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          breaking news
Agent Level of CLIA                           World’s Largest Cruise Night
Membership Benefits                           Breaks Records
Agencies, Too                                 Once again, World’s Largest Cruise Night
                                              (WLCN) has proven to be a win-win for
If you have an outside sales agent, inde-     travel agency and cruise line members of
pendent contractor or an on-staff cruise      CLIA. A travel agent survey conducted by
specialist, then CLIA’s new agent level of    CLIA reveals that WLCN events, held
membership is perfect! CLIA recently          throughout North America on October
opened registration for the 2008 mem-         17, are expected to generate a total of
bership season and is pleased to intro-       17,852 bookings - which translates into an     Terry Dale
duce an all-new level of membership for       estimated $22.3 million in sales that will     CLIA President
travel agents.                                yield more than $3 million in travel agency    and CEO
Agents get CLIA tools to become even          commissions. These estimates represent            The temperatures
more effective cruise sellers and their       a 20 percent increase in bookings, sales       have chilled, but CLIA
agency benefits from having skilled CLIA      and commissions over the 2006 event.           is heating things up!
agent members on staff.                       More than 45,000 consumers attended            CLIA is prepared to
With the growing number of home-              an event sponsored by 900-plus travel          provide you with
based and hosted agents, CLIA devel-          agencies across North America.                 even more excellent
                                                                                             service and programs
oped this membership level to directly        For the first time, CLIA offered agents an     to support you as a
reach front-line agents with selling tools,   online option, Virtual WLCN. Over 3,000        cruise seller in 2008.
information and opportunities. The pro-       agencies participated in the Virtual WLCN,
gram is ideal for agents that would like                                                        First, we are proud
                                              which was available online from October
to increase cruise sales, receive informa-                                                   of our introduction of
                                              15-31. It is estimated that consumers view-
tion and communications from CLIA and                                                        the travel agent level
                                              ed cruise line videos more than 50,000
be listed on CLIA’s travel agent locator                                                     of membership for
                                              times. Agents surveyed projected 16,802
                                                                                             ’08 and believe it will
along with his/her agency affiliation.        bookings, $21 million in sales and $2.8        be a real benefit to
For only $99, agents receive benefits         million in agent commissions as a result of    CLIA agents and
such as: access to CLIA’s online “Travel      their two weeks of Virtual WLCN partici-       agencies alike. Be sure
Agent Center,” a CD-ROM version of the        pation. Nearly 200 agencies not only chose     to contact us soon to
acclaimed Cruise Manual, Cruise Marketing     the Virtual WLCN option but conducted a        renew your member-
Essentials Workbook and CD-ROM, cou-          WLCN event on October 17 in a physical         ship and/or sign up
pons for free CLIA sales training, CLIA’s     location as well.                              for the agent level.
monthly e-newsletter and industry news        Combined, CLIA’s 2007 WLCN events              Second, CLIA events
updates as well as up to $1000 in offers      and online Virtual WLCN option are             will continue to
from CLIA member lines, cruise3sixty          estimated by the nearly 4,000 partici-         impress in ’08 with
exhibitors and CLIA partners.                 pating agents and agencies to generate a       cruise3sixty already
                                              total of as many as 34,654 bookings,           nearing sell-out status.
To qualify for the agent membership, the
                                              $43.3 million in sales and over $5.8 million   Register today to get
agent must be part of an active CLIA
                                              in travel agency commissions.                  in on the action.
member agency in 2008. Thus, it’s im-
portant for agencies to quickly renew their   For more information, click here to read       Have a Happy
CLIA membership to allow the agent to         the full press release on WLCN 2007 and        Thanksgiving!
enroll. Go online at or      mark your calendars for WLCN 2008 on
call 754-224-2200 today!                      October 16, 2008!
Groups Sales Made Easy – Revised and Updated!
The Training Department’s newly revised and updated Groups Seminar is currently
on tour and will continue throughout the first quarter of 2008. Come join us and
learn the latest techniques on how to prospect and manage successful groups! This           CRUISE LINES

2nd edition seminar is designed to effectively demonstrate how to profit from this          INTERNATIONAL
extremely lucrative segment of the cruise market. Click here for more information.          ASSOCIATION, INC.

CLIA’s Video Library Soon to Be Converted to DVDs

                           CLIA Training is in the process of updating and converting
                         its video library from VHS format to DVD. There will be 14
                         separate subjects to choose from beginning in January of
                         2008. Each DVD will have a corresponding exam, and once
                         passed, will earn travel agents 10 credits in the certification
                         program. Click here for more information.

CLIA Has Great Tools to Help You Learn At Your Own Pace
                 Learn and earn at your own pace from either the comfort of your
                 home or the office. When our training program scheduling conflicts
                 with your busy schedule, you can still move forward and earn
                 certification credits in three different ways!
                 • By video/DVD selection (10 credits for each video/DVD with a passing
                   grade on the corresponding test). Please click here for a complete
                  listing and description of our Videos/DVDs).
                 • By selecting any one of CLIA’s 22 different courses offered online
  at CLIA's Web site (earn 15 credits with a passing grade on the corresponding
  test for each course).
• Finally, did you know CLIA has a very informative textbook for those who enjoy
  reading and learning about the profitable cruise industry? Its corresponding exam
  (with a passing grade) will earn you 30 credits! The textbook is a great resource to
  have at your desk even after you have completed the course and passed the exam.
  Click here for more info.

Our Featured Video/DVD of the Month
             Converting Landlocked Vacationers into Cruise Vacationers. This
             video/DVD will explain ways to break down the wall of resistance, examine
             common misconceptions, provide solutions for getting past barriers, and
             identify the five types of non-cruisers and ways to reach them. It is
             estimated that there are 22 million prospects on the verge of taking a
             cruise, just waiting for you to persuade them. (30 minutes). This DVD is
included in both the Agency and Agent 2008 Membership Kit. Click here to learn more.
CLIA’s Training Comes to You!
CLIA’s training programs come directly to you both with scheduled classes and by
CLIA’s Training By Request Program (when you gather 50 agents or more for
training). View our calendar and find the next training classes in your area or call us
at 754-224-2200 ext. 225 or 220.

cruise3sixty adds more ship inspections to meet demand
               CLIA’s upcoming 2008 cruise3sixty conference March 7-9, in Fort
               Lauderdale, has again proven to be the hottest ticket in town. Due
               to high demand, the most popular ship inspections are filling fast.
               We’ve added extra space on many existing inspections plus we’ve added
inspections on three new ships to meet demand: Carnival Freedom, Celebrity
Century and Norwegian Sun. We’ve created more opportunities for you to
experience first-hand the ships your clients want to know about. Over 1000 travel
professionals already have registered for cruise3sixty, the must attend cruise travel
event of the year. This conference will sell out soon! cruise3sixty is the hottest ticket
in town and space is going very quickly . . . don’t be left out!

Space on ship inspections is limited so REGISTER TODAY to maximize your
choices. cruise3sixty: where the best in cruising meet. To learn more visit or call 754-224-2200.
Renew Online and Get Expedited Membership Kit Delivery
                         Membership season is upon us. The best way for you to renew
                                                                                              CRUISE LINES
                         your membership is online. You can check your profile, and

                         ensure that all your information is correct, your mailing            ASSOCIATION, INC.
                         address, your e-mail address, and all your contact infor-
                         mation. You can also check that you are listed correctly for the

                         CLIA consumer agent locator area. If you renew online, and
your mailing address is correct, you should receive your 2008 agency membership
kit within 10 days or less. Once you renew, you will then be able to get or renew your
ID card as well. If you fax or mail your renewal it will take approximately a week
longer for you to receive your membership kit. Please check to ensure that we do
have your correct mailing address. For additional information on CLIA’s membership
program, to renew your membership or find out about the new agent level of
membership available for the travel agents that work for you or are hosted by you,
click here to learn more or call 754.224.2200.

2008 Membership Kits Feature Improvements
                                                    CLIA’s 2008 Membership Kits may
                                                    come in a smaller package than last
                                                    year, but they pack an even bigger
                                                    punch! The Agency Membership Kit
                                                    features three training videos on a
                                                    single DVD (more than last year and
                                                    for the first time ever in DVD format).
                                                    You’ll find the entire Cruise Manual is
                                                    now on a CD-ROM. All ships are
                                                    shown in color and not only does the
                                                    CD contain all the information in the
                                                    printed Cruise Manual (which is also
                                                    included in the Agency Membership
                                                    Kit), but it has links to each ship’s
                                                    color and easy-to-read deck plans on
cruise line websites. Best of all, an online version of the Cruise Manual CD is available
on the CLIA website in the members area so no matter where you go, as long as you
have access to a computer you have access to the Cruise Manual.
The Agent Membership Kit features the CD version of the Cruise Manual (printed
versions are available at a discounted rate for CLIA agent members), as well as a
single training video on DVD.
Both Agent and Agency members will find coupon books with a new twist: value-
added coupons from not just our cruise line members for things like stateroom
upgrades, shipboard credits and FAM rates but also coupons from various CLIA
partners for discounts on passports, shipping services, rental cars, logo items, office
supplies, bon voyage gifts and much more. Agency members also receive bonus
commission coupons from CLIA member lines and this year there are more offers
from more lines than ever before!
And last but not least, you’ll find an all-new Membership Guide that combines
several printed items from last year into a single reference you’ll want to keep on
your bookshelf all year long!

2008 ID Card Update
                  2008 ID Card applications are now available! Before applying for a
                  2008 ID Card, please ensure that your agency has renewed their
                  CLIA Membership for 2008.
                  If you’re applying to renew an ID Card in 2008, you will be required
                  to provide proof of completing a CLIA Training event in 2007 or
                  2008 prior to applying for your 2008 ID Card application. The 2008
                  application form will provide you with complete details. If you are
                  renewing your ID Card you can renew online here.                                   3
Profile: Juliz Nuñez, Customer Service Representative
                      Juliz was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York where she lived
                      with her family of seven, which included her cat. Juliz worked with
                      CLIA in New York for six years. When CLIA relocated in January,
                      Juliz took a job with another firm in New York but CLIA missed
                      Juliz, and Juliz missed working for CLIA. Timing is everything, and        CRUISE LINES

                      when Juliz decided she wanted to relocate to South Florida, CLIA           INTERNATIONAL
                      had a position and was just thrilled to welcome Juliz back.                ASSOCIATION, INC.
                      "Life in South Florida is turning out to be great!" smiles Juliz.
                      "My love for rock music helps me pass the time away when I find

myself missing my family and New York."
One of the other things Juliz loves to do is watch and attend NASCAR races. Living
here in South Florida provides her with more opportunity to visit NASCAR race
tracks. "That’s a big plus for me!" says Juliz. "With so many other things to do in
South Florida, I look forward to the new experiences of South Florida living, and
bringing my cat to live with me in December."
As a Customer Service Representative, Juliz has many duties, but her primary
responsibility is the processing of ATP registration.

          industry focus
Illness and Norovirus
                      It’s that time of year when flu season comes around – and with
                      the “superbug” staph infection making headlines around the
                      country – there is no better time than to remember the advice
                      your mom gave you: Wash your hands!
                      When people travel, their germs hitch a ride with them, so it’s always
                      important to practice good hygiene as part of your routine - whether
you are traveling to grandma’s for the holidays, going on a cruise or out running
errands in your hometown. If your clients ask what precautions they can take, here
are some tips on how to stay healthy:
• The power of prevention is in your hands. Literally! The CDC and medical experts
  agree that the first step in staying healthy is to wash your hands often and
  thoroughly with warm water and soap. Be sure to wash your hands after using the
  bathroom and before eating.
• In addition to frequent handwashing, avoid touching your face to prevent the
  spread of illness.
• Norovirus, aka the “stomach flu,” is the second most common illness in the United
  States behind the cold.
• Cruise ships calling on U.S. ports report every case of gastrointestinal illness, inclu-
  ding the stomach flu, to the CDC. No other entity in the public health system is
  required to report every case. Thus, you hear about it more on cruise ships when in
  actuality, you are less likely to get ill on a cruise due to norovirus than you are on land.
• The primary way the stomach flu gets passed around on a cruise ship is through “high
  touch” areas such as railings and elevator buttons. That is why you see the crew
  members constantly cleaning the ship to keep the chance of illness at a minimum.
• We can’t emphasize it enough – handwashing is your best weapon this flu & cold season!

Lines Announce Fuel Surcharges
Due to a recent rise in fuel prices, several cruise lines have implemented fuel sur-
charges. Cruise guests may have questions on these additional fees. CLIA members
that have recently implemented fuel surcharges include:
Carnival Cruise Lines, Costa Cruises, Cunard Line, Holland America Line, Princess
Cruises, and The Yachts of Seabourn
• Fuel supplement of $5 per person, per day, for voyages on or after Feb. 1, 2008
• Not to exceed $70 per person per voyage
• Only applies to the first and second guests in a stateroom
Regent Seven Seas Cruises
• Fuel surcharge of $7.50 per person, per day, for all new 2008 bookings made after
  Dec. 1, 2007
• Also applies to 2008 bookings not paid in full before Dec. 1, 2007
Oceania Cruises                                                                                         4
• Fuel surcharge of $7 per person, per day for all published sailings through April 2009
• Fee is effective Dec. 1 for new reservations and existing reservations not paid in full
         cruise news
Costa Orders Two New Ships
                Costa Cruises announced that it has ordered two new 114,147-ton
                                                                                           CRUISE LINES
                ships to be delivered in 2011 and 2012. The two new ships will be

                sister ships to the Costa Concordia, Costa Serena and Costa Pacifica.      ASSOCIATION, INC.
                Both new ships will be able to accommodate 3,780 total guests each.

Norwegian Gem Delivered

Norwegian Cruise Line took delivery of its new “It” Girl,
Norwegian Gem, from Meyer Werft in a handover ceremony in
Eemshaven, Netherlands. Norwegian Gem is the fourth and final
ship in the company’s Jewel-class series.

Seabourn Orders Third New Ship
                    A year after The Yachts of Seabourn announced that it would
                    build two new, ultra luxury ships, advance booking activity for
                    the first, Seabourn Odyssey, has led to the line’s decision to
                    exercise the option for another. The third sister ship will be built
                    by T. Mariotti S.p.A. of Genoa, Italy for delivery in summer, 2011.

Carnival Moves Into New Miami Cruise Terminals
Carnival Cruise Lines recently began operating from Terminal D and
Terminal E, the newest passenger facilities at the Port of Miami.
Designed to provide panoramic views of Miami and Biscayne Bay, the
stylish and modern terminals can accommodate approximately 4,000
guests through separate embarkation and debarkation facilities.

Silversea Buys Expedition Ship
Silversea Cruises Group Ltd. has purchased the expedition ship World Discoverer.
The company took delivery of the vessel in Singapore on September 17. The ship will
undergo a multi-million dollar refurbishment before it begins service in spring 2008.

Rotterdam Returns to World Cruises in 2009
                   Celebrating the line’s annual tour around the globe, Holland
                   America’s Rotterdam returns to world cruising in 2009 with a
                   114/117-day Grand World Voyage departing Jan. 19, 2009, from
                   Los Angeles. The voyage is highlighted in new 2009 Grand World
                   Voyage brochure.

Costa Mediterranea to Sail from South America
Costa will redeploy the Costa Mediterranea from Brazil for the first
time in the 2008/09 austral summer season, joining Costa Magica
on voyages from Santos. Completing Costa Crociere’s three-ship
lineup will be Costa Marina, sailing regularly from Buenos Aires.

Port Everglades and Independence of the Seas
                  At 160,000 gross registered tons, Royal Caribbean’s third and final
                  Freedom-class ship, Independence of the Seas, will become the first
                  Freedom-class vessel to sail from Fort Lauderdale’s Port Everglades
                  for the 2008/09 Caribbean season. Independence of the Seas will
                  also be the largest cruise ship operating from the port.

Sovereign of the Seas Going to Pullmantur
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. announced that Sovereign of the
Seas will be reassigned to the company’s Pullmantur fleet, and the
Los Angeles-based Monarch of the Seas will assume Sovereign of

the Seas' sailings out of Port Canaveral. These changes take place
in October and November 2008.
MSC’s Eco Ships
                With the construction of MSC Fantasia and MSC Splendida, MSC Cruises
                confirms its commitment to the environment. The new ships have
                been constructed with advanced water treatments, energy saving
                systems and stateroom monitoring systems that continuously
                                                                                         CRUISE LINES
control the temperature of each stateroom and maintain it at a steady level without

unnecessary energy use.                                                                  ASSOCIATION, INC.

Seabourn Sets Odyssey Inaugural

                  The Yachts of Seabourn announced that the Seabourn Odyssey
                  will launch her inaugural year itinerary in Venice on June 24, 2009,
                  and guests previously on a waiting list may select their choices of
                  departures and luxury suites.

         cruise line profiles
Majestic America Line
                     Majestic America Line, one of the world’s premier river cruise
                     lines and the largest river and coastal cruising company in
                     America, provides guests the opportunity to rediscover the
                     extraordinary regional travel experiences available right here in
America. Each handcrafted journey is unforgettable, with incredible attention to
quality, wonderful enrichment programs that deepen the experience and warm,
attentive service from the company’s American crew. The ships of Majestic America
Line consistently earn outstanding ratings from discerning travelers for the boutique
travel experiences they deliver. We are very proud that the 223 passenger Empress
of the North, was one of the highest rated small cruise ships in the world in the 2007
Conde Nast Traveler's Readers Choice Awards. In 2006,'s Editor's
Choice Award for "Best Shore Excursions" and "Best American Cruise," went to the
142 passenger Queen of the West.

    General Office:                               206-292-9606
    Brochures / General Information:              800-824-8636
    Individual Reservations:                      800-434-1232
    Group Reservations:                           800-358-8854
    Incentive Sales                               800-628-3354
    Charter Information                           800-628-3354
    Guest Passenger Relations:                    800-434-1232
    Travel Agent Sales Support:                   866-766-3873
    Travel Agent Relations:                       866-766-3873

Key Selling Points
1. The ships of Majestic America Line offer a boutique cruise experience for the
   discerning traveler.
2. A fleet of intimate, US flagged ships ranging from 48 to 436 passengers, providing
   a comfortable and refined atmosphere.
3. Majestic America Line offers tremendous value with cruise fare including
   onboard meals, 24-hour complimentary snacks, soft drinks, and specialty coffees,
   as well as many included shore excursions, delux room accommodations, and
   high quality entertainment.

Oceania Cruises
                         Oceania Cruises is a distinctively different cruise line. Three
                         modern luxury ships carry just 684 guests. Nearly 70% of all
                         staterooms feature private verandas and service is provided by
                         an attentive European staff. At Oceania Cruises, the priority is   CRUISE LINES

an extraordinary cruise experience that will fit varied interests and exceed all            INTERNATIONAL
                                                                                            ASSOCIATION, INC.
expectations. This includes the finest cuisine at sea, carefully crafted by world-
renowned Master Chef Jacques Pepin. Each ship, Regatta, Insignia and Nautica,
offers the flexibility of open-seating dining in four unique restaurants. Experience a

country club atmosphere where the expectation is to dress comfortably and where
suits, tuxedos and gowns are never required. Outstanding personal service is
provided by a staff-to-guest ratio that is among the best in the industry.

   General Office:                                 305-514-2300
   Brochures / General Information:                800-531-5658
   Individual Reservations:                        800-531-5658
   Group Reservations:                             800-531-5658
   Incentive Sales                                 305-514-2318
   Air/Sea Arrangements:                           800-531-5658
   Handicapped Passenger Services:                 800-531-5658
   Guest Passenger Relations:                      800-531-5658
   Travel Agent Sales Support:                     800-531-5658
   Travel Agent Relations:                         800-531-5658

Key Selling Points
1. The finest cuisine at sea created by Master Chef Jacques Pepin.
2. Luxurious, mid-sized ships with no more than 684 guests.
3. Relaxed country club - casual atmosphere and open-seating dining.
4. Award-winning destination-rich itineraries.
5. Affordable Luxury and Extraordinary Value.

Professional Porter Program Sails Into Port Everglades
                    A new “SUNsational Service ship” is sailing for Port Everglades
                    as the South Florida cruise port teams up with the Greater Fort
                    Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, Southeast Florida
                    Employers Port Association, cruise stevedoring companies at the
                    Port and the International Longshoremen’s Association to launch
a customized training course for baggage handlers.
Approximately 800 cruise ship baggage handlers from ILA Local #1526 are receiving
“SUNsational Service training for Professional Porters.” The course teaches customer
service excellence and is designed specifically for porters at Port Everglades.
The Professional Porter Program is based on Broward County’s SUNsational Service
model, which was developed in 1999 by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention &
Visitors Bureau in partnership with Broward County Employee Development for local
hospitality workers.
Port Everglades is one of the world’s busiest cruise ports with 40 cruise ships from 15
cruise lines and more than 3 million passengers passing through the Port each year.
For more information click here.

SATH World Congress Coming Soon!
             SATH, Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality is holding its 12th
             World Congress for Travelers with Disabilities and the Mature at Disney’s
             Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World ® Resort January 6-10, 2008.
             This year’s theme, “We are in the people business!” provides travel,          CRUISE LINES

             tourism and hospitality professionals worldwide with an opportunity to        ASSOCIATION, INC.
             come and learn about a market that is growing exponentially, with a
             discretionary income of $250 billion in the U.S. alone.

SATH is offering CLIA members a special registration rate for the Congress of
$149.00, a 50% discount, which includes a CLIA workshop, “Building a Smart
Business Plan,” all sessions, workshops, a specialized Trade Show, and included
social and networking events. Click here to visit the World Congress page on the
SATH web site for information about the event, registration, and a preliminary
program, or call 561-361-0017, or email

All Roads Lead to Travel Week
                     The second annual Travel Week, being held the first week of
                     December, will expand to include other industry events and is
                     expected to draw more than 9,000 professionals to the city of Las
                     Vegas. It is an inclusive week comprised of world-class educational
                     programming, over 650 suppliers in attendance, and nonstop
networking – all in one location – Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in legendary Las Vegas.
The marquee event of Travel Week is Luxury Travel Expo, which will take place
December 4-6. Luxury Travel Expo is the most established and influential luxury
travel industry event in North America. Now in its ninth year, Luxury Travel Expo
remains the only travel event solely dedicated to luxury.
Home Based Travel Agent Expo & Conference is going into its second year and will
run concurrently with Luxury Travel Expo, December 4-6. It is the largest gathering
of qualified North American home-based travel sellers.
Vegas Travel Week is anchored by industry leading tradeshows, Luxury Travel Expo and
the Home-Based Travel Agent Expo & Conference, and related events including The
Travel Institute Conference, NEST FEST and Signature Travel Network Annual Meeting.
Please visit to register and for more details.

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