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									Now that you have decided
what you want your campaign
to do, who you are sending it
to and what it is going to look
like, you need to make sure
the campaign is delivered and
watched carefully.
Campaign management takes many factors into account such as, the               Testing your email with a select number of actual customers is one of
day you to send out your message, the time that email will go out, how         the best ways to find out how good your email will perform. For the
to test multiple messages and designs, and the platform you are going          most unbiased result, send the email out to random sampling of your
to use to send out your emails. In the world of email, you only have           list(s), or A/B split testing two different offers, creatives, subject lines
moments to react and when you send out a campaign erroneously, you             or calls to action, but limit it to one variance per test. By splitting your
can rarely stop it. If you are sure everything is in the right place and all   mailing list in equal parts in this case, you can test on randomized
the pieces fit, send out a test first.                                         groups in your mailing list to get a more accurate response. These
                                                                               random groups allow you to rule out demographic similarities as the
This test will allow you to check to make sure all the links work and
                                                                               driver behind results. With these results, you can fine tune the offer,
point to the appropriate landing page. If you are using the same link
                                                                               subject line, creative elements, and offers to the list as a whole.
multiple times in the email, it is important to use trackable links to
measure which link was used. You can use “source tracking” links at            The common mantra in email has been “send email Tuesday, Wednes-
the end of each repeated link. A “source tracking” link is simply adding       day or Thursday.” In July 2004, eROI released research results of more
the following bit of code to each link. And example of this would be a         than 30 million emails over a 60-day period to focus on this “industry
URL such as www.mywebsite.com/offer would appear with a different              punch,” and found that because of this, email recipients were getting
source variable at the end of each link. So you would structure the            bogged down by email on those days. After careful analysis of the data,
above link like this: www.mywebsite.com/offer?source=email                     eROI found that email sent on Monday have a higher read and click rate
campaign_June2004_topNav. This source tracking link not only tells             than any of the other days of the week.
you what link was used, but will also stand out in a website metrics
                                                                               The main finding of this research is that you should not always listen to
report if you are using Webtrends, Websidetory, Hitbox, Urchin or
                                                                               the industry ”standard,” but rather do some testing and find out what
others. The reason you want to track where the click originated is to
                                                                               works best for your customers and/or audience. Send a portion of your
test effectiveness of various link locations. This will help you determine
                                                                               emails every day of the week at different times of day and measure
future placement of links in your emails.
                                                                               your results to other days and times. Do this on a regular basis, but not
Testing can also tell you if your email has the potential of being trapped     to the point where you confuse customers.
by spam checkers or virus protection programs. Do you have test
accounts or an internal test list to send test emails to prior to sending      ASP or in-house email marketing platform?
out your campaign? A good idea is to set up some webmail testing
                                                                               The ultimate success of an email newsletter or direct response
accounts to use as well as to keep a small test list of internal
                                                                               campaign resides in the technology. You have a limited set of options
employees that can give you feedback and more sets of eyes to look for
issues or mistakes you might have overlooked. These are the                    when it comes to managing large volumes of emails on a regular basis.

consequential “intangibles”—the little things that may overlook that           As a company, you can build, buy or rent an email marketing solution.

have reverberating consequences.                                               Building an email development, distribution and tracking application
                                                                               in-house allows for total customization, but can be cost-prohibitive and
When you are an email marketer getting it right the first time is the
                                                                               require multiple people on your payroll to maintain. Often, time is of the
golden rule. If you get it wrong and have to send the email out again,
                                                                               essence in email campaigns and requiring in-house resources (that may
not only are you paying for it, you may also make those customers who
                                                                               be shared by different departments) can delay your campaign. Buying
are on the fence decide to opt out of further communications because
                                                                               an application can also be costly to purchase and install, let alone to
they feel like you are sending them too many emails or you are an
incompetent marketer that wastes their time.                                   maintain.
Various software and service providers offer applications that help                  For the most part, whichever platform you choose should be designed
create, send and track emails. Many of these are application service                 for email newsletters, but should also handle direct response
providers (ASPs), which mean that they allow you to “rent” the use of                campaigns to house lists. Many of the features are standardized across
the platform. Not only is the ASP model less risky from a cost                       competitive product offerings, which make the decision more about
perspective, you typically get the benefit of ongoing support and                    price and support than anything else. While emailROI’s platform
upgrades as part of the package.                                                     addresses the features and capabilities mentioned above, there are
                                                                                     alternatives available. The following pages display a list of features by
More robust applications integrate with your site traffic analysis and
                                                                                     ASP email marketing software providers and can help you to compare
CRM software. Most importantly, the purchase decision for ASP
                                                                                     the pros and cons of each.
software resides with marketing, rather than IT, as it is a separate
entity that does not effect the internal corporate network. Knowing the              There are many features an email platform needs in order to be truly
privacy, data and security policies of an ASP is very important as you               effective. Be careful when evaluating and comparing products and
will trust this solution with your customer and data. By choosing a                  services. An impressive list of product features may not correlate to its
company that has a proven track record, clear policies, support and the              price point, value or usability.
ability to provide a flexible cost environment, you will be successful
and a step ahead of those with in-house software solutions.

                                              Create HTML and text emails without knowing HTML - WYSIWYG
                   Upload and manage email lists in an automated fashion and provide integration tools that can be used in your website
                                       Send large volumes of with the knowledge that the network is stable and secure
                     Multipart auto-detection systems—deliver whichever format is best for each recipient, whether it be HTML or text
                                 Personalize messages by name or other pre-determined element to each group or individual
                                          Auto-responder technology to send emails based on actions of subscribers
                                          Track sends, bounces, unsubscribes, opens, clicks and forward-to-a-friends
                                           Track recipient behavior once they are on the website (conversion data)
                                           Automatically manage bounces, unsubscribes and website registrations
                                            Segment list by unique recipient attributes for future communications
                                                                    Data security and support
                                                      Dynamic data fields to deliver targeted information

                     Enterprise-level Security             Spam-Checker                               Email List Upload
                     Shared Access                         Send-To-A-Friend                           Web Site Sign-up Box
                     Bonded Mail Servers                   List Deduplication                         Unsubscribe/Profile Updates
                     High-Volume Servers                   Auto-Responders                            CAN-SPAM Compliance
                     Real-Time Stats                       One-to-One Personalization                 Bounce Management
                     Web Analysis                          Email Campaign Testing                     Multi-Language
                     Surveys                               Cross Platform Compatibility               Rich Media
                     Multiple Lists                        XML Retrieve Functions

Enterprise-level security
Description: For all of our emailROI subscribers, we offer industry-          Benefits: Keep your all your segmented lists online in a secure
leading 128-bit SSL Security that encrypts all data from third parties.       database that allows you to engage your subscribers 24/7.
You choose a secure name and password to login to the emailROI

Shared Access
Description: With emailROI's Shared Access controls, you can create           Benefits: Allow different users access to multiple campaigns,
unlimited password-protected sub-accounts and easily expand your              reporting, tracking or list management. Lock areas to password-
main emailROI account into a flexible enterprise-level e-marketing            protected access to different users with separate needs. Control the
machine.                                                                      fields and copy of a newsletter and allow others to be able to only
                                                                              update certain areas. Allow salespeople or account managers to
                                                                              personalize an email campaign based on their specific contacts or

Enterprise-level security (www.bondedsender.com)
Description: emailROI is a Bonded-Sender Program (“white-listed”)             Benefits: Over 32,000 ISPs and corporations allow our opt-in email
mail server. emailROI has a financial bond in place the guarantees mail       campaigns sent from our IPs to pass through filters directly and get
sent from our platform to be Spam free and is opt-in only. For each           delivered to the opt-in recipient.
campaign complaint, we verify opt-in status from our records directly so
                                                                              Improve deliverability at over 230 million mailboxes.
you don’t have to.
                                                                              This feature keeps your own IP(s) from being blocked if you are to ever
                                                                              encounter a compliant from a campaign. Allowing you to conduct
                                                                              business as usual.
High-Volume Servers
Description: No matter how large your email lists are, emailROI can         Benefits: Your campaign is delivered quickly to ensure that it meets up
assist you with a smooth campaign that is delivered on time, every          to time-based offers and seminars.
time. Although we can certainly handle larger campaigns, our expertise
                                                                            By employing smart “throttles” on your campaigns, we can make sure
is delivering campaigns to up to 1,000,000 recipients.
                                                                            that we are not sending volumes to companies or ISPs that will hinder
In addition, ‘’throttle settings" on our platform assure that your emails   delivery times.
actually get delivered instead of being filtered into a bulk email folder

Real-Time Statistics ("Live Reporting")
Description: Real-time charting and statistics confirm the success of       Benefits: Instantly identify how your campaign is succeeding and make
your campaign in real-time. You can view data (mailed, delivered,           any changes that might assist you with offers to the rest of or other
reads, clicks, hot prospects, unsubscribes, and bounces) in summary         segmented lists. Datasets and charts give you a robust view of
format or you can drill down to see exactly who is reading and clicking     campaign performance.
on your messages, and what web pages they are visiting on your site.
Also measure desired action completion, orders, registrations or
general campaign goals.

Web Analysis
Description: emailROI’s proprietary Web analysis software,                  Benefits: Unlike other Web analysis software, eROITracks™ completes
eROITracks™, extends the tracking data associated with an email             the circle by providing data as to which people visit a Web page, which
recipient from a eROI email all the way through any Web site that is        people click on a particular link and which people abandoned their
enabled with EmailroiTracks™. Powerful tracking tools, including 10         shopping cart. Precise individual data is available all of the way from
diagnostic charts, allow you to see the number of unique visitors, page     email to checkout.
views, IP address (and domain), browser and operating system.

Description: emailROI Surveys™ allows you to quickly and easily             Benefits: Relevant results, real fast. EmailROI Surveys™ allows you to
create professional single- or multiple-question surveys.                   get at the Why’s and How’s that traditional metrics cannot provide.
Further, it allows you to offer single response, multiple response or       Leverage data to build campaigns that targets feedback from
open-ended questions And, all your respondents' answers are                 subscribers.
automatically tabulated for you.

Multiple List Management
Description: As your email marketing campaigns evolve, you will want        Benefits: Deliver relevant info that solves your customers’ problems
to consider refining your email list(s) into specific sub-lists. Managed    and yours, helping to separate your email from unsolicited email.
email Lists give you the ability to target your campaigns based on          emailROI provides you with the instant ability to segment your lists
demographics; by which you can segment lists at the start of a              based on the data fields in your list or by actions taken by respondents.
campaign and then refine your lists as you gain more and more
information about your prospects and/or customers.
Description: emailROI offers two tools designed to increase the           Benefits: Daily imports of words or email traits from the top ISPs are
deliverability of permission-based email by ensuring that messages        flagged as spam are culled into an interface that allows you to make
sent through emailROI are not erroneously blocked by spam filters.        final changes to copy and calls to action to increase campaign
Spam-Detective™ identifies key words, phrases, and certain patterns       performance with ISP and personal mail filters.
that are likely to trigger spam filters, then recommends a resolution.
List-Detective™ scans your mailing lists and indicates suspicious (or
"high-risk") email addresses before you send your messages.r

Description: emailROI’s Send-To-A-Friend feature enables your             Benefits: Build viral campaigns and know what comments others are
recipients to forward your message to friends and family for either       sending about your offers. Build your lists organically through referral
opt-in to your list or just to view the email.                            programs.

List Deduplication
Description: emailROI syncs with most contact managers - it’s easy to     Benefits: emailROI protects you from ever sending more than one
import and export lists to the emailROI platform. Each time a list is     email message to the same email address keeping your customer
uploaded an automatic deduplication process ensures that no duplicate     happy.
email addresses are inadvertently added.

Description: Auto-responders are a very powerful sales feature that       Benefits: Incorporate follow-up email campaigns and responses based
enables you to schedule, and automatically send, unlimited sequential     on the actions taken from our list subscribers. Drive return visits or
emails - great for event notices (e.g., trade shows, Webinars, and        follow-up surveys with time- and date-based auto-responders.
conferences). You can schedule future email deliveries on a person-by-
person basis, or upload a planned series of events for an entire group.

One-to-One Personalization
Description: The emailROI email system enhances your ability to           Benefits: Helps you build long-term customer value, increased loyalty,
match customer profile information with targeted, relevant content. The   higher response rates and more profitable communications.
sophisticated system will help you reach your customers with relevant
email messages based on their specific attributes or requests.

Description: With character sets from the world's most popular            Benefits: This allows you to reach your customers all around the globe.
languages, emailROI can help you send a compelling (and linguistically    Don’t be bound by the language barrier.
correct) message to international markets.
Email Campaign Testing
Description: An A/B split is a classic marketing technique for               Benefits: By configuring tests of subject lines, calls to action, copy,
optimizing the success of a message - it is commonly used to test the        and creative you can compile pre-event statistics that will help you to
response of a particular message by a sample group before sending the        construct a final version of your email campaign that can be sent to the
message to your entire list. It can also be used to send two messages        entire list based on already proven measurements.
to two similar lists to gauge effectiveness. The emailROI A/B split is a
fast, convenient way to create two new lists at the same time from one
larger list. Each A/B Split list consists of randomly generated samples
from your original mailing list. If you have ever wanted to pre-schedule
emails to multiple groups (e.g., 1,000 people on Monday, 1,000 people
on Tuesday and 1,000 on Wednesday) to see how different delivery
times affect your response rates, you can now do so. emailROI will
make sure that no duplicate emails are delivered to your test groups.

Cross Platform Compatibility
Description: From AOL to Blackberry and Explorer to Lotus Notes, your        Benefits: Make sure that your message is read and is compatible with
email campaigns will work on every email system. Satisfaction is 100%        all mail programs so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your
guaranteed. Our system is extensively tested to work with new                customers can read your email. Messages are sent default as
releases of email client software. In those cases where outdated (or         multi-part messages. This means a text and HTML version are sent at
overzealous) firewalls, management or IT departments are troubled by         the same time to each user. Upon delivery, the appropriate version is
HTML emails, emailROI's proprietary technology will ensure that your         displayed in the inbox of the mail program.
message is delivered to them as a perfectly formatted text-only

XML Retrieve Function
Description: There is now an XML Retrieve function built into                Benefits: With one click you can import into and export out of
emailROI, so Master List and individual mailing list data can be             emailROI to your CRM application. Auto populate landing page forms
downloaded using XML directly into your company's CRM package.               and shopping cart data.

Email List Upload
Description: We have one-click uploads - even for lists in the               Benefits: Saves you time from entering individual records and multiple
hundreds of thousands of names. Or if you would prefer, simply take          user demographic fields. In one simple step you can import your entire
advantage of our list import and management service: just email your         list and segment it into multiple lists for future mailings.
list to us (e.g., in our excel spreadsheet format), and we'll upload it to
your secure, online account. If you've got a large or complex database,
this service can be an outstanding time-saver.
Web Site Sign-up Box
Description: The Web site sign-up box is completely customizable.            Benefits: Easily grow you in-house mailing list and keep records of IP,
Just "cut and paste" it to your Web site. You can use your own colors        date and the website the opt in was generated from if you manage
and fonts so that it matches the look and feel of your Web site. You can     multiple sites. The process is simple - just use our sign up wizard to
also elect to have a "single opt-in" or "double opt-in box." If you would    select the pieces of information you would like to collect from your
like, you can even elect to have personalized "thank you" messages           subscribers (e.g., email address, name, company, address, phone, direct
sent to people who sign up for your email list.                              marketing special offer code, and/or any other information you are
                                                                             interested in). Helps you keep your company top of mind to your
                                                                             customers when they are opted in to regularly receive emails from you.
                                                                             At the same time it can let them know what email address you will be
                                                                             sending from, which they can add to their trusted sender list.

Unsubscribe/Profile Updates CAN-SPAM Compliance
Description: emailROI constantly manages your lists for you. Never           Benefits: Time savings and self-management allow the list subscriber
again will you have to take the time or deal with the responsibility of      to instantly update a profile or remove themselves from a newsletter
unsubscribing somebody from your list or updating someone's personal         saving you man-hours to be better utilized. Encourages subscribers to
profile. emailROI’s system handles all of this for you. emailROI has a       provide you with additional information about them, giving you more
powerful profile update page that enables recipients to manage their         targeted lists.
own contact info (and unsubscribe if they wish). The sender can elect to
have this feature as a header, footer or custom HTML code integrates
into the email.

Bounce Management
Description: When a message being delivered to a valid email address         Benefits: Bounces due to heavy ISP traffic or full email boxes are
is not received as intended by an email server, emailROI re-attempts to      resent once an hour for 72 hours until they are recorded as a hard
deliver the message through a variety of paths over a three-day period       bounce. Make sure that no matter the reason, your campaign arrives.
(sending as many as seventy-two attempts) until the message is               Hard bounces are identified right away in your database.
successfully received. If after three days the recipient's email server is
still malfunctioning, emailROI advises you of the "bounce" so you can
either remove the address or try another means of communication with
the intended recipient.

Email List Upload
Description: emailROI opt-in email campaigns seamlessly incorporate          Benefits: Reach your customers with means that you might have never
Flash, Windows Media Player, RealNetworks, and Quicktime technol-            before used with exciting dynamic and streaming content.
ogy to deliver a rich media experience to online consumers.                  Communication to younger customers can be more effective with this
Consumers with any of these common add-on software packages                  media as well as emails that need to show how a process works.
installed on their computer can receive compelling, streaming media
without having to download and install new or additional software.
With direct mail, you may never know how effective your campaign
was, unless you required the recipient to bring in the postcard or call
with a reference number (PIN codehas eliminated that. At minimum, an
email platform should be able to track:

  Sent—the number of emails sent
  Reads—the number of people that opened your email
  Clicks—the number of recipients that opened the email and
  clicked on one of the links
  Bounced—emails that returned for a variety of reasons (email
  address does not exist, bad domain, connection problems with
  mail host, filtered, etc.)

It is very helpful to have access to the above information, but they only
provide high-level statistics. The aforementioned statistics are helpful
if you want to test how good a list is or what regional or demographical
differences exist, but they do not tell you much about what is going on
after they click through to your website.

Being able to track beyond the click is something that email marketers
and platforms have had a very difficult time developing—eROI’s                      Sent: 74502
                                                                                    Read: 45595 (61.2%)
emailROI platform has this functionality. By being able to track                    Clicks: 8419 (11.3%)
recipients actions beyond a click to website, you can gather useful                 Send2Friends: 987 (1.3%)
                                                                                    Hot Prospects: 6959 (14.5%)
information that was previously unattainable. You could make
                                                                                    Unsubscribed: 32 (0%)
assumptions based on coincidence, but what CFO makes financial                      Bounces: 1453 (1.9%)
decisions based on “chance”?

Why is it important to track a customer from email receipt to shopping
                                                                            Statistics drill-down to email recipients who have read, clicked,
cart or whitepaper download? Well, if you work like most business
                                                                            unsubscribed or who have sent the email to a friend.
works, you want to know if your dollars are being spent wisely. Most
                                                                            Detailed graphs break out email recipients who have read or clicked
email platforms give you the ability to provide campaign statistics but
                                                                            on the email once, twice, three+ times.
what a customer does beyond that is a shot in the dark. emailROI lets
                                                                            Email click-through is also overlaid on the email creative.
you accurately assess return on investment. If a company spent $1,000
on an email campaign and looked at the eROItracks data to find the
company realized $10,000 worth of revenue from that very campaign,
you could decidedly say the campaign was a success—your cost per
conversion is 10 cents.
Case Study Sidebar: Learning.com                                                     Due to the sensitive nature of educators, an email outreach program
Learning.com is a leading provider of computer and technology-oriented               was carefully crafted and executed. eROI developed a three-phased
curriculum for K-12 students. In the fall of 2002, the company was                   approach designed to foster relationship with prospects via email:
interested in generating a greater number of qualified leads for the                 introduction, permission and offer. The first phase involved detailed
sales force and to effectively track them through the sales process. The             testing of subject lines, format and offers. Once the optimal
eROI, Inc. team was asked to help create a comprehensive email                       combination of elements was determined, emails were sent to the
marketing program.                                                                   balance of the list introducing them to Learning.com and offering them
                                                                                     an opportunity to opt into their email newsletter, download a white
Program Objectives
                                                                                     paper or register for a free trial.
  Generate qualified customers from available prospect lists
  Increase conversion rates and reduce sales cycle                                   While the short-term goal was to capture their email for future
  Technology decision makers and influencers within schools                          communications, the long-term goal was to get them to register for a
  and districts                                                                      free trial. Once the recipient registered for a trial, they would be
  Permission or access to target audience often controlled by                        handed off to sales for follow up and conversion.
  schools and districts
  Target contacts inside schools are generally not responsive
  to promotional emails

                                                   A                                                      B

                                                        Return on                    Technology
       Subject Line              Free Trial                                                                     Funding
                                                       Investment                    Information

                   Offer         Free Trial                                            Ed Tech White Paper

      Landing Page               Register for Free Trial                               Opt in and download

While the short-term goal was to capture their email for future communications, the long-term goal was to get them to register for a free trial. Once the
recipient registered for a trial, they would be handed off to sales for follow up and conversion.

Overall, the campaign was a success. Expectations exceeded across the board. The email to qualified recipients generated an 8.5 percent click-through
rate and a 9.7 percent opt-in rate for the newsletter. Over the course of the campaign, the opt-in email newsletter list increased in size from 0 to over
1,300. In a similar timeframe, qualified sales leads have reached record levels. Learning.com is now a big fan of email marketing.
Analyze this                                                                 Costs can be difficult to accurately assess, especially if in-house
The most common mistake novice email marketers make is not                   resources are utilized. When calculating overall costs, be sure to
thoroughly analyzing their campaign data. While many have the                include time and money spent on all aspects of a campaign: list,
common sense to conduct tests similar to those outlined above, those         strategy, creative, infrastructure, testing and analysis. Since in-house
very same people tend not to follow through. A careful review of             talent is difficult to assess from a cost-perspective, we’ll focus on
response data is time intensive, but justifiable when done properly.         outsourced costs. As discussed earlier in this chapter, list rental fees
Most email application providers offer enough data to determine which        range from .05 to .50 per name. Typical strategy, creative and analysis
elements work best, assuming you have a solid understanding of their         provided by email marketing agencies varies in price per hour. ASP
reporting engine. The best way to understand how well a campaign             email service providers can charge anywhere from .05 to .0025 per
performed is to benchmark it against other similar campaigns. The            email to send, depending on volume.
more often you send and test emails, the better the benchmarks. Over
time, you will get a feel for what types of offers and calls to action
work best. As we mentioned earlier, email marketing is an iterative,         Over the course of this guide, we’ve covered various components of a
ongoing process.                                                             successful campaign, including: list, strategy, creative, infrastructure,

When analyzing the success of an email marketing efforts, it’s               testing and analysis. We hope you’ve found value in our overview and

important to understand how the overall campaign will generate a             recommendations. All of this information fuels improvements that

return on investment. The basic formula for determining return on            increase open, read and response rates, and improve the efficacy of
investment (ROI) is campaign revenue over cost. For example, an email        your site in supporting the acquisition of prospects and their conversion
campaign that cost a company $1,000 and generated $2,000 in sales            to customers. When it comes to making sales, every conversion counts.
resulted in an ROI of 2 to 1.
                                                                             For more information regarding eROI or emailROI please feel free to call
Campaign revenue can be difficult to determine without establishing          503-221-6200 or email sales@eroidelivers.com. You can also visit eROI
proper metrics and tracking. While most campaigns are designed to            on the web at www.eroidelivers.com or for more in-depth product
generate revenue, few have the infrastructure in place to accurately         information on the emailROI platform, please visit www.emailroi.com.
track email-generated sales vs. other channels. One of the easiest
ways to track ROI for sales is to track the number of hits on an order
confirmation page that originated from an email. For more complex
products or services that are not sold via e-commerce, other metrics
must be incorporated. For campaigns with a call to action involving a
download or registration, the company must first calculate the value of
each “qualified lead” in order to determine what the ROI will be. This is
best accomplished by backward-calculating the cost of each new

For example, one company determined that 1 in every 10 free trial
registrations resulted in a $1,500 sale (or a 10 percent conversion rate),
and was worth $1,000 in profit. In order to break even on a campaign
that cost $2,000, they would have to generate 2 new customers, or 20
registrations. If their industry standard click-through rate was 5
percent, that would require them to have a list of at least 400 emails in
order to achieve a break even. Any increase in list size, response or
conversion would be pure profit.

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