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					                                                     Garnet Valley Middle School
                                                     Reading List - Summer 2011
                                                            Eighth Grade
                                                        Enrichment Students

Author                   Title                                         Genre                     Possible Points to be Earned

Anderson               Chains                                     Historical Fiction                  11
After being sold to a cruel couple in New York City, a slave named Isabel spies for the rebels during the Revolutionary War.

Bauer               Hope Was Here                            Realistic Fiction                7
When Hope and her aunt move to Mulhoney, Wisconsin, they become involved with a political campaign to oust the corrupt mayor.

Bell                 Shield of Stars                              Adventure, Fantasy               10
Weasel, a former pickpocket, must save his friend and guardian, who has been accused of treason and imprisoned. Then he finds a shield that has
magical powers, and his luck changes.

Buckley               NERDS                                         Adventure, Humor                9
Can this team of misfits save the world from their secret headquarters in the school basement? Can you read NERDS without laughing? Go ahead
and try.

Carey                 Dragon’s Keep                                 Fantasy                       11
In 1145 A.D., Rosalind, soon to become Pendragon Queen of Wilde Island, has a lot to accomplish to fulfill her destiny, while she hides the
dragon's claw she was born with that reflects just one of her mother's dark secrets.

Choldenko            Al Capone Does My Shirts                   Historical Fiction                   7
Moose’s family moves to Alcatraz Island in 1935. But sometimes the strain of taking care of his little sister Natalie and coping with Piper, the
prison warden’s daughter, gets to be too much.

Christie              Body in the Library                          Mystery                         8
Miss Marple refuses to take matters at face value when the body of a young woman is found in the colonel's library.

Christopher, J.       The City of Gold and Lead                   Science Fiction                       8
Aliens from another planet plan to do away with all humans. This is classic sci-fi.

Colfer, Eoin          Artemis Fowl                                  Fantasy                          9
A 12-year-old evil genius tries to restore his family fortune by demanding ransom for a kidnapped fairy, but the fairies fight back with magic,
technology, and a very nasty troll.

Dunmore                 Ingo                                        Fantasy                           10
In a novel full of longing, mystery, and magic, Sapphire hears the call of the sea on the Cornwall coast where she lives with her family.

Gantos              Jack’s Black Book                          Realistic Fiction, Humor       6
When Jack Henry attempts to write the “Great American Novel” there are many comic misadventures.

Hinton               Rumble Fish                                      Realistic Fiction                 4
Rusty-James wants to live up to his brother's reputation as a street fighter, the most respected dude in the city. But soon Rusty-James learns that
Motor Cycle Boy is not exactly what people think he is.

Hinton             That Was Then, This Is Now                 Realistic Fiction                  6
When Mark becomes involved with drugs, his friend Bryon must decide whether to protect his friend's secret or call the police.

Hobbs                 Crossing the Wire                             Realistic Fiction                  8
When falling crop prices threaten his family with starvation, Victor heads north in an attempt to "cross the wire" from Mexico into the U. S.

Korman               Schooled                                   Realistic Fiction, Humor            8
Cap has always been home schooled, so when he starts public school in eighth grade, he is in for some big surprises. Very funny!

Lawrence                The Convicts                                  Adventure                          8
After his father is hauled off to debtor's prison, Tom Tin gets involved in a series of hair-raising adventures, resulting in his being accused of
murder and sent unwillingly to Australia.

LeGuin                Gifts                                        Fantasy                           9
When Orrec blinds himself rather than use his gift of "unmaking", he upsets the precarious balance of power among rival, feuding families, each
of which has a strange and deadly talent of its own.

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                                                     Garnet Valley Middle School
                                                     Reading List - Summer 2011
                                                            Eighth Grade
                                                        Enrichment Students

Lupica                Heat                                        Sports                           9
Pitching prodigy Michael Arroyo is running from social services after being banned from Little League baseball because rival coaches doubt he is
only 12 years old and he has no way to prove it.

McCormick            Cut                                           Realistic Fiction                  5
While confined to a mental hospital, Callie comes to understand the reasons for her self-mutilation, and gradually starts to get better.

Philbrick           Freak the Mighty                              Realistic Fiction                   6
Learning-disabled Max and his new friend, whose birth defect has affected his body but not his brilliant mind, find that they make a powerful
team when they combine forces.

Pullman             Clockwork                                      Horror                          5
Long ago in Germany, a storyteller's story and an apprentice clockmakers' nightmare meet in a menacing, lifelike figure created by the strange
Dr. Kalmenius.

Smith                 I, Q : Independence Hall                      Adventure                         9
Step-siblings Q and Angela are thrust into the work of the U. S. Secret Service and the Israeli Mossad when Angela realizes she is being
followed, and Q learns a secret about Angela's real mother.

Smith                  Zach’s Lie                                   Realistic Fiction                    7
Zach's whole identity is a lie -- his name, his hometown, even his eye color -- because his father is in jail, and his family has been forced to join a
witness protection program.

Sonnenblick          Notes from the Midnight Driver               Realistic Fiction                 7
When Alex gets drunk and takes his mother’s car out without a license or permission, he must take his punishment, even though it involves
working with a cantankerous, unpleasant old man.

Taylor                 Let the Circle Be Unbroken                    Historical Fiction                19
Four African-American children growing up in rural Mississippi during the Depression experience racial harassment and hard times, but learn
from their parents the pride and self-respect they need to survive. This is the sequel to Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

Turner               The Thief                                      Adventure                            11
A king orders a young thief to carry out a near-impossible heist under threat of death.

Vande Velde             There’s a Dead Person Following My Sister Around Historical Fiction, Fantasy                5
In this ghost story, the reader moves between the present and bygone days of slavery.

Wells                    The Invisible Man                           Science Fiction                    7
This is the classic tale of a scientist who discovers how to make his body invisible but is driven insane by the results.