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					A WATCHUNG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. PUBLICATION                                                      The Westfield Leader and The Scotch Plains – Fanwood TIMES                                                     Thursday, June 2, 2011                                            Page 5

 Milt Faith Prepares to Leave YFCS                                                                                                                                                                  Was Wertheimer Manipulated Into
After 47 Yrs., But Not Ties to Westfield                                                                                                                                                           Freezing Dems for Change Finances?
        By SUZETTE F. STALKER                   ics as well. “Problems have become more                                                                                                             It appears that self-proclaimed area            This last judge threw out a lot of politi-
Specially Written for The Westfield Leader and The Times
                                                difficult, have escalated,” he said.                                                                                                             political boss [Sen. Ray] Lesniak and           cal cases in favor of Lesniak and cronies,
   WESTFIELD – After nearly half a                 “We work with a lot of tweens who                                                                                                             Union County government has now fi-             which then had to be appealed and subse-
century of assisting people in crisis, Milt     exhibit a lot of difficulty with anxiety,                                                                                                        nally closed their last loophole, in that our   quently overturned on a higher judicial
Faith will step down on June 30 as execu-       depression, parent-child difficulties,” he                                                                                                       judicial system, overseen by sitting Judge      level. The tentacles of the Union County
tive director of Youth and Family Coun-         continued, noting that these issues can be                                                                                                       Wertheimer, is now possibly compro-             system go deep. If one wants to talk about
seling Service (YFCS). An agency serv-          compounded in the teenage years by                                                                                                               mised by political persuasion. It appears       questionable fundraising: Union County
ing families and individuals in eight local     drinking, drugs, sexual experimentation                                                                                                          that this judge is manipulated by his pen-      government had appointed “Regular Demo-
communities, YFCS has been a fixture in         and anxiety about future education and                                                                                                           sion or tenure and is afraid of those poli-     crat” political boss Charlotte Defilippo,
Westfield for generations.                      employment prospects.                                                                                                                            ticians and area political bosses such as       whose responsibility is to fundraise for her
   Mr. Faith is leaving the agency, where          Mr. Faith noted that another major trend                                                                                                      Lesniak, Assemblyman Cryan and be-              political party, as the director who gives out
he heads a staff of nine professionals and      has been the rising divorce rate, saying it is                                                                                                   hind the scenes boss [Charlotte] Defilippo.     all the professional no-bid construction
five support staff, after 47 years to begin     not uncommon today for marriages to be                                                                                                           Wertheimer had recently ruled to freeze         contracts mostly to the same firms that
a psychotherapy practice July 1 in Short        regarded as “disposable.” He added that                                                                                                          the bank accounts of the “Democrats for         donate to her political party. Is that a coin-
Hills. Carol Pedro, a staff clinician who       children often are caught up in hostile                                                                                                          Change” political party that opposes            cidence? Where’s Judge Wertheimer on
joined the agency four years ago, will          marital breakdowns, in which they feel                                                                                                           Lesniak’s slate of “Regular Democrats.”         that? Plus now you know why there is so
succeed him as executive di-                                   forced to choose between par-                                                                   Photo courtesy of Gene Jannotti
                                                                                                                                                                                                 This is under the pretense of questions         much construction for Union County gov-
rector of YFCS.                                                ents or experience feelings        GARWOOD’S FINEST...Mayor Patricia Quattrocchi and Dennis Clark (not pic-                       raised by Lesniak, in the opponent’s            ernment buildings. Judge Wertheimer de-
   While he has found his long                                 of guilt or responsibility for     tured) congratulate United States Marine Corps Sgt. P.J. Lewis on his speech during            fundraising.                                    creed that Lesniak’s opponents bank ac-
tenure with Youth and Family                                   the situation. The struggles       the Garwood Memorial Day Service held at the VFW. Sgt. Lewis is a Garwood police                  This Union County government now             counts are now frozen until two business
Counseling to be extremely                                     of single-parent families, he      officer and recently returned from serving in the Middle East. Pictured, left to right,        owns the sheriff’s office by allowing           days before the election. His integrity and
rewarding, Mr. Faith told The                                  said, are among the cases          are: Councilman Timothy Hak, Mayor Quattrocchi, Republican Chairman John                       Sheriff Froehlich to double dip making          the integrity of the justice system in Union
Westfield Leader and The                                       YFCS deals with.                   Quattrocchi, council candidate Carol Kearney and Sgt. Lewis.                                   $250,000 per year, along with inserting         County is now compromised by politics.
Scotch Plains-Fanwood Tmes                                        Mr. Faith’s extensive ties                                                                                                     Cryan in an undersheriff position with no          We have to get rid of Lesniak, the
last week that he feels it is
time to begin a new chapter in
                                                               to Westfield have long ex-
                                                               tended beyond his role at            Garwood Rushed Appointment of Its                                                            safety, security nor law enforcement ex-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 perience; they own the prosecutor’s de-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 rampantly abusive Union County gov-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ernment and even the judicial system that
his life. “I feel I’ve done all I                              YFCS. He currently is one of                                                                                                      partment by extending [Prosecutor Ted]          Union County political bosses control.
can do,” he said. “I want to do
clinical work now, as opposed
                                                               three co-presidents of the             New Police Chief, Lt. Underhill                                                            Romankow’s job past his mandatory re-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 tirement age, his second in command has
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Judge Wertheimer has now become a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 useless pawn in the game of horrible New
                                                               Westfield/Mountainside                As a member of the Garwood Borough         tion. Had they done so, I would have been
to administrative work.”                                       Ministerium, his membership        Council, I believe our Police Chief Search    more willing to defer to their judgment.         abused his powers, according to the New         Jersey politics. This county is hurting. I
   YFCS originated in 1918                Milt Faith           in which has spanned the           Committee engaged in an inadequate and           I preferred to discuss this issue pri-        Jersey Waterfront Commission on cor-            am voting for the “Democrats for Change”
as the Mission of Help, an                                     length of his time with YFCS.      hasty selection process for a new chief of    vately with members of the committee in          ruption report, but was not held account-       candidates to express my desire to rid of
Episcopalian agency that served the dis-        He was the first lay person admitted to the       the Garwood Police Department. In Janu-       order to avoid any negative ramifications        able to his malfeasance, plus Union             [this harmful government]. You should
advantaged, and within three years had          ministerium, originally made up exclusively       ary, Chief Legg informed the mayor and        to the new chief, but that avenue was            County actually funds the prosecutor’s          too.
evolved into the more family-oriented           of clergy, after the organization mistakenly      council of his intention to retire in 2011    foreclosed to me. I attended the last coun-      department so they look the other way if                                    Bruce Paterson
Youth Consultation Service, devoted ex-         assumed him to be an Episcopal priest             after more than 30 years of honorable         cil meeting and was surprised to discover        connected cronies are to be investigated.                                          Garwood
clusively to counseling. In 1961 the            because of his agency’s initial affiliation.      service to the borough. By mid-March,         a decision had been made by the commit-
agency adopted its current name, while             Mr. Faith recalled that when the mistake       he informed us that his specific retire-      tee and the position had been offered to,
becoming non-sectarian and non-profit.          came to light, the head of the ministerium at     ment date would be June 30, 2011, giving      and accepted by, Lieutenant Underhill.
   YFCS receives most of its support            that time attempted to have him dismissed.        the borough more than three months to            It never appeared on any agenda I
from the United Fund of Westfield, with         The membership rallied in support of keep-        conduct a broad and thorough search for       received. Had that been the case, I would
additional funding from the United Way          ing him on, however, and he was ultimately        a qualified candidate to fill his position.   have made my inquiries and expressed
of Greater Union County, donations from         allowed to stay. This paved the way for           With all that time, the committee only        my concerns accordingly. In addition, as
such organizations as the Rotary Club           other lay people to join the organization’s       interviewed two lieutenants currently on      the chair of the finance committee, I do
and Westfield Service League, and an            ranks, he noted. He also has for 30 years         the force and chose one of them as chief.     not know the salary being offered to the
annual appeal to supporters. Patients are       been the ministerium’s treasurer and chair-       No one outside the borough was inter-         new chief or the terms of his contract. I
charged for services on a sliding-scale         man of its nominating committee, and said         viewed and, as a result, I believe the        hope I will find out soon as I am respon-
basis or through insurance.                     he intends to remain with the organization        residents of Garwood were not served by       sible for the borough’s budget.
   Since 1966, YFCS has been housed             after leaving YFCS next month.                    this narrow search process.                      I wish to reiterate that my dissatisfac-
within a Victorian home at 233 Prospect            Mr. Faith also has done extensive work            I do not believe the position was pub-     tion is with the selection process for
Street that was formerly a private residence.   with the Westfield-based CONTACT We               licly advertised and the committee did        Garwood’s new police chief and not with
Although refurbished to serve the agency’s      Care telephone hotline – which like his           not reach out to nearby municipalities,       our new chief. On the contrary, as I told
needs, the interior of YFCS’ present home       agency serves people in crisis – perform-         counties or other law enforcement enti-       him today, I look forward to working
retains much of its original ambiance. Five     ing evaluations of prospective volunteer          ties to encourage qualified candidates to     with him and getting to know him better.
offices were created from bedrooms; the         listeners to ensure that they are “emotion-       apply. Is it possible not one other man or    It’s just that I wish I had that opportunity
pantry-kitchen area was converted into a        ally comfortable” with their role. He also        woman in the entire state was qualified       before he became our new chief of police
waiting room and a once-dank basement           worked with local 9/11 widows for five            and interested enough even to be consid-      and that the committee had executed its
was transformed into a lighted, carpeted        years and with local families during the          ered for the position? I think not.           mission in a more responsible manner.
board room/children’s room.                     Persian Gulf War. Additionally, he has               I believe the borough and the depart-
   According to Mr. Faith, YFCS has             worked with various churches and schools                                                                                   James Mathieu
                                                                                                  ment deserved better. Unfortunately, this                        Garwood Councilman
intentionally left so much of the Victo-        in addressing bullying, abuse and the             hasty process may cloud Lieutenant
rian look and flavor of the home intact, in     dangers of social networking.                     Underhill’s ascension to a position for
order to create a “non-threatening, com-           Mr. Faith also has written the “Hung

                                                                                                                                                     DIVORCE MEDIATION
                                                                                                  which he may very well be qualified, and
fortable environment” for patients. He          Up” column that debuted in The Leader             I have told him so. Indeed, I do not feel
noted that late former mayor Bud Boothe         on February 13, 1968. His final column            qualified to criticize or to praise him on
and his family were responsible for the         appears on page 8 of this edition.                his credentials as I am not familiar with
basement renovation, and that this sec-            Mr. Faith’s wife, Sandy, passed away           them. To date, I have never seen his
                                                                                                                                                             “Problem Solving for Families in Transition”
tion is named in his honor.                     last year. His family includes his son, Dr.       resume and have only read about his
   A native of Brooklyn, N.Y. and devout        Myles Faith, a psychologist specializing          credentials in the newspaper story an-
music lover, Mr. Faith is an area resident      in pediatric obesity, and his daughter,           nouncing his appointment.
who earned multiple degrees from New            Brooke Nolz, a teacher. He also has three            The few dealings I have had with the
York University. In addition to a bachelor’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                   A FRACTION OF THE COST
                                                grandchildren, Zoe, Max and Sebastian.            new chief have been positive and I find
degree in journalism, he holds a Master of      While his new practice will be in Short           him to be an extremely likeable officer.
Social Work degree and is a Licensed            Hills – he has friends in the Short Hills-
                                                                                                                                                                                                   OF TRADITIONAL DIVORCE
                                                                                                  Other than that, I cannot truly say I know
Clinical Social Worker, as well as having       Millburn area as well as in Westfield – he        him or the other candidate who inter-
a graduate degree in clinical social work.      said he still feels a part of the Westfield       viewed for the position. I believe the
   As he prepares to wind up his career with    community. “If they need me, I’ll be there,”      committee owed it to a new chief to have
YFCS, Mr. Faith reflected on the societal       he said.                                          a rigorous search process that may very                                                 · Divorce Mediation
changes over the past five decades that have       For information about YFCS, visit              well have served only to validate the
impacted not only the development of the
individual, but marital and family dynam-
                                                westfieldnj.com/yfcs or call (908) 233-           Lieutenant’s qualifications for the posi-                                               · Collaborative Divorce
                                                                                                                                                                                          · Mediation Counseling

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