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					Email Marketing

     Learn How To...
Make a List ......................... 2
Edit a List ............................. 3
Create a Message ............ 5
Edit a Message .................. 7
Using Utilities ....................... 8
Launch a Campaign ........ 9
Using Reports ................... 10

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        Mail Dog Help Center
Make a List                         Click to
                                    Watch                                                                    maildogyard.com

                                                                                    1A                                 1C




Click on ‘Lists’ in the main nav.

Step 1:
                                                   sample). You will see the                       emails in Notepad/Simple
                                                   path to the file in the Upload                  Text, append the fixed
                                                   File box. Click ‘Save.’ See                     file and remove the hard
  Create a New List                                list of targets grow by the                     bounces.
                                                   number of addresses on your
  A - Name and describe your list.                                                            B - Edit a Few Emails:
                                                                                                  From the Bounce Tool, select
  B - (Optional) Assign your list to a

                                               Step 3:
                                                                                                  ‘Show Hard Bounces’, in
      folder. Create a new folder                                                                 the Results box, click on an
      by typing in the name of a                                                                  email, fix it in the Add/Search
      folder that does not exist.                                                                 Box, and then click ‘Add’.
                                               Check Formatting                                   Remove the improperly
  C - Click Save.
                                               Confirm list is properly formatted                 formatted version.

Step 2:
                                               by checking that the number
                                               next to the Bounce tool is zero.                    Advanced Topics
                                               If any emails are improperly
  Add Your Contacts                            formatted, they will be caught
                                               and flagged with a ‘?’. View by                  Rich Lists >>
  A - Add individually:                        selecting ‘Show Hard Bounces.’                   Create lists that store 25
      Add names individually by                                                                 fields of client information

                                               Step 4:
      clicking into the Add/Search
      box. Type in email (click                                                                 Opt-in Lists >>
      ‘Add’—see confirmation of                                                                 Add to your subscription
      addition).                                                                                base via opt-in forms
                                               If Needed, Fix Bad Emails
  B - Add a batch via upload:                                                                   Bounce Management >>
                                               A - Edit a Batch of Emails:
      Upload a text file by clicking                                                            Manage bad emails
                                                   More than a few? From the
      on the Choose ‘File’ button,                 Bounce Tool, select Export                   Super Lists >>
      search for the .txt file on your             Hard Bounces, save the file                  Manage subscriber activity
      computer, and select it (see                 to your computer, edit the

                                                                                                                            pg. 2
Edit an Existing List                     Click to
                                          Watch                                                  maildogyard.com




Click on ‘Lists’ in the main nav.

Step 1:                              Step 4:                                       Advanced Topics
  Load a List                        Append a New List
  Click on a list in the left hand   Click ‘Choose File’, find the list           Super Lists >>
  column.                            you wish to append on your                   Manage and track
                                     computer and click ‘Save.’ Only              subscriber activity

Step 2:
                                     new e-mail addresses will be
                                                                                  Management >>

                                     Step 5:
                                                                                  Manage subscriptions
  Add Emails
  Add or search emails by entering                                                List Filtering >>
  an email address in the Add/                                                    Organize your lists
  Search box and clicking ‘Add’ or   Replace a List
  ‘Search’ buttons respectively.     Click ‘Choose File’, select the
                                     ‘replace’ radio button, find

Step 3:                              the list you wish to use and
                                     click ‘Save’. All existing emails
                                     in the list will be removed and
  Remove Emails                      replaced with the new list.
  Find the email you wish to
  remove via search. Click on the
  email in the Results box. Next,
  click on ‘Remove’ (left of the
                                     Step 6:
  results box). Confirm removal.     To Delete a List
                                     Click ‘Delete’ in right column bar
                                     to confirm your deletion.
                                                 Continued on page 4 >>

                                                                                                           pg. 3
Edit an Existing List (continued)                                                             maildogyard.com



Step 7:                             Step 8:                                        Advanced Topics
 Confirm Formatting                     Fix Emails as Needed
 Check to see that the number                                                      Bounce Management >>
                                        A - Fix a Batch of Emails
 next to the Bounce Tool is zero.                                                  Keep track and manage
                                            From the Bounce Tool, select
 If any emails are improperly                                                      bad emails
                                            ‘Export Hard Bounces,’ save
 formatted, they will be caught
                                            the file to your computer,             Super Bounce Log >>
 and flagged with a ‘?’. View by
                                            edit the emails in Notepad/            Purge repeat bounces from
 selecting ‘Show Hard Bounces.’
                                            Simple Text, append the fixed          your list
                                            file and remove the hard
                                        B - Fix a Few Emails
                                            From the Bounce Tool, select
                                            ‘Show Hard Bounces.’ In
                                            the results box, click on an
                                            email, fix it in the Add/Search
                                            box, and then click ‘Add’.
                                            Remove the improperly
                                            formatted version.

                                                                                                         pg. 4
Creating a Message                        Click to
                                          Watch                maildogyard.com

Click on ‘Messages’ in the main nav.

Step 1:                                                   1A        1B
  Create a New Message
  A - Name your message and
      assign it to a folder if you wish
      to. (New folders are created
      by typing in a name of a
      folder that does not currently
  B - Click ‘Save.’

Step 2:
  View Template Gallery
  Click on ‘Wizard’ to select a
  template. (Appears in right side
  column after you click ‘Save.”)

Step 3:
  Choose a Template
  A - View a template by clicking
      ‘Zoom’ or optionally ‘Add to
  B - Choose a template by
      clicking ‘Select.’
                 Continued on page 6 >>

                                          3A         3B
   Advanced Topics
  Utilities >>
  Time saving message tools
  Personalization >>
  Personalize email messages
  Creating freehand
  HTML >>
  The skies the limit
  Plain Text Version >>
  Emails for mobile devices
  About Templates >>
  Choosing template options
                                                                         pg. 5
Creating a Message (continued)                    maildogyard.com

Step 4:
 Fill Template with Content
 A - Begin to add text to the fields        4C
     in your form (use only the                   4A   4D
     fields you need). Save your
     work frequently. ‘Preview’
     your work at any time.
 B - See Tips on the right for the
     recommended image sizes.
 C - Browse you computer to                            4B
     select the logo/images.
     ‘Save’ to perform the image
     upload. (Images should be
     saved for web use at 72 dpi
     and must be a .jpg or a .gif).
 D - Once satisfied, click on
     ‘Message’ and return to the
     main message page. You’ll
     notice your HTML has been
     loaded into the HTML box on
     that page.

Step 5:
 2 Ways to Get a Text Version
 of Your Message:
 A - Manually type (or paste) the
     text massage of your choice,
     recreating what you did in        5B        5A
     the Wizard, then click ‘Save.’
 B - Use the automatically
     generated link tag in the
     footer of the message to
     direct your recipients to the
     HTML version of your message
     on the web. Click ‘Preview’
     next to the text box to view
     the placement of the link tag.
     You may want to reference
     what to do with the link,
     such as, “To view February’s
     newsletter in HTML, use the
     link below.”

                                                            pg. 6
Edit an Existing Message                                  Click to
                                                          Watch                              maildogyard.com



Click on ‘Messages’ in the main nav.

Step 1:                                Step 2:                            Step 3:
  Load a Message                       Start the Wizard                   Update
  Find and click on the message        Click on ‘Wizard’ to get to form   Click ‘Save’, then click on
  you want to edit.                    where you entered your text        ‘Message’ (on the right) from
                                       and images. Make any changes       within the Wizard to return to the
                                       you’d like.                        main message screen.

                                                                            Advanced Topics

                                                                           Resize Images >>
                                                                           It’s really easy as 1,2,3
                                                                           Personalization >>
                                                                           Good for all you message
                                                                           Copy a message >>
                                                                           Using the ‘Save Message as
                                                                           New’ tool in Utilities

                                                                                                       pg. 7
Using Utilities                   Click to
                                  Watch                                                          maildogyard.com



Step 1:                                Step 3:                                      Advanced Topics
 Select a Message                            Follow Directions
 Click on the name of an existing            Follow the directions in the pop-     Landing Page URL >>
 message OR create a new                     up window for the specific utility.   Access the direct URL to a
 message by entering in a name,              See advanced topics to learn          message
 folder, and description and click           more about each utility and
                                                                                   Copy a message >>
 ‘Save.’                                     how it works. If using the ‘Save
                                                                                   Using the ‘Save Message as
                                             Message as New’ tool, be sure

Step 2:
                                                                                   New’ tool in Utilities
                                             to rename the COPY OF version
                                             before editing.                       Referral Tag >>
                                                                                   Add a Send-to-a-Friend link
 Select a Utility                                                                  to an email
 Using the Utilities drop-down                                                     Social Media Share
 menu, select from an available                                                    Tools >>
 tool option and click ‘Go.’                                                       Facilitate sharing of your
                                                                                   email on social networks

                                                                                                                pg. 8
Launching a New Campaign                                               Click to
                                                                       Watch                              maildogyard.com






Click on ‘Campaigns’ in the main nav.

Step 1:                                 Step: 5                                       Step: 8
  Start a Campaign                          Set Retry Attempts                            Schedule the Campaign
  Name/Describe your campaign.              Select the number of times                    Insert the date and time into
                                            you’d like to retry bounces (up to            the schedule box for when you

Step 2:                                     three), which will be attempted               wish to send your campaign and
                                            in 24-hour increments.                        click ‘Save.’

  Enter Header Information
  Fill out From Name, From Email,
  and Subject (your recipients will
                                        Step: 6                                       Step 9:
  see these elements).                      Don’t Forget...                               Confirm
                                            to ‘SAVE!’                                    You will be asked to confirm the

Step 3:                                                                                   scheduling of your campaign.

                                        Step: 7                                           Click ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’

  Pick Your Recipients
  Find the list you wish to send to         Test Your Campaign
  using the drop down-menu.                 Click ‘Send Test’ to send the                      Advanced Topics
                                            campaign to the addresses you

Step 4:                                     have loaded into your default                     Auto Responders >>
                                            Test List (not the list that you                  Send users automated
                                            have selected for the actual                      messages
  Pick Your Message                         campaign).
  Find the message you wish to                                                                Campaign Boosters >>
  send using the drop down-                                                                   See what your recipients
  menu.                                                                                       see

                                                                                                                         pg. 9
Working with Reports                        Click to
                                            Watch          maildogyard.com


Click on ‘Reports’ in the main nav.

Step 1:
  View Detailed Reports
  Select the campaign that you          1
  would like to view detailed
  reports on.

Step 2:
  Check the Stats
  View summary, statistics,
  browser, platform and
  clickthrough tables on the drill-
  down reporting page.
            continued on next page >>

                                                                    pg. 10
Working with Reports (continued)    maildogyard.com

Step 3:
 Export a Report
 To export any recipient-level
 report click on ‘Export’ next to
 the stat or clickthrough report
 you would like to view, select
 ‘Open’ (to view immediately)       3
 or ‘Save’ (to save to your hard


  Advanced Topics

 Reading Reports >>
 Real-time recipient
 Super Reports >>
 Cross-campaign report
 Performance Metrics >>
 Advanced subscriber
 reporting data

                                             pg. 11

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