsible for the following specific performance goals associated with providing a
       comprehensive obstetric and gynaecological service:

       *      provide to patients a safe competent and respectful service in the management
              of their conditions according to their clinical priority.

       *      communicate adequately with patients on their condition and treatment, ensure
              that at all times patient rights are protected and all consents required are
              acquired before treatment.

       *      provide for comprehensive and appropriate records of patients seen and be
              responsible for ensuring that such records are available in accordance with
              normally accepted procedures.

       *      act as a member of the Obstetrical & Gynaecological Team in providing
              suitable cover for Southland Hospital, Kew, requirements as well as additional
              services offered by the Southern District Health Board at other locations.

       *      provide such tuition and lectures to Southern DHB staff as may be required by
              agencies such as the College Training Scheme fulfilment of Medical Council
              requirements and hospital training requirements and to instruct, monitor and
              advise those staff under the direct guidance of the Senior Medical Officer.

       *      report promptly to the Clinical Director Obstetrics & Gynaecology any unusual
              incidents or occurrence, especially those which may give rise to complaints or
              legal action against Southern DHB.

       *      ensure effective use of Southern DHB's resources of staff and facilities, by the
              application of effective efficient and economical patient management

       *      ensure that the standard of service provided is commensurate with Southern
              DHB's duties and intentions and Southern DHB's business plan with
              cognisance of it’s By-Laws.
     *      keep informed of developments in the area pertinent to speciality and maintain
            own skills and knowledge of speciality to professional college guidelines.

     *      provide speciality advice as requested by the Clinical Director Obstetrics &

     *      promote awareness in the community of health promotion activities and
            disease prevention within speciality by the provision of health education.

     *      actively participate in processes regulating performance and accountability
            which will include quality assurance measures, medical audit and medical peer

     *      identify from time to time research needs and in consultation with Clinical
            Director Obstetrics & Gynaecology and with approval of the Southern DHB
            Ethical Committee, conduct such research.

     *      ensure that supervision of Resident Medical Officers occurs to meet
            requirements of the clinical environment and statutory organisations, and that
            appropriate reports are provided to meet the requirements of the Medical

     *      ensure that any lawful instructions of the Divisional Director are carried out in a
            prompt manner.

3.   The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist shall:

     *      share responsibility for the assessment and care of patients at Southland
            Hospital, Kew, on a regular basis during average routine hours, and on a
            rostered basis outside average routine hours during the week, at the weekends
            and on public holidays.

     *      be familiar with appropriate modern techniques.

     *      continue to keep patient hospital stay to the minimum compatible with high
            standards of obstetric and gynaecological care to be reviewed annually.

     *      carry out a minimum of four ward rounds per week during the average routine
            working hours.

     *      conduct outpatient clinics of four hours duration per clinic, seeing both new
            patients referred by General Practitioners or other Specialists, and those
            requiring follow-up, the ratio being dependent upon demand and the time
            available. Patients will be referred back to the referring practitioner as soon as
            practicable consistent with the delivery of a high standard of care. During the
            hospital involvement the surgeon will keep the referring practitioner well

     *      provide early advice for those patients referred for an obstetrical and
            gynaecological opinion by hospital specialist colleagues. He/she will also
            provide advice for General Practitioners, RMO's and Midwives.

4.   Resource Responsibility

     Responsible for the clinical and educational management of Senior House Officers and
     Trainee Interns attached to the O&G Department.
5.   Direct Patient Contact

     The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist will ensure the following for elective or non
     emergency cases:

     *      that all letters of referral are vetted at the earliest possible opportunity
            prioritised and allocated to an appropriate outpatient clinic (Antenatal,
            Postnatal, Gynaecology, Colopscopy)

     *      that patients are seen in priority order in the clinic and assessed and decisions
            regarding management made.

     *      that further investigation of the patient where appropriate is arranged and
            monitored for accurate diagnosis and treatment requirements.

     *      the conduct of investigations such as hystero salpingograms, amniocentesis
            and colposcopy are appropriately managed.

     *      that the patient be fully informed of her/his condition and the proposed
            management as such.

     *      that where appropriate the patient is placed on the surgical waiting list and
            admitted according to priority.

     *      there is collaboration with an obstetric patient's share care partner where

     The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist will ensure the following for acute patients:

     *      participate in a roster to provide Obstetric & Gynaecological cover for the
            reception and management of patients presenting with an acute complaint.

     *      when rostered be available by telephone to advise the Southern DHB RMO
            managing the inpatient, if admitted.

     *      on telephone contact decide if the patient can be safely managed without
            personal intervention.

     The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist will ensure the following when managing inpatients
     requiring surgery or treatment:

     *      that appropriate investigations are arranged and all necessary steps are taken
            to determine condition and diagnosis.

     *      that surgical planning is conducted to ensure all necessary resources are
            available for operation.

     *      that all patients are seen pre operatively for assessment to review and plan

     *      that all patients are properly and adequately informed about the surgery and
            that consent procedures are carried out.

     *      that in the case of planned operating lists that the workload for the list is neither
            unduly excessive nor unduly light and that the order in which cases are
            scheduled will facilitate the orderly and efficient progress of the list.
     *      that operations are carried out by herself or by a member of the team under
            supervision of a degree deemed appropriate by the consultant.

     *      that the operation note, laboratory forms, audit forms, MIS data entry and any
            other necessary documentation is completed.

     *      that postoperative management of patients is appropriate and efficient. This
            will be facilitated by postoperative ward rounds, attendance at the wards at
            other times and consultation with other staff.

     The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist will ensure the following when managing all

     *      that regular ward rounds are conducted with pertinent patient care team

     *      that the surgeon will be available at other times for consultation by the team

     *      that discharge is determined according to appropriate criteria and that
            requirements for discharge are carried out promptly including communicating
            with the General Practitioner to facilitate proper ongoing care after discharge.

     *      that follow up outpatient clinic patient visit occurs as necessary.

6.   Indirect Patient Work - Remote

     The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist will ensure:

     *      that other supportive functions to the core clinical task such as report writing,
            data interpretation are carried out.

     *      that from time to time consultation occur with other specialist colleagues and
            other health professionals to facilitate the management of patients, within and
            outside Southern DHB as well as book research into unusual conditions as

     *      that arrangements are made for an interboard transfer of a patient where

     *      her availability to give advice and assistance with patient management to other
            specialists and General Practitioners.

     *      that appropriate supervision of General Practitioners using restricted drugs
            when necessary.

     *      that the preparation of reports for external agencies such as ACC occur as

     Patient Communication

     *      that patients receive an appropriate level of information regarding their
            condition, and its management.

     *      that meetings and telephone calls are conducted with families as appropriate.
     *      that patients receive appropriate and adequate counselling so as to ensure
            they are informed and able to provide informed consent about their clinical

7.   General Administration

     The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist shall:

     *      attend and contribute to Southern DHB meetings as requested/approved by the
            Divisional Manager of Women’s and Children’s Services.

     *      keep up to date with Southern DHB matters and read such papers as

     *      prepare reports as required.

8.   Clinical Supervision of Staff

     The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist will:

     *      delegate tasks and responsibilities appropriately to medical staff assessing task
            complexity against assessed skill levels of individuals.

     *      provide guidelines for the medical management of patients to junior medical
            staff when not available.

     *      ensure that adequate supervision is provided for medical staff team members.

     *      ensure that the performance of team members is monitored and where
            necessary implement corrective measures.

     *      ensure that reports on junior medical staff as required by the Medical Council,
            etc. as required.

     Self Education

     *      participate in regular clinical meetings with other members of medical staff.
            These meetings may include the Friday Grand Round.

     *      remain conversant with current knowledge in the areas of surgery actively
            practised by regular reading of medical journals, books and other relevant
            literature and may attend a journal club weekly to assist with this.

        attend at conferences and courses directly related to clinical interest in accord with
         the NZ College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology requirements for ongoing
         accreditation as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist as approved by the Divisional
         Manager of Women’s and Children’s Services

     Education of Others

     *      conduct formal and informal teaching for medical staff to enhance their
            knowledge and clinical skills as requested.

     *      contribute to case review sessions and other activities.

     *      conduct formal or informal teaching for other professional groups including
            Trainee Interns, Third Year House Surgeons, Midwives, Nurses, General
            Practitioners and Registrar.
        Public Education

        *        advise individual patients regarding preventative aspects of health care.

        *        contribute to health education by addressing public meetings and local
                 community groups.

        *        liaise with community support groups as appropriate.

        *        prepare and conduct lectures for local community groups - such as parentcraft
                 classes, Plunket, women's organisations, parents centre.

        Research and Review

        *        identify research needs and priorities, undertake research relating to field of
                 expertise when appropriate, and publish the results.

        *        obtain approval from the Southern DHB Ethical Committee for specific research

        Quality Assurance

        *        provide a high standard of care for the community of Southland

        *        maintain records for the purposes of medical audit.

        *        contribute to and monitor standards.

        *        attend Perinatal mortality meetings and Gynaecology pathology meetings.

The intent of this position description is to provide a representative summary of the
major duties and responsibilities performed by staff in this job classification. Staff
Members may be requested to perform job related tasks other than those specified.

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