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					                            Reporting and Writing
                           Tips on Effective Googling

Need exact phrase? Use quotation marks:
“infosys billion dollar”

Want to expand your search with a synonym? Use a “tilde”:
“~infosys” finds IT companies similar to Infosys

Search by filetype (pdf, ppt, xls, doc):
“.Net Framework” filetype:ppt

Negative Search Terms:
“nano –car” will return the results with word „nano‟ but not Tata Nano car

Limit your search results to a particular web site:
“sparsh” will get the pages from where the word
„sparsh‟ is referred `

Search for sites that link to a particular website:

You’ve found a useful website and want to find other sites like it:

Find the definition of a word or a phrase:
define: scruples

More Search Operators:

      allinanchor:
      allintext:
      allintitle:
      allinurl:
      cache:
      group:
      info:
      time
      weather

Use Specialty Search Functions:

      Google   News:
      Google   Images:
      Google   Blog Search:
      Google   Finance:
      Google   Scholar:
      Google   Book Search:

Google News Alerts:
      Tracking an event in the news? Set a Google tracker
      Choose to monitor latest developments on web pages, blogs, Google news,
       Google discussion group pages, or all of these sources.

Google Scholar (

      Covers: law, medicine, social sciences, arts, humanities, business, &
      Included items: peer-reviewed papers, theses, book excerpts, abstracts
       & full-text articles
      Sources for items: academic publisher web pages, professional societies,
       preprint repositories and universities.

Google Book Search:

      Searches full text of indexed books.
      If the work is in the public domain, the full contents are usually available.
      If not, users can view bibliographic info (author, title, publisher) and
       perhaps some excerpts.
      Library partners include UC, Princeton, Stanford, Univ. of Michigan, Univ.
       of Texas, Oxford, UVA and Univ. of Wisconsin,

Local/ movies and stuff:
Effective local search solution
Find theatres running your desired movies in your city.
search public source code

Interesting stuff:

      Google   Docs
      Google   Calendar
      Google   Reader
      Google   Gear
      Google   App Engine
      Google   Sites
      Google   Sets


      PageRank explained by Google:
      Google interprets a link on page A going to page B as a vote -- by page A,
       for page B. Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links
       a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast
       by pages that are themselves "important" weigh more heavily.

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