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Pompton Plains, New Jersey 07444
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Strategic, creative thought leader who brings award-winning campaigns, strong team building,
effective project management and client partnerships to your organization by:
 Creating and directing patient and physician launch campaigns
 Producing communication programs such as relationship marketing, patient initiation, nurse
  counseling, video, physician collateral and convention materials
 Managing cohesive, productive teams to complete projects on time and within budget
 Attracting and retaining high-profile healthcare clients
Oncology               Diabetes              Cardiology             Pain management
Mental health          Nephrology            Wound care             Animal health
Neurology              Blood disorders       Dental health

Creative leadership                          Patient and doctor communications
Analytical, strategic planning               Creative brief development
Visual problem solving                       New business pitches
Client presentations                         High profile product launches
Internal, client team partnerships           Mentoring and staff development


Associate Creative Director, HealthEd Group Inc • Encore                             2008 – 2011
Dedicated to the growth of a new spin off agency, Encore. Led all aspects of creative
development through inception to execution. Promoted a creative culture of innovation and
teamwork by motivating and inspiring teammates on all levels to exceed expectations.
 Increased Encore revenue by $9 million during a 3 year period by leading the creative team
  through capabilities pitches; resulted in 4 new client wins with 8 new brand assignments.
 Fostered 25% year to year organic growth of Encore business by launching 4 patient initiation
  campaigns and 3 relationship marketing programs in various therapeutic areas.
 Strengthened multiple client relationships by successfully directing 3 large scale photo shoots.
  Each was completed in 1 month and within budgets of $70 – $125 thousand.
 Achieved greater consensus on concepts between account / client teams by implementing
  a revised agency creative brief that provided clear, concise direction to creative staff.
 Gained significant recognition for agency and brands by receiving 2 Rx Club Awards of
  Excellence for the Saphris/ Merck and Hypertension Franchise / Daiichi Sankyo campaigns.

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Associate Creative Director, LLNS                                                       2003 – 2008
Spearheaded and created promotional brand campaigns for Aricept and Aromasin / Pfizer.
 Raised agency’s yearly contract fee from Pfizer by achieving a highest agency performance
  rating of 4.25 out of 5.
 Solidified Pfizer client relationships by presenting strategically creative campaign concepts,
  supervising large scale photo shoots, effectively overseeing workload and budgets.
 Generated new agency business from KOS Pharmaceuticals, Medtronic, NPS Pharmaceuticals
  and Pfizer Animal Health by collaborating with pitch teams to create unique concepts and
 Expanded agency’s creative team by mentoring, coaching junior team members and attracting,
  hiring top notch talent.

Group Art Supervisor, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide                                     1999 – 2003
Directed and managed marketing initiatives for Procrit / Ortho Biotech.
Launched a promotional campaign for Avandamet / GlaxoSmithKline.
 Grew additional business from GlaxoSmithKline by leading a team through the launch process,
  completing a multi image photo shoot and creating all collateral materials for Avandamet.
 Earned 2 additional Procrit accounts from Ortho Biotech by delivering all initiatives for Procrit
  nephrology and oncology on time and within budget.
 Acquired new business from Ortho Biotech Oncology, Daiichi Oncology and Aventis Behring
  by partnering with pitch teams to create strategic brand concepts.

Art Supervisor, Integrated Communications                                              1993 – 1999
Launched highly successful promotional and educational campaigns for Apligraf / Novartis.
Designed and executed a monthly sales campaign for Mentadent / Chesebrough Ponds.
 Increased business from Novartis by creating and designing award winning sales force
  materials for the launch of Apligraf. Received an Rx Club award for the Apligraf campaign
  and demonstration kit.
 Nurtured Novartis client relationships by conducting a multi image photo shoot in Canada prior
  to FDA approval of Apligraf in United States.
 Won a New Jersey Art Directors Club Bronze Award by creating and producing a monthly
  samples distribution campaign for the Mentadent product line for Chesebrough Ponds.


 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Tyler School of Art / Temple University
 Attended Tyler School of Art Abroad in Rome / Temple University in Rome, Italy

 Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, QuarkXpress, Microsoft Word and

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