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									                             ISO 9001: 2008
                            ISO 14001:2004
                         OHSHAS 14001:2007
                               CMMI Level 4

An autonomous society promoted by the Government of
Kerala, Estd in 1990

India's first and Asia’s Greenest technology park

                     Thrust Areas
Electronics , Bio Informatics, Information Technology
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development INITIATIVES

                   Started in 2002
                   Supported by Govt of Kerala
                   Business Incubation
                   Started in 2006
                   Supported by NSTEDB, DST , GoI
                   Technology Incubation
                   Started in 2007
                   Supported by DSIR, GoI
                   Funding for Innovations

                   Started in 2010
                   Supported by TIFAC, GoI
                   Facilitates Technology Transfer
NCIIE - National Centre for Innovation, Incubation &

The training arm of Technopark TBI caters to the training
needs of the student entrepreneur/ start up entrepreneurs.
Offers Courses in Entrepreneurship through its e-learning

TSECC - Technopark Software Engineering Competency

Provides high end software testing tool facility for business
start ups and MSMEs. This consultancy centre is set up in
Technopark in association with IBM Rational Software
Services & Facilities
Mentoring support in developing business and technology plans,
Networking of business resources
Fully Furnished Office spaces
 Seed Capital Assistance to Incubatees
R & D Laboratory Facility
Professional assistance in all Business areas
Conference Facilities
 Pre-incubation facilities
 Virtual Incubation facility
T-TBI Extension Centres
 Video Conferencing facility
 Embedded Lab
 Mobile Communication Lab
Software Engineering Lab
Technopreneur Workshops
Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre
Faculty Development Programmes
Virtual Incubation Programmes
TSECC Training Programmes
TechTop – All India Engg Project Competition
Project Facility for Engg & B-School Students
E-learning - Courses in ED & Software Engg
I am an Entrepreneur Campaign
T-BIC & T-TBI Statistics

No   of   Companies   Admitted       – 115
No   of   Companies   Graduated      – 52
No   of   Companies   in Operation   – 57
No   of   Companies   Dropped out    –  6

Percentage of Success is 94.78%
Maintains Panels of Angels

                   60 Technology Angels
                    15 Business Angels
                       10 HR Angels
                     7 Quality Angels

                    from all over Kerala
                       and Outside
 No 1 TBI in the country (achieved in 3 yrs)
 No 1 TUC in the country (achieved in 3 yrs)
 So far the TUC has scouted more than 220 Innovative
    proposal out of which TePP funded 30 Nos for an amount
    of Rs.2.99 Crores
   So far Incubated 114 Companies
   Our incubated companies has won 20 Awards which
    include both International & National honours
   Established 22 Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    Develoment Centres in Engg/ B Schools
   Established 7 Virtual Incubation/ Extension Centres
Networking with Stake Holders
1. With Networking Institutions - Maintains Networking with
   almost all organizations involved in promoting Innovation &
   Entrepreneurship like
    - TBIs like Amritha , NIT Calicut, Rajagiri TBI, ITIH TBI
    - Universities like CUSAT, KU, MGU, KAU, Amritha, IISST
    - Organizations like TiE Kerala, NIPM, TMA, KMA
2. With R & D Centres
AIHBPD - Amity Institute for Herbal and Biotech Products Development
and CMET – Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology
―   MobME Wireless Solutions Pvt Ltd
―   Light Logics Holography & Optics Pvt Ltd
―   Sooryakiran Bioinformatics Pvt. Ltd
―   DivX Medical & Software Technologies
―   Artin Dynamic Controls P Ltd
―   Innoz Technologies P Ltd
―   Dataway Solutions P Ltd
―   Inometrics Solutions Pvt Ltd
―   Certes Innovative Solutions P Ltd
―   Catalyz Scientific Technologies P Ltd
―   Vizvera Technologies P Ltd
―   Akros Techlabs P Ltd
―   Azinova Technologies
―   Lino Computers
―   Waybeo Technologies P Ltd
Awards & Honours
 T-TBI bagged the National Award for the best Technology
  Business Incubator in the country for the year 2007
 Technopark Incubated Company MobMe won NASSCOM
  Innovation Award 2008 and 2011
 Technopark Incubation Companies MobME & Light Logics
  bagged ISBA Award 2009 for the Best Start up companies
  in ICT & Engg respectively
 T-TBI Graduated incubatee DeoGracia won German Plug
  and Play award
 Catalyz Scientific Technologies P Ltd won the ISBA Award
  2010 for the Best Start up in Biotech
 Innoz Technologies won ‘Star Entrepreneurship Award’
  and DELL Idea League Challenge
 TePP stalls awarded as the “most innovative” among
  the exhibition Stalls during 97th Indian Science
 Light logics won the Gold Medal in DST- Lockheed
  Martin India Innovation Prog 2010
 Artin Dynamics won the SANKALP 2010 Award for the
  Best Clean Tech Company in India and ISBA 2011 Award
 Innoz & Mobme have Won the mBillionth South Asia
  Award 2010
 Innoz won the Red Herring Top 100 Global Award
 Innoz won the MIT TR 35 Award instituted by Emtech
 Artin Dynamics won the infoDev TOP 50 SME Award for
Technopark TBI has constituted a Seed Support System for
Start up companies with the assistance from
       1. NSTEDB,DST, Govt. of India.
       2. Technology Development Board, Govt of India

This scheme enables T-TBI to offer early stage financial
support for deserving ideas / technologies requiring up
scaling and related work.
Assistance is also extended to entrepreneurs for providing the
following Services:
Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists
Access to Technology Resource Centres & Academic
Mentors Pool consisting of Finance Consultants ,Technical
Consultants, Quality consultants
Management Consultants
Marketing Consultants
Legal Assistance
Media Consultants
And the Panel of Technology/ Business/ Quality/ HR Angels
Outreach Centre for   Scheme of DSIR, Govt of India

A mechanism to promote individual innovators
to become technology based entrepreneurs
Funding Options for Entrepreneurs
 Govt Programs for Entrepreneurs/ Innovators

 NIF Funding for Grass root level innovators
 KSCSTE Funding for Inventions/ Innovations
 NABARD - Rural Innovation Fund @ 5 % simple interest
• TePP – (Grant)          Micro TePP – 75,000
                          Phase I - 15 Lakhs
                          Phase II - 45 Lakhs
• Seed Capital Assistance (T-TBI) - ~50 Lakhs
• Technology Development Board - No limit

Total No. of proposals Scouted           174 Nos

Total No of Proposals forwarded to         55 Nos
Total No of Projects Sanctioned for        29 Nos
TePP funding
Total No of Projects under Counseling      54 Nos
under T- TUC
TOTAL AMOUNT SANCTIONED               Rs.299 .02 Lakhs
INNOVATORS assisted by Technopark TUC
        Cardiac Analyzer
        Funding : Rs 2.59 Lakhs
        Innovator : Mr Babeesh C T

        Development and Optimization of a Holographic Pulsed Portrait Camera
        Funding : Rs. 14.50 Lakhs
        Innovator : Dr.P.T. Ajith Kumar

        Solar Wafer/Cell Inspection Equipment
        Funding : Rs 12.00 Lakhs
        Innovator : T K Velayudham
 Innovations in Ultra clean Electro slag refined products for critical
 applications , Funding : Rs 6.80 Lakhs
 Innovator : Dr M S N Balasubramaniyan

Smart Toilet
Funding : Rs.7.80 Lakhs
Innovator : Mr.Hari Sasi

Process optimization and production of novel probiotic consortium
(Synshrimp) for ecofriendly shrimp farming
Funding : Rs 5.00 Lakhs
Innovator : Sujith S
 Pedestal Wet Grinder
 Funding : Rs 1.70 Lakhs
 Innovator : Shyam Kumar. S

Designing of ball press washer for cleaning and crushing biological raw
Funding : Rs 6.00 Lakhs
Innovator : Priya R

Optimization of production technology for the commercialization of
Shrimpactiva (Algal Bioactives) for proactive shrimp disease management
Funding : Rs 5.00 Lakhs
Innovator : Aseer Manilal
Automated Multilevel Modular System for Parking Vehicles (AMMAPS)
Funding : Rs.12.50 Lakhs
Innovator : Aubin Joe

Design and development of a DNA Fingerprint based photopolymer
hologram reader/writer for personnel identification and security
Funding : Rs.15.00 Lakhs
Innovator : Dr . Maya Devi C

Smartsolar Irrigation
Funding : Rs.8.50 Lakhs
Innovator : Mr.Chandu Sasidharan
RSW Chiller
Funding : Rs 5.00 Lakhs
Innovator : Mr.C V Varghese

Phantom Power Eliminator
Funding : Rs.12.00 Lakhs
Innovator :Mr.Nelvin Joseph

Development of a low cost Integrated Biochip System for Cancer
Funding : Rs 15.00 Lakhs
Innovator : Dr V I Bishor
Rat Vanisher
Funding : Rs 4.50 Lakhs
Innovator : Mr.V.K.Shaji

Electro Mechanical Device for Regulating Moisture Content in Closed
Funding : Rs.10.62 Lakhs
Innovator : C.J.Jobichen

Embedded hardware based security solution
Funding : Rs 8.00 Lakhs
Innovator : Mr.Vikas Srivastava

3D bill board
Funding : Rs 8.00 Lakhs
Innovator : Mr.Mehr Ali
Multi stage reed slivering machine
Funding : Rs.7.65 Lakhs
Innovator : Anil Kumar M R

Six Stroke Engine
Funding : Rs.12 Lakhs
Innovator : Anil C C

Development of First Indian Re-Engineered Stabiliser
Funding : Rs.15 lakhs
Innovator : Dr.Murali Vettah
Micro TePP Projects
     Mr. Kesava Prasad

                  Smart Patient Assistant (SPA)
                  Mr. Avinash Prabhakar

    Vehicle Driver Monitoring System
    Mr. K.P. Premachandran
TePP PHASE-II Projects funded through Technopark TUC

                Mr. Das Ajee Kamath
                Rs. 37.50 Lakhs
                Rotary Variable Compression Ratio IC engine

                Mr. Sanjay Vijayakumar
                Rs. 42.00 Lakhs
TePP Innovator Dr.P.T Ajithkumar receiving the DST-
Lockeed Martin Award - May 20, 2010
TePP Innovator Mr. Nelvin Joseph receiving the Sankalp
2010 Award - May 5, 2010
Catalyz - virtual incubatee of T-TBI got the ISBA 2010 award
for Best Start up Biotech Company
During ISBA 2010 @ New Delhi
Inauguration of TCFA & Agreement Signing of 100th Company – Dec 2010
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