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									Marketing update:

Laura Parkinson
NE Marketing Manager

    Marketing organisation
    Marketing Objectives
    Core programs
    ATG Corporate marketing
    Dynamo Discovery Days
    Partner solution sets
EMEA Marketing organisation
                                                                                      Marketing Ops and
                   Regional Marketing   Industry Marketing                                   Partner
                       Managers                EMEA                                        Marketing

                   Laura Parkinson         Ian Davis                                    Tina G oodwin
  Matt Price
                   Northern Europe       EMEA Manager                                  EMEA Manager
                       Reading              Reading                                        Reading

                                           Neil Sholay                                                    Sarah Anning
  Claire Abbott      Beate Kaube                                 Sandy Reynolds
                                              Telcos                                               Partner Marketing and Core
 Exec Assistant     Central Europe                           Web & Blueprint Manager
                                         Northern Europe                                                    Programs
    Reading            Frankfurt                                    Reading
                                             Reading                                                          NE

                                        Hans-Jorg Wiesser
                   Francois Pichon           Finance                                                           Bade Okul
                   Southern Europe                               Gabriel Hellstrand                       Strategic Marketing
                                         Central Europe
                        Paris                                     Web Developer                             Central Europe

                                         Daniel Chiche
                     Leigh Riches                                                                          Angela Wilkinson
                                             Retail              Wendy Peppett
                  Marcomms Specialist                                                                     EMEA Coordinator
                                        Southern Europe         Database Manager
                       Reading                                                                                 Reading
ATG Marketing objectives

Support ATG brand philosophy
Support ATG business model
Maximise joint marketing opportunities ... leverage budgets
Implement core programs for all partner levels

‘Be the most partner friendly organisation’
Core Programs

    Sales kit ” electronic (in development)
    atgOpen (2001 & 2002)
    Partner Connect (now ATG Insider)
    ATG.COM Partner Site ” Extranet access
    Partner Web TV
Partner Connect Newsletter
Partner Extranet (myATG.com)

Part of the relaunched ATG.com
Based on Dynamo 5.1
Implementing scenarios
Myatg.com ” at the moment for partners and downloads only
Locally generated content
Partner TV

   Weekly web based broadcast to ATG Partner Community
   Topics include
        “ ATG Products
        “ ATG Services
        “ Vertical messaging
        “ Partner Welcome webcast
   To access go to

Partner TV

Demand Generation Tool
  Exhibition graphics banner
  Tabletop graphic
  CD with customisable content including:
          “ Presentations with speaker notes
          “ ATG Dynamo Rolling Demo
          “ Invitation copy
          “ Video clips
          “ ATG Dynamo brochures
          “ Telemarketing scripts
Communication Activities

 As well as Partner Connect….
 ATG Innovator
 Quarterly Mailing to Partners, Customers, Target Accounts, Opinion Leaders and
 specific subscribers
 Monthly email communication on what’s new at ATG to full database minus partners
 who get partner connect
 Book Forum
 Quarterly mailing of ‘interesting’ title to 50 key partner, customer contacts and target
 account contacts
 UK Public relations
Focus: customer win / launch, Partner
relationship, thought leadership (eg: roundtables
based on industry issues)
To discuss joint PR activities contact Leigh
Riches (lriches@atg.com)
Corporate Campaigns

Personalised 3G campaign ” MP3 player + booklet - March
Wealth management ” May / June
Customer Management Consulting workshops
Den Norske Bank Internal Seminar and Follow-up campaign
Events: ilo publishing launch (No), ePharma Marketing (UK), Sun iForce
  seminar (NL), ETF eCRM event (UK)
Dynamo Discovery Days

A forum for you to bring your new prospects and get a full introduction to
  ATG and Dynamo
Technical events inc demos
    “ 15th and 29th May, 12th and 26th June
Business events inc market landscape
     “ 22nd May and 19th June
More info & registration at

Vertical Focus

Primary: Finance (Banking & Insurance), Retail & Telco
Secondary: Media, Pharma, CPG, Manufacturing, Utilities and Government
Deliverables from Industry Marketing:
     “ ROI White Papers
     “ Primary vertical presentations
     “ Primary vertical ATG positioning one pagers
     “ Vertical expertise for support of major opportunities
 Partner Solution Sets

Click to Ship ” Accenture, ATG, ClearCommerce & Sun

    “ Offering: Multi lingual, multi currency, personalisation solution based on
      PlayStation.com success
    “ Target audience: Media, Hi-Tech and Retail
    “ Marketing deliverables: Joint brochure, invitation postcard, presentations and
      seminar (10th April)
Partner solutions sets

Net Genesis, CGE&Y and ATG

   “ Offering: e-performance through personalisation and analytics

   “ Target audience: Marketing executives & L.O.Bs

   “ Marketing deliverables: Direct Mail campaign, presentation and
     seminar (28th March)
Partner Solution sets

ATG, Brience, CGE&Y & Sun

   “ Offering: Driving revenue and productivity using wireless solutions

   “ Target audience: Telco executives

   “ Marketing deliverables: Direct Mail piece, PR roundtable,
     presentations and seminar (24th May)
ATG& HP launch campaign
‚Making eBusiness Mobile and Personal‛

Commissioned research ” Silicon.Com
Executive dinner
Internal launch ” sales networking event
Joint brochure
Press release
Awareness campaign
‚Making eBusiness Mobile and Personal‛

3 Separate Seminars: Generic, Finance, Telco
Direct mail campaigns
     “Electronic executable
30,000 impressions
Over 550 senior executive leads
Nearly 300 interactions
 ATG Marketing objective: to
be the most partner friendly

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