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									HE/FE Partnerships:
Widening Participation and
Progression for Foundation
Degree Students

Amanda Ingleby
Strategic Advisor for Widening Participation
Centre for Learning Innovation and
Professional Practice
Aston University

Amerdeep Jakhu
Director of Higher Education and International
Birmingham Metropolitan College

About Aston and the Foundation Degree Centre
Foundation Degree programmes
Collaborating Organisations
Working in Partnership
 • Employers
 • Lifelong Learning Network
 • FE Colleges and BMET case study
Benefits of partnership for FD programmes, staff
and students
  Aston University

• Founded in 1895; University
  since 1966
• >9,000 students
• Strong industrial links and
  sandwich placements
• 91% state school
• 58% ethnic minorities
• 37% lower socio-economic
• 94.5%continuation rate
• 82% graduates in
 Aston University’s Foundation Degree Centre

Awarded £1.6 Million from HEFCE Strategic Development
Fund and Centre set up in October 2007

Underpinning approach to the Centre.....

Year        Target numbers (ASNs)   business-led programmes,
                                    with flexible delivery and
2007/2008                    100    entry routes, working in close
2008/09                      334    collaboration with partner
                                    institutions and other training
2009/10                      536    providers to offer a rich and
                                    robust learning experience
                                    for students
                  Foundation Degrees

Employer-led qualifications
Vocational, work-based learning
240 Credit HE Qualification
2 years FT, 3 year PT
Option of block and/or day release
Tailored to industry sector needs
Progression routes to Bachelor
Flexible – entry, partnerships,
content, delivery
          Foundation Degree Candidates

School leavers

Mature students

Work-based learners

Advanced Modern

Examples of Foundation Degree programmes
by School
Aston Business School
Higher Education/Further Education Management and Administration

School of Engineering and Applied Science:
Electrical Power Engineering       PowerGen
Electronic and Control Engineering Power Systems Management
Manufacturing Engineering          Gas Transmission Engineering
Mechanical Engineering             Electrical installation
Software Development               Logistics (new)

School of Life and Health Sciences   IDS/Centre for Lifelong
Hearing Aid Audiology                Learning
Pharmaceutical Technology            Leadership for Change and
Applied Biology                      Growth
                                     Health and Social Care
Scale of Foundation Degree provision

15     FD programmes across most Schools

464    Foundation Degree students

169    Foundation Degree graduates

20     progressed to Bachelor Degree
       programmes (planned to double next
Working in partnership to support Foundation
Degree students
 Working in partnership with Employers

Foundation Degrees designed to meet employer needs and
skills shortages
Companies recruit and support FD students (tuition fees and
time off to study)
Business-focused project/work-based learning activities, and
cost-benefits to business eg Cadburys
Some teaching delivered at company eg National Grid and
Royal Mail
     Working in partnership with the
      Lifelong Learning Network

Aston a key partner in development of regional LLN
Agreement to access ASN Funding
Development of new Engineering Foundation Degrees in
collaboration with Worcester and BMET College
Engagement in LLN-funded project activity eg Maths
tutorials – novel e-learning resource
Development of Progression Agreements
 Working in Partnership with Colleges

Joint awareness raising and
Design, development and delivery
of programmes
Joint operational programme review
Sharing of facilities for teaching
Joint and mixed approach to
Ongoing dialogue between partners
Programmes are dynamic not static
Partnership with Birmingham Metropolitan College

6 FD programmes (193 students)
   • Pharmaceutical Technology
   • Health and Social Care
   • HE/FE Business Administration
   • Electronics and Control Engineering
   • Manufacturing Engineering
   • Applied Biology
   •Logistics (new)
Partnership with Birmingham Metropolitan College

   History of BMET
   Strategic Relationship with
   Responsive to Industry needs
   Working with industrial
   Partnership and collaboration
Benefits of HE and Industry working in partnership

                 Dr Mike Peters
Mathematics Module Leader for Foundation Degrees
Benefits of working in partnership for FE &HE staff

                 Dr Mike Peters
Mathematics Module Leader for Foundation Degrees
Benefits of working in partnership for students

                 Dr Mike Peters
Mathematics Module Leader for Foundation Degrees
Power Engineering Student of the Year

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