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effective time management


									86400 = Effective Time Management
I am Selvaraj from Chennai – India. I strongly believe that there is no external subject who consumes your effective time unless or otherwise your mind allows consuming it. It is all about your mind set. 86400 is nothing but it is your today’s bank balance in the form of Time. Either you are tall or short everybody have the same number of 86400 seconds a day. It is only the most valuable resource of your life that once you lost can never be regained. An effective management of time is a key of an every individual success. Time management is neither a technique nor a system. It is a mind-set which converts in any form to the universe by every individual. Time / self management is only the key for reaching the targeted Goal or Dream. No issues how you approach the time management with 24 hour limitations. But recording your appropriate amount of time by priorities list, you will be controlling the day by yourself. Mind Control (set) Keeping your mind is away from stress and frustration can make you more dedication on your planned work and also will be prepare for unplanned. Eliminating Laziness from your mind is more important in Effective Time Management. Managing and scheduling your priorities of formal meeting and personal activities is a vital key in ETM. Analyzing and Identifying Time Wasters Identifying the category of Internal and External time wasters will help to handle the pathetic situation wisely because the time wasters can destroy your attempt at anytime and it needs to be eliminated every now and then. There are few Time consumers      Telephone interruptions, Unscheduled meetings, Attempting too much at any time, Inability to say “NO”, Procrastination,

 

Failure in objective settings, Ineffective delegation is the common time wasting which will dislocate your destination in Effective Time Management strategy.

Manage Your Time Time management is not a quick time process it is one of the long time process. every time you need to get in touch with you for knowing yourself, planning yourself and reminding yourself to make segregation or integration of your life the way you want to be at home and your work. First of all you need to accept by your mind that there is enough time everyday. Adopting any system into practice at beginning stage will be a very difficult task by every individual. It may take such a time, but if it is taken into step by step practice, it will bring the tremendous changes in your life source. Here are few time logs      
Recording Time Consolidating Time. Finding out where your time actually goes Cutting back unproductive demands on your time. Consolidating your discretionary time into largest possible continuing units.

Periodical revision of your source of Time

Time log system is very essential and it means it functions very simple. It is a recording process of your time how you spend your day everyday. it is surprisingly brings the valuable result.


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