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Search Engine Marketing


									Partnering for Success
  Building Residual Income

• Extend Core
• In High Growth Markets
• With NO NEW Staff
• With NO RISK
• With a PROVEN Player, Process, and Program
• Generating Life / Business Changing Residual Income Streams

I.    GHI Mission
II.   Partner Program Mission
III. Who We Are
IV. Why Partner with GHI
V.    Partner Program Overview

VI. Partner Financial Opportunity
                      GHI Mission

          Helping Companies Connect Smarter™
 with their markets, people, products, and processes to improve
             clients’ brands and grow their revenues.
By so doing … we create powerful, life and business changing,
high profit residual income streams for businesses, their owners
                          and key staff.
          Partner Program Mission

      Extend GHI’s Mission to our Partners…
so they too can help their clients Connect Smarter™
 while building a highly profitable, residual income
stream business model for their long term corporate
                 and personal gain.
            Board of Directors
Frank Griffith, CEO & Board Chairman
Pete Kever, Principal & Board Member
Pete Radke, GM & Board Member
Jeff Reusser, CFO & Board Member
Jane Griffith, Treasurer & Board Member
Firth Griffith, Board Member                                                                                          Executive Management Team
Joseph Aiello, Board Member                                                                                                  Frank Griffith
                                                                                                                             Jeff Reusser
                                                                                                                               Pete Kever
                                                                                                                              Pete Radke
                                                                                                                            Patrick Dzamesi
                                                                                                                              Jane Griffith

                                                                         Frank Griffith
    International Management Team
             Patrick Dzamesi
                                                                 Founder & Chairman of the Board
               Brian Bertke
              Alex Yogalnik
            Daniel Asama Ago
            Ronald Kyamagero

                                                                         Business Units


 Pete Radke             Pete Kever            Patrick Dzamesi       Frank Griffith   Frank Griffith   Jane Griffith       Joe Griffith         Jeff Reusser
    GM                   Principal                  EVP                CEO              CEO              CEO            Exec. Producer             COO

                                                                     Managed Enterprises

                                            F100                  Nigerian           Ukrainian           Ugandan
                                           Sof tware             Sof tware             Web                 Web
                                          Consulting            Development           Design              Design
Multiple Companies but a Single Focus:
   Helping Companies Connect Smarter   ™
                            GHI Milestones
1993 Company Founded, Frank Griffith,
1994 Whirlpool Corporation: Top 10 Management Consulting Firms for Total Quality Award
1995 First International Client, Israeli software firm
1996 Founded GHI Telecom Services,
1997 100th telecom client
1998 First Million Dollar sales year
1999 Founded GHI Internet Services,
2000 First Search Engine Marketing client, National City Bank; 100 th GHI Telecom Partner joins
2001 1000th telecom client; 100 th internet client; developed first ASP Software Application
2002 Founded GHI Marketing Services,
2003 Four Million Dollar sales year; 200 th GHI Telecom Partner joins
2004 500th internet client; 250 Search Engine Optimization Campaigns managed
2005 Founded GHI International with office in Africa,
2006 50th GHI Internet Partner; 5,000 th GHI client; 500 th SEO Campaign delivered
2007 GHI starts up first ecommerce play & purchases international partner
                   GHI by the Numbers

•   $4.7 Million in Sales
• 11 companies in 8 industries
• 5,200 Customers in 40 States, 9 Countries and 4 Continents
• 90+ Products and Services
• 31 Staff and 9 Interns in 4 Countries
• 400+ Web & Telecom Resellers
• 40+ Relationship Marketing Distributors
• 16 Corporate Web Sites
• US Headquarters in Medina, Ohio
• International Headquarters in Mauritania
• International Offices in Uganda, Ukraine, Nigeria and Mexico
             Corporate Strengths

• Residual income model   • Centralized revenue
• Corporate financial       capture model
  strength                • Diversified indirect
• Proven sales engine       distribution channel
• Multi-channel new       • Low cost design and IM
  customer acquisition      resources
  model                   • Internship model
                          • Project management
                          • Minimal corporate risk
GHI Recognition & Awards

Weatherhead 100 Award

Entrepreneur of the Year

Small Business of the Year Award

Distinguished Marketing and Sales Award

Who’s Who in Technology Award

Cascade Capital Business Growth Award
GHI Recognition & Awards

Team NEO Success Award

Top 25 Internet Design Firms

Top 30 Largest Telecom Brokers

Telly Award for Film / Video

Total Quality Management Gold Medal Award
                  GHI Recognition & Awards
Weatherhead 100 Award
Northeast Ohio’s most prestigious business growth award recognizing the 100 fastest growing
companies in the region; forged in 1987 by the Weatherhead School of Management at Case
Western as a venue for encouraging the truest spirit of entrepreneurialism and rewarding those
companies that serve as a beacon to all businesses in Northeast Ohio. Three time recipient:
2004, 2005, 2007.
2004: GHI was Ranked the #8th fastest growing company with 453% sales growth.
2005: GHI was Ranked the #15th fastest growing company with 410% sales growth.
2007: GHI was Ranked as the #17th fastest growing company with 600% sales growth.

Entrepreneur of the Year
Awarded by the Medina County Economic Development Corporation for demonstrating
substantial product innovation, rapid growth, and market development. 2004.

Small Business of the Year Award
Awarded by the Medina County Economic Development Corporation for demonstrating long
term growth as a sustainable enterprise incorporating sound business practices ensuring future
viability. Honored in 2005.

                Make Yesterday’s Work Keep Working for Your Tomorrows™
                 GHI Recognition & Awards

Distinguished Marketing and Sales Award
Awarded by the Sales & Marketing Executives Cleveland Club for extraordinary sales results
and outstanding sales and marketing achievements. Received in 2005.

Who’s Who in Technology Award
Awarded by Cleveland Crain’s Business Magazine for consecutive years of substantial growth in
the high technology sector. Acknowledged in 2005.

Cascade Capital Business Growth Award
Awarded by Smart Business Magazine and the Cascade Capital Corporation as a top performing
and emerging growth company exceeding 100% sales growth for five consecutive years.
Recognized in 2006 and 2007.

              Make Yesterday’s Work Keep Working for Your Tomorrows™
                 GHI Recognition & Awards

Team NEO Success Award
Awarded by Team NEO and Inside Business Magazine for four consecutive years as a top
performing, growth, profit, and emerging company. Recognized in 2005, 2006, 2007, and

Top 25 Internet Design Firms
Awarded Top 25 Design Award by Crain’s Cleveland Business Magazine. Received in 2003.

Top 30 Largest Telecom Brokers
GHI Telecom Services recognized as Top 30 largest retail telecom firms in North America for
the Qwest Corporation. Recognized in 2002.

Total Quality Management Gold Medal Award
Recognized by the Whirlpool Corporation as one of the Top 10 Management Consulting Firms
for global quality process award. Honored in 1994.

               Make Yesterday’s Work Keep Working for Your Tomorrows™
                   GHI Recognition & Awards
Telly Awards for Video Production
Telly’s honor the very best local, regional, and cable television commercials and programs, as
    well as the finest video and film productions, and work created for the Web.

1st Telly: As production specialist in 3D animation/graphics, we created an educational video
     series for students in the Akron School System to learn more about new statewide testing

2nd Telly: As executive producer on a public relations series we co-produced a TV commercial
     highlighting specific Akron schools and the positive impact they were having in their various
                      Frank Griffith Founder / CEO

Serial entrepreneur; built six multi-million dollar high-technology start up companies
in 27 years taking one public on NASDAQ with $1.8 billion dollar market cap.

      Company                       Position               Highlights         Reason for Leaving
Griffith Holdings, Inc.    Founder, Chairman        Built $5M Tech Firm      Still in operation

Viador                     Vice President, Sales    IPO: $1.8B Market Cap    Sold options, resigned

BSC, Inc.                  Co-Owner / VP, Sales     Grew $.5M to $2.4M       Sold business

TMW, Inc.                  VP, Sales & Marketing    Grew $0.9M to $6.2M      20% Equity in BSC

CCA                        National Sales Manager   Built first software     Profit sharing at TMW

PNLA, Inc.                 Co-Owner / VP, Sales     First software startup   Sold Business

University of Cincinnati   Juris Doctor / MBA       Graduate Fellowship      Startup first IT company

IBM Corporation            Systems Engineer         Graduated # 1 Sales      Graduate school

Denison University         BA, Economics            Phi Beta Kappa           Graduated in 3 years
                               Residual Income Streams

                               1996     1997      1998       1999       2000       2001       2002       2003       2004       2005         2006

GHI Telecom ('96)              $2,466   $10,487   $67,300   $126,899   $170,657   $239,641   $363,658   $460,117   645,884    684,223     $642,558

GHI Internet Services ('99)                                  $200      $10,224    $22,991    $48,336    $72,994    $194,556   $285,668    $595,932

GHI Marketing Services ('02)                                                                 $22,995    $34,669    $64,902    $74,320      $93,444

GHI Imports ('08)                                                                                                                            $0

Annual Residual Revenue        $2,466   $10,487   $67,300   $127,099   $180,881   $262,632   $434,989   $567,780   905,342    1,044,211   $1,331,934

Monthly Residual Revenue       $206      $874     $5,608    $ 10,592   $15,073    $21,886    $36,249    $47,315    $75,445    $87,018     $110,995
Residual Income: Life Changing Model
                   Foundation for Successful Partnership

• GHI generates $100,000+ in monthly residual revenues – recurring top line revenue every month
• Founded in 1993, GHI has never borrowed a penny from anyone and achieved 180 consecutive months of
pro forma profitability
• $4M+ sales, 5,000+ clients in 37 states & 7 countries, 90+ products & services; offices in 6 Countries


•  More than 5,000 corporate clients from 37 US states and 7 countries using GHI’s internet, marketing, and
telecommunications products and services

•   More than 400+ partners worldwide

• 10+ international resources helping to facilitate new media project delivery worldwide 24x7

                 Make Yesterday’s Work Keep Working for Your Tomorrows™
                   Foundation for Successful Partnership

• #1 and #2 most used and fastest growing internet solutions: Email and SEO
• Double OEM residual income opportunities in:
      Email Marketing
      Search Engine Marketing
      Content Management, Hosting, Design, Merchant Services
      Web Maintenance
      Voice/data/IP telephony, and
      Direct access to new media design, hosting, and web development outsourcing solutions worldwide
      decreasing product delivery costs by more than 85%

New name customers + residual income + customer retention + time +
more new name customers = exponential high profit and revenue growth
                          GHI Partner Program Strategy


•  Leverage easy to OEM and / or resell web services and telecom products to compliment partners’ current
• Build recurring revenue streams for partners to balance out monthly cash flows and generate very
interesting, long term, high profit, revenues for owners and key staff
• Build six figure, recurring revenue generating product / service offerings within your current business model
for next to nothing – grow areas of your business without investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in
research, product development, staff, channel creation, and domestic / international market development


•   Access 20+ international resources helping to facilitate new media project delivery worldwide 24x7

• GHI has proven residual income stream business models from the most lucrative markets: telecom, internet.
• GHI has the #1 and #2 most used and fastest growing internet solutions: Email and SEO

                  Make Yesterday’s Work Keep Working for Your Tomorrows™
                               GHI Solutions Apply to
                               Every Stage of Business

Business Life   Establish          Awareness          Grow & Retain     Re-engineer &      Efficiencies
Cycle                                                                   Systemize

Business        Branding           Lead Generation    Revenue Growth    Process            Cost Reduction
Objective                                                               Automation

GHI Solutions   Web Site Design    SEM                WSD               Custom Web         Telecom Audits
                and Maintenance    SEO                Ecommerce         Applications       ASP Software
                SEM                Channels           SEM               ASP Software       Website / CMS
                Email Marketing    Sales Consulting   SEO               Portals            Custom Web
                Marketing &                           PPC               Content            Applications
                Communications                        Conversion        Management
                Channels                              Optimization      Ecommerce
                Sales Consulting                      Email Marketing

Leadership      5,000+ clients     80% Retention      Small Business    Early adopter of   20 Carriers
Highlights      650+ web clients   SEO Clients        of the Year       ASP business       400 Partners
                500 SEM            #1 Search          Leader in SEM     model in late      5,000 clients
                engagements        Engine Product     Creative OEM      ’90’s
                                                                                           Largest Telco
                                   for SME Market     Program for                          VARs in USA
                                          Partner Programs
                                                       Value Added       Distribution
                                                     Solution Partner      Partner          Referral Partner
Partner Program Features                                  VASP                DISP            REFERRAL
Residual Income                                             Yes                Yes                 No
1. GHI Products, Services, Collateral                  Yes (Re-brand)     Yes (Limited)            Yes
2. Hosted ASP Software                                 OEM ($5,000)     2 Campaigns / mo.          No
3. Domestic Vendor Program Direct Access                Yes ($2,500)           No                  No
4. International Vendor Program Direct Access           Yes ($5,000)           No                  No
5. Remarket the Entire Partner Program (SP+)                Yes                No                  No
Or all 5 in a single package discounted                   $2,500              $300               FREE
Annual Maintenance Fee                                   Yes ($600)        Yes ($300)              No
Upgrade Path                                                Yes                Yes                 Yes
Dedicated Sales Account Manager                             Yes                Yes                 No
Business Growth Advisor / Marketing Plan*                   Yes                No                  No
Educational Seminar Series                                  Yes                No                  No
Conference Center                                           Yes                No                  No
Monthly Partner Projects / Pipeline Teleconference          Yes                No                  No
WSM & Internet Marketing Retainer Promo                  Yes ($450)         Yes ($550)          Yes ($650)
                                                                                              Lead Referral
Relationship                                           OEM Partner      Reseller Partner         Partner
      Re-Market the Entire Partner Program

As a VASP you can re-market GHI’s Partner Program
as your own … to your market!
   • And create your own distribution channel for your
     business leveraging GHI’s business ... creating new
     revenues and more leads to grow your business, or
   • Add more value to your existing 3rd party distribution
     channel that already exists.
               Strategic Partner + Program

Strategic Partner + (SP+) refers web and marketing companies to GHI.

When those referrals join the GHI Partner Program, you earn revenue several ways.

VASP Sign Up Fee:            One Time Earnings
$2,500                       $ 1,000
$1,000                       $ 500

                             Residual Earnings
SP+                          2% of monthly net sales

DISP Sign Up Fee:            One Time Earnings
$300                         $100

                             Residual Earnings
SP+                          2% of monthly net sales
                         What our Partners say…

Directly Competitive Web Design Partner …
• “GHI’s SEO Services are flat out better than several nationally acclaimed Internet
    Marketing Houses located in California and NYC; I should know, I used those agencies for
    my clients and thankfully switched to GHI recently. My clients’ projects are experiencing
    better ROI with significantly improved project planning and reporting; GHI is cheaper, and
    I doubled my company’s residual income from these services while reducing my clients
    expenses by more than 40%. Quite frankly, GHI does not charge enough.”

Directly Competitive Web Design Partner …
• “Within 18 days of signing my GHI VASP Program Contract I generated a 300% return on
    my entire VASP investment. I earned 100% of my investment back and generated $3,000
    in bottom line profit! My payback period was less than 3 weeks after closing just ONE
    web site design and development deal leveraging GHI's International Vendor Program. I
    can't imagine the profit and revenue from this program after 3-5 years reselling not just
    one web service, but 10, or 20 other products and services. Thank you Pete Radke for
    introducing me to this excellent add-on program to my core business."

               Make Yesterday’s Work Keep Working for Your Tomorrows™
                      What our Partners say…

IT Consulting Partner …
• “We have been in partnership with GHI for three years remarketing their
   SEM, Email, and Web Design Services; to date we generated more than
   $180,000 in revenues wholesaling these services.”

• “We also consume GHI’s SEO Services and as a result have had to hire an
  additional inside sales rep to handle the increase of online leads Google and
  GHI’s SEO Services generated.”

Marketing Ad Agency Partner …
• “Their telecom solutions have generated more quality, high profit residual
  income to our business than any product or service we have ever brought to
  the market.”
• “And their SEM Program is generating more than $90,000 per year for us in
  recurring revenues with about 90% of that as bottom line profit.”

              Make Yesterday’s Work Keep Working for Your Tomorrows™
                      What our Partners say…

Business Growth Advisor Partner …
• “GHI’s entrepreneurial spirit is embedded in their supportive partnering
  infrastructure – flexible to our needs, responsive to our clients, and easy to
  work with; not to mention, their products work while providing significant,
  profitable margins for my business.”

• “Frank is an entrepreneurial dynamo, a technology veteran, and a driven
  service provider. His vision as an implementer and distributor of technology
  solutions makes him someone you not only want to do business but should
  do business with. His services are great and his value is terrific. Don't just
  watch what Frank is doing for your business, watch what he is doing with
  GHI and you we be a double winner!”

              Make Yesterday’s Work Keep Working for Your Tomorrows™
                           Partner Profiles

Primary Markets                       Secondary Markets
Web Design Firms                      Web Development Firms
Graphic Design Studios                Web Hosting & Managed Services Firms
Interactive New Media Agencies        Printing Companies
IT Consulting & Technology Firms      ISPs
Internet Based Companies              Network Infrastructure Entities
    ASP Software Development Firms    Radio Stations
    Ecommerce Software Firms
    Content Management Firms
Marketing Companies
    Advertising Agencies
    Public Relations Firms
    Branding Firms
Business Growth Consultants
GHI Partners by Industry

Web firms                    61

Marketing firms              24

Adv firms                    14

Chambers                     144

Bus growth                   13

IT consulting                17

Telecom            269
…and adding 40+ every year
GHI Partners by Partner Program

Value Added Solution Partners   18

Distribution Partners           83

Chambers of Commerce            144

Referral Partners               214

Strategic Partner +             45
                  GHI VASP Program … Value?
GHI Products, Services (SEO, PPC, Web Design, Conversion, etc…)              $500,000

GHI Collateral (PPT's, PDF's, Proposals, Project Plans etc…)                 $400,000
Hosted ASP Software                                                          $250,000
CleanAir™ Email Campaign Application                           $100,000
Auto CleanAir™ Email Application                               $ 10,000
CleanTrack™ Pipeline Management Software                       $ 20,000
CleanCart™ CMS & Ecommerce System                              $100,000
CleanMail™ Anti-Spam Software                                  $ 20,000

Domestic Vendor Programs                                                     $595,000
Hosting                                                        $ 40,000
CMS                                                            $ 30,000
Web Design Freelances                                          $ 70,000
Merchant Services                                              $ 5,000
Telecom                                                        $450,000

International Vendor Programs                                                $250,000
WSD                                                            $240,000
Development                                                    $ 5,000
Resellers                                                      $ 5,000

Remarket the Entire Partner Program                                          $125,000
Add New Partners (10 x 7500)                                   $75,000
Your Products & Services Resold                                $50,000

Total VASP Value                                                          $2,120,000
                                  But you get all this for… $2,500
                   VASP Financial Analysis

•   If you sell 2 small, basic 10+ page website design deals
•   Or, sell 2 SEO deals
•   Or, sell 2 Website Maintenance deals and one email campaign

    Then you have paid for the entire GHI VASP Partner Program!

      $2,500 investment has a payback period of how many months?

Return on Investment Case Studies:
•   IT consulting firm      3 mo. payback      3,000% ROI
•   Web Developer           6 mo. payback      50,000% ROI
•   Advertising firm        12 mo. payback     150% ROI
                     Residual Earnings Potential …
                           Can you do this?

If all you did was sell 4 SEO accounts     If you sold 6 SEO accounts per year
     per year with 80% retention... Your   with 80% retention. Your residual
     residual income would be…                 income would be…

          Year 1           $12,833                   Year 1           $19,250
          Year 2           $30,433                   Year 2           $45,650
          Year 3           $44,513                   Year 3           $66,770
          Total            $87,780                   Total            $131,670

Initial Investment         $2,500          Initial Investment         $2,500
Gross Profit after 3 Yr.   $80,280         Gross Profit after 3 Yr.   $124,170
ROI                        1000+%          ROI                        1600+%
Payback Years              0.22            Payback Years              0.14

Pete Kever, Co-Founder & VP,
       Partner Programs

Matt Elsey, Project Manager


    Frank Griffith, CEO

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