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                              BALTIC TREASURES
                                              Luxury Cruise

                                     SEE YOUR WORLD FROM A NEW PERSPECTIVE

        Copenhagen • Berlin • Rønne • Gdansk • Visby • Riga
           Tallinn • St. Petersburg • Helsinki • Stockholm

                                                 PRICE REDUCTION
                                                 2-FOR-1 CRUISE FARES
                                                  WITH FREE AIRFARE
                                                     IF BOOKED BY
                                                  SEPTEMBER 23, 2010
          VOTED ONE OF THE

                                       Sponsored By
                                   The Missouri Bar

JUNE 10 - 21, 2011         From     $3,699
                                                                                Indulge Yourself   WITH A BALTIC TREASURES LUXURY CRUISE
                                                                                                                      INCLUDING FREE AIRFARE!
SEPTEMBER 23, 2010

                                                                  The Missouri Bar                                                          PRESORTED
                                                                  P.O. Box 119                                                              STANDARD
                                                                  Jefferson City, Missouri 65102                                           U.S. POSTAGE

117 Baltic Treasures V3
                                         St. Petersburg, Russia
                          Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood
Dear Member,
A royal experience awaits you on this cruise from Copenhagen
to legendary ports across the Baltic Sea, an adventure crowned
by two days in St. Petersburg. Wander seaside promenades in
Warnemunde, Germany, or take a short drive to Berlin. Explore
historic Rønne, Denmark, and cruise to Gdansk, Poland, whose shipyard famously gave rise to
the Solidarity movement. Explore winding lanes and medieval churches in Visby, Sweden,
before cruising to Riga, Estonia, dubbed the “Paris of the Baltics.” Admire Baroque palaces
in Tallinn, Estonia, and marvel at fabled St. Petersburg, a bustling metropolis brimming
with onion-domed cathedrals and magnificent palaces. Find stunning modern architecture
in Helsinki, Finland, before concluding your journey in Stockholm, Sweden. Discover these
treasures and more as you cruise the Baltic on this exceptional voyage.
A voyage with Oceania Cruises is like no other, a unique experience that is nothing
short of a masterpiece. And the experience just got better with Marina, Oceania Cruises’
newest ship, a luxurious vessel with a casual, yet elegant ambiance. Marina’s ideal mid-size
proportions allow entrance into celebrated ports that are off-limits to larger vessels, yet
her spacious dimensions allow for ten dining venues, a variety of activities, and large,
beautifully decorated staterooms and suites that are without equal. The amenities are
astounding in their scope and bounty, the cuisine reigns supreme for being extraordinarily
inventive and spectacularly diverse, and the staff ’s impeccable service is unparalleled,
a hallmark of the Oceania Cruises experience. Quite simply, nothing quite like Marina
has ever existed before.
This 2011 cruise has already elicited excitement and interest, so you are encouraged to sign
up now for your choice of stateroom or suite and the incredible offer of 2-for-1 cruise fares
with free airfare if booked by September 23, 2010.
Welcome aboard!
                                                         Available to members, their
                                                            families and friends.

James T. Cook
Chairperson, Travel Committee
The Missouri Bar
P.S. All costs in connection with the promotion and implementation of this trip are paid by
     Go Next.

                 BOOK NOW!
                     Call for additional information:
                    952-918-8950 or 800-842-9023
                         Fax: 952-918-8975
PLAN COST PER PERSON IS BASED ON THE                             $50,000 Emergency Medical Transportation:                          The Trip Protection Plan may be purchased up until
TOTAL COST OF THE CRUISE PROGRAM WITH                            • Emergency medical transportation expenses to                     final payment of your reservation and becomes
AIRFARE IF APPLICABLE.                                             the nearest adequate medical facility (home in                   effective upon our receipt of your payment of the
$2,501 - $3,000 = $229          $ 6,501 - $ 7,000 = $499           case of death).                                                  plan cost. Plan cost is non-refundable.
$3,001 - $3,500 = $259          $ 7,001 - $ 7,500 = $539         • Pays for a medical escort if you are disabled and                We urge you to carefully review the Description
$3,501 - $4,000 = $289          $ 7,501 - $ 8,000 = $579           an escort is recommended by a doctor.                            of Coverage which provides the details of the Trip
$4,001 - $4,500 = $329          $ 8,001 - $ 8,500 = $619         $30,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment                           Protection Plan. Please note the exclusion of coverage
$4,501 - $5,000 = $359          $ 8,501 - $ 9,000 = $659         • Covers death and loss of limb or eyesight within                 for a medical condition that existed during the 60 days
$5,001 - $5,500 = $399          $ 9,001 - $ 9,500 = $699           180 days of an accident.                                         immediately preceding, and including the Insured’s
$5,501 - $6,000 = $439          $ 9,501 - $10,000 = $739         $2,000 Baggage & Personal Effects:                                 coverage effective date and other limitations.
$6,001 - $6,500 = $459          $10,001 - $10,500 = $779         • Coverage for loss or damage to your baggage,                     Underwritten by the National Union Fire Insurance
We are pleased to make available a travel insurance                passport and visas.                                              Company of Pittsburgh, PA. It is currently authorized to
plan offered through Travel Guard. This program                  • Unauthorized use of your credit cards.                           transact business in all states and the District of Columbia.
can provide you with coverage at an affordable price.            • Primary coverage – Benefits payable are                          NAIC No. 19445.
If you desire this coverage, please contact Go Next.               determined without regard to any other insurance
The Trip Protection Plan includes the following:                   coverage you may have.                                           This is only a brief description of the insurance
Trip Cancellation & Interruption Costs/Airline,                                                                                     coverage(s) available under policy series
                                                                 $500 Baggage Delay ($100 per day maximum)
Cruise line & Hotels (Airfare coverage only available                                                                               T30253NUFIC. The Policy contains reductions,
                                                                 • Pays for the purchase of essential items if your
if airfare is purchased through Go Next.)                                                                                           limitations, exclusions, and termination provisions.
                                                                   baggage is delayed for 24 hours or more while
• Covers cancellation penalties imposed by the                                                                                      Full details of the coverage are contained in the
                                                                   you are on your trip.
    airline, cruise line, Go Next or hotels due to                                                                                  Policy. If there are any conflicts between this
                                                                 $500 Trip Delay ($100 per day maximum)                             document and the Policy, the Policy shall govern.
    covered injury, illness, death, and other named              • Pays for covered additional accommodations
    unforeseen covered reasons.                                                                                                     All coverages may not be available in all states.
                                                                   and meals for a delay over 12 hours for
• Covers unused, non-refundable portions of your                   covered reason.                                                  SEND TRAVEL INSURANCE INQUIRIES TO:
    trip or additional transportation expenses to your                                                                              TRAVEL GUARD
    return destination or to finish your trip if your trip       The following non-insurance services provided by
                                                                                                                                    3300 Business Park Dr.
    is cancelled or interrupted for covered reasons.             TRAVEL GUARD Assist are also included when you
                                                                                                                                    Stevens Point, WI 54482
• Pays additional covered transportation expenses                purchase the Trip Protection Plan:
    to your return destination or to finish your trip.           24-hour emergency assistance services including:                   Call Collect (715)295-5452
$20,000 Medical Expense:                                         • Emergency medical assistance and evacuation.                     FAX (715)345-0502
• Pays for covered injury, sickness and emergency                • Telephone interpretation service.
                                                                 • Baggage tracking assistance.                                     SEND TRAVEL INSURANCE CLAIMS ONLY TO:
    dental treatment received during the trip.                                                                                      TRAVEL GUARD
• Pays covered hospital expenses with no daily limits                                                                               P.O. Box 47
    or deductibles.                                                                                                                 Stevens Point, WI 54481

    Go Next, Inc. (hereinafter GN), located at 8000 West 78th Street, Suite 345,                     OCEANIA CRUISES’ LAND PACKAGES/SHORE EXCURSIONS: Tours are operated
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55439-2538, in return for full payment by you of the amount               in the various ports of call by local tourist service companies contracted by the cruise
specified, is responsible to arrange for the transportation, accommodations and other            line. They are not under the control of GN. Cancellation penalties may differ from the
services specified as included in this brochure as and to the extent you have selected           cruise program related penalties. Oceania Cruises may modify the cruise itinerary up
them, and subject to the following terms and conditions. Unless expressly specified as           to and during the voyage.
included by this brochure, services, taxes and fees are not included.                                OCEANIA CRUISES’ FREE AIRFARE PROGRAM: Due to airline schedules beyond
    RESPONSIBILITY: GN is responsible to you for arranging all included transportation,          the control of Oceania Cruises, flight times to and from certain destinations may require
accommodations and other services. However, in the absence of negligence on its part,            that travelers purchase an overnight hotel stay, pre or post-flight or en-route. All charges
GN and the sponsoring association are not responsible for personal injury, property              related to hotel stays, including hotel fares and taxes, meals, transfers, phone charges
damage, or any other loss, claim or damage arising out of or related to goods or                 and incidentals, will be at the travelers’ own expense.
services offered or included. GN and the sponsoring association are not responsible                  NOTICES: Any complaints or claims against GN must be made in writing and
for personal injury, property damage or any other loss, claim or damage related to or            received by GN within 90 days after scheduled termination of the trip. Any action or
arising out of, in whole or in part, the acts or omissions of any direct air carrier, cruise     suit against GN must be commenced within 1 (one) year after scheduled termination of
line, hotel, ground operator, or other person not its direct employee or not under its           the trip or be forever barred.
exclusive control supplying any services or providing any goods offered or included.                 The rights and remedies relating to cancellations and major changes prior to
GN and the sponsoring association are not responsible for personal injury, property              departure, made available under this agreement are in addition to any other rights or
damage or any other loss, claim or damage arising out of, either in whole or in                  remedies available under applicable law. However, we offer any refunds under this
part, acts of God, weather, labor strife, government actions, mechanical breakdowns,             agreement with the express understanding that the receipt of that refund by you waives
war-like acts, terroristic activities or other causes reasonably beyond the respective control   all other remedies.
of GN and the sponsoring association. GN and the sponsoring association are not                      INSURANCE: Travel insurance is available and may cover you against
responsible for incidental or consequential losses or damages.                                   unforeseen covered reasons. See panel above for details.
    Neither GN nor Oceania Cruises nor the sponsoring association are responsible                    INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS ONLY: International travel involves stringent
for any penalty, loss or inconvenience resulting from air or land arrangements made              identification and documentation requirements. Be sure you are familiar with them
independently by travelers, including non-refundable conditions, restricted travel or            sufficiently in advance and early in your planning.
frequent flyer tickets.
                                                                                                     ADVISORY: When you are traveling outside of the United States, please be aware
    PAYMENT: A deposit in the amount shown on the reservation form and a signed                  that significantly different health, safety and legal standards may prevail. You should
agreement for each person is required to secure reservations. Final payment is due               plan and act accordingly and exercise good personal judgment for your own health and
as shown on the reservation form. If the cruise or flight is fully booked, your payment          safety at all times when abroad. If you have special medical or physical requirements,
will be returned or, with your authorization, your name placed on a waiting list. ALL            you should investigate your destination(s) beforehand and ensure the care and
CHECKS AND MONEY ORDERS ARE TO BE MADE PAYABLE AS INDICATED ON THE                               conditions you need will be available.
AND A SIGNED AGREEMENT.                                                                              IF YOU CHANGE PLANS OR CANCEL, YOUR RIGHTS TO A REFUND ARE LIMITED:
                                                                                                 The following charges will be assessed for cancellations.
ANY INCREASED SECURITY OR FUEL RELATED SURCHARGES, OR FARE INCREASES                                 If you cancel or change plans more than 100 days in advance of initial flight, a
IMPOSED BY THE AIRLINE OR CRUISE LINE THAT MAY BE IN PLACE AT THE TIME                           full refund less a $100 administrative fee plus any applicable pre- and/or post-cruise
OF TICKETING OR TRAVEL, FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC TAX INCREASES, OR ADVERSE                            program cancellation fees, is provided. Any refunds are provided only in accordance
CURRENCY EXCHANGE FLUCTUATIONS, AFTER JANUARY 01, 2010. GN RESERVES                              with the following schedule. Any requests for cancellation must be communicated to GN
THE RIGHT, IF NECESSARY OR ADVISABLE, TO SUBSTITUTE HOTELS BUT IS NOT                            in writing. Applicable refunds, if any, will be made within 14 days after the cancellation.
OBLIGED TO DO SO.                                                                                    CANCELLATIONS: Upon receipt of written cancellation from you, the following
    The price is based on tariffs in effect for estimated 2011 prices as of January 01,          fees will apply:
2010. Prices increase every year, and it is therefore possible that increases could occur            Cruise Program cancellations received 101 days or more before initial flight
after the printing of this brochure and in advance of your departure.                            departure, $100 per person; 100-61 days prior to departure, 25% of total fare;
    BAGGAGE: GN CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR LUGGAGE LOST OR                                   60-31 days prior to departure, 50% of total fare; 30-16 days prior to departure,
DAMAGED. YOU SHOULD GIVE IMMEDIATE NOTICE OF ANY LOST OR DAMAGED                                 75% of total fare; 15-0 days prior to departure, 100% of total fare.
LUGGAGE TO THE INVOLVED AIR CARRIER, HOTEL, CRUISE LINE AND TO YOUR OWN                              GN Pre- and/or Post-Cruise Program cancellations received 101 days or more before
INSURANCE COMPANY.                                                                               initial flight departure, $100 per person, per program; 100-61 days prior to departure,
                                                                                                 $200 per person, per program; 60 days or less, no refund.
FOR AIRLINE OR CRUISE LINE DELAYS.                                                                   HEALTH: Any physical or mental condition requiring special medical attention or
    Aircraft and cruise line boarding privileges are limited to persons whose full payment       equipment must be disclosed in writing to GN at the time the participant makes a
and signed agreement have been received by GN and whose names are on the                         reservation. GN may reject the reservation of any person who, in the opinion of GN
manifest given to the carrier before departure. All persons must also present a passport         is unfit for travel or might be a danger to themselves or incompatible with others on
with at least six months validity beyond their return date when boarding. Improper               the trip. Participants requiring special assistance, including without limitation those
documentation, inadequate proof of identity, inadequate proof of age for children under 2,       who permanently or periodically use a wheelchair, must be accompanied by someone
or any other reason may result in denial of boarding privileges. The air carrier and cruise      who agrees to provide the required assistance. GN reserves the right to terminate the
line reserve the right to decline, accept or retain any person on the flight or cruise at        participation of any participant whose conduct or condition materially inconveniences
any time within their sole discretion. If you are denied boarding privileges, you forfeit all    other participants.
monies paid and will be assessed any non-recoverable costs.                                          THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS OF ANY KIND (INCLUDING MEDICAL EXCEPTIONS)
                                                                                                 TO THESE POLICIES. No refunds will be made for any portion of the arrangements we
    VISAS: A visa may be required. Information regarding visa applications and fees will         have made for you that are not actually utilized by you. There is no variance from these
be provided after your reservation has been confirmed.                                           policies for the services we arrange as described in this brochure.
    OCEANIA CRUISES’ TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Discounts are per stateroom/suite
based on double occupancy. Fares listed are cruise only in U.S. dollars, per person,             California Seller of Travel Registration No. 2077280-40, Washington Seller of Travel
based on double occupancy. Cruise Ship Fuel Surcharge may apply. All fares and                   Registration No. 602-900-725, Iowa Seller of Travel Registration No. 477
offers are subject to availability, may not be combinable with other offers, are capacity
controlled and may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. 2-for-1 fares are
based on published Full Brochure Fares; all fares are cruise only, and do not include              The Missouri Bar, including its subsidiaries and affiliates, their respective directors, officers,
Prepaid Charges, Optional Facilities and Services Fees, and personal charges, as defined
in the Terms and Conditions of the Guest Ticket Contract which may be obtained from GN.            and employees hereby disclaims all liability and/or responsibility for transportation or other
Full Brochure Fares may not have resulted in actual sales in all cabin categories and              services offered by the travel agency making arrangements for the trip. Further, the Missouri
may not have been in effect during the last 90 days. Promotional fares may remain in               Bar is not a contracting party for any of the transportation or other services in connection with
effect after the expiration date. Air promotion applies to economy, round-trip flights only        the trip. I understand that I must contract directly with the travel agency arranging the trip and
from select Oceania Cruises U.S. & Canadian gateways and does not include ground
transfers. Advertised fare includes all surcharges, airline fees and government taxes.             that the contractual responsibilities, if any, are directly between that travel agency and me.
Airline imposed baggage charges may apply. Oceania Cruises reserves the right to                   I am fully cognizant of all risks of travel and arrangements for trips of this nature and
correct errors or omissions and to change any and all fares, fees, and surcharges at any           I hereby waive, release and forever discharge the Missouri Bar from all liability, claims or
time. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Complete terms and conditions may be              responsibilities with regard to the trip and arrangements made with respect thereto.
found in the Guest Ticket Contract. Ships’ Registry: Marshall Islands.
                             Reserve Your Baltic Treasures Cruise Today

                                                                                     June 10 - 21, 2011
8000 West 78th Street, Suite 345
Minneapolis, MN 55439-2538
952-918-8950 • 800-842-9023

  Please indicate preferred departure city:
Stateroom/Suite category requested: 1st choice ________ 2nd choice ________
Bed request: ❐ Twin (2 beds) ❐ Queen
Single and Triple accommodations are an additional cost and subject to availability.
Request: ❐ Single ❐ Triple

Name __________________________________________________________________________________________
     (as it appears on your passport: last, first, middle)      Title      Birth Date (mm/dd/yy)

Preferred name on name badge _________________________________________________ ❐ Male ❐ Female
Name __________________________________________________________________________________________
     (as it appears on your passport: last, first, middle)      Title      Birth Date (mm/dd/yy)

Preferred name on name badge _________________________________________________ ❐ Male ❐ Female

E-mail Address __________________________________________________________________________________
Home Address __________________________________________________________________________________
City ____________________________________________________________________________________________
State                        ZIP
Home Phone

Cell Phone
             (if different than above)
Adjacency Request ______________________________________________________________________________

                                  A deposit of $850 per person is due with your reservation application. Make
your check payable to            . Full payment is required by March 2, 2011 (100 days prior to departure). Any
reservations received after this date are subject to availability and must be accompanied with full payment.
Please reserve _______ space(s) and enclosed is my/our deposit for $ __________________.
Also, please reserve _______ space(s) for me/us on the
$449 per person, double occupancy. Single occupancy is $599 and subject to availability. Enclosed is my/our
$200 per person deposit for $ __________________.
Deposits may also be made by credit card; however,

                                                                                           ❐ Visa ❐ MasterCard
Card No. _______________________________________________________________________________________

Exp. Date

Name as it appears on credit card

                                                            INCLUDING PARENT/GUARDIAN FOR
MINOR CHILDREN: I/We have read, received a copy of, understand and accept the terms and conditions
stated in the Operator/Participant Agreement.


Making a deposit or acceptance or use of any vouchers, tickets, goods, or services shall be deemed
consent to and acceptance of the terms and conditions stated in the applicable Operator/Participant
Agreement, including limitations on responsibility and liability.

Please select the appropriate premium amount based upon the total per person cost of travel services
purchased from Go Next.
❐ $2,501 - $3,000 = $229      ❐ $4,501 - $5,000 = $359    ❐ $6,501 - $7,000 = $499        ❐ $8,501 - $ 9,000 = $659
❐ $3,001 - $3,500 = $259      ❐ $5,001 - $5,500 = $399    ❐ $7,001 - $7,500 = $539        ❐ $9,001 - $ 9,500 = $699
❐ $3,501 - $4,000 = $289      ❐ $5,501 - $6,000 = $439    ❐ $7,501 - $8,000 = $579        ❐ $9,501 - $10,000 = $739
❐ $4,001 - $4,500 = $329      ❐ $6,001 - $6,500 = $459    ❐ $8,001 - $8,500 = $619        ❐ $10,001 - $10,500 = $779
The World of Cruising is
           Marina was purpose-built to be warm
           and intimate, yet replete with breathtaking
           services and amenities. Every square inch
           of her is a marvel, the ideal and harmonious
           balance of size and benefit. She gracefully
           enters celebrated boutique ports that are
           off-limits to larger vessels. Marina is the
           perfect example of what a mid-size vessel
           should be. On Oceania Cruises, guests
           enjoy life at sea as it was meant to be:
           Relaxed. Intimate. Refined.

           SO REFINED
           Never before have accommodations been
           so unusually spacious or contained such
           unrivaled attention to detail. Each stateroom
           and suite is a unique private retreat, beautifully
           decorated and so voluminous that most
           include a separate shower and full-size tub.
           The extraordinarily high staff-to-guest ratio
           affords service so polished, flawless and
           endearing that every whim is graciously
           indulged. Impeccable service is the hallmark
           of the warm and gracious staff.
About to Change Forever.
            EXPERIENCE ON AN
            Visit captivating ports of call and enjoy a
            profusion of activities and entertainment to
            choose from each day. Marina is proud to
            introduce the Bon Appétit Culinary Center
            – the only hands-on culinary studio at sea –
            where Master Chefs offer professional culinary
            instruction. Hone your skills in the Artist Loft,
            pamper yourself at the Canyon Ranch SpaClub®      ,
            or perhaps attend an educational lecture. Pleasures
            abound, always with you in mind.

            Marina’s chefs meticulously prepare your
            dish à la minute at six distinctive gourmet,
            open-seating restaurants, all at no additional
            charge. Delight in succulent French cuisine
            at Jacques, the first restaurant to bear
            master chef Jacques Pépin’s name, or bold,
            contemporary flavors of Asia at Red Ginger.
            Savor the authentic Tuscan cuisine at
            Toscana, or steak and seafood at Polo Grill.
            Continental fare is served with style in the
            Grand Dining Room, and an expansive
            menu is always available at the Terrace Café.
• FREE ROUND-TRIP AIRFARE FROM                                  • Private Welcome Reception
  SELECT OCEANIA CRUISES CITIES                                 • Complimentary bottle of wine
• 10 nights onboard Oceania Cruises’ Marina                     • Attentive service from an experienced
  cruising to historic and scenic ports of call                   Go Next program manager
• All meals, entertainment and use of                           • Comprehensive pre-departure information
  facilities onboard the ship
• All surcharges, airline fees and                              We are dedicated to providing our travelers with
  government taxes                                              opportunities to travel well at an affordable price.

• Mid-size, intimate ship with only 1,258                       • Resort casual attire – no formal nights
  guests, providing access to more exotic ports                 • Enrichment programs, including expert
• Guest to staff ratio is 1.57 to 1                               lectures, Artist Loft, and Bon Appétit
• Impeccable service                                              Culinary Center
• Ten dining venues, including six gourmet,                     • Critically acclaimed headline entertainers
  open-seating restaurants with cuisine                         • Canyon Ranch SpaClub® and fitness center
  inspired by Jacques Pépin                                     • Refrigerated mini-bar with unlimited
• Spacious staterooms and suites, 96% with                        complimentary soft drinks and bottled
  private verandas                                                water replenished daily
All Oceania Cruises’ staterooms feature Prestige Tranquility BedsSM (two lower twin beds convertible to queen),
24-hour room service, twice-daily maid service, refrigerated mini-bar, plush cotton towels, thick cotton robes and slippers,
LCD flat-screen television, DVD player, direct dial satellite telephone, wireless internet access, writing desk, security safe,
110/220 volt outlets and handheld hair dryer. Suites feature these amenities and much more.

JUN 10           Friday               Depart the U.S.A.
JUN 11           Saturday             Arrive in Copenhagen, Denmark, and transfer to Marina.
DATE             DAY                  PORT                                                 ARRIVE                DEPART
JUN 11           Saturday             Copenhagen, Denmark                          Embark 3:00 p.m.            10:00 p.m.
JUN 12           Sunday               Berlin (Warnemunde), Germany                             7:00 a.m.       10:00 p.m.
JUN 13           Monday               Rønne (Bornholm), Denmark                                8:00 a.m.         6:00 p.m.
JUN 14           Tuesday              Gdansk (Gdynia), Poland                                  8:00 a.m.         6:00 p.m.
JUN 15           Wednesday            Visby, Sweden                                            8:00 a.m.         5:00 p.m.
JUN 16           Thursday             Riga, Latvia                                            10:00 a.m.         5:00 p.m.
JUN 17           Friday               Tallinn, Estonia                                       12:00 p.m.          6:00 p.m.
JUN 18           Saturday             St. Petersburg, Russia                                   9:00 a.m.           ON SHIP

JUN 19           Sunday               St. Petersburg, Russia                                        —.....       8:00 p.m.
JUN 20           Monday               Helsinki, Finland                                        9:00 a.m.         4:00 p.m.
JUN 21           Tuesday              Stockholm, Sweden                         Disembark 8:00 a.m.
After disembarking, transfer to the airport for your return to the U.S.A.

Oceania Cruises may modify the cruise itinerary up to and during the voyage.

This map represents approximate locations.
 CRUISE PROGRAM PRICING                                                                          2-FOR-1 WITH
                                                                                                 FREE AIRFARE
                                                                            REGULAR           SPECIAL REDUCED
                                                                               PRICE                   PRICE*
 CATEGORY/DESCRIPTION                                                   (PER PERSON)             (PER PERSON)
 PH1      Penthouse Suite - Deck 11 (midship)                               $14,398                    $7,199
 PH2      Penthouse Suite - Deck 11                                         $13,798                    $6,899
 PH3      Penthouse Suite - Decks 7 & 10                                    $13,398                    $6,699
          These elegant 420-square-foot suites feature a spacious living area, private en-suite dining,
          Butler service, vanity desk, full-size bathtub and separate shower, walk-in closet, and much
          more, including exclusive access to the Executive Lounge. Magnificent views await you through
          the sliding glass door on the exquisitely furnished private teak veranda.

 A1       Concierge Level Veranda - Decks 10, 11 & 12                       $11,398                    $5,699
 A2       Concierge Level Veranda - Decks 10 & 11                           $11,198                    $5,599
 A3       Concierge Level Veranda - Deck 9 (midship)                        $10,998                    $5,499
 A4       Concierge Level Veranda - Deck 9                                  $10,798                    $5,399
          These beautifully decorated 282-square-foot staterooms feature a private teak veranda, plush
          seating area, wireless laptop computer, and more. Enjoy exclusive access to the Concierge Lounge
          staffed by a dedicated concierge, priority restaurant reservations at select restaurants, priority
          embarkation, priority luggage delivery, and more.

 B1       Veranda Stateroom - Deck 8 (midship)                              $10,398                    $5,199
 B2       Veranda Stateroom - Deck 8                                        $10,198                    $5,099
 B3       Veranda Stateroom - Deck 7 (midship)                               $9,998                    $4,999
 B4       Veranda Stateroom - Deck 7                                         $9,798                    $4,899
          These finely appointed 282-square-foot staterooms feature a private teak veranda, breakfast
          table, vanity desk, and much more. Watch the world sail by while comfortably seated outdoors,
          or relax on the comfortable sofa inside.

 C        Deluxe Ocean View - Deck 7                                           $8,598                  $4,299
          These spacious 242-square-foot staterooms with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows feature a
          spacious seating area and granite-clad bathroom with separate tub and shower.
          Category C has very limited availability.

 F        Inside Stateroom - Decks 9 & 10                                      $7,598                  $3,799
 G        Inside Stateroom - Deck 8                                            $7,398                  $3,699
          These 174-square-foot staterooms feature a comfortable seating area, oversized bathroom, and
          plenty of storage space.
          Categories F and G have very limited availability.

 All stateroom/suite locations and prices are subject to availability. Additional categories may be available.

* The Special Reduced Price shown above reflects the 2-for-1 cruise fare with free airfare if booked
  by September 23, 2010. Prices are per person, double occupancy. Advertised prices include all
  surcharges, airline fees and government taxes.
 Round-trip airport transfers of $188 per person and any applicable visa fees are additional.

 Oceania Cruises’ FREE AIRFARE cities are Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas/Ft. Worth,
 Denver, Detroit, Des Moines, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis/St. Paul,
 New York (JFK), Newark, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Reno, Richmond,
 San Diego, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, and Washington D.C. (Dulles).
 Many other departure cities are available for an additional fee of $199. Call for a complete listing.
 All airfare is in coach class. Airline-imposed baggage fees may apply.
 All air, cruise and land accommodations, local transportation and optional shore excursions are arranged by
 Oceania Cruises, Inc. who may use other suppliers or providers to render the services.
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 BERLIN (WARNEMUNDE), GERMANY                              RIGA, LATVIA The capital of Latvia and
 Enjoy a scenic drive to the German capital                a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the lavish
 and savor landmarks like the Brandenburg                  and vibrant metropolis of Riga has been deemed
 Gate and the glorious Charlottenburg Palace.              the “Paris of the Baltics.” Cobbled medieval
 Stroll down Unter den Linden, see the site                streets, Art Nouveau architecture, large parks,
 of the Berlin Wall, and take a boat ride along            and an historic Old Quarter make Riga a top
 the city’s canals. Or discover charming                   European destination.
 Warnemunde and its lovely Gothic church,
 market square, and seaside promenade.                     TALLINN, ESTONIA Stroll through this
                                                           beautifully preserved medieval town and discover
 RØNNE (BORNHOLM), DENMARK                                 its upper and lower levels, the Guild Houses,
 Largely rebuilt after World War II, Rønne                 Baroque palaces, the famous Apothecary shop,
 still feels historical because even the new               and the exquisite Town Hall. Or visit a lovely
 buildings reflect the older architecture.                 recreated rural Estonian village by the sea.
 Don’t miss the charming Old Town, the
 14th-century St. Nicholas Church, or the                  ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA Explore
 massive round-tower castle and its fascinating            breathtaking St. Petersburg and cruise its canals.
 military museum in the south of Rønne.                    Visit the Peter and Paul Fortress, the fabulous
                                                           onion-domed cathedrals, and the palaces –
 GDANSK (GDYNIA), POLAND                                   from the immense Winter Palace, now the
 Enjoy the old medieval quarter of this                    Hermitage Museum, to the fabled Catherine’s
 Baltic jewel and see the lovely Golden Gate,              Palace and Peterhof. Enjoy an evening of
 the astonishing 15th-century Artus Court,                 ballet or traditional Russian song and dance,
 beautiful St. Mary’s Church, and Oliwa                    or take a day trip to Moscow. Highlights in
 Cathedral, renowned for its three pipe                    Moscow include the Kremlin and Armory
 organs. See Solidarity Monument Square and                Museum with the world famous Fabergé eggs,
 the famous shipyard where workers rallied                 Cathedral Square, Red Square, Lenin’s Tomb,
 against the communist government. Or visit                St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Bolshoi Theater, and
 Malbork Castle, a picturesque 13th-century                the G.U.M. department store.
 fortress once home to Polish kings.
                                                           HELSINKI, FINLAND See the city’s stunning
 VISBY, SWEDEN Explore this former                         modern architecture, and visit its lovely parks and
 Hanseatic League town with its narrow,                    open-air market. For a different perspective, take a
 winding lanes, marvelous ruined medieval                  harbor cruise past forests, villas, and Suomenlinna
 churches, and impressive St. Mary’s Cathedral.            fortress, a ruined fortification spanning five islands.
 Or visit an intriguing Bronze Age burial in               Or visit historic, colorful Porvoo, Finland’s second
 the midst of farmland and take in the cliff               oldest town.
 top view of the precipitous coastline.

 In each port of call you may select from a variety of optional shore excursions for an additional
 charge, some of which are referenced in the descriptions above.

                                Exclusive Copenhagen Pre-Cruise Program
                                $449 per person, double occupancy includes:
• 1 night’s accommodation at the                                • Professional tour guide
  Copenhagen Admiral Hotel or                                   • Transfers between the airport, hotel and
  similar with American breakfast                                 cruise ship, with related luggage handling
• Sightseeing excursion of Copenhagen
JUN 09 Depart the U.S.A.
JUN 10 Arrive in Copenhagen and transfer to the Copenhagen Admiral Hotel or similar.
JUN 11 Experience the best of Copenhagen on a panoramic tour of its most prominent
       attractions. Catch sight of Amalienborg Palace, a private residence of the royal family,
       and Christiansborg Palace, the seat of the Danish Parliament. View the famous statue
       of the Little Mermaid, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s tragic love story, as well as
       the cascading Gefion Fountain. You will also pass by the charming, colorful old harbor
       of Nyhavn, among other popular sights, before visiting beautiful Rosenborg Palace, home
       to the crown jewels. Transfer to Marina in the afternoon.
COPENHAGEN ADMIRAL HOTEL is ideally located in the heart of Copenhagen. This beautiful
hotel is situated right on the waterfront, renovated from a historic 18th-century warehouse with a
stunning view over the harbor. Completely refurbished with respect to its original design – notably
its vaulted lobby, prominent wooden beams, and stone flooring – this four-star hotel offers a gourmet
experience at its restaurant and a fitness center. Uniquely designed with custom-made teak furniture,
your comfortable guest room comes complete with a sophisticated TV and radio system, 24-hour room
service, internet access, hair dryer, and safe.
Global Destinations Management, Ltd. and Go Next, Inc. are not responsible for injuries or losses resulting from any
causes beyond their own respective and exclusive control. Global Destinations Management, Ltd. and Go Next, Inc. are
not responsible for the negligence of the other or any other suppliers or providers. All pre-cruise land accommodations,
local transportation and sightseeing are arranged and operated by Robinson Scandinavia who may use other suppliers or
providers to render the services.

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