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									Title                  Link                                   Description
Bandolier - Evidence   Bandolier is a premier source of evidence based
based thinking about   er/index.html                          healthcare information in the UK and worldwide for both
health care                                                   healthcare professionals and consumers. A monthly e-mail
                                                              contains the evidence updates for the site each month.
                                                              Register for e-mail alerts on the website.
CASP checklists         Annotated checklists for Systematic reviews, RCTs,
                       do/public-health-                      Qualitative research, Economic evaluation studies, Cohort
                       workforce/resources/critical-          studies, Case control studies, and Diagnostic test studies.
                       appraisals-skills-programme            Developed by the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme
                                                              (Public Health Resource Unit, Oxford).
BestBETs - Browse   A collection of topic specific pre-appraised individual
Critical Appraisals    wse-critical-appraisals.php            articles from BestBETs. Some of the appraisals link into
                                                              published Best Evidence Topics (BETs). Articles are
                                                              appraised using checklists developed by the BestBETs
                                                              team. Healthy warning: some of the appraisal checklists
                                                              are long!
CATmaker      A software tool (for Windows) which helps you create
                       16                                     Critically Appraised Topics (CATs) for RCTs, Diagnosis
                                                            studies, Prognosis studies, Aetiology/Harm studies, and
                                                            Systematic reviews. From the Centre for Evidence Based
                                                            Medicine, Oxford.
CEBM checklists         Annotated checklists (with examples) for Systematic
                                                            reviews, RCTs, and Diagnostic test studies, and brief
                                                            checklists for rapid critical appraisal ("PICO Critical
                                                            Appraisal Sheet" and "Educational Prescription"). From the
                                                            Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, Oxford.
Centre for Evidence-   A freely available collection of 99 pre-appraised individual
Based Child Health at                                       articles   covering   Child    Health    topics   spanning
the UCL Institute of                                        interventions, diagnosis, guidelines, economic evaluations,
Child Health                                                qualitative, overviews, prognosis, harm and causation
                                                            each with an associated clinical problem with scenario.
                                                            Some have search strategies and tutor notes with pre-
                                                            appraised answers. The majority of the articles are
                                                            appraised using the JAMA Users' Guides to Evidence
                                                            Based Practice checklists but other checklists are utilized
                                                            (e.g. Sackett, Greenhalgh, etc) since the database
                                                            collection relies on contributors from around the UK.
Cochrane Library The Cochrane Library contains high-quality, independent
                          w/0/index.html                        evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. It includes
                                                                reliable evidence from Cochrane and other systematic
                                                                reviews, clinical trials, and more. Cochrane reviews bring
                                                                you the combined results of the world’s best medical
                                                                research studies. Quarterly emails alert you to the main
                                                                reviews added to the new issue.
Cochrane Library   Cochrane Journal Club is a free, monthly publication that
Journal Club                                                    introduces a recent Cochrane review, together with
                                                                relevant background information, a podcast explaining the
                                                                key points of the review, discussion questions to help you
                                                                to explore the review methods and findings in more detail,
                                                                and downloadable PowerPoint slides containing key
                                                                figures and tables
Database of           The Database of Uncertainties about the Effects of
Uncertainties about the                                         Treatments (DUETs) has been established in the UK to
Effects of Treatments                                           publish uncertainties that cannot currently be answered by
(DUETs)                                                         referring to reliable up-to-date systematic reviews of
                                                                existing research evidence.
EBM calculators for "All-purpose 2x2 table" to calculate values such as
diagnosis studies         59                                      Relative Risk Reduction, NNT, NNH, and likelihood ratios,
                                                                  and an "Interactive Monogram" to calculate post-test
                                                                  probabilities. From the Centre for Evidence Based
                                                                  Medicine, Oxford
EPIQ / GATE checklists    Checklists designed to generate 5-page CATs (Critically
                          depts/epi/epiq/ebp.aspx                 Appraised Topics) for Intervention studies, Diagnostic test
                                                                  studies, Prognosis / Risk factors studies, Systematic
                                                                  reviews, Case control studies, and Qualitative studies,
                                                                  using the GATE (Graphic Appraisal Tool for Epidemiology)
                                                                  framework. From the University of Auckland.
Equator                  The "Reporting guidelines" section on this website
                                                                  contains links to reporting guidelines (i.e. checklists for
                                                                  authors) for all types of studies, such as CONSORT (for
                                                                  RCTs) and PRISMA (for systematic reviews). The
                                                                  EQUATOR Network is an international initiative that
                                                                  promotes good reporting of research studies.
Evaluating the Evidence   The critical appraisal section of an EBM tutorial from the
                          ials/EBM/Evidence.htm                   University of North Carolina.
Evidence Based          A collection of tools for identifying, assessing and applying
Medicine Toolkit                                                 relevant evidence for better health care decision-making.
                                                                 The website contains sections about EBM, domains,
                                                                 practical guidelines, systematic review, economic analysis,
                                                                 glossaries, JAMA user's guide and links.
Finding and Appraising   6 interactive learning modules from Health Knowledge
the Evidence             eractive-learning/finding-and-          (part of the Department of Health's 'Informing Healthier
                         appraising-the-evidence                 Choices' strategy).
Occupational Therapy   Contains Critically Appraised Topics on Occupational
CATS                     ml                                      Therapy interventions, similar to the BestBETs format. A
                                                                 standard template structures the topics by clinical
                                                                 scenario, focused clinical question, clinical bottom line,
                                                                 search strategy, inclusion/exclusion criteria, search results,
                                                                 summary of the best evidence and critical appraisal. What
                                                                 makes OTCATs different to BestBETs is that all papers
                                                                 included in a clinical topic are appraised and explicit. The
                                                                 appraisals are quite short and do not seem to follow a
                                                                 specific   checklist      approach    but       summarises   the
                                                                 validity/interpretation      of      results,       bias     and
Pediatric Critical Care       A large collection of over 400 critical appraisals of clinical
Medicine                                                           trials in paediatric critical care using the JAMA checklists.
(                                                      Browse by subject or date or search by freetext,
                                                                   publication or subject. The journal club is a collaborative
                                                                   effort, anyone can submit to the collection. However, these
                                                                   appraisals are peer-reviewed by 2 journal club editors.
Qualitative Research This glossary, compiled by the AQR, defines and explains
Glossary                  html                                     many of the words and terms used in the qualitative
                                                                   research industry.
RevMan                     Cochrane Collaboration software used by Cochrane
                                                                   reviewers to prepare their text and tables, perform meta-
                                                                   analyses and present the results in forest plots.
School of Health and   This page of online resources complements the Trent
Related Research          ir/links                                 RDSU Information Service @ ScHARR Library by
(ScHARR) Web                                                       providing links to useful information sources.
Stats Calculator   Calculator for statistics used in RCTs, diagnosis studies,
                          e/ca/calculators/statscalc               prospective studies, and case-control studies. From the
                                                                Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, Toronto.
Trip Database - for    Welcome to the TRIP Database, the Internet's leading
Evidence Based          ml                                      resources for Evidence-Based Medicine. Allowing users to
Medicine                                                        rapidly identify the highest quality clinical evidence for
                                                                clinical practice.
Web Center for Social Resources for people involved in applied social research
Research Methods        /                                       and evaluation. Includes resources on applied social
                                                                research methods, including 'Knowledge Base', an online
                                                                textbook that covers defining a research question,
                                                                sampling, measurement, research        design   and data
                                                                analysis. Also includes an online statistical advisor tool
                                                                and a concept mapping tool.
What is... ? series   A series of short introductions to a variety of topics
                                                                relevant to critical appraisal.

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