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									                                                                                                             June 2010
                                                                          partnership                  “For I am convinced that
                                                                            with the                     neither death, nor life,
                                                                                                             nor angels, nor
                                                                           Sheriff’s                   principalities, nor things
                                                                                                          present, nor things to
                                                                             Office                      come, nor powers, nor
                                                                                                         height, nor depth, nor
                                                                                                        any other created thing,
                                                                                                       will be able to separate us
                                                                                                          from the love of God,
                                                                                                        which is in Christ Jesus
                        Reborn Enthusiasm                                                               our Lord.” Romans 8:38

  Last Month we looked at        perience joy with the                                                  CHAPLAINS TO
certainty in uncertain           circumstances I am fac-                                                 SERVE YOU
times.     This month I          ing?” We read in Lam-
would like to look at the        entations 3:22-24; “The
enthusiasm that is born          lord’s lovingkindnesses                                                    Curt Quaschnick
from that certainty.             indeed never cease, for                                                     Lead Chaplain
Nothing excites me more          His compassions never
than when spring starts          fail. They are new every         family we have many that
to give way to summer.           morning; Great is Your           are facing the loss of their             Barbara Wharton
The rich greens and              faithfulness. “The Lord          jobs. When faced with                     Robert Kinnune
bright hues of the flowers       is my portion,” says my          such challenging circum-                      Rob Hill
become a reality in our          soul, “Therefore I have          stances we ultimately
                                                                  make a choice. Will we                      Sean Fryling
lives. Just as certain as        hope in Him.”(NASB) The
these summer changes             prophet Jeremiah wrote           become angry and bitter                    Ronald Turner
are the certainties of           these words while the            or will we choose to turn                  Bob Christian
God’s promises from His          nation of Israel faced           to God so that through                    Jason Armstrong
written word; actually           destruction, lack of com-        His word He can prove
                                                                  His perfect will for our                  Michael Warner
more certain. As we look         fort and personal loss.
                                                                  lives. This is the place of                  Cliff Custer
at some of these prom-           They were victims of
ises my hope is that our         rape and torture, slavery        joy and of peace. Let me                 Noah Winningham
enthusiasm for life will         and famine. The lessons          close with Romans 8:38
be reborn. Let us look at        that we can learn from           “For I am convinced that
                                                                                                             Office phone:
His provision for joy.           God are that it is not our       neither death, nor life, nor
                                                                  angels, nor principalities,                509-477-6625
Psalm 16:11 tells us: “You       circumstances but what
will make known to me            we choose to do with our         nor things present, nor                   P. O. Box 18752
the path of life; In your        circumstances. Though            things to come, nor pow-                Spokane, WA 99208
presence is fullness of          we do not face such dire         ers, nor height, nor depth,
joy; In your right hand          circumstances, God has           nor any created thing, will
                                                                  be able to separate us                www.spokanesheriff.org/
there are pleasures for-         placed in our lives cir-                                                community/chaplains
ever.”(NASB) We might say        cumstances that are cru-         from the love of God,
to our selves; “Well, that       cial to us. Within our           which is in Christ Jesus
is great but how can I ex-       own law enforcemen-              our Lord.” Rob Hill                    Monthly Bible Reading
                                                                                                                  Psalm 16
                                       Did You Know?                                                      The Path of Life and Joy

In these uncertain economic times the men and women of law enforcement are faced with very difficult challenges. Many have faced
the overwhelming reality of job loses, early retirement (some times welcome and some times not), changes in duty assignments and
an increase in work load. We the chaplains of your law enforcement family desire to help you meet these challenges. As with any
family in crisis we come together to meet the needs of our family. The above listed chaplains are here to serve you and your families.
We believe through help both physically and spiritually our law enforcement family can remain healthy. Yes, this will take work on
everybody’s part. We are ready to roll up our sleeves and go to work. We attempt to keep office hours Monday thru Thursday. At
anytime there is a chaplain on call. On call chaplains can be reached through Radio Dispatch. Chaplain Quaschnick
(cquaschnick@spokanesheriff.org) and Chaplain Hill (rhill@spokanesheriff.org) have email access through the system. Please do not
hesitate to email prayer requests to us. We the chaplains of the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office are praying for you.

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