8th grade Industrialization Test

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					                                   Industrialization Test
                                  8 Grade Social Studies
                                      Ms. Valentine

Name:_____________________________________                    Date:__________________

Part One: Fill in the blank with the best work from the word bank
                                           Word Bank
                                       Do not use all words
*more efficiently     *Transcontinental Rail Road             * Natural Resources
*increased            *specialized skills                     *Philanthropists
*demand               *land grants                            *booms
*invest               *decreased                              *subsidies

    1. _________________________ are things that come from nature that are used by
       industries to make products.

    2. The ______________________________________________________ was an
       example of a transportation improvement. By connecting the east and west coasts
       products could be moved faster from one place to another.

    3. The population of the United Sates _______________________ in the late 1800’s
       that lead to an increase in ___________________ for good made in factories.

    4. Immigrants from Europe (where industrialization happened first) brought
       _____________________ with them when they came to the United Sates.

    5. _____________________________ are rich people who __________________
       money in new business ideas.

    6. The government gave new businesses __________________ and
       ________________ to help them get started.

    7. New inventions helped industries produce goods ___________________.

Part Two: Match the inventor to the invention (5 pts each)

    1. Bell _____             A. invented the typewriter
    2. Knight_____            B. Woman who made improvements to motors
    3. Edison_____            C. Improved the sewing machine making it popular
    4. Matzeliger_____        D. Invented the telephone
    5. Singer______           E. Invented ways to use electricity, for example light bulbs
    6. Sholes_____            F. Invented a machine that produced shoes 400% faster
Part three: Provide a short answers for each of the following questions (5 pts each)

   1. List three of the benefits that are a result of the Industrial Revolution.

   2. List three of the problems caused by the Industrial Revolution.

   3. What is one difference between a skilled and an unskilled worker

   4. Draw a graph that shows a normal business cycle and then define the phrase
      business cycle

5. Explain what John D. Rockefeller did to make his fortune. What did he do with all of
his money? Answer must use the words monopoly, price, industry and philanthropists to
receive full credit.

Bonus Question: Rockefeller was born in what state?________________________
(5pts extra credit)