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									                                                    KS3 Recommended Reading List

Cover   Title & Author       Description                                                                               Suitable for        Reviewed by
                             Artemis Fowl is fanta sy, but i s closer to Ja mes Bond than to The Lord of the
        Artemis Fowl         Rings. It is also very funny. In the first book, Artemis Fowl, a twelve-year-old          Age 9-12            UBG
                             criminal mastermind who isn’ t sa ti sfied with robbing banks, sets his sights on the
        Eoin Colfer          ulti ma te trea sure – fairy gold. Wha t he doesn’ t realize is tha t the fairies he is
                             up against a ren’t sof t and pretty with spa rkly wings. These fairies a re smart,
                             armed and dangerous and one of the smartest, Captain Holly Short of the
                             LEPrecon Uni t, is going to do everything she can to make sure Artemi s doesn’ t
                             succeed. And so begins a fantastic ba ttl e of wits and weapons, with plenty of
                             action and larger-than-life charac ters, including my personal favouri te Mulc h
                             Diggums, the dwarf with the a ma zing bum-flap.

                                                                                                                       This is a grea t
        The ci ty of Ember   Ember ci ty is buil t underground. When i t was built i t contained everything            fantasy adventure   Mrs Smi th
                             humans needed to survi ve. Now Supplies are running out and there isn’ t anyone in        story for all
        Jeanne DuPrau        the ci ty who knows wha t to do. Ember’s inhabi tants have lived happily for two          readers.
                             hundred years now but now there i s unrest throughout the city. Two children
                             decide to find a way out of Ember a way to a new future.

        The Day of the       Ever thought about how the world might end? In this thought-provoking novel,              11+                 UBG
        Triffids             John Wynd ha m shows us just how quickly civilization as we know it would fall
                             apart if most of humani ty woke up to find tha t they had gone blind overnight.                               Laura
        John Wynd ha m       Throw in man -ea ting plants walking around, making survival even harder, and you                             Hutc hings
                             have the basic premi se of the novel.

                             This book was written a t a ti me when most people were worried about the very
                             real possibility of nuclear war, and you may want to skip the more poli tical bits.
                             Wha t will keep you reading is the way in which it tempts you to i magine how you
                             would cope in such circumstances. If you had to keep a small group o people
                             alive, where would you go and what would you do? From i ts fa mous opening line to
                             its nail-biting conclusion, this i s a book tha t will keep you hooked and you’ll find
                             yourself thinking about i t long af ter you’ve finished i t.
The Drea m Ma ster     Join Cy as he faces the Vikings in this adventure. He must stop them coming into          Grea t for all        Mrs Smi th
Nightmare              his world. This is a grea t adventure tha t is funny and weaves hi story in with Cy’s     readers.
                       school life.
Theresa Breslin

                                                                                                                 I can recommend
The Drea m Ma ster     In this thi rd book of Cy’s adventures his drea ms ta ke hi m back to ancient             this funny            Mrs Smi th
Gladiator              Pompeii, to a ti me of gladiators, chariots, and volcanoes. If tha t wasn’t enough he     historical
                       still has to deal with hi s every day problems a t sc hool.                               adventure to all
Theresa Breslin                                                                                                  readers
                                                                                                                                       Mrs Smi th
The Drea m Ma ster     Meet Cy a boy who has a grea t drea m about ancient Egypt and decides tha t he’s          A funny historical
                       going to return to tha t drea m. He faces the drea m master and manages to juggle         adventure fanta sy
Theresa Breslin        a life in ancient Egypt with his life here, dealing with sc hool projec ts, bullies and   for all readers.
                       every day problems.

The drea m merchant    This is a large book wi th a huge story inside. Josh is a normal sc hool boy who          A nice fanta sy       Mrs Smi th
                       spends a lot of ti me d rea ming. He’s unhappy a t home and someti mes he steals.         adventure if a
Isabel Hiving          Suddenly a big company wants Josh to work for them, why? He’s not special. It’s           little long winded.
                       not long before Josh finds hi mself in another world. This place isn’ t qui te reality
                       nor is i t a drea m world. Josh ha s to sell his companies produc ts to people f rom
                       the pa st! He must tra vel right back to the beginning of ti me to find his way

                       This fabulous fanta sy series takes readers into new and amazing worlds. Beyond
The Edge Chronicles    the Deepwoods, the first ti tle, tells the story of Twig, abandoned at birth and          9-12                  UBG
                       brought up by wood trolls, who sets out into the wild world in search of hi s past.
Beyond the             The story is fa st and action -packed and the cha rac ters are ex traordinary –                                 Wendy Cooling
Deepwoods              goblins, trogs, flesh-ea ting trees and more. The books move on to tell of Twig’s
                       dangerous adventures as a sky pira te and of the mysteries, evils and intrigues
Paul Stewart & Chris   always to be found in the dangerous floating world of Sanctaphrax.
Riddell                These books continue to surprise and entertain as new and brilliantly ima gined
                       characters join in with the stories. They’re given ex tra wonder by Chris Riddell’s
                       intrica te and fascina ting black and white line drawings. The books are a
                       compelling read and grea t to look a t too!
                      Do you ever wish you could choose the way a story goes? Well, with the Fighting
Fighting Fantasy      Fanta sy books you are the main charac ter, and you can do just tha t – though be    9-12                 UBG
                      warned: although you can decide where to go and wha t to do nex t, you can’t
Citadel of Chaos      predict what will happen once you’ve done i t!                                                            Susan Reuben
                      In each book you are an explorer, setting off on an intrepid adventure. You have
Steve Jackson & Ian   constant choices, (‘Will you drink the red liquid? Turn to P.98. Or leave the
Livingstone           cha mber to continue west? Turn to p.83.’) Each decision could bring instant
                      death, or the accumula tion of riches tha t will help you further along the route.
                      There are many monsters to ba ttle on the way (with throws of the dice
                      predicting who wins) and only one true pa th to the end of your quest. You’ll have
                      to embark on the adventure again and again before you find the way through!

        Flyte         This is the second book in the Septi mus Heap series. Princess J enna is captured    A cha rming book     Mrs Smi th
                      by her own bro ther and Septi mus must rescue her. Wi th the usual mix of magic      for the more
     Angie Sage       and fantasy this is a c harming book for the more confident reader.                  confident reader.

The haunting of       Travel back in ti me to old London and join Thaniel Fox as he hunts the wych-kin.    This is a science    Mrs Smi th
Alaizabel Cray        While chasing a cradlejack which is like a were wolf he finds a young girl. Now      fiction, fantasy,
                      Na thaniel has a quest he need s to find out who the girl is and what evil           historical novel.
Chris Wooding         surround s her.

                                                                                                           This book is easy
The hi tchhiker’s     Arthur Dent is upset because the council has demolished his house to make way        to read but is for   Mrs Smi th
guide to the galaxy   for a bypass. Unfortuna tely the earth is to be demolished to make w ay for a        readers who are
                      hyperspace bypass. Luckily for Arthur he is rescued by Ford who teaches hi m         familiar with
Douglas Ada ms        how to hi tchhike a round the galaxy. Arthur ha s lots of adventures and meets a     science fiction or
                      variety of aliens in thi s science fic tion book.                                    fantasy books.

                      Set in the future, Dante, a ki tchen boy and the lowest of the low in this world,
Hollow People         meets Bea, the privileged daughter of 2 doc tors. Together they rea lize they are                         Mrs Pa terson
                      different to the ma jori ty of other people, in a society tha t decided to control
By Brian Keaney       the problems of cri me, drugs, wars etc by keeping everyone over 14 on a weekly
                      dose of a mind numbing drug. Bea has drea ms, for which she can be locked up in
                      an insti tute for the insane, and Dante realizes he has inheri ted special powers.
                      The story ends a bi t abruptly, so you need to read book2, The Gallows Glass, to
                      find out what happens to Dante and Bea.
The Invisible           The invisible detec tive series is about Arthur Drake who finds a diary in a book     A grea t book if       Mrs Smi th
Detective               shop from the 1930’s but it’s written in Arthur’s handwri ting. He finds he can       you like your ghost
The Paranormal          travel back in ti me and with the help of three friend s from the 1930’s he           stories to have
Puppet Show             becomes the invisible detec tive, solving all sorts of mysteries. This is the first   mystery thrown in.
                        book in the series and the c hildren have to investi ga te a traveling wax works.     Suitable for all
By Justin Richa rds     This ad venture is exci ting and spooky and will leave you wanting to read more of    reading abilities.
                        Arthur’s adventures.
                        There are 3 books in this series tha t really should be read in order a s the story
Maxi mum Ride           continues through each one. Big books, short c hapters and super quick to read.       These books would      Miss Best
                        The short c hapters make i t easier as eac h chapter ends with you wanting to         be grea t for
James Pa tterson        know more                                                                             anyone tha t likes a
                        The quest for 6 c hildren/ teenagers to find some answers (without ac tually          bit of escapism
                        knowing what the questions were) keeps you turning the pages. . The 6, na mely        but doesn’t get
Book 1 – The Angel      Max (who acts a bit like a mum) Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman (na med for             scared too ea sily.
Experi ment             obvious rea sons) and Angel were brought up in a science lab and had all sorts of     Read the blurb
Book 2 – School’s Out   horrible experi ments carried out on them which lef t them with different             inside the book
Forever                 abilities. All could fly – wow can you imagine tha t – Angel could read minds, Iggy   and you won’t be
Book 3 – Saving the     who is blind has mega hearing and between them they need to save the world, all       able to resist!!!!
Word and other          while being chased by scary warewolf type cha rac ters! The adventures they           Good luck.
extreme sports          encounter are a mazing – a real nail biter.

                                                                                                              A light hearted
Mi mosa Fortune         Meet teenager Mi mosa who has traveled all over the world with her clairvoyant        book for all           Mrs Smi th
                        mother. As they settle in Whi tby Mi mosa joins the students a t the local college    readers containing
Echo Freer              and is soon fortune telling in her lunch breaks. It’s not long before a handsome      adventure,
                        ghost needs Mi mosa’s help and ti me tra veling becomes a frequent occurrence.        fantasy, sci-fi, and
                                                                                                              even a li ttle

                        Wha t can I say about this book? It is a lovely story with a feel good factor of
Peter Pan               100! It’s a comfortable read all about pira tes, faries, flying children, mermaid s   A nice story for       Mrs Smi th
                        and no adults. Peter is a boy who never grew up, he lives in Neverland with the       readers of all
J. M. Barrie            lost boys and Tinkerbell the fairy. Some evenings he flies to London to hear          abilities.
                        Wendy Darling tell her brothers John and Michael bed ti me stories. One evening
                        Wendy sees Peter and he persuades her to vi si t Neverland with hi m. Here we
                        meet Captain Hook and the fanta sy adventure begins.
Poison                Poison is a strong willed girl and when the faries steal her baby sister Poi son is      This is a grea t       Mrs Smi th
                      determined to rescue her. If your expec ting the usual fairy story your going to         fantasy tale tha t’s
Chris Wooding         be disappointed as Poison is a strong gi rl who is set to change the world.              easy to read.

                      In Pure dead magic we meet the Strega -Borgia family. Titus, Pandora and Damp
Pure Dead Magic       live a very unusual life style with a c rocodile, ra t, spider and a dungeon bea st as                          Mrs Smi th
                      house pets.
Debi Gliori           It is easy to read and has a real feel good factor. Parts are wacky, zany and
                      quite frankly magical. A grea t adventure tha t once sta rted you won’t be able to
                      put i t down. Dare you join the Strega-Borgia c hildren as they perfec t spells in
                      their race to out shine each other.

Pure Dead Brilliant   Join the Strega -Borgias again as a coven of witches are their house guests.             Good for all           Mrs Smi th
                      Pandora and her brother Ti tus have their hands full solving mysteries which             reading abilities.
Debi Gliori           plague the fa mily. This book has a grea t a tmosphere and mixes fantasy with
                      humor well.

Stone Me              In thi s easy reading book Perce and her best friend Andy have a mystery to              I           highly     Mrs Smi th
                      solve. Pupils and teachers are being turned to stone. Could Ms Dusa be involved          recommend      for
Steve Barlow          or is she an innocent supply teacher.                                                    year 7’s who are
                      This is a fast paced book tha t is a grea t story with a hint of mythology thrown        brave enough to
                      in.                                                                                      face Ms Dusa.

Va mpira tes          You will need to read this mini story between books one and two as there are             A     must      read   Mrs Smi th
Dead Deep             relevant points tha t follow in books two and three.                                     adventure fanta sy
                      We are off to Ma Kettle’s tavern with Connor and his two favori te shipma tes            if your already
Justin Somper         Bart and Jes to spend their shore leave. Wha t could possibly go wrong? In a very        into             the
                      short space of ti me the three best buddies find themselves joining a fishing            va mpira tes series.
                      expedition to escape the brawl tha t they ha ve gotten entangled in. Wha t follows
                      is an encounter with mermaids and mermen with a sinister twist.
                                                                                                              A grea t book for
Va mpira tes           Connor and Grace Tempest a re twins who live in a lighthouse with there father.        confident readers.     Mrs Smi th
Demons of the Ocean    They ta ke a journey in their small boa t and are caught in a storm. Connor is
                       rescued by a pi ra te ship and Grace is rescued by a ship crewed by va mpires.
By Justin Somper       Join the twins on their quest to be reuni ted and along the way befriend the
                       crew of both ships. Let the ad venture begin.

                                                                                                              A grea t book for
Va mpira tes           In the third book of the va mpira te series Grace and Connor Tempest continue          confident readers.     Mrs Smi th
Blood Captain          their adventure on the high seas. Connor returns to the pira te ship Diablo and
                       Grace accompanies her friend Lorcan to Sanc tuary. We see the twins grow up
By Justin Somper       very quickly and face responsibilities and dangers old and new.

                                                                                                              A grea t book for
Va mpira tes           Grace and Connor Tempest continue their fantastic adventure in the second              confident readers.     Mrs Smi th
Tide of Terror         book in this trilogy. The dea th of a shipma te causes the Tempest twins to think
                       carefully about their lives. Grace f eels tha t a trip to pira te academy might
By Justin Somper       persuade her brother lea ve his ship and study; thus prolonging his life. More
                       adventure awaits the twins as we set sail once again with the va mpira tes.

                       This is a history field trip with a difference! School students Dan and Ursula         A fantastic
Warriors of Alavna     are transported back in ti me to a Bri tain tha t is made up of war like clans. They   historical             Mrs Smi th
                       discover skills they never knew they had as fighting is the only way to ensure         adventure for the
N M Browne             survi val. Soon the clan becomes i mportant not only for their survival but for        more serious
                       finding the way home.                                                                  reader.

                                                                                                              A grea t hi storical
Warriors of Ca mlann   This is the sequel to Wa rriors of Alvana. Dan and Ursula expected to return to        adventure for the      Mrs Smi th
                       present day Bri tain but where shocked to discover tha t al though they had            more serious
N M Browne             traveled forward in ti me i t wasn’t qui te far enough. Now the friends find           reader.
                       themsel ves in the ti me of King Arthur where thei r recently discovered skills are
                       needed again in the fight for survival. Can this adventure lead them home?

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