WFEO-WiE Standing Committee Women in Engineering and Technology by pengxuebo


									   WFEO-WiE Standing Committee

Women in Engineering and Technology

    By Eng. Marie-Hélène Therre, President FI
     Worldwide context of Engineering

• The new worldwide challenges
  – Growing needs of innovation thus competencies
  – Speeding up of the technologies developments
  – Globalization of the resources and scientific projects

• Women represent more than 50% of the
  worldwide population
  – In most of the countries women access to high level
  – Too few embrace the engineering carrers
  – Very few or none at decision making positions
      Worldwide context of Engineering

• Engineering world needs women :
  Women are one growing source for the entreprises
  Women offer complementarity in projects and in the
   decision making process
     « No more need of muscles, brains are wanted ! »

• Within our organisations,
  Number of women engineers has to increase
  In order to develop attractivity and retention in
      « Women in Engineering and Technology »
        a new WFEO standing committee

As decided on 28th feb 2008 by the Executive Board in Paris :
Conseil National des Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France
  (CNISF) is the body hosting the WFEO-WiE ST :

• To develop and attract more women in engineering area

• To fight the lack of women engineers at professional

• To promote the place of women in engineering and improve
  women engineers representation within its organisation
               Benefits for WFEO

1. Developing its visibility within the scientific and
   engineering networks by the communication on the WiE
   Standing Committee

2. Increasing its image on the new social challenges of
   scientific careers

3. Confirming WFEO position as strong stakeholders in the
   Human Resources matters in the worldwide sustainable

4. Contributing to the challenges of tomorrow, embedded
   within the Millenium Development Goals
          Scope of the WFEO-WiE

• The scope :
  Engineers, engineering, women in the engineering,
  Place of the engineer women in organisations
       « Science and engineering thrive on diversity ! »

• Out of the scope :
  The non specific engineer concerns for women
    (corruption, violence, …)
                    To succeed

• Your active sponsorship and support
  – Your willingness to promote the WiE S.C.
  – Your ability to identify in your organisation the right
    competencies to be integrated in the WiE S.C.

• Our inclusive and collaborative mode
  to represent the diversity of the WFEO members

• Our capabilities to work with the other WFEO
  standing committees
•   April 2008 : call for volunteers (members and correspondents) with skills within WFEO members and
    partners, via the WFEO VP and President of each organisation

•   15 april-30 may : preparing the kick off, designing a flyer to promote the new STC to partners and
    getting audience, volonteers,... Not sophisticated flyer, on website,...

•   june : receiving the feedback from the volunteers, selecting the actors, preparing the timing and
    planning for July event and planning and procedures for next meeting next quarter

•   July 2008 : at the next, to be held in France, under the support of CNISF and its
    strategic partners :
           •   Launch officially the WFEO-WiE
           •   Prepare the next regional conference of Women engineers for 2009
           •   Meet with the strategic international partners
           •   Draft a strategic action plan

•   Sept 2008 : executive summary with the WiE strategic plan on the WFEO web site

•   Sept-Dec 2008 : in a concise online catalogue, gather all best practices in promoting the gender issues
    in engineering :
           •   Women in engineering
           •   Women engineers networking and leadership
           •   Women engineers entrepreneurs
           •   Involvement in the WEC Forum on Women in December 2008
           •   Meeting of the WIE Committee in Brazil on the occasion of the WFEO Executive Council.

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