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									Competition Category: NCCC                   Tech Wars 2011 Logo T-Shirts

Level of Competition:           Middle and High School (Two entries per school district)
Tech Wars Coordinator & T-Shirt Event Coordinator: Andy Ellis

Description of the Competition:

Show off your school and technology spirit by designing next year’s Tech Wars 2011 t-shirts! Choose
one solid color (any color) shirt and place your design on the front or back. Your shirt must show a
positive reflection for the Tech Wars competition. You must also list 2012 as the date. The winner will
be chosen by business vendors and other professionals in attendance at the 2011 event. The winning t-
shirt design will be used for the next year’s Tech Wars 2012 awards. The Tech Wars committee
reserves the right to alter the image necessary for use as next year’s logo.

Rules of Competition:

    1. NO REPEATS of t-shirt projects from prior Tech Wars competitions!
    2. Limited to Two entries per school district (middle and/ or high school).
    3. Design must be original student/group work.
    4. Students can utilize any tools, software programs, or machines to develop the logo.
    5. Supply a 9”x9”, “line” (No shading or color filled Art Work) art design printed on a t-shirt. You
       may use an iron-on for the competition. A one color, camera ready design is needed for screen-
       printing purposes.
    6. No vulgar language, obscenities or gestures will be in the design.
    7. No school logos, mascots, or other references to your school district.
    8. Design must promote Tech Wars in a positive way.

    9. This year the Shirts must have an Environmentally Ocean (or Great Lakes) friendly
       theme to the design! The oceans of your planet are being polluted with Oil, plastic
       (bags, coolers, drink bottles, etc), and other junk. Items students might want to
       include in the LOGO (Art Work) are the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, plastic
       hurricanes in the Oceans, and other growing environmental disasters.

    10. Design must have NCCC Tech Wars 2012 name in it some way (Big and Legible).

    11. The school must supply the school name and student (or students) name prior to Tech
    Wars (Spelled Correct). Bring one shirt for each design to hang for judging! Send
    information to


Judges will select the winning t-shirt and award competition points, based on the voting of school
districts, businesses, and educators from Niagara County Community College.

Teacher’s Name: ________________________________________________

Teacher’s School: _______________________________________________

Student Names: _________________________________________________

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